Bride of the MacHugh

Bride of the MacHugh This is the story of Elspeth Lamond and the MacHugh Elspeth is a provocative and feminine lass who lived in a turbulent time in Scotland s history a period crowded with romance intrigue battles and

  • Title: Bride of the MacHugh
  • Author: Jan Cox Speas
  • ISBN: 9780380018253
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • This is the story of Elspeth Lamond and the MacHugh Elspeth is a provocative and feminine lass who lived in a turbulent time in Scotland s history, a period crowded with romance, intrigue, battles and characters that are memorable for their vitality and charm, their lust, strength and willfulness Alexander MacHugh was head of one of Scotland s mightiest clans when the reThis is the story of Elspeth Lamond and the MacHugh Elspeth is a provocative and feminine lass who lived in a turbulent time in Scotland s history, a period crowded with romance, intrigue, battles and characters that are memorable for their vitality and charm, their lust, strength and willfulness Alexander MacHugh was head of one of Scotland s mightiest clans when the rebellious Highlanders rallied around the MacDonald banner He was a man of massive will but gravely courteous demeanor, and he clashed with Elspeth at every encounter, his will pitted against hers, neither of them willing to surrender to an irresistible attraction.It was early in the seventeenth century in Scotland, and the men and women who lived, loved and fought then were no less stormy and unpredictable than the violent events which caught them up and determined their fates In these pages you will meet the corrupt and ambitious Earl of Argyll, Elspeth s wily guardian, who epitomizes an insatiable greed for power and wealth Kate MacLachlan, the beautiful and treacherous redhead, whose passion for Alexander MacHugh would stop at nothing for fulfillment Gavin, the grim and mysterious youth with a scar across his cheek Elspeth s half sister, Jeanie Lamond, as fair and fresh as a May morning, and, of course, the many brave and gallant Scottish rebels, led by the MacDonalds, who harried the Campbells and would not be subdued by England.It seemed just another day when Elspeth Lamond rode into the wild and untameable hills and moors of the Highlands on a quiet mission from London, but within a few hours she was a captive riding in the rain toward an unknown destination From the day of her abduction by a band of rough horsemen till the day she fled the thick walls of her guardian s castle, Elspeth s fate was irrevocably linked with the Lamonds and with their friend, the MacHugh, whose name reverberates through these pages with the vigor of a clash of arms.

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    1. Jan Cox Speas

      From here Jan Cox Speas was born November 5, 1925 in Raleigh, North Carolina She attended the Women s College of the University of North Carolina women could not go to UNC Chapel Hill until junior year from1942 46, where she studied creative writing under Hiram Hayden UNC had a special association with Jan s family her mother, Francis Howard Cox, who had studied as a high schooler at home in tiny Richlands, NC, was the first in the family to come to the college, taking the train in 1914 to Greensboro to study to be a teacher, and years later Jan s daughter, Cindy, attended UNC Chapel Hill in the first year freshmen women were allowed to enroll.Near the end of the war Jan met and married John Speas on his return from the European theater Their first child, Cindy, was born in 1948, right after John graduated from Colorado State University.After several years of traveling, the Speas family settled back in Greensboro in 1954 to be near Jan s mother, who suffered from chronic ill health During that time Jan wrote multiple short stories for the widely read slick magazine market, including The Post, Ladies Home Journal, McCall s, Cosmopolitan, and others.Cindy Speas recalls, Mom learned to write from reading and that s what we did as a family every night Jan s favorite authors included Daphne DuMaurier, Mary Stewart, Nevil Shute, Elswyth Thane, Inglis Fletcher, Helen MacInnis, Elisabeth Ogilvie, Elizabeth Goudge, Dorothy Sayer and Josephine Tey But the most fun Mom and I had, Cindy confesses, was with Georgette Heyer s Regency romances we collected all of the original hardbacks Jan s own first novel, Bride of the McHugh, was published the same month her second child, Greg, was born, in 1954 The Indiana firm Bobbs Merrill, where her UNC mentor Hiram Hayden was an editor, was the publisher She published two historical novels, My Lord Monleigh in 1956, and My Love, My Enemy in 1961, before going back to graduate school in 1962, where she received her Master of Fine Arts under southern poet Randall Jarrell at UNC Greensboro, writing The Growing Season as her thesis The Growing Season, published in 1963, was the first thesis accepted in non standard thesis form for the university library, and is still on their shelves as the actual published book UNC Greensboro also holds the original manuscript of Bride of the MacHugh Jan went on to teach English and creative writing as well as American literature and poetry at Guilford College in Greensboro Her favorite poets were T.S Elliott and Robert Frost Sadly, she died of a heart attack in late October 1971 while on the west coast visiting her brother who was dying from a brain tumor, a double tragedy for their mother None of us expected it, says Cindy It was a huge personal loss, but also a loss to all her fans At the time of her death, Jan was working on a novel that remains unfinished.

