Redemption Redemption the third book in the Lacey Hannigan Trilogy Cole is missing and everyone is certain that he s dead That is everyone but Lacey She refuses to give up hope even after two weeks of searching

  • Title: Redemption
  • Author: Elaine Pierson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Redemption the third book in the Lacey Hannigan Trilogy Cole is missing and everyone is certain that he s dead That is, everyone but Lacey She refuses to give up hope even after two weeks of searching As the days pass, she becomes depressed And her powers become unstable The trust she had with Jesse has been broken She knows he s hiding something from herRedemption the third book in the Lacey Hannigan Trilogy Cole is missing and everyone is certain that he s dead That is, everyone but Lacey She refuses to give up hope even after two weeks of searching As the days pass, she becomes depressed And her powers become unstable The trust she had with Jesse has been broken She knows he s hiding something from her and has vowed to find out what But will learning the truth about what he s done send her over the edge of sanity Will the residents of the Black Hills Mountain pack survive her wrath when all the secrets and lies are revealed Someone close to Lacey will diewho will it be

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    201 thoughts on “Redemption”

    1. I wanted to freak the hell out after the last one, and I read these back to back to back - the whole series in one weekend. Anywhos. I sincerely hope this is the last in the series, not because i didn't and don't enjoy the story and the characters, i do but this needs to be the end. i think if it is the final it was a good way to end it. In the end there were a lot of grammar/typos but i survived. The story itself was interesting, i still enjoy the (if you haven't the read the second one yet tur [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book! I love this series and I can't wait to read the next book! I'm not going to wait On to the next

    3. OK I loved this story, I really did but there were little details that bugged me. I just couldn't believe that Jesse was that bad. I kind of felt like the author tried to hard to make him evil so we wouldn't sympathize with him. But I didn't like it. It seemed so off from who he was in the first book. Lacey picked Cole, I was definitely team Cole, and I was wondering how the author was going to handle the Jesse situation, and I was kind of disappointed. It sucked for Jesse, but I just didn't thi [...]

    4. 4.5I really enjoyed this series.The ending was predictable but still enjoyable. Cole and Lacey were my favorite characters.

    5. What a way to end the trilogy. I only wish that it wasnt a trilogy and had more books. In this book Lacey has already come to discover that she is truly in love with Cole and that the feelings she had for Jeese are not as strong as they are for Cole. Cole ends up missing after the end of "Change" and thats where this book begins as Lacey is determined to continue to find him alive no matter what and is forced with the responsiblities of Alpha Female of their new pack. Meanwhile Jeese trys to win [...]

    6. This was the final book in the Lacey Hannigan series, unfortunately, and it was amazing. There was a twist at every turn and kept reading and reading until I got finished. I loved the characters and the plot. In this book, we learn why Cole was so messed up and why Jesse would sometimes lose it. Both of the brothers have huge hearts so everything that happens in their lives affects both of them greatly. I don't want to spoil anything so I just would like to add that I loved the ending because th [...]

    7. I loved this series, butThere were just a couple of issues that bugged me. Friendships went from nothing to best friends really fast with no development of the bond and Cole and Jesse's switching character traits seemed in stark contrast to how they started out in the first book. There were explanations for this, but they seemed a little simplistic and again it was explained rather than developed. That apart, as I said earlier I really enjoyed the series, pure escapism, a nice story with the end [...]

    8. i loved the last book the most because it showed that lacey really did love cole i couldnt believe that jesse was evil or bad in any way untill he trys to get rid of his brother and still trys to win lacey back over knowing she is griven and that was her true love he was so stuck in what he wanted and nothing else didnt really see that lacey had changed in a away nd could see she didnt love him at all. true love always seems to win in the end !

    9. Disappointing ending to a good seriesI enjoyed the first two books so much that I read all three in one sitting. The sudden change in Jesse's behavior seemed forced and Lacey's fickle behavior bothered me. It was a disappointing ending to a series that the first two books were so enjoyable.

    10. I loved the whole series from the beginning to end it had so many surprises and sad moments that i actually cried to. Anyway i really loved this book and i think that anybody else who reads this series will to.

    11. GreatA great ending to this story. I enjoyed the characters and their storylines. I read the whole series in a day. If I had a complaint it would be that it could've been longer with more details.

    12. I loved that happily ever after for Cole and Lacey. I kinda felt bad that Jesse couldn't find a way to move on and be happy. Over all a great book and i cant wait to check out more books form this author.

    13. Really liked the final installment of this series. Had the action I like in my books. Proof reading is still a problem and using the correct word tense but overall good story.

    14. lacey and cole overcome soo many obstacles to be together and prove in the end that love is worth it. I felt sorry for cole for being so misunderstood and having a sick freak for a brother

    15. absolutely loved all 3 books! I honestly didn't want it to end. I would recommend these books to anyone who has ever been, is, or is looking to fall in love!

    16. Love itI love this series.Cole was my favorite from the very beginning and I love how strong lacy ise side characters were pretty awesome as well

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