Blood Bond

Blood Bond As a vampire Anna Strong has an immortal life but now she s running out of time Anna s relationship with shape shifter Daniel Frey has given her hope for a future with him and his son especially when

  • Title: Blood Bond
  • Author: Jeanne C. Stein
  • ISBN: 9780425258873
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • As a vampire, Anna Strong has an immortal life but now she s running out of time.Anna s relationship with shape shifter Daniel Frey has given her hope for a future with him and his son especially when Frey proposes But just when Anna starts to think her life couldn t be better, she must fly to France to be at the side of her dying mother There she learns that not every vaAs a vampire, Anna Strong has an immortal life but now she s running out of time.Anna s relationship with shape shifter Daniel Frey has given her hope for a future with him and his son especially when Frey proposes But just when Anna starts to think her life couldn t be better, she must fly to France to be at the side of her dying mother There she learns that not every vampire accepts her Chosen One status And one such vamp is about to go rogue by leading his followers in a fight to usurp humanity

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    1. Jeanne C. Stein

      Jeanne C Stein is an American Urban Fantasy author living in Colorado She now lives in Colorado, but was raised and educated in San Diego, which is the setting for her contemporary vampire fantasy Jeanne is active in the writing community, belonging to Sisters in Crime both nationally and in San Diego and Los Angeles She also belongs to Horror Writers of America, RWA and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers She was named RMFW s Writer of the Year for 2008 an honor given to a writer who has contributed to the organization as well as achieved success in publication.She writes the blog Biting Edge with Mario Acevedo at biting edge

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    1. This was fantastic. It was like an extra treat because I thought the previous book was going to be the last. Followers of the series know the last book ended with Anna off to see Daniel Frye and his son John John with a pep in her step and and a smile on her face. Thinking that was the last book, I was a little bummed we wouldn't get to see what Anna and Frye would be like as a real couple after all the adventures they've been on together. This book is exactly along the lines I was picturing at [...]

    2. Quick review:Cover: Fitting Rating:NC-17 Thumbs Up:4.5Overall: One of the best UF I’ve readCharacters: Well WrittenPlot: Accepting and Becoming who you are destined to bePage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: David, Max, Lance, Stephen, DanielSUMMARY (50 words or less)What can I say, this is one of the best Urban Fantasy series I’ve read. Although, it’s not without flaws (*coughs – plot holes), it still is worthy of almost a perfect read. For a full review and yu [...]

    3. Book Synopses:As a vampire, Anna Strong has an immortal life…but now she’s running out of time.Anna’s relationship with shape-shifter Daniel Frey has given her hope for a future with him and his son—especially when Frey proposes…But just when Anna starts to think her life couldn’t be better, she must fly to France to be at the side of her dying mother. There she learns that not every vampire accepts her Chosen One status. And one such vamp is about to go rogue—by leading his follow [...]

    4. DNFlast update: 'Ever waited a year for a book of a series you really like to be released, only to be completely lost when you start reading, about what it was you ever liked about the series?' (on page 65 of 279)

    5. It's sad when a series comes to an end. I've been reading Jeanne C. Stein's Anna Strong Chronicles since the very beginning and I've loved every moment of it! Blood Bound concludes Anna's story in some ways, but it also leaves it open enough that should Jeanne choose to give Anna a few more "problems". And while I did enjoy the ending to Anna's story, I was a little upset about a few things here and there as well. Moving onWe open up with a very quick reprisal of how Haunted ended--and truly bro [...]

    6. Review originally posted on my blog: A Book ObsessionLife is finally starting to look up for Anna Strong. She's defeated the competition and stopped the vamp council from going against her choice as the chosen one to preserve humanity. Now she's carving out a somewhat normal life for herself with Frey and his son. But that happiness comes to an abrupt halt when she learns of her mother's ailing health and a split faction of vampires in Europe. Once again she's torn between her old life and her r [...]

    7. Having finally realised that Frey is the one for her, Anna and Frey begin to dream of a life together. For the first time, Anna is not only deliriously in love but happy. Unfortunately, this doesn't last for long and Anna is informed her mother is dying. Now she must make the decision whether or not to reveal her true nature in order to save her mother or watch helplessly as she dies. In order to make her mother happy, Anna and Frey decide to move up their wedding day. It promises to be the happ [...]

