Wicked At Heart

Wicked At Heart England Damon de Wolfe the sixth Marquess of Morninghall a Romantic Times K I S S Hero of the Year Nominee is dark diabolical and very very dangerous Tortured by his past and driven by his d

  • Title: Wicked At Heart
  • Author: Danelle Harmon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • England, 1813 Damon de Wolfe, the sixth Marquess of Morninghall a Romantic Times K.I.S.S Hero of the Year Nominee is dark, diabolical, and very, very dangerous Tortured by his past and driven by his desire for revenge, the former naval hero has fallen from grace after infuriating his superiors Now seething with anger in his lowly role of prison ship commander, he hasEngland, 1813 Damon de Wolfe, the sixth Marquess of Morninghall a Romantic Times K.I.S.S Hero of the Year Nominee is dark, diabolical, and very, very dangerous Tortured by his past and driven by his desire for revenge, the former naval hero has fallen from grace after infuriating his superiors Now seething with anger in his lowly role of prison ship commander, he has locked away his brutal childhood memories and allows no one into his world When beautiful and independent social reformer Lady Gwyneth Evans Simms dares to clash with him over mistreated prisoners, she unwittingly throws herself into the most perilous fight of her life And Damon embarks on a journey of healing and discovery as the lovely widow seeks to exorcise the demons haunting his very soul through lessons in love A gripping and emotional Beauty and the Beast tale.

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    1. Danelle Harmon

      New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Danelle Harmon has written seventeen critically acclaimed and award winning books, with many being published all over the world A Massachusetts native, she has lived in Great Britain, though these days she and her English husband make their home in New England with their daughter Emma and numerous animals including five dogs, an Egyptian Arabian horse, and a flock of pet chickens Danelle enjoys reading, spending time with family, friends and her animals, dog showing, plane spotting, and sailing her reproduction 19th century skiff, Kestrel II She welcomes email from her readers and can be reached at Danelle danelleharmon.

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    1. 3.75 to 4 starsI loved the characters in this story. The hero, Damon, was wicked and not very likeable at first. He used intimidation as a weapon, but you soon discover that he also hides behind it, shielding the real Damon from being exposed for the tortured, abused and unloved little boy he'd been who'd grown into a lonely man. The heroine Gwyneth was feisty and determined,and wasn't afraid to go toe to toe with Damon for the sake of her cause, even if it meant getting her hands dirty. She was [...]

    2. Wicked at Heart by Danelle HarmonI enjoyed this story.The description of the book I am listing below is from the back jacket of the book. I'm adding it because I believe the one on the page does not depict this story. The BeautyLady Gwyneth Evans Simms, a fiery and independent young widow, is renowned for her campaigns to aid the unfortunate and the oppressed. Fearlessly determined, she turns her passionate energy upon the prison hulks anchored in England's harborsunwittingly throwing herself i [...]

    3. I will honestly say this is my favorite romance novel. I had never heard of her before, and I resisted reading the de Montforte brothers because I didn't think I would like Georgian romances. (Boy was I wrong and more about that later.) I LOVED the hero, Damon deWolfe, the Marquess of Morninghall. Since childhood he had been beated, verbally abused and tossed aside by his mother. He had never felt loved and that resulted in not only acting like a devil, but panic attacks that made him feel as if [...]

    4. Audiobook Review: Where do I begin when I talk about this talented author and narrator? All senses are called to arms! A stunning, captivating listen. I loved it all "Arguably one of the best novels starring a tortured hero Just for the hero, this book deserves to be discovered, but the novel goes far beyond. Passionate and very sensual full of fury and passion in the great tradition of traditional romance!" -- Editor, Blue Moon (translated from the French)My, oh my! Danelle Harmon NEVER fails [...]

    5. As this story opens, our young hero is only fifteen years old and we witness his first sexual encounter with an `older' woman. This, combined with his childhood abuse, will turn him into a man who is in constant state of rage, anger and physical pain.Damon de Wolfe, the sixth Marquess of Morninghall did everything he could to disengage himself from humanity. He embraced and fed his rage keeping it close for so long, that IT was the only thing that kept him going. He treated everyone around him w [...]

    6. 3.5 starsIn the final analysis, I quite enjoyed Lord Morninghall and Lady Simms' story, even if it meandered all over the place and took me a good while to finish reading. I did feel the plot was a bit too detailed on life aboard the prison hulk and all the military duty it entailed. I understand that it was important for building up the story, but while it wasn't superfluous, it took up too much time and so consequently didn't focus on our main characters as much as I'd have liked. And they wer [...]

    7. This book grabbed from the prologue, but when the author introduced Damon as an adult, I did not like him at all. I could find no redeeming characteristic in him for most of the first half of the book. Gwyneth, on the other hand, I fell in love with. There's a scene that turned my dislike about half way through, when I realized what a tortured soul Damon truly was and how Gwyneth would be his saving grace. Some of the scenes were so moving they brought tears to my eyes. I really enjoyed this boo [...]

