The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton A modern Mary Poppins in space In the middle of cosmic danger the electrifying secret that Tilda Pinkerton the magical hat maker hides from the children she teaches becomes her most miraculous gift

  • Title: The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton
  • Author: Angela Shelton
  • ISBN: 9780615646770
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • A modern Mary Poppins in space.In the middle of cosmic danger, the electrifying secret that Tilda Pinkerton, the magical hat maker, hides from the children she teaches becomes her most miraculous gift, securing the safety of the planet she crashes on Somewhere out in the Sombrero Galaxy, Tilda Pinkerton mystical maker of mysterious, magnificent, magical hats is being hA modern Mary Poppins in space.In the middle of cosmic danger, the electrifying secret that Tilda Pinkerton, the magical hat maker, hides from the children she teaches becomes her most miraculous gift, securing the safety of the planet she crashes on Somewhere out in the Sombrero Galaxy, Tilda Pinkerton mystical maker of mysterious, magnificent, magical hats is being hunted by the Keeper of Darkness.Yet Tilda simply does not recall, at all, after taking a tremendous fall.No one on Ooleeoo, where Tilda crash landed, knows she is from another planet Only Star Jumper Randy can tell her but he s light years away, frantically searching for his missing love, desperate that without her, the entire galaxy soon may be lost.Even in the middle of cosmic danger, Tilda loves to create hats, for which she has a rare and uncanny knack All who receive them sparkle, in fact and spark their innermost talent With a Tilda hat, people can suddenly do whatever they dream of, causing brilliant ideas to grow madly.With Gladys the toad, who thinks she s a cat, and Frank the fish, who lives in her hat, Tilda must discover who she is and what her enemy wants from her so badly.But the Mayor of Moodle has other plans, including a ban on all wearing of hats, everywhere on Ooleeoo His dark and forbidding actions seem to coincide with something unworldly, threatening all with a nameless dread and slowly blacking out the sky With Ooleeoo itself turning upside down, how can anyone survive In this first in a series of Tilda Pinkerton adventures, Tilda must fight the battle of her life and risk all even the galaxy and stars by revealing her most electrifying secret.

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    1. Angela Shelton

      Angela SheltonScreenwriter, Author, Actor and Public SpeakerAngela s directing debut, the multi award winning documentary Searching for Angela Shelton, led to appearances of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, 48 Hours Investigates, NPR, Lifetime Television and the cover of the New York Times She later wrote Finding Angela Shelton about her experience during the making of the documentary and the epidemic of abuse and violence.She co wrote the screenplay for Tumbleweeds, winner of the 1999 filmmaker s trophy at the Sundance Film Festival The movie was based on Angela s life and a chapter from her first manuscript, written when she was 19 Her Emmy award winning performance as a Superhero for children in the video series, The Safe Side, has taught countless children about Stranger Danger and other important topics.Angela has traveled the country speaking to various audiences about the epidemic of abuse She has spoken in Congress, universities, military bases, high schools, elementary schools, community centers, conferences and seminars nationwide and abroad She has inspired thousands of people learn how to move forward and live happily ever after Her unique perspective and joyful humor inspire others to live a joyful life no matter what you ve been through and we all have a story.The Be Your Own Hero Workbook is Angela s most popular product, helping people move past pain and into living fun healthy lives It is used in classrooms, support groups, and therapist s offices around the country Her extraordinary new children s book series, The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton is filled with lots of life lessons and is written to expand the heart, mind and vocabulary.

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    1. Children have a vivid imagination that can create worlds where none exist and make the obscure simple. Author Angela Shelton has also done this in her latest release, THE ADVENTURES OF TILDA PINKERTON.This charming children’s fantasy takes readers on a journey that will have them laughing in no time. While written for youngsters, adults can delight in the whimsical tale as well.Tilda Pinkerton is a mystical maker of magnificent hats that are both mysterious and magical. She takes an enormous f [...]

    2. PictureINCREDIBLE! WOW! AMAZING! I'd go on but I think you'd get tired of it but I also don't want you to think that I'm being overly promotional or something. I truly fell in love with The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton.On a planet very far away, a small capsule crashes and Tilda Pinkerton finds herself in a predicament. She can't remember exactly why is there, what she was doing, or where she needs to be. While she makes a unique home for herself, her team of Light Jumpers fights against a dead [...]

    3. This book was sent to me for a honest and fair review. The cover picture is beautiful to say the least. I love the vibrant colors that are in it.The story begins with Tilda Pinkerton crash landing onto Ooleeoo where she resides for three years stranded. Tilda creates hats for people and teaches the children at school. The Mayor of Moodle is against everything to do with Tilda. He bans school and the hats. Because he thinks the people are acting too foolishly about them. He recruits those who are [...]

