Escape from the Forbidden Planet

Escape from the Forbidden Planet Caramel Cinnamon thought the worst day of her life was the day her grandparent s the King and Queen of the Elves of Cardamom went missing She was wrong The day she spills sticky toffee syrup onto her

  • Title: Escape from the Forbidden Planet
  • Author: Julie Anne Grasso
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Caramel Cinnamon thought the worst day of her life was the day her grandparent s the King and Queen of the Elves of Cardamom went missing She was wrong The day she spills sticky toffee syrup onto her father s computer, that s when her worst nightmare begins She finds herself marooned on a forbidden planet, sent there by an evil clone with a very sticky secret Caramel iCaramel Cinnamon thought the worst day of her life was the day her grandparent s the King and Queen of the Elves of Cardamom went missing She was wrong The day she spills sticky toffee syrup onto her father s computer, that s when her worst nightmare begins She finds herself marooned on a forbidden planet, sent there by an evil clone with a very sticky secret Caramel is desperate to escape If she doesn t she will lose her dreams of returning to Cardamom to become a healer like her Mum Luckily, she has a secret of her own and the lives of her family and friends depend on it

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    • ☆ Escape from the Forbidden Planet || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Julie Anne Grasso
      186 Julie Anne Grasso
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      Posted by:Julie Anne Grasso
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    About "Julie Anne Grasso"

    1. Julie Anne Grasso

      With a background in paediatric nursing, Julie Anne Grasso spent many years literally wrapping children in cotton wool Every day she witnessed great courage and resilience from the tiny people she cared for, which inspired her to write stories about a little girl elf just like them.She has a degree in Nursing from Queensland University of Technology and has been published in her nerdy nursing specialty in medical journals, but her true love is writing about elf worlds that usually involve cupcakes The new love of her life is Frankie Dupont, an illustrated middle grade series.

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    1. My daughter and I read and reviewed this book for Mother Daughter Book Reviews. Here's what we have to say:DAUGHTER SAYS:This story is about an elf named Caramel and her Mom and Dad who are captured by a clone race and sent to "The Forbidden Planet". The clone race is looking for a new source of energy and they find it on Caramel's planet, Cardamom. The cover of the book was ok, but it didn't show much. I wish there were more pictures throughout the book. The main character is a girl elf named C [...]

    2. When I first read the blurb about this book I thought elves, syrup, um… maybe too sickly for me. But then I realised what a kick-ass (excuse me) heroine Caramel is!The book starts with an accident – which introduces us to Caramel and her mum – a healer in the elf-emergency squad. They heal by the power of the mind, and Caramel’s mum is an ace healer – but even so, Caramel is left with a dodgy leg and tends to limp a lot. Fast forward a few years and Caramel is dashing about all over th [...]

    3. I loved this book. Super great series for middle graders.I loved Caramel. She has a great attitude and determination.I really admired how she was focused on getting home, saving her family but also made the best of being stuck on an alien planet.She wasn't afraid of a little hard work, she knew when it try it alone but also when to ask for help.Definitely a book with great role models for kids.I really hope there is more to come where this came from.Kids need books like this with catchy stories, [...]

    4. An accident as a child leaves Caramel Cinnamon, of the planet Cardamom, with a bad leg that continually chips away her confidence. Caramel is forced into an adventure that takes her to a forbidden planet. We cheer for her as her confidence builds while she and her new friends find a way to assist Caramel's family - and the Universe.I really enjoyed this book. It is a super fun read and even more importantly (as a mother) a clean read. I admit it took me a few chapters to become familiar enough w [...]

    5. I love books that fiddle around with genres and thus expectations. Julie Grasso's MG book has a mixture of fantasy, sci-fi and teen drama and flits between them like a little elf.The book tells the story of Caramel, an Elf princess, whose mother is one of planet Cardaman's most proficient elf-healer. As a young child Caramel is injured in an accident, and although healed is left with an impaired leg- something which hangs over her in the present day.During a trip to see a friend who lives in the [...]

    6. Escape From The Forbidden Planet by Julie Anne Grasso is a fun read that will draw you in and have you rooting for a family of Elves.Based on a kingdom of peaceful elves with loving and caring morals, who are dedicated to raising 'tree-tenders', 'healers', or computer techys. The story begins with main character, Caramel (who is the King's grand-daughter). Caramel is about to fully discover exactly what her talents are when the planet is invaded. From here, Caramel is thrown into an adventure of [...]

