Love Regifted

Love Regifted What if everything you knew about your life turned out to be a lie Ava Sullivan thought her biggest problems were a cheating boyfriend a devious step sister and a weakness for designer handbags But

  • Title: Love Regifted
  • Author: Stephanie Haddad
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What if everything you knew about your life turned out to be a lie Ava Sullivan thought her biggest problems were a cheating boyfriend, a devious step sister, and a weakness for designer handbags But when a mysterious caller leaves her a message for her birthday, Ava s curiosity leads her to uncover her parents best kept secret Feeling betrayed, Ava begins to question eWhat if everything you knew about your life turned out to be a lie Ava Sullivan thought her biggest problems were a cheating boyfriend, a devious step sister, and a weakness for designer handbags But when a mysterious caller leaves her a message for her birthday, Ava s curiosity leads her to uncover her parents best kept secret Feeling betrayed, Ava begins to question every relationship in her life, especially that of the hot new guy she can t seem to stop thinking about.Jay Matthews, on the other hand, knows all about regrets, especially when it comes to families He also knows what he wants, and Ava sits at the top of that list Getting her attention is easy Getting her to learn how to trust again That will take a miracle.

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    1. Stephanie Haddad

      Stephanie Haddad s earliest works featured unicorns and talking pumpkins who overcame adversity, evil, and the threat of being baked into pies With age, her writing has evolved to grown up topics, like love and the complicated relationships between people As a life long lover of cheerful fiction, she strives to tackle real world issues with wit, hope, and lots of humor Her short stories have spanned many genres, but her full length novels stay firmly planted in happy endings, via both romance and women s fiction Stephanie joined the Romance Writers of America in 2009 to celebrate her addiction to perfect plot resolutions with other writers just like her Combining a passion for the human condition with a penchant for the romantic, Stephanie strives to write every story as though it is a conversation shared between friends.As she balances new motherhood, a freelance writing workload, and an independent publishing career, Stephanie continues her work on a planned three book women s fiction series, a collection of romantic urban fantasy short stories, and several single title romances She lives, loves, and writes near Boston, MA, the home of all of her novels.

    259 thoughts on “Love Regifted”

    1. I found it easy to relate to especially to the trivial detail that Justin is the bad guy and Jay is the new wonderful guy. Story of my life exactly! My bad guy's name is Justin and my new Mr wonderful has the name of Jay! So coincidental but awesome!

    2. This book started out a little slow but by the end I was crying. A very moving book that teaches us that love is truly a gift.

    3. I honestly think this story was good, and the characters are very real, which I particularly like, but what really "turned me off" was the ending. It was too rushed, and I felt like it was a ploy for readers to want to buy the next book in the series. But another thing I enjoyed about this book was that even if you don't read the books in chronological order, it still makes sense.

    4. Entertaining story covering all spectrums of the emotional scale. I could relate to the relationships among friends. This is the first time I have read a book by this author and I look forward to reading more of her works.

    5. Sweet story, the character development happened too quickly so I didn't feel totally connected to all of the characters Could have also been too many main characters However the story was nice, moving, emotional, sweet. I liked it.

    6. Good read. I'd read something else by her again because my one huge issue was about the mother and how she handled things with the step-sister/ex/step-father people (so a book issue, not a writing/storytelling issue). But, it was a huge issue and turned me off to the characters a lot.

    7. Although a little predictable at times (which cues for cringeworthy moments) it was enjoyable. I rate it 3.5.

    8. What I thought at first was just a silly drama about a relationship, turned into a heart wrenching eye crying story. Can't believe it was a free kindle book!!

    9. I had a difficult time reading this book because of everything about it, really. Ava, the protagonist, narrates the story and is very immature. Ava receives a card every year from "Aunt Audra" but her parents have no siblings, how could anyone not have any idea they were adopted? Also, the book is too coincidental. She kisses a random guy at the train station, who works as a bartender at the bar she goes to, who also owns a catering company that is working an event for her company - OH! And Ava [...]

