Jessica’s Wolves

Jessica s Wolves Jessica Murphy has been living a lie A childhood trauma has caused her to deny her true self and she has no intention of ever revealing who she really is As a first year teacher making her way in lif

  • Title: Jessica’s Wolves
  • Author: Becca Jameson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 446
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  • Jessica Murphy has been living a lie A childhood trauma has caused her to deny her true self, and she has no intention of ever revealing who she really is As a first year teacher making her way in life, the last thing she expects or desires is for two hunky men to walk into her school and insist she is their mate.Charles Masters has been sowing his wild oats in Texas witJessica Murphy has been living a lie A childhood trauma has caused her to deny her true self, and she has no intention of ever revealing who she really is As a first year teacher making her way in life, the last thing she expects or desires is for two hunky men to walk into her school and insist she is their mate.Charles Masters has been sowing his wild oats in Texas with his best friend, Reese Becker When the two return home to Oregon for the holidays, they arrive with a young woman in tow who carries her own bundle of secrets Caught between two females, Reese and Charles must juggle the woman they are destined to claim and the promises they ve made to the desperate younger female wolf.A complex web of secrecy and denial unfolds as Jessica accepts her mates and herself Will the mysterious past uniting Jessica to her new extended family prove to be than she is willing to handle

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    1. Becca Jameson

      Becca Jameson lives in Atlanta, Georgia When she isn t writing, she can be found reading, editing, scrapbooking, running, swimming, biking, or taxiing kids After enjoying several years on the editing side of the business, she decided to give writing a try Now she can t stop And the voices in her head are clamoring to get out faster than she can get them onto paper Becca writes both contemporary romance and paranormal, but there is no telling what she may come up with next.

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    1. Jessica's WolvesJessica at 10 years old watched her parents be murdered. The neighbor walking by was the only thing that stopped the men from killing her as well. Living in the foster care system and knowing you are different from the people around you, made her hide what and who she truly is, a werewolf. Her parents had told her that female wolves can not shape shift until they have mated. Seeing her parents getting killed in wolf form, did not make her want to run into any wolves. Jessica just [...]

    2. Childhood trauma has caused Jessica to live her life for herself, and to ignore a part of her as well. Hiding the fact that she was a wolf shifter was easy enough, that was until her best friends started mating with shifters. Although the men were able to keep her secret, she started to wonder if she was missing out on life hiding her wolf side. Charles and Reese are back in town, but they didn’t come alone, they brought Alyssa. When they meet Jessica though, they realize that she is their ma [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this installment in the series. I really liked Reese and Charles as love interests and Jessica as the leading female protagonist even more. I found Jessica to be more than Kara and Lindsey. She had more depth to her and I understood the trauma she went through as a child. I really loved how the three mates met also. I found it completely adorable. I can't wait to read the next book about Alyssa and I know I am going to enjoy it even more. These book just keep getting better!

    4. Very goodI was a little annoyed by the it secret Jessica kept. She had every resource for answers to her questions and refuses to ask. She is a teacher. How can you teach if you are unwilling to learn. The guys are awesome. They just don't give up and get their way. I loved how they kept Jessica out of her comfort zone. She was finally able to confront her fears. Excellent story.

    5. 3.5-4 starsThis was a pretty good story. I liked the characters and the storyline was good, with a bit of a surprise. This is the first story I've read by this author and based on book I'll be reading more of her work in the future. Obviously, I didn't read the first 2 books in the story but I didn't feel it messed up the story as each story is based on a different couple.Jessica is a grade school teacher and also a Lupine (werewolf). Her parents were killed by "hunters" when she was 9 years old [...]

    6. Very Good!Jessica has been friends with Kara & Lindsey for years but has never told them her secret; but when she meets her 2 mates that all changes. Especially when she finds out that her 2 mates brought another woman home with them.Charles Masters & Reese Becker have been friends forever too & have been away from home too long. They decided that it was time to go back home & work with the family never expecting to meet their mate as soon as they get there either. But, a trip to [...]

