When Ravens Fall

When Ravens Fall GOOD v EVIL FREE WILL v DESTINY Essex isn t just about the glamour Away from the ditzy charm fake tan and false eyelashes lies a hidden world of drugs carnage and violence run by the bad boys and

  • Title: When Ravens Fall
  • Author: Matilda Wren
  • ISBN: 9781468585773
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • GOOD v EVIL FREE WILL v DESTINY Essex isn t just about the glamour Away from the ditzy charm, fake tan and false eyelashes, lies a hidden world of drugs, carnage, and violence run by the bad boys and hardened men Is love fully understood at seventeen Rachel didn t think so The fixation and infatuation that two people can have for one another scared her so much she didnGOOD v EVIL FREE WILL v DESTINY Essex isn t just about the glamour Away from the ditzy charm, fake tan and false eyelashes, lies a hidden world of drugs, carnage, and violence run by the bad boys and hardened men Is love fully understood at seventeen Rachel didn t think so The fixation and infatuation that two people can have for one another scared her so much she didn t just run away from it she bolted, straight into a teenage pregnancy and numerous failed relationships in a bid to forget Sean Fergus She never really understood why she ran, a little voice in her head told her to and she had listened So why had she spent the last ten years trying to replace him Sean however understood it fully He knew she had to run because he knew what he was, even if she didn t He was a monster There was a dark, vile evil that lived inside him It made him do wicked things and what made it worse was that the evil force that consumed him, made him enjoy it Women weren t safe with him When Sean meets Rachel again, unexpectedly he sees a tiny glimmer of hope that redemption is possible If they could just find their way through the maze of infatuation and fixation, then they just might finally stand a chance of a normal happy relationship But can a person change Can good overcome evil Whilst Sean is forced to confront the violence of his past and take on what he sees as the demons that threaten his future, Rachel finally realises why she ran She knows she has to run again but this time it is for her life not her heart But will he let her go so easily this time

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    About "Matilda Wren"

    1. Matilda Wren

      Hey there I m Matilda I m in my.early thirties and I m a mother, daughter, sister, auntie and a best friend I was born and raised in Chelmsford, Essex and this is where I have remained not wanting to live anywhere else My favourite smell is bread baking My favourite colour is pink I prefer baths to showers I sometimes talk in my sleep and I will almost certainly nick the duvet I am the type of person who will burst out laughing in dead silence because of something that happened Yesterday Spiders terrify me as do bumble bees, wasps, daddy longlegs, birds flying at me, clowns, heights and I can t stand my belly button being touched Having long held an interest in human behaviour, in particular abnormal or anti social conduct and whilst studying and practicing Psychology for the past five years I have been exposed to a variety of diverse forms of deviant behaviour which culminated in When Ravens Fall being created This and being an avid fan of Dark Romance and Psychological Thrillers, I drew upon the inspiration I have gained through authors of these genres and my work experience within various criminal settings.

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    1. 5 EARTH SHATTERING STARSWhen Ravens Fall byMatilda Wren"A dark gritty rollercoaster hard hitting thriller, that delves deep into the evil complex human psyche.""What we call the beginning is often the end,and to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” T.S Elliot 1888-1965 OH.GOD!i am absolutely 100% speechless!! This book is a piece of art, i have never read anything like that. ever!this book is so very dark,evil,wicked,filled with raw emotions. i just finished thi [...]

    2. When Ravens Fall completely blew me away!!!!Sean Fergus is one of the most psychotic, dark, troubled, brutal and damaged characters I HAVE EVER READ!! He's plagued with this belief that the darkness that is eating away at him, has been there since birth, he truly believes he's born this way, and unbelievably lacks conscience, moral compass and grief or remorse for the things his dark side does. "His brain didn't work in the same way as most other people. He didn't appreciate that other people ha [...]

    3. This is one of the darkest, most disturbing reads of mine to date. I can honestly say my mouth was left open during this entire read, gasping at the most heinous, heart wrenching gritty things that took place. Sean is one psychotic crazy son of a bitch. He is plagued by darkness, a lack of conscience, and a need for power. He thrives on instilling fear into others. And yet, he has this desire to be good when he is with Rachel. You get a tiny glimpse into what kind of person he wants to be when h [...]

    4. When Ravens Fall.Is a gritty raw story showing another side to the glamour life of Essex, England.Its a story about Sean FergusWhat can I say, Seans a pimp, a drug dealer and a face in Essex. He doesn't want it all but he wants people to know who he is, to be afraid and respect him, he also wants RachelHes been described by some as broken but I feel hes so much more complicated. Hes plain evil, a monster whose manipulative, cruel and possessiveDoes he have any redeeming qualities who knows Hes o [...]

    5. If you want to read this book you should be prepared for violence, crime, drug addiction and sex (consensual and forced).The main character, Sean, is active as a drug dealer (and -consumer), pimp and thug in Essex, England and is trying to build himself a name, especially in front of the other criminals. He lives out his violent and sexual fantasies from the full.At the same time he also has a love affair with Rachel. They get together again, not coincidentally, after she left him several years [...]