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    1. "She had never thought her name lovely until she heard him say it, his warm Scots voice lingering softly over the word."Fair warning: I am going to ramble like a loony bin in this review. I could give this five bright shining stars on one hand, or three grumpy stars on the other. I'm settling for four because the writing and the overall tone for this story are outstanding and far outdo many of the modern books that I read today. I've rated this based on a mix of literary merit and on my enjoymen [...]

    2. Before I start my review, I have to admit something. I loathe most Highland romances. It’s the hokey dialogue. All those ‘dinna noes’ and ‘oches’ drive me up the frickin’ wall. Every time I have to interpret what the supposedly, sexy Scott said, it pulls me right out of the story and makes me want to toss the book against the wall. I’m a firm believer that you can hint at a sexy, Scottish brogue without adding ‘dinna’ to everything the hero says. I also find most of the covers [...]

    3. Pleasant, but the political themes and romance were underdeveloped despite the fine prose.I finished the book feeling dissatisfied with the short screen-time Alex and Elspeth had together. I could feel the chemistry between the two, but think more passion and angst could have been added in. To be fair, the amount that existed is in line with the conservative time period the novel was published in, and the book does straddle the line between historical fiction and historical romance closely. My o [...]

    4. So I wanted to like this. Scotland, warrior hero, atmosphere, intrigue, what's not to love, right? but I kept thinking to myself while I was reading, all the books I would rather be reading, and well, at the halfway mark I just couldn't force myself to finish it. It does nothing for me, what else can I say?I didn't like the characters, therefore I didn't really care what happened to them, so that's never a good sign. I did feel something for Gavin, the scarred younger brother but alas, he was no [...]

    5. A Highland Classic and an Absorbing Love Story from 17th Century Scotland!My friends on recommended this book to me, and I was happy to find it. A bestseller when it was first published in 1954, it has been off the market for some time. The edition I read was published in 1978, available used. It’s worth obtaining a copy, trust me. If I could give this novel more than 5 stars, I would. It’s a keeper and so well written it would be a good model for authors today. Even though there are no lov [...]

    6. I'm really torn on this one, as I usually love historicals with more history and less romance, but for some reason this book didn't fully deliver for me.All the elements were certainly in place for a five star book:- good writing style- a writer who seemed to have a grasp of the political situation of Scotland during the early 17th century- well fleshed characters (especially the swoon-worthy hero)However, by the end, I couldn't rate it higher then 3 stars because it ultimately didn't "click" wi [...]

    7. I almost DNF this book with only a hundred pages left to its conclusion. I am happy I gave it a chance. While it did not blow my mind and certainly will not become one of my favorite re-reads, it ended with quite a bang. Some pretty nifty plot twists and turns, an accelerated pace, and a quite satisfying conclusion almost made up for the very snail-paced, dry, ambivalent tone of the first two thirds of the book. Almost.(view spoiler)[Elizabeth I's death has led to her cousin's son, James Stuart, [...]

    8. Another just okay read for me. I can't seem to shake this reading funk. I really enjoyed My Love, My Enemy by Speas and I can't say I was technically disappointed by Speas in this one either. The writing is just really well done. It's soetty. The first twenty pages in (as the heroine is being kidnapped by who I thought was the hero) I was so excited! I thought this was going to be a 5 star read for me. However, it went downhill from there. The hero turns out to be someone else and I just did not [...]

    9. Wow, what a wonderful book. I am so sad it is over. I will definitely be reading this one again, just wish I owned a copy. I read the 1954 edition at open library.I would call this a Scottish historical romance. There is hand fasting, reiving, receiving the letter of fire and sword, being put to the horn, ballads, clans and their families and castles. There are many clan and family names to keep track of. All of this rich Scottish history is brought into the story in a very natural way. There is [...]

    10. Bride of the MacHugh, originally published in 1954, is one of those books marketed as romance, but which is actually well-written historical fiction that also happens to contain a love story. I suspect the covers chosen for the book were responsible for this erroneous pigeon-holing--the saying don't judge a book by its cover definitely applies here.Original cover artwork for the 1954 William Morrow & Co hardback publication.Cover art for the 1978 Avon paperback publication.(I'm not including [...]

    11. I've been digging the Highlander novels lately, and I came across this old one from the 50's. They didn't have it at the library, and the reviews were good, so I took a chance on a used copy from .I started out really liking it. The story jumped right into action and intrigue, without a long buildup. The hero was arrogant and swaggering, the heroine feisty and defiant. All good, so far.But then the romance got completely mired in Scottish/English politics and inter-clan warfare. Some of it was i [...]

    12. Loved it! It plodded along but in an interesting manner. It was nicely balanced between the developing relationship between our H&h and interesting tidbits of military strategy, which I like for some unknown reason. The h wasn't an overly pure ninny and actually gave it up before he put a ring on it. She also didn't allow the evil OW get the best of her. The H was on the beta side of life but still had enough alpha to be considered studly IMO. Books are better when you don't hate the protago [...]

    13. I wasn't impressed by the stereotypical characters; innocent virgin, the Man and the wicked mistressgh! I wanted bad things to happen to the h and H; arrogant, sanctimonious twits!Delicious(thanks Jacob Zuma, can't help but think of u every time I say that word!) cover art.

    14. I read this book when I was in high school (in the 70's), and re-read it at least a dozen times!!! This was the book that started my love of Scottish Historical novels (I'm there at Barnes & Noble the day that the next Monica McCarty Highland Guard book is released!!). Wish I could find a copy in good condition - I think I'd even breakdown and get this in e-format if I could find it!! Loved this book!!!!!

    15. This was/is my all time favorite love story. I still have a tattered hard bound book on my shelf and bring it out ever so often to read it again. I've been reading it since high school and it still satisfies my yen for a love story.

    16. Really a 4.5. The romance was filled with cliches (dark, handsome hero good at everything and a terrific leader at a young age [of course]; he rides a black stallion no one else can tame that rears on cue. Heroine lifts her chin and tosses her hair constantly, (view spoiler)[and must refuse to tell him how she feels so the book doesn't end too soon. (hide spoiler)] Lots of spirited banter, the hero laughing in a handsome way every page ).On the other hand, the story is very good, the secondar [...]

    17. This is one of my all-time favorite books. I've read it more times than I can count, and just finished reading it again. And it isn't my last time! I'll read it again at some point. I love, love, love this book! The author's voice is wonderful, and she brings the Highlands to life in this historical romance. Both the hero and heroine are memorable in so many ways---clearly, as I've spent so many hours with them over the years. I can't recommend this book highly enough.

    18. I had read this book many years ago and my copy was misplaced. Early Aug. this year I wanted to read it again. (Books are my friends and I like to revisit them often.) So began the hunt for this book. Finally found a copy and reread this book. It was just as good as I remembered. I think you will enjoy this book as much as I have.

    19. She is a spectacular author. I can't remember where I managed to find this book, but I was thrilled to get it. If you want a book about the ultimate alpha hero, this is the book for you. I've never read a more powerful male hero than this book. The reason I didn't rate this higher is that I want to know what's going on, I don't want to have to guess, and often in this book I felt like most of the action was going on off stage and I was supposed to just know. But that doesn't take away from the a [...]

    20. Great story. The Scottish Highlands are always magical. Set in 1614, Bride of the MacHugh takes place more than 100 years before the Battle of Culloden (1745), but it gives a good picture of the conflict between the Highland Scots and the English. The history is worked skillfully into the story, never boring or slow. The characters are strong and appealing; the MacHugh is a proud and honorable warrior, and Elspeth is a fitting mate. It's time for this book to be republished. It was first printed [...]

    21. This was my first novel by Jan Cox Speas, but I'll have to be honest. While it certainly did not dissapoint me, I could not've given it 5 stars because I'd hoped and expected something much more spectacular. Bride of the MacHugh is a beautifully written book, no doubt but I'd found the pace of the story to be very low for me. I usually prefer more fast-paced romance novels. But Jan is such a great writer no matter and the story itself is fascinating, although there was a lot of Highlandish polit [...]

    22. When Elspeth arrives unexpectedly in Scotland and is abducted by orders of the "Black MacHugh," the handsome laird of clan MacHugh, she takes him to task for his arrogance, and a spark ignites between these two strong-willed people. An old fashioned and breathtaking historical romance by a talented author.

    23. This was my first ever bodice-ripper. Pretty tame stuff, thank goodness. I'm a light-weight. Well-written, I think. Like another reviewer mentioned, it's more historical than historical romance. An emphasis on the male characters and their political as well as physical battles. Nothing earth shattering but keeps the pages turning.

    24. I read this book as a teen and loved it, and over the years I've re-read it several times and it has never disappointed. Romance and historical fiction are not usually my genres, but this one is one of my favorites.

    25. I read this book when I was just 14-years old and have never forgotten how much I enjoyed it! I am thrilled to have found it once again after 60 years. I have read literally thousands of books but remember very few as I remember this one! Am looking forward to rereading it very soon!

    26. This is an oldie but a goodie. One of my favorite books of all time. Just a classic romance that sweeps you away. I actually have 2 copies! One is a backup incase one gets damaged or lost. Crazy I know, but I need this book!

    27. The writing was excellent. (view spoiler)[It didn't quite make it to five stars for me due to some of the things other reviewers have mentioned and I felt the story was left a little unfinished. (Was his mistress Kate pregnant or not?, etc) (hide spoiler)] 4/5 stars

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