    8. This is not at all what I expected from the last installment in the Anna Strong series. For that matter, it's not what I expected from any Anna Strong book. Although, in retrospect, it makes sense that this would focus on the human side of Anna's life -- her love life, her family, her friends. Yes, there's a supernatural storyline -- almost perfunctory, and even when it takes center stage in the novel, it does so under the shadow of the personal storylines. If this wasn't the last in the series, [...]

    9. I was very disappointed in this final book. It was a huge let down for me. I know others have praised it with flying colors, but I simply cannot. I was expecting an explosive thrilling conclusion, including loose ends tied up and Anna finally having this realization that will leave her in the 'history' of not just vampires, but all of the supernatural world. I had some build up and the story was going pretty well but as the book got thinner, I started to think, how is she going to pull off the e [...]

    10. Interesting book and it has some sad parts but this doesn't have the same draw as the other ones. I am missing do,etching from this book that seemed to be in the other ones

    11. meh. i was kind of disappointed in this final installment of the anna strong universe. as another reviewer stated elsewhere, i would have been just as happy to see it end with the last one (haunted) with anna driving off into the sunset to live happily ever after with frey. but no, we had to have one last hurrah, which was really more of a simper than a hurrah.***spoilers***so basically the book was one big long "oooo, ahhh, i'm so in love with frey i'm so lucky la di da" with one big fight thro [...]

    12. I have read this series since the beginning and Anna has done nothing but get stronger and better. Every story is engaging and gives more insight into the characters, who they are, what they want, and where they are going. I flew through this book because I was so anxious to see what was in store for Anna this time around and it was well worth it. What can you say when everything is just so perfect that you are at a loss for words as to what to say. I simple love all the characters, all the plot [...]

    13. I was really surprised when I heard that the Anna Strong series was over. I had no idea that there was only one book left. I had to know how it all ended, so I picked this up from the library as soon as I could. Now the book blurb is really misleading. I went into this thinking that this was going to be a non-stop action ride like the rest of the Anna books and that she was going to be involved in some kind of European fight to the death. Ultimately, this book was very light on the actual urban [...]

    14. I find myself somewhat at a loss for words, which is a very unusual place for me. Maybe it's because the words that come to mind are not words I ever expected to use referring to a book in this series. I was expecting the most bang for my buck yet, since this was to be the final book in the series. Instead I feel that Jeanne Stein let her readers down, and, in turn, let Anna down. If the previous books in the series were the finest prime rib, then this was treacle.After the two previous volumes, [...]

    15. Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer - Kathy M:--Actual rating 4.5 SkullsJeanne C. Stein is a top notch writer of fast paced Urban Fantasy and her creation of the Anna Strong series has been one of my favorites. The first eight books in this series are what you would expect from a well written Urban Fantasy - a kick ass heroine, fights to the death with evil doers,betrayal, and unexpected twists and turns. Blood Bond is different. And different isn't always a bad thing. Blood Bo [...]

    16. I expected so much more of this final installment. I wanted it to go out with such a bang I'd remember it for monthsUnfortunately it fizzled for me. Not to say it was bad wasn't. This series was one of my favorites and it will keep its place in my heart for sure butI am disappointed. I expected better after thousands of words designed to amaze me, to make me soar, to make me abandon my reality and embrace Anna's. This book was just sad. Not sad because Anna's mom was dying, not sad because it wa [...]

    17. Blood Bond was another excellent Anna Strong novel. I really enjoyed seeing Anna happy. A lot of her prior adventures had her life or that of loved ones in constant peril. This story carved out some time for Anna to have some Joy in her life even under some trying circumstances. It wouldn't be an Anna Strong without some kind of chosen one/vampire conflict but for once the heart of the story was Anna's personal life rather than horrendous danger. I found it to be a satisfying change of pace.If y [...]

    18. I just don't know what to sayI feel disappointed and a bit let down. I feel like the romance came out of nowhere was nothing like Kate Daniels and Curran which was slow burn but the relationship built over the series, this was just mehI didn't care either way if they stayed together, I bave literally zero emotional investment in this series and that makes me sad. I like Daniel Frey, I see him as a beta male, and he had soooooooo much potential and could have been epic if he'd just been a bit mor [...]

    19. I was a tad bit surprised to see BLOOD BOND because I thought that HAUNTED was the last book of the series but I am not complaining.There was not a huge conflict, big fight scene or close call with death in BLOOD BOND. The total feel of the book was about emotion, bonding and finding peace. Although BLOOD BOND had a different feel than the past books I still ended up really enjoying it. We got to see a softer side of Anna as she navigated her mothers sickness and her relationship with Daniel. Th [...]