    7. I read this book with an eight year old who loved it. The pace is fast with lots of variety and the characters are very sympathetic. We both enjoyed the well-imagined settings, the lovely elf planet and its rain forest and the shock to the characters when they are transported to the alien Australia. There are some laughs and quite a bit of emotion examining how a girl marks her independence from her parents. We'll be looking for more from this author!

    8. Escape from the Forbidden Planet is a middle grade reader that children will really enjoy. It is a fantasy story that revolves around a very likable elf named Caramel who lives on the planet Cardamom and has lots of interesting powers. Caramel ends up in a rather 'sticky' situation thanks to an evil alien clone. The plot is fast paced with many twists and turns and the different worlds, intergalactic travel and cool technology will be sure to interest young readers.

    9. Meet Caramel Cinnamon, an elf who lives in Cardeville on the planet Cardamom. Caramel’s bad accident when she was little has left her with a gammy leg, but that doesn’t stop her doing all kinds of things an elf of her age would do—such as spending two weeks visiting her friend Jemm Jasmine in the tree canopy village and having loads of fun. But treachery and tragedy lie in store for the unsuspecting inhabitants of Cardamom. The villainous Alexander222, an off-world explorer, along with his [...]

    10. This book, along with the sequel, Return to Cardamom, was recently entered and WON a gold in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what our young readers thought:FEEDBACKAuthor: Julie Anne GrassoTitle: Escape from the Forbidden Planet / Return to CardamomCOVER: 9/10The children loved both of the covers, particularly on Return To Cardamom. They thought they were colourful, fun and made you want to instantly open the book. They also liked the catchy blurbs although a few of the readers thought, c [...]

    11. What do you get when you mix elves, aliens and sugar? You get 'Escape From the Forbidden Planet'. Caramel (such a delicious name for a character) is a young mind-reading elf who is on the verge of an important and exciting phase of her life. All is going well, she has a great family (royal actually), great friends and she is nervously looking forward to sitting her EATS (Elvin Ability Tests). Will she follow her dreams and become a healer? Or will she become a tree tender? Or maybe, she could be [...]

    12. This book has it all: Elves, evil clones, intergalactic travel, adventure, techie talk,science talk, the battle of good vs. evil and tons of food and dessert references that will make your mouth water while you read.This book is about Elfin world that has a natural resource that other planets in the galaxy are after. The Elf people are betrayed by someone close to them so that they can gain power by selling the elf planets natural resource to beings of another planet called the Alexanders. From [...]

    13. Escape From the Forbidden Planet by Julie Ann Grasso is an absolutely rib-tickling science fiction story that I assure you will give you a couple of hours of pleasure. I just finished a free review copy provided me for an unbiased review – unfortunately, my review is a bit biased, because I fell in love with it within the first ten pages.Caramel Cinnamon is a tiny girl – elf actually – who resides on the planet of Cardamom. Her rather idyllic existence is disrupted with the arrival of Alex [...]

    14. Caramel, an elf, can't wait to visit her friend, Jemm, who lives in the tree tops on their planet, Cardamom. As she is visiting her friend, Caramel spots a weird being in the fields down below that quickly vanishes. When Caramel gets back from her trip, she takes the Elvin Ability Tests to see what job she will get when she grows up. Caramel really wants to be a healer like her mother but she's already shown signs that she can be a tree tender. Things are going pretty well for Caramel until the [...]

    15. I read this book for the 2016 Reading Challenge for the category Science Fiction. It's not my usual genre so I was unsure what to choose. This book was on my kids bookshelves so I thought I'd read it :)This is the story of a young elf called Caramel, who, at the start of the book, has an accident that introduces us both to her leg injury and her mother's healing ability. Through the course of the book, she goes on a number of adventures, each introducing us to part of Caramel's character and the [...]

    16. Elves, clones, healing powers, space travel, and tasty treats are all part of the fun and fast-paced adventure that is Escape From The Forbidden Planet (Adventures of Caramel Cardamom #1). Caramel Cardamom is not your average, ordinary, everyday elf. Her special healing powers and ability to read minds are just the beginning. She's also sweet, brave, and feisty; all traits she'll need to help her family, friends, and even her planet survive!Ms. Grasso's detailed descriptions of the characters an [...]