    10. This is a quick, light, coffee break book that doesn't require much thinking on the reader's part. It can be quite choppy in places but is also fun too. There are parts of this story that are not finished though - so if you expect to read about how things are completed with Phoebe and Justin or Rhea and Todd, then prepare to be disappointed.What was paradoxical about this book for me was, although it made a nice change for the female NOT to be perfect and to have more stuff thrown at her than sh [...]

    11. Today was a rainy day, just the kind of lazy day to set back and read a book. I wanted something light and fluffy, because I was in a lazy state of mind. This book more or less fit the bill.This is the first book I've read by this author, I found it on my Kindle, I think it must have been a freebie, anyway, it helped me pass the time of day today. It was a fast read, but not a favorite book for me. It wasn't even what I call my Cinderella kind of story. The end of the book was a bit rushed, and [...]

    12. Barely made it through this one. The ending was good and I'm glad it picked up a bit. I had a HARD time relating to the characters who seemed so old to be acting the way they were. I know I was born pretty mature, lol:) but I found their behavior more young adult/old teenager like and not 30 year olds. So perhaps if I could have related to the character more it would have been better. I LOVED the opening and wish the book had focused more on "the gift" and gotten more in depth, less childish beh [...]

    13. Overall I liked this book, the characters weren't perfect and the author showed their flaws while still making them likable. I laughed a little and cried a little which is something I enjoy while reading. My only complaint would be that I felt like the book wrapped up a little too quickly and neatly in the end, but even then it was still nice to see lessons learned and the growth in the characters.

    14. I liked this book but I felt like the story was a little too choppy and dry for my taste. It normally only takes me a day or two to finish a book of this size but it took me over 2 weeks to finish this one because, honestly, I just wasn't THAT interested in the story line. It wasn't humorous or heart wrenching, it was just kind of- there.

    15. This is the second book by Stephanie Haddad I've read. The first was Love Unlisted, and I preferred that one. I'm not sure if this was written after that one, or if that's just the order I read it in, but this one did not live up to the other. I remember really liking Ava and Jay in Love Unlisted, but I was disappointed with their story.

    16. I had to read another book by Stephanie and I really liked this light romantic book. There were some funny things that made me laugh aloud, and a few teary things. I figured out who Aunt Audra was right off the bat but I liked how the story unfolded and the ending was so sweet. I think i have one more book to read from Stephanie- I hope she keeps writing. I like her work.

    17. Get out the tissues Poor Ava is having a pretty shitty time of it. Her boyfriend surprises her on her 28th birthday with a name chick and a propose threesome and it just gets worse from there Definitely a bit of a tear jerker at the end though - feel the need to go give my mum a big hug

    18. Great readIt was a great story with love, heartbreak, suspense, family, and work. I look forward to reading more books by Stephanie Haddad. This was a quick light and refreshing read.

    19. I was delightfully surprised by this book. I originally read it because the kindle edition was offered for free by amazon, however it kept my attention for its entirety. It was a cute story and a quick read.

    20. I've read a book by Stephanie Haddad before, so I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed. I'm not go into details, but I will say that the ending will bring you to tears. Stephanie did a great job with making very real characters (as well as making a sweet and wonderful hero :P )

    21. It was ok. It was a very quick read that held my interest, but not necessarily the best written book. I found at least 3 typos (I'm weird like that), which I rarely find in books. Made me feel as though the author wasn't as good and probably skewed my view.

    22. At first I thought this was going to be another cheesy romance novel. By the last chapter I was actually teary-eyed and the book was hitting the flood gates. It's a great light read that was heart felt by the end. Recommended!

    23. I enjoyed this book and the lesson of forgiveness. I liked the characters, flaws and all, just like we all have. They deeply cared about each other and were loyal friends who stood by Ava even when she didn't think she needed them. I am looking forward to reading the next book.

    24. 195pgs, contemporary, everything she knew about her life was a lie, a message on her birthday reveals this, she questions everything in her life, will she be able to trust and love again

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