A Casa das Orquídeas

A Casa das Orqu deas Quando crian a a pianista J lia Forrester passava seu tempo na estufa da propriedade de Wharton Park onde flores ex ticas cultivadas pelo seu av nasciam e morriam com as esta es Agora recuperando s

  • Title: A Casa das Orquídeas
  • Author: Lucinda Riley
  • ISBN: 9788563219961
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quando crian a, a pianista J lia Forrester passava seu tempo na estufa da propriedade de Wharton Park, onde flores ex ticas cultivadas pelo seu av nasciam e morriam com as esta es.Agora, recuperando se de uma trag dia na fam lia, ela busca mais uma vez o conforto de Wharton Park, rec m herdada por Kit Crawford, um homem carism tico que tamb m tem uma hist ria triste NoQuando crian a, a pianista J lia Forrester passava seu tempo na estufa da propriedade de Wharton Park, onde flores ex ticas cultivadas pelo seu av nasciam e morriam com as esta es.Agora, recuperando se de uma trag dia na fam lia, ela busca mais uma vez o conforto de Wharton Park, rec m herdada por Kit Crawford, um homem carism tico que tamb m tem uma hist ria triste No entanto, quando um antigo di rio encontrado durante uma reforma, os dois procuram a av de J lia para descobrirem a verdade sobre o romance que destruiu o futuro de Wharton ParkE, assim, J lia levada de volta no tempo, para o mundo de Ol via e Harry Crawford, um jovem casal separado cruelmente pela Segunda Guerra Mundial, cujo fr gil casamento estava destinado a afetar a felicidade de muitas gera es, inclusive da de J lia.

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    1. Lucinda Riley

      AKA Lucinda EdmondsLucinda Riley was born in Ireland, and after an early career as an actress in film, theatre and television, wrote her first book aged twenty four Her books have been translated into over thirty languages and sold over ten million copies worldwide She is a Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author.Lucinda s novels include The Seven Sisters, a seven book series telling the story of adopted sisters and based allegorically on the mythology of the famous star constellation The first three books, The Seven Sisters, The Storm Sister, and The Shadow Sister have all been No.1 bestsellers across Europe, and the rights to a multi season TV series have already been optioned by a Hollywood production company.To read about Lucinda s inspiration behind The Seven Sisters series, please visit thesevensistersseriesWhen not writing, travelling or running around after her children, she loves reading books that she hasn t written with a glass or two of Proven al ros

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    1. This was so much crap! Bullshit at its best, to be precise. Seriously, I expected so much from this book, like a great family saga, with some romance and some interesting plot. And in the end, I didn't get anything but crap!I mean the prologue was kinda great and I thought, OMG, this book has to fantastic. I was SO wrong. After the prologue the whole story goes down the drain and only consists of stupid and blunt characters that are all so very annoying and not likeable at all. Plus, they don't [...]

    2. This novel is so bad it is a shame to the written word. I cannot believe I read through 577 pages of clichées, stick figures, stupid plot and uninteresting intrigue. I should have left it at page 80, with "Oh Julia, I'll never forget until my dying day, the moment I walked into that Magnolia bedroom and saw her for the first time". That should have been a hint that there were only worse things to come.The story is that of Julia, who is in deep morning after the loss of husband and child. She's [...]

    3. Eine wunderschöne Familiensaga!Sehr bewegend, sehr emotional und traurig schön, und der Funken Hoffnung verglimmt an keiner Stelle dieses Buches! ❤

    4. I've read a lot of contemporary chick lit in my day, I only wished I had saved myself the time and money and had just gone straight to reading The Orchid House instead, since the author kindly read all those books for me, and then conveniently condensed every single modern-woman literature trope into one book. Elin Hildebrand? Audrey Niffenegger? Kristin Hannah? Nah. Save yourself hundreds of books and hundreds of dollars, you will find them all condensed here.Let's see, off the top of my head, [...]

    5. On the whole, I really liked this book. I questioned a couple things (I'll get into that) but as a whole, I really liked this historical fiction book. Julia has just suffered a great loss in her life and has gone back to see her grandmother who begins telling her stories of the people who once lived in a great house where Julia's grandmother worked. As with many of these stories that take place in two time periods, I liked the old one a lot better. I loved seeing how the mystery of Julia's famil [...]

    6. Lucinda Riley's endings are disgustingly cheesy, with everything being more than a little too perfect. Especially her characters. Here with her famous pianist (tormented by recent loss), and recently with her extremely gifted artist (tormented by recent loss) and ballerinas (also tormented by recent loss) of "The Girl on the Cliff". Riley clearly lives in a dream where all the good people get to live off of their art. She's part of a wave of authors that I feel are generally trying to be Kate Mo [...]