    17. Escape from the Forbidden Planet's synopsis naturally had me intrigued since I like stories that feature food. I really enjoyed that the main character, Caramel, despite having a disability never let it discourage her from accomplishing anything. Readers will delight in the unfolding of the extra special abilities that Caramel possesses. I found the flow of the story a bit repetitive between dialogue and narrative however the story provides a variety of entertaining characters from elves, humans [...]

    18. Elves and Science-Fiction side by side in one story? I'm not sure if that combination will work, I thought. And how wrong I was - they go together perfectly well! This book was a delight; fun, original storyline with engaging, believable characters. I won't recap the plot because a) that's already been done by others in their reviews and b) because I don't want to give too much away if you haven't already read it. However, I must say a word or two about the central character, Caramel; she's one [...]

    19. This is a great book for children in the 10 - 12 year age group. The characters are delightful and well developed and the storyline is awesome. I couldn't put it down and there are some great twists in the plotline.The use of technology and supernatural powers are interwoven very cleverly through this book.It's great to see the main character of Caramel overcoming both a disability and huge obstacles without becoming bitter. Caramel's family is great too. It's awesome to see a family that actual [...]

    20. Science Fiction melds with Fantasy when tech-savvy elves travel intergalactically. The mash-up between the two genres work well in this middle grade novel which is a safe, fun read for the age group. Great, descriptive world-building and characters that are both well-rounded and memorable. This book is full of fun gadgets and adventure enough to help even a reluctant reader turn pages. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

    21. I found Escape from The Forbidden Planet to be a very pleasant surprise. Although the target audience is a little younger than me, as a parent, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It wasn't just fun for the kids. The characters are well rounded, the plot is fast paced and keeps you interested and the world created by the author was fantastic. I would whole-heartedly recommend it to kids of all ages and parents too.

    22. This is a review coming from my children's mouth. They LOVED it! We sat in bed reading it and I have to say we read it over and over a couple of night straight. My 10 and 6 year old enjoyed it and were excited for the next ones. They enjoyed the adventure they were taken into while laying in their own beds, waiting to see if Caramel Cinnamon would find her way out. A wonderful, entertaining, adventure, mystery children's read!!

    23. What a wonderful book! I can't wait to read the next one on my summer vacation. Strong characters, and a terrific world with humor and real emotional connections makes a fast read that leaves you wanting more. I love the combination of fantasy and sci-fi. In that way it reminds me a little of Artemis Fowl, but I enjoyed Caramel more!

    24. Review by Bethany aged 7I enjoyed reading this book, I liked the way caramel could read people's minds and I thought the mention of the Barbie girl song was very funny.I struggled to read this at the beginning but glad I didn't give up as I enjoyed it as it got further through the story.Looking forward to reading more of caramels adventures.

    25. Well it seems that is has become the norm to rate your own book, so here it is.If you like the idea of telepathic elves who are obsessed with chocolate cake with caramel sauce, that swing through rainforests on vines, can train trees into the intricate dwellings in the canopy as well as doing battle with evil clones that aim to take over the universe, then you might enjoy this too.

    26. The title is a bit misleading. Most of the book is not about the forbidden planet, much less the escape from it. In fact the first mention of a so-called forbidden planet was page 104, which was the start of chapter 21!!!!!!!The book was kind of quirky in an endearing way, using words like "higgledy-piggledy" and "bearnaise". But, and this might just be because of cultural differences, but there was this sentence:"'Caramel, you have had a long day and tomorrow we will go to our cardamom harvest [...]

    27. I received this ARC of book 1 and agreed to give it an honest review as I loved Frankie's story by this author. Ten years ago, Gabriella aka "Caramel" Cinnamon was in an accident with her dad and the bones in one of her legs were all in pieces when her mom got to her. Her mom did the best she could as a healer but Caramel would always have a limp. She was from the planet called Caradamon and was an Elf. When her grandparents, the king and queen were abducted right in front of her eyes, she vowed [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this read. I was wondering if it would be good for my nieces and younger cousins. It was a very engaging read. I appreciated some references that were for older readers that young reads might not fully get. It shows that the author plays a little to an older audience. Very imaginative book and unique story line. Engaging read. Would make an excellent christmas gift and a good school break read. I ordered several copies from amazon and they arrived in record time. Was very impres [...]

    29. Exciting adventureI enjoyed the book a lot. An adventure kind of book for kids 7 -12, me being 51. Longer than I expected but it gets you hooked right way and is good through to the end.

    30. I had a hard time getting into this book and following what was happening. Mid way through I caught onto the story line and did end up enjoying the book. I would read the sequel.

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