    20. 3.5 stars!!I liked this book! An amazing romance story! But there are a few things that stopped me giving it a solid 5 star review.Firstly, there wasn't much action here as I have come to expect from this series. And whatever action there was, Vlad was the dominant there. ( I wish there was a bonus story where Vlad found himself his soul mate after 600 years [sighs] )Secondly, I found it unbelievable that Daniel, who Anna proclaims is strong enough to hold his own with an old vampire like Chael, [...]

    21. This book is part of a series, Anna Strong series, and needs to be read in order. The first is The Becoming. I wonder if this is the last book. It had that feel, and I know she is working on a new series. But one could write more if wanted. Though this installment had a lot less action, then some of the others in this series, it was still a good, entertaining read. The story focuses more on peronal growth and changes in characters lives. Anna and Frey get engaged. Anna's mother is dying. A poten [...]

    22. By far my favorite book in the series. Anna has really grown on me and I'm going to miss her and all her adventures. I love Frey and his son John-John; they really complete Anna. They are her rock and keep her grounded.I was brought to tears a few times, very moving story as well as a little mystery to solve. But mostly this book is about Anna finally getting her HEA and I am totally happy for her.The story revolves around Anna's pending marriage to Frey, her relationship with her mom and closur [...]

    23. Well it seems with the conclusion of this book, I'm thinking this is the last Anna Strong novel. :( I really liked how everything was wrapped up although I wish the battle with the bad guy would have been a little more drawn outemed way too easy. But I guess the book was really about Anna coming to terms with a few things and her marriage to Frey. I hope there are more books but if not, I am satisfied with the conclusion to this series.Noticed there is a new book written by her and someone else [...]

    24. I am not sure, but this book almost seems like it could end the series. Anna seems to finally get her HEA and the theme of the book is family and love. Oddly enough there wasn't a lot of vampire crap, the big conflict was plain old mundane cancer. I liked seeing this softer side of Anna, loved seeing Anna take her life in a new direction with Frey and Jon-jon. I even loved the surprise vampire "celebrity" and the action that went with it. If things are ending here I am happy with things, if not, [...]

    25. I can understand why so many people were disappointed with the final installment in the Anna Strong story, it definitely had a different flavour to all the previous offerings.That being said, and despite a lack of action, it felt like the right ending to the series focusing less on the drama and more on relationships.I think if you approach this book knowing it will take a different approach then you won't be overally disappointed, I do agree however that the synopsis definitely doesn't reflect [...]

    26. If this wasn't the last book, and I didn't love this series so much, this would get lower stars, due to it's brevity.It's hard for me to review this without giving away the storyline, which would be spoilertastic. It could be called a "cop out" ending, but I prefer to call it a peaceful ending to a series.It did start a bit slow, but after using the art of patience, it started moving, and I really enjoyed it for what it was. A simple ending. The simplicity may be the part that aggravates some. I [...]

    27. Now this was a great story, more like what I expected from this author. The book revolves around Anna and Frye finally getting their act together by getting together. I'm not a mushy kind of guy, but there is a definite romantic bend to this tale and it was wonderfully written. Frye's son John-John brings an innocent sense of humor while Anna's mother's health adds a sad reality. This is a very personal account of Anna's character and very well done.

    28. One of my favorite of the Anna Strong series- I picked this one up at the library because I left my Kindle at home on the charger. I had forgot to put this one on my TBR, as I have followed the series from the beginning. A strong protagonist, great supportive partner in Daniel Frey (I love how she calls him Frey LOL). And this story was nice as it delved into the morality of immortality as she faces her mother's terminal cancer. Great read.

    29. urbanparanormalEven though this feels like the last book in the series, it is not. I asked the author. So apparently this was just a waste.Well this was a dud. Outside of meeting Dracula, King Steffan, and having a fight with a bear shifter, this entire book was mushy and sappy. I'm being generous by giving it 2.

    30. It was ok.I struggled through it.I loved all the other books in the series but this onewas weak.Felt like she needed to put it out there.Not a lot of action. Not sure if this was the final book in the series but it seemed that way.However, she is starting what looks to be a new series with Samantha Sommersby thatlooks to be worth reading.

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