    6. FUBAR!!That was my last thought as I finished this book! Just total holy shit. Disturbing yet intriguing. That is the only way to describe this book. Sean is definitely a lunatic asshole. He craves making people fear him. He loves to have a certain dominance over them. But around Rachel, he is completely opposite. There is something in her that is able to calm the beast in him.Rachel struggles with her feelings around Sean. She knew when they first met that what they had was intense and would ev [...]

    7. This is a classic example of a story with so much potential, but one that is poorly executed. I had a lot of issues with this book, but the main ones for me was a lack of connection to any of these characters, and the back and forth between POVs. Made it hard to visualize because I sometimes got confused as to who was thinking what. I also felt that there was way too much telling and not enough showing, which is basically taught in Writer's 101.It got a bit more interesting toward the end, and I [...]

    8. If you like deep character studies with considerable violence, mayhem, and a lusty ogre, "When Ravens Fall" might be your book. The author has crafted an interesting story in which the plot lines twist and turn, and eventually end up pulling the reader and the major players to a satisfying ending, and a well-played final confrontation. (Yeah, I got the aiming parallel from the opening to the ending. Well played.) To get there, you have to negotiate some off-putting language, the author's unique [...]

    9. Finally I read something after wuthering heights and the book thief which is worth 5 Stars This book completely took me in, sucked the breath right out of me. This is how I felt most of the time during reading It was about good and evil, right and wrong, changing paths, and SECOND CHANCES??!!!! The main character of the book was Sean, he was the evil of the ( good and evil) the wrong in the (right and wrong), he was your worse nightmare, yet You couldn't completely hate him Could he change? Can [...]

    10. I read this book over a weekend not long ago, and one thing that strikes me now looking back on the experience of it, is how quickly I became immersed in the world Matilda Wren has given us here - you wouldnt think that a novel with an Essex setting could be so addictive but somehow it is. The author also has an interesting writing style - the way the story spins its twists and turns is unusual and extraordinarily well done. I really don't want to tell you about the plot, oh no I don'te really, [...]

    11. A well written debut novel, set in Essex, with a strong main character Sean, who will provoke many emotions. you soon come to wonder, is he bad, mad or both, with some of the shocking things he gets up to. This page turner cleverly introduces a new character in all the early chapters, & gives you a little incite into their lives & how they are a part of Sean's world, & as the old saying goes. The plot thickens. And builds to an exciting, & gripping climax, just when you think eve [...]

    12. 4.5 disturbing stars!!!! OMG this book was nuts. Plain nuts!!! When I read a book like this and have almost compassionate feelings for the "crazy" it bothers me a good wayjust means the author really sucked me in!!! This was so dark dark dark dark. The topics are not for the squeamish. I say if you like messed up crazy reading then definitely read this. I will not soon forget this book!!! The only reason I didn't go 5 stars is probably only because it wasn't my typical kind of read and I find it [...]

    13. It's obvious from the very first page that "When Ravens Fall" is a first time effort. The book promises dark romance and violence, and at the end of the book I realized that it attempted to be more complex and more mindf*** that its actual execution. I really had a hard time getting into the story, mostly because the author's writing lacks discipline and finesse and contains glaring traps amateur writers often fall into but is usually fixed in Creative Writing 101. It is clear the author has nev [...]

    14. Don't waste your time. Lots of being told pretty much everything and anything (and MUCH less showing), which got extremely annoying especially when you factor in the crazy amount of repetition throughout the book. Sadly, I think the story had a lot of potential, but the execution was severely lacking. It read as a failed attempt at a dark, twisted adult contemporary. And I walked away feeling like the author was trying to delve too deeply into the psyches of the characters (and there were a lot) [...]

    15. What this novel tries to be is only vaguely interesting at best: a dark alternative to glamourous, bling-filled Essex. In this novel, Essex is a “pond” (8) where the fact that “everybody knew everybody” (47) and “inadvertently paths cross” (104) is dangerous rather than charming. The story centres around Sean Fergus, who grew up in “a council house on a run down and half derelict council estate” (64) and who now “supplied half of Essex with weed and ecstasy” (93) and a whole [...]

    16. The mention of Suffolk did NOT make this book better. I can't even bear to rate it.I feel guilty about leaving a bad review so I tend not to do it, but this book? It was awful! Unfortunately through this I actually questioned the sanity of this author, because most of the book was vile! I decided to give this book a go after reading a good review of this, I thought "this sounds different, sometimes different is good right?" WRONG!! I know I sound mean and I apologize but Do NOT read this, unless [...]

    17. “He didn’t understand humanity. He lived by basic needs and wants. He had no empathy, so the pain and sorrow that he caused others, were a phenomenon to him. Forcing somebody to do something against their will was captivating to him.”

    18. I really wanted to like this book but found it had too many characters and the bit I did read was like born evil by Kim chambers. I didn't gel with any of the characters and found it more violent than my usual gangland reading

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