Destined to Fly

Destined to Fly The final instalment in the intensely erotic Avalon series that started with Destined to Play Perfect for fans of Shades of Grey The compelling and thrilling climax to Alexandra Blake s sensual jou

  • Title: Destined to Fly
  • Author: Indigo Bloome
  • ISBN: 9780062243621
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • The final instalment in the intensely erotic Avalon series that started with Destined to Play Perfect for fans of 50 Shades of Grey.The compelling and thrilling climax to Alexandra Blake s sensual journey, from the author of Destined to Play and Destined to Feel.Alexandra has returned to the world after her captivity and is left with a heady mix of emotions Strangly empoThe final instalment in the intensely erotic Avalon series that started with Destined to Play Perfect for fans of 50 Shades of Grey.The compelling and thrilling climax to Alexandra Blake s sensual journey, from the author of Destined to Play and Destined to Feel.Alexandra has returned to the world after her captivity and is left with a heady mix of emotions Strangly empowered, her feelings of pleasure and exhilaration are tinged with fear, but now she must reconcile the decisions of her past and how they may determine her future.Alexandra knows it is she alone who holds the key to the answers so desperately sought by both her lover, Jeremy Quinn, and her captors In order to unlock the secrets within her, she must embark upon a quest to explore long forgotten sexual rituals and despite believing that she has experienced everything possible in her erotic adventures, she discovers that there is still so much to learn.At last she will learn what freedom truly means and understand the real purpose of the role she was always destined to play.

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    1. Indigo Bloome

      Indigo Bloome is married with two children She has lived and worked in Sydney and the United Kingdom, with a successful career in the finance industry Indigo recently traded city life with a move to regional Australia, which provided her with an opportunity to explore her previously undiscovered creative side Her love of reading, deciphering dreams, stimulating conversation and the intrigue of the human mind led her to writing her first novel, Destined to Play.

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    1. I did enjoy this book. Just felt it went a bit far fetched and weird. I did'nt like the spiritual dreamy amazon scenes with the tribal people, but I understand that is what Alexa had to do to find out about her blood, and felt Xsade got forgotten about and got off lightly. First book def the best. Two and three still good reads just to finish off the series.

    2. wow, I wasn't expecting that! I was expecting more of the drug company shenanigans from the second book, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I loved the whole spiritual journey thing going on this time, was really different to the majority of what's available at the moment, but then again the story has been since the very beginning so it shouldn't be entirely unexpected.I kinda felt parts were missing this time round, while other bits felt quite repetitive - still no real answers abou [...]

    3. Pleasantly surprised by book#3. Enjoyed the other two, but was not overly eager and excited to wait for the last book. However, it being a trilogy I had to read the third book. I started reading it with a little hesitation but soon became very intrigued, making this an absolute great ending to the trilogy!!! The road to the typical happily ever after took a completely different turn to get there! This definitely topped the other 2 books together!

    4. The Avalon Trilogy –Destined to Play, Destined to Feel and Destined to Fly – is one interesting trilogy.First book was really hot erotic book about fulfilling sexual fantasy and explaining it all through medical/scientific point of view.The second book has some of this same erotic feel, but its more criminal mystery with flashbacks into the main characters past.The third book is more of erotic mystery novel with soul traveling back to the ancient ancestors to discover the reasons why the lea [...]

    5. 3.0 Stars!!!This was not what I expected. This third installment was very different from the first two books. In the first two books we are treated to a story about developing pharmaceuticals and testing themyway the middle of all the action and activity is Alex & Jeremy and their feelings for one another. What would happen to them as a couple? I expected more of the same in this book and although, we did get it, the author spun this amazing tale of a drug induced "fly" through time, past li [...]

