Lucifer, Vol. 9: Crux

Lucifer Vol Crux Forces in Hell and on Earth prepare for a final struggle for supremacy in CRUX Reprinting stories from issues this volume ventures through space and time and the places outside both weaving a

  • Title: Lucifer, Vol. 9: Crux
  • Author: Mike Carey Peter Gross Ryan Kelly Marc Hempel Ronald Wimberly
  • ISBN: 9781401210052
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • Forces in Hell and on Earth prepare for a final struggle for supremacy in CRUX Reprinting stories from issues 55 61, this volume ventures through space and time and the places outside both, weaving a sweeping saga out of multiple character threads mortal and immortal alike.This volume contains Lucifer 55 61

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      172 Mike Carey Peter Gross Ryan Kelly Marc Hempel Ronald Wimberly
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    1. Mike Carey Peter Gross Ryan Kelly Marc Hempel Ronald Wimberly

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Mike Carey was born in Liverpool in 1959 He worked as a teacher for fifteen years, before starting to write comics When he started to receive regular commissions from DC Comics, he gave up the day job.Since then, he has worked for both DC and Marvel Comics, writing storylines for some of the world s most iconic characters, including X MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR, LUCIFER and HELLBLAZER His original screenplay FROST FLOWERS is currently being filmed Mike has also adapted Neil Gaiman s acclaimed NEVERWHERE into comics.Somehow, Mike finds time amongst all of this to live with his wife and children in North London You can read his blog at mikecarey.

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    1. I’ve been procrastinating on this review because, well, I’ve been having trouble figuring anything out to say about the book. I mean, I read it, I liked it, but when I try to summarize the plot or even come up with a decent teaser for it I’m left vaguely gesturing with my mouth opening and closing but no sound coming out. No one wants to see that. So I decided to start writing about how I can't think of anything to write. And, damn!, it seems to be workingI used to read Lucifer. It was one [...]

    2. The world is ending, and unlike the scenes you often see in doomsday flicks, there are no episodes of the earth cracking, fireballs raining down on cities, or skyscrapers collapsing on screaming humans. Not yet, at least. In the Lucifer series, it goes from the inside out: “The hands of the artists lose their cunning, the minds of musicians their sweet calculus. And emotion dies too—lover looks at lover, parent at child, feeling nothing save the dead grey void of anomie. The world loses its [...]

    3. As I mentioned in my review of the previous volume, it's incredible to watch Mike Carey grow as a writer throughout this series. What started as a solid fantasy spin-off of Sandman with a storytelling structure almost identical to that series has grown steadily into its own thing. All the characters we've seen throughout this story are finally getting what's coming to them, good or bad, and the numerous one-off stories are combining into a vast, universe spanning war. Carey manages to do this wh [...]

    4. I admit to being a little less interested in this installment than previous ones since the main character was hardly in it, much like number 4. Also, so much is happening now that the climax of the end of the world is nigh that I am constantly trying to remember who is who and which threads of the story I've forgotten to account for. :) I think this is a series that can be read multiple times to catch all of the references.I did love the way the end of the world is described. It begins with more [...]

    5. I just want to say that The Yahweh Dance is probably one of my favorite issues of this entire series. I just love that at this point Yahweh, Lucifer, and now Elaine have all made a universe and it's very interesting to see how they purposely try to go about it in different ways but things always end up more of less the same anyway. I just love Elaine's entire character and story arch, but it's not quiiiite done yet so I'll leave what I really want to say until my next review. Also I guess this v [...]

    6. V pekle zavládla vzbura. Lilith, prvá žena, matka Zástupu démonov Lilim prichádza prevziať vládu nad légiou, aby zaútočili na strieborné mesto anjelov. Licifer pomáha Ellie získať vládu nad novozískanými silami po otcovi. A Jill rodí dieťa Basanos. Škoda výberu niektorých ilustrátorov. Peter Gross sa k tomu hodí najviac. A samozrejme som zvedavý na finále.

    7. Things are really ramping up in Heaven, not Heaven, and everywhere else. I can't wait to go back through this series afterwards and pick up all the pieces from the outset.