    7. This was great as was "Lyndsey's Wolves". However, the main character Jessica from this book had almost the same situation as Lyndsey from the previous book. [SPOILER ALERT] She suffered from a childhood trauma, the people that caused it comes after her and then the story basically closes. I can't say it's exactly the same but I did feel I was rereading Lyndsey's story just because they paralleled each other rather closely. Because they were so similiar I took a star away from my rating. Lastly, [...]

    8. 2.5 starsThis story was okay I guess but what really bothered me is that I felt there wasn't really a story there You know there was some secret that got uncovered but they were more like a background stories of the characters and not really crucial to the plot because frankly there wasn't really a big one!Most of the story took place in the bedroom I admit there were some steaming scenes but I prefer there was more to the story than just that . And this book actually felt more like a backgroun [...]

    9. This series has been fun to read. Getting to know all the Masters family and extended family. The story continues from books 1 and 2 about the last roommate: Jessica has graduated college and in her first year of teaching that she adores. But in walks Charles and Reese to pick up one of the sick Masters children to bring home and then sparks fly as all realize that they have found their mates - another menage in the Masters family. Jessica does not want a relationship - any relationship - becaus [...]

    10. Stars: 4Overall: I should've known from the first two books that i was going LOVE this book! Jessica was a bit more of a mess than Lindsey, but i loved how the whole book seemed to come full circle. I was a little confused at first about the Alyssa situation, but i wish they would've spent more time on what really happened with that crazy pack and Jessica's past. The sex scenes as always were AMAZING and i think i reread of a few of them over and over. =) I also wish that the author would've spe [...]

    11. At at certain point in the book -- all I could think was "Hey we just met you, and this is crazy(view spoiler)[but here's a buttplug, you're our baby." (hide spoiler)]eww. From there I just skipped the sex scenes. It also bothered me how weak-willed our heroine was. (view spoiler)["no, I can't" "no, I can't" -- "well ok, you smell good and my couchie is hot, let's boink like weasels".(hide spoiler)]And then how the heroes are all "We are not going to dominate you or try to take control of your l [...]

    12. See my full review coming soon at nocturnereads (3/11/13)The start of the story gave me high hopes because when Jessica first meets the boys the sexual tension was palpable. The first coupling was unmistakably hot, but unfortunately as the story lead on the sex becomes monotonous and “skim worthy.” The emotional connection was definitely there, but the story itself was lacking. The plot was too typical On a side note:(view spoiler)[ The amount of orgasms just annoy the hell out of me! Over a [...]

    13. I didn't like this one as much as the other 2 in the series, but it was still quite readable and I enjoyed it. It's a nice way to spend an afternoon.All 3 of the MCs irritated me at one time or another and the story line was a bit blah, hence only 3 1/2 stars rounded up to 4. That being said though, I will definitely keep reading the series, in fact I have already purchased the next one. I wouldn't recommend this book as a first read of this author's work as her other stories are a bit better, i [...]

    14. If you’re looking for an erotic romance and are not sure what book to open, I would definitely recommend picking up the first book in the Wolf Masters series. Even with the trend of not following through with the outside conflict, I never once hesitated from opening up the next book in the series.Read my full review on August 12th here.

    15. A pretty okay read. The sex was hot but was expecting much more character and plot development. It kinda fell short. I like the sex though, very nicely written steam. But other than that, the characters weren't very impactful and I was expecting more suspense and action.

    16. I enjoyed reading about Jess and finally getting to know her more. Good character. I would have liked to see her rip apart the guys would killed her parents. I wanted more of a scene. I wanted to her react more. But overall not bad

    17. More excitement, yay! The series is getting so much better thus far. I bet the forth installment will be a lot better than every single one.

    18. TNTGreat book, wished there would be more drama, but it is still a good book to read, I enjoyed reading it

    19. WARNING: Contains themes of BDSM including bondage, gagging, pain. This should be part of the book description.Sex scenes aren't bad until the gratuitous ball gag.

    20. Have enjoyed every book I have read so far of this series. Very sexy, dominant but not too aggressive, alpha mates and hot ménage scenes. Well written and enjoyable story.

    21. I hate to say it but this book has the standard storyline . Two shifters,Reese & Charles meet their reluctant mate,Jessica.d the chase begins. It's a quick easy read with no big surprises.

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