    4. This book had me smiling and laughing and remembering what is was like to be a kid and have all these fantastic ideas and adventures. It was wonderful to read something completely out of this world. The characters were unique and interesting, but the writing and the words made it for me. Angela Shelton starts off the novel with a side note talking about her fear of the dictionary, but maybe she’s hinting towards her obsession with words? Because she sure knows how to use them. With character [...]

    5. Intergalactic traveler and explorer Tilda Pinkerton has just crash landed on the planet of Ooleeoo. Unfortunately she does not remember much more than her name--and certainly not the fact the the sinister Keeper of Darkness is after her and her magnificent powers.The people of Moodle immediately take to sweet, smart Tilda and her ability to make magical hats. But, there are those in the town that would like to see Tilda gone. With her friendly French goldfish and toad who believes she is a cat, [...]

    6. I don't usually get wooed by a book cover. I think to myself oh that's a nice cover, but what's between it. I also rarely read fantasy, although I did as a child. Books like James and the Giant Peach has stayed with me all these years. Any way, I have to admit, I fell for the cover for The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton. I had to have it!Boy, am I glad I fell for the cover! What's inside is so good. It captured my imagination and reminded me why I read fantasy books as a kid. I would certainly ra [...]

    7. I absolutely LOVED this book! It was fascinating, enthralling & engrossing. Amazingly imaginative story with flamboyantly charming characters. I expanded my own vocabulary through the authors artful use of words as character names (Dudgeon, Uranoscopy, Waftage, Felicificatires, etc). I am looking forward to the continuation of Tilda's adventures! Highly recommend to others! I received this book for free through First Reads

    8. Okay, so this book was a bit awkward and slow in the beginning. And the sense of time passing wasn't communicated well. But I think smarter Middle Grade readers will enjoy reading this one. I couldn't help but thing of the Magic School Bus episodes and books I watched and read with my kids over the years. This reminded me of that a lot. (There were no buses involved.) But Tilda is like the wiser teacher that won't give you the answers but still teaches the kids a lot. There are words in this boo [...]

    9. I'm not really sure with what genre to describe this book. It takes place on another planet in a different galaxy, but it doesn't really feel like science fiction. And it is in a fantasy world where cows eat chocolate grass to make chocolate milk, but it doesn't really feel like fantasy. I think because the theme of finding ones inner strength and being a good person are so universal, and the personalities and relationships felt so real, it's hard to pinpoint this as "make-beleive."I think my bi [...]

    10. Tilda Pinkerton lands on the planet of Ooleeoo with a bent light atop her head and no memory of who she is or where she comes from. But she does have a specific flair for making incredible hats that help the wearers bring out their talents. Unbeknownst to Tilda, she is a crucial player in a game of intergalactic warfare, with others of her kind fighting against the evil KOD, who sucks everything good into his black hole.On Ooleeoo Tilda becomes beloved of children and adults alike, but her enemy [...]

    11. If you pick this book up and manage to put it down without having sore ribs than I suggest you not pick up any more books ever. I loved Angela Shelton's Tilda Pinkerton novel. There was such an air of nostalgia to it that I couldn't help but remember what it was like to read with that child like wonder and carefree attitude.Tilda Pinkerton reminded me so much of Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee just because of the sheer outrageousness of her character. I honestly don't know when the last time I enj [...]

    12. Tilda Pinkerton landing in another dimension is very surprising to members of Ooleeoo. Many soon become fond of her except Mayor Mudpie Melic, Karin Kainotophia, and Delilah Dudgeon who are provoked by KOD (The Keeper of darkness)’s insects to hate and mistrust the radiance of Tilda Pinkerton. Tilda crash-landing on Ooleeoo must remember quickly her lost memories before KOD destroys the galaxies entirely. Good thing far off in the Sombrero galaxy (Hat Galaxy) Randy Rogue is searching for Tilda [...]

    13. Finally a character in a book that loves words as much as me. I love Tilda and her zany way of talking. I would have totally read this book out loud to my babies (although people always thought they had huge vocabularies already so maybe it’s best I didn’t. When my 17 month old told my sister that a particular food was “my absolute most favorite food” they asked her where she learned those words). Anyway, back to the book, LOVED it. I thought the foreword where the author tells about h [...]

    14. At first, The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton was confusing. I had no idea what the heck was going on. However, after a few chapters, the book became clearer to me. Then, I started to have fun reading it. The book was good after I got into it. I thought it was cool how the author had the definitions for some of the bigger words at the bottom of the page. Quite a few of the words I knew. The ones that I didn't know, I would have been lost i not for those definitions. I also thought it was creative [...]

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