    8. WOW! This book is a book that keeps you guessing to the very last minute. This is the first book I've read by Danelle Harmon. Wicked At Heart will have you go through every emotion. There are many twist and turns that you honestly don't see coming. Love the story between Damon and Gwyneth is one for the times. I don't have words to describe how wonderful this book really is. Wonderful Read!

    9. Danelle Harmon is now my favorite author!! This novel was amazing!! I love it!! I love the characters. Anything to do with Beauty and Beast plot is incredible because it shows that loves can conquer all!! <3

    10. Damon - A Hero's HeartI have read this book twice. It was great both times. The adventures, the romance, the awful antagonist, and the solution will meet the requirements of a sea lover too.

    11. Damon de Wolfe, Marquess of Morninghall, has been soundly rejected by everyone he knows, starting with his crazy mother, who (really) thinks he's the Antichrist, to Oxford, which kicked him out after he was caught banging the dean's niece (total set-up), to the Royal Navy, which has assigned him to captain a bloody prison ship. To make his life even more difficult, enter Gwyneth, Lady Simms, the widow who enjoys crusades—and her latest cause is the terrible conditions aboard prison ships. Star [...]

    12. Lady Gwyneth is determined to make the prison ships better. She starts with a tour of Damon's ship. He doesn't take kindly to her interference. In fact he has never been below decks himself and she wants a tour. After much argument he finally takes her on that tour. To his horror much of what his crew had told him about the conditions below was false. Damon has a few emotional problems that manifest themselves as physical problems to the point that he thinks he is dying. Gwyneth sees something i [...]

    13. I find that I'm less and less tolerant of consent issues these days. The first sex scene involves the hero pinning the heroine to the bed and fondling her while she struggles and begs him to let her go. Of course, she gets off on it in the end, but this isn't merely a halfhearted protest. She's desperately trying to knee him in the nuts while he's groping her. He says that he'll let her go if she wants him to, but when she begs, he tells her that her physical reactions show that she doesn't real [...]

    14. A tortured man who's soul is healed by the determination and love of a womanDanelle Harmon is officially one of my favorite historical romance authors. I have read her other books and Wicked At Heart did not disappoint - which is no surprise! Damon - the diabolical devil can be stand offish, a brute, and down right infuriating at times but that is just a fixture - a facade that he puts up so he will not get hurt or close to anyone as he had been hurt and humiliated in the past and he is hell ben [...]

    15. I really liked this book. Danelle Harmon writes some of my favorite books.The characters are wonderful. Damon is hard-edged. He is "diabolical" as Gwyneth says. They clash over the treatment of prisoners on the hulk that Damon commands. Gwyneth is a strong woman and that's one of the things I like about Harmon's books.The story kept me totally interested. The narrator was a bit distracting. I didn't care for the way he portrayed Gwyneth. That was the thing that kept me from rating this higher.

    16. We all love a tortured, wounded hero and Danelle Harmon provides a fantastic hero in Damon de Wolfe. But he has met his match in Lady Gwyneth Evans Simms, a heroine with a mission. The characters are strong to fit a powerful, engaging story. I have to admit that I didn't read it all in a day or in one setting. For me, it took some time to absorb. But it was worth the effort. Well done, Ms. Harmon.

    17. A few weirdnesses with a few too many characters with points of view, but I get why it was so. Excellent baddie as hero. Good, stubborn, though slightly tedious, heroine(just how many times must she say she thinks he's not really bad after all A million?). Excellently unorthodox setting. Overall, pretty good and memorable. Certainly entices me to read more from the series.

    18. This one was a little harder to get into than most of Ms. Harmon's novels. Once it grabbed me, though, I tore through it to the end. Damon is an excellent hero. I really appreciated the portrayal of his panic disorder. Very realistic, and a refreshing trait to read in a romantic lead.

    19. The characters are like able and interesting. The book moved along well in the beginning, but slowed down half way through. Over all I enjoyed it and would like to try reading another one of Harmon's novels.

    20. Completely unrealistic outcome for these two characters, however, I don't care. I love the relationship and how it develops and love to watch an incredibly hard, jaded and confused person, evolve into something vulnerable, sweet and caring.

    21. I had a hard time getting into the story at first but as it unfolded I enjoyed it except for the missing paragraphs/pages. I had to give it a low rating because at the best parts there were whole paragraphs or pages missing, did nobody else experience this??

    22. Talk about a tortured hero! While the storyline which encompasses the background of this book was difficult to read (inhumane conditions upon prison ships), I enjoyed the book overall. Highly recommend the entire series.

    23. Ooh, beauty and the beast theme! The blurb sounds interesting. Might give this a try soon. :)

    24. Always enjoy these books - interesting characters, set during US revolutionary war era (ish). This one is a lot of fun because of the personalities and how they clash!

    25. Started e-book on the 14th of July 2015, then went for the audio versionon the 18thDIOBOOK: July 18Narrator:Wayne Farrell

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