    6. I wasn't sure about where this book was going when it was said they were going to the amazon jungle. Leo speaking lightly about his soul flight and of Alexa's need to soul flight as well, I was confused. I, too, like others, thought there would be ugly fighting going on with Madame J &. Xsade. I loved the first two books and was very anxious to read the third book and I wasn't disappointed. Can't wait to read more of Indigo's writing

    7. Well here Is the final instalment and my god it didn't disappoint, found the storyline gripping and a brilliant way to wrap the trilogy up, fell even more in love the characters and found myself hooked in to the journey they took. Loved the fascinating explanations and felt Indigo did the books and the characters justice a very good read and can't express more how much of a brilliant author Indigois :)

    8. Wow. Truly loved the imagination & insight Indigo Bloome added to book 3. I thought the series ended perfectly and am sad in a way that there will be no more adventures but glad I read them all :-)

    9. IMO this book was just blahere was nothing special about it but coincidentally i was not disappointed because honestly i didnt have high expectationsok 1 was the best book IMO and at the end of book2 i wanted to read bk3 simply to see how it endedjust thought it wasn't that strong

    10. Several months ago I committed myself to reviewing the books in Indigo Bloome's Avalon trilogy and here it is time for the final installment. And how to sum it up?Destined to Fly is by no means any less unbelievable than the first two books in the series, however, it is pleasing the see the author making use of her talent to write about something other than Dr Alex Blake's somewhat unusual (and that's putting it mildly,) sexual fetishes and adventures. In this installment, the plot veers off in [...]

    11. While I loved this trilogy I found this third book not quite as good as the other two. I did love the suspense of not knowing what was going on but never saw this outcome at all. I often found myself thinking it maybe went a little bit too far fetched. It just seemed to end for me thinking that it was pretty much just about the threesome involving Alexandra, Jeremy and Leo and now what there are other women like Alex that Leo is protecting?? So she wasn't that special after allI don't know it ju [...]

    12. Well that was weird and totally wasn't what I was expecting! This series has been totally unlike anything I've ever read and even after reading all three I honestly can't tell you whether I loved it or not! All I know is, I didn't hate it and the story had me gripped from start to finish it. It's not a book or series I would necessarily read again but I'm glad I did read them.

    13. For some reason it took me a little while to get into this book but it is by far the best out of all of the 3 books. I loved the fact that all the main characters were in it together and how their lives all crossed in such a spiritual way. Admittedly at first I was sceptical at the interrelationships but perseverance most definitely paid off. Loved it.

    14. I was a bit surprised by the 3rd book, but enjoyed it as much as the previous two. I loved the surprising twist to way the that Alexa, Jeremy and Leo was all connected by their past. I just wish that there was more books.

    15. Well after reading this until the end I understand the meaning of the middle elements which are required to understand the trilogy, I can't say it wasn't a little weird but I did eventually enjoy the end results, I good read if you are open to more than just reality.

    16. Awesome series! Loved the whole thing. This last book of the series is just Wow. So manus ups and downs! So many twists and turns! It really is like a roller coaster. Indigos imagination is defiantly a wild one ;) xx hoping she continues with her writing hehe

    17. I really enjoyed this book and the whole series. The spiritual journey in the amazon was great if a bit too long and repetitive in places. I did like the trip back in history. I am an eternal optimist and therefore, really liked the ending :)

    18. uummm what do I sayWOW!!! I am not sure that the story line was quite what I expected but I was pleasantly surprised by the ending. Not so sure about the middle though. Now I want another book, what happens next? ??

    19. I liked this book more than the other 2 simply because the storyline was finally shown Leo sounds like an unstoppable force and Alexa needs his awakening. The way the book ended hints there's gonna be another book or another series?

    20. Liked the whole series, just thought some of the ending was a bit weird. Even though the whole series was weird in places. Loved Jeremy and Alexandra.

    21. Thoroughly enjoyed thew 3rd book in this series, the story went a bit weird in places, but kind of good weird. Was hinted at a possible follow up story at the end, hope we see more in this series.

    22. Definitely not what I was expecting after the first two books tho it was a great twist in the story's direction! I loved it!

    23. Yazar hakikaten hazırmış uçmaya İyi de uçmuş hani :DSeri son kitabında fantastik kategorisine kaymış maşallah Neyse seriyi bitirdim çok şükür ona seviniyorum :D

    24. Really enjoyed this book!!What an interesting story, the relationships were beautiful and the ending was perfect!A really great read!

    25. This book wasn't at all what I expected It went off into a weird story line, I still loved it but seemed a little to far fetched compared to the other two

    26. i really enjoyed the series, was sad that it has ended. i like how brave @ determined Alexa is. pure erotica at it's finest

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