    8. Issue 58 is the best so far and standalone too. Remarkable rumination on religion, creation, systems and dumb luck.

    9. I love this series, as usual, but this particular volume was a bit grim for my taste. I'm also sick of cliffhangers!!

    10. Crux is another one the volumes that has always felt slightly disjointed. Where we have mostly been following a linear timeline until this point, Crux takes us into the Soft Places and, therefore, into a very malleable timeline. Told in flashback, but not really, the opening recounts a journey Lilith once took, and a meeting wherein the future was shown to her. The journey through that timeline is a bit of a roller coaster ride, ending with Mazikeen and her brother Briadach in a perilous positio [...]

    11. Volume 9 of the Lucifer series begins with showing what happens when the I-am-so-sure-this-name-was-not-meant-to-be-at-all-symbolic Christopher Rudd has risen to the ranks of a Hell-lord. It seems someone has been teaching the damned and the demons how to be kind to each other and offering forgiveness for sins. While this doesn't sit well with the likes of Lady Lys and Remiel, it does allow for something so monumental that it allows the silent Duma to speak.Then it's back to Lilith. After largel [...]

    12. Lucifer Vol. 9 - CruxForces in Hell and on Earth prepare for a final struggle for supremacy in CRUX. Reprinting stories from issues #55-61, this volume ventures through space and time and the places outside both, weaving a sweeping saga out of multiple character threads mortal and immortal alike.&Lucifer Vol. 10 - MorningstarThe war in Heaven reaches its universe-shaking conclusion in MORNINGSTAR, the tenth volume of writer Mike Carey's celebrated series. Collecting issues #62-69, MORNINGSTA [...]

    13. This book starts with the unexpected sight of a demon offering a drink of water to one of the damned, much to the horror of its peers. Hauled up before Remiel, ruler of Hell, it seems that there is a new creed being preached and Christopher Rudd, once one of the damned liberated to be the plaything for a Lady is the preacher. This story is short (if ending on one heck of a punchline), and I liked the story a lot, but I really didn't like the art. It felt far too cartoony and didn't seem to suit [...]

    14. The archangel Michael lies dead at the base of the World Tree, and his power, let loose, burns his daughter Elaine and his brother Lucifer out of this universe and into a newborn one. Their absence allows the first woman, Lilith, and a handful of others to plot grabbing power from Heaven while the Powers in the Silver City remain disoriented.Christopher Rudd as the new ruler of Hell wants to make up for the sin of Hell itself. Lilith and her offspring want to gain a final revenge for being denie [...]

    15. The title of Carey's ninth installment of Lucifer is perhaps the epitome of truth in advertising. Here, finally, we get to the crux of the stories told thus far: Lilith's plan for revenge, Jill Presto's desperate struggle to end her pregnancy, Elaine Belloc's rise to godhead, and the little matter of just who precisely shall reign in Hell now that Lucifer's outgrown that throne.Carey's closing in on the final volume of his series and so the pace here naturally escalates, but there's still time f [...]

    16. This volume of Lucifer is the probably the most difficult for a new reader to drop into, as it mainly concentrates on setting up the final battle in the subsequent volume. Unfortunately, Lucifer himself figures very little in all this, and the story is mainly a prelude with all the exciting stuff held off. The initial story "Eighth Sin" sets up the army of hell and is let down by some art that doesn't really seem appropriate. Christopher Rudd and his surroundings were never much good after their [...]

    17. Suicide, apathy, and chaos rule as all of creation slowly disintegrates, including human souls. The demons of Hell and the damned souls they’ve been assigned to torture for eternity decide to team up and storm the gates of heaven while the Lilim join forces with other children of Lilith to do the same. We also finally see the end of Jill’s supernatural pregnancy.In Jewish mythology, Lilith was the first wife of Adam before there was an Eve. Lilith can see the future (as if we didn’t have e [...]

    18. So far, the best book of the series. It very effectively weaved together three different plots very naturally. I absolutely loved the varying art and interchange between Lucifer and Elaine in "The Yahweh Dance", and the relationship between Elaine and the third Earth was deeply insightful about our own history of our relationships with divinity. (If you're into the flawed theoretical God as a concept.) I could and have reread that section just to appreciate how well it was done. Although the res [...]

    19. Mike Carey, Lucifer: Crux (Vertigo, 2006)God abdicated his throne a couple of volumes back, leading directly to the re-emergence of Fenris and the beginning of the end of both our universe and Lucifer's own creation. There were other repercussions, too, and as Crux opens, we see the first of them; a dying Michael tries to pass his power into Elaine, but the resultant explosion sends both Elaine and Lucifer into another realm entirely, leaving the way clear for the Lilim to attempt to size contro [...]

    20. Heaven and Hell are forced to unite to prevent the destruction of the world, we meet some old friends again, and learn the fate of Elaine Belloc. Lilith decides to enlist her children the Lilim in a plot to destroy Heaven, even if Nazikeen and her brother are casualties of her ambition. Jill Presto has a surprise and goes on a quest of her own.The various mythologies and story threads are weaving together in this volume, aptly titled Crux since the story is clearly reaching a critical point.“T [...]

    21. A fantastic take on Lucifer, the fallen one, and his stance towards both god and Michael his brother. A tale that both adds to the meaning of Sandman, but draws heavily from it too.While retired, Lucifer undertakes a job from Heaven, which grants him a letter of passage. This sets the universe on course for its end, and results with a new Creation, Lucifer's one, the death of Michael, but also the transfer of his powers into Elaine Belloc and of course Yahwehs quitting of his role, leaving his p [...]

    22. Lilith amasses her forces to storm the Silver City as payback for the wrongs Heaven has done her, and it looks like it's up to Lucifer and Mazikeen to stop her. That is, if Mazikeen survives Lilith's punishment, and if Lucifer survives being blasted into a third, unformed cosmos. Mike Carey's intricately plotted LUCIFER series is building to a head, but still, it's the quieter moments that make it so special. For example, the standout in this volume is a single, standalone chapter where Elaine t [...]

    23. I have said this before, when talking about another Mike Carey book (Suicide Risk) that there are times when a comic starts to become so abstract, that you move past any kind of logical explanation of things and you just have to suspend your disbelief. For a book that exists between the meta world of fables and dreams and has a cast straight out of Biblical Mythology, it didn't take long for it to reach that abstract point. That doesn't mean the book isn't good. On the contrary, there is still a [...]

    24. This volume contains the issue that is really at the heart of my love for the series as a whole. "The Yahweh Dance" is, in my least humble of opinions, great beyond measure. I love the way the series, in general, deals with alternate universes, and the chance to see Elaine try her hand at making a third is fantastic, slyly explaining the apparent paradoxes between an all-powerful creator and an apparently flawed creation. I love the art; I love the fluid nature of time; I love that Carey has now [...]

    25. Lucyfer to od dawna jedna z moich ulubionych serii komiksowych i jedne z nielicznych wydawnictw na "martwych drzewach", które jeszcze kupuję. Pewnie dlatego, że po prostu uwielbiam mitologię judeochrześcijańską, opowieści o Gwieździe Zarannej, LIlith, stworzeniu i Nephilimach. A tutaj są one opowiedziane dobrze. Po prostu dobrze. Mój jedyny problem z tym cyklem to koszmarnie długi czas pomiędzy ukazywaniem się kolejnych części. A co za tym idzie, totalny brak pamięci, co dział [...]

    26. Here we find the origins of the Silver City, and at last I identify what I find disturbing about Carey's writing. While he is obviously a genius storyteller, his hell seems overpopulated and he gives no explanation about what happens to righteous souls (indeed, there are none in his writing). Though this series is epic, upon consideration I have to dismiss the fantasy as inconsistent with practical reality.

    27. i have to say this is to me one of the weaker volume of the series, though the quirky, caricaturesque and non-epic art is beautifully ironic as the volume deals with christian dogma. some of these stories and interpretations would be blasphemous in some other religions (elaine belloc's universe for ex.). I love the gnostic references, and the lack of lucifer in this volume but I just didn't feel the thrill while reading this volume as I did in all others.

    28. I am really enjoying the way the stories in these volumes connect and everything plays out. There are no minor characters and everything is connected. I read both this volume and the next in one go last night and now the stories are starting to blend in my mind. But I thought that parts with Lillith and Mazakeen were really well done. As were the parts with the birth of the daughter. Definitely one of the best comic series I've read.

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