    7. Book was displayed in a bookstore as "for fans of Downton Abbey" - I've never watched the show but everyone has told me I'll love it. In this case, I regret wasting my time. I feel like a fool because I kept slogging on until the end, despite early and plentiful signs that it wasn't going to be what I hoped; I admit I was interested enough in the plot to just read a little further a little further But it just could have been so much better.Characters just never come alive and are hard to care ab [...]

    8. It is worth noting that Hothouse Flower was republished in 2012 with the title of The Orchid House just so that any confusion with readers thinking it might be a different story, when this is not the case are cleared up straight away. Although the central theme of a family saga set in a country house spanning from the 1930's to the present day is far from an original one, this one is different. It has such a multi layered story to tell us with so many stirring and compelling love stories, secret [...]

    9. I love these lines from the book: We are sharing a moment in time. Like the universe, there is no beginning or end. We just are.This is what Kit told Julia when they were at Wharton Park looking at the stars and everything seemed to be perfect for them. Of course, Julia was still grieving for her son and husband, but Kit was helping her. Then she found out that Xavier had done something terrible, and it sent her reeling, causing her to wonder if she and Kit could ever make it together. Then a tr [...]

    10. I would have rated this book 3.5 stars, if half stars were allowed on . There is truth about the old adage, "less is more". I was happily reading along when one extra twist in the story punted it firmly into the realm of melodrama. Unfortunately, there were a couple more twists to come. Lucinda Riley, you were doing just fine until you started to embellish too much.The story had promise. I loved the fable told at the beginning of the novel and how it played out throughout the story. While I enjo [...]

    11. The Baker's Daughter by Sarah McCoy (Random House; 304 pages; $23).The Orchid House by Lucinda Riley (Simon and Schuster; 464 pages; $15). Over the past few years, the book world has witnessed a rising trend in which a present-day protagonist, grappling with her own problems, stumbles upon an intriguing past mystery. Only when she solves the puzzle can she then tackle what is wrong in her own life. Curiously, many of said novels have ties to World War II. Recent notable books in this genre are T [...]

    12. Dairenin tamamlanmış olduğunu fark etti. Kuşaklar ötesine uzanan bir hikayese herkes sonunda hayatlarında önemli bir rol oynayan Wharton Park'ta tekrar bir araya gelmişti.4,5/5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Yazardan Yedi Kız Kardeş kitabını okuduğumdan beri kaleminden tekrar bir kitap okumak hep aklımdaydı. Ama okumayı biraz geciktirmek istemiştim ve öyle de yaptım. Kendisinden ikinci olarak okumak istediğim asıl kitap ünlü serisinin devamıydı ama çevrilmediğini görünce biraz d [...]

    13. Sorry, this was a wallbanger for me, and I only made it less than 100 pages in. Started it with such high hopes (beautiful cover, great blurb), when I got to where one sister is telling the other how old she is and about her house, dogs, husband and kids I thought 'hmmm, not sure her sister needs to be TOLD how old she (her sister) is', but gave it the benefit of the doubt. A few pages later I got to where the same sister prefaces a conversation with her father (amid an improbably perfect domest [...]

    14. General thought: I don't know what to make of this book. Lucinda Riley can truly spin a tale and frankly, after reading Kate Morton's novels, which are essentially tragedies, it's refreshing to read a story told in the same vein but with a more uplifting ending. Julia, the protagonist has just had her world thrown upside down. Devastated and mostly catatonic, she stumbles upon a mystery of the noble house she grew up by. So at this point, the story takes off. We're introduced to a bevy of charac [...]

    15. This wonderful novel is an exploration of the many ways in which we are powerless, or allow ourselves to be powerless, to change the course our lives take. Sometime we have to go a certain direction out of family obligation, or we get started on a path where it is just too hard to turn back. Sometime we turn a blind eye to reality, and live in a world of not quite reality because we are afraid to face the truth. Sometimes we really have no choices, and we do the best we can with what life hands [...]

    16. Me ha gustado, pero no me ha entusiasmado. Tampoco es un libro que volvería a leer Al principio es excesivamente descriptivo, hacia la mitad del libro empiezan a suceder cosas, pero no es una historia entrañable o que emocione, o por lo menos a mi no me ha provocado este sentimiento. Encuentro que podría haber sacado mas partido a los personajes y a la historia, ha habido momentos que me he quedado con ganas de mas, me ha faltado algo También es verdad que por el titulo y la sinopsis, me esp [...]

    17. The Orchid House is set on two continents, covers three generations, and has interesting entanglements between two families who both hail from an English country estate. The author has complicated relationships betwixt the families and draws interesting parallels between generations. While the foreshadowing of events lacked subtlety, I still found it to have an engaging story line. The dialog was definitely not reflective of how anyone I know actually speaks, but, I thought, perhaps this is how [...]

    18. Another wonderful book of the genre that I really like. Two stories that are going on in the same time, one happening in the past, another now, in the present. Destinies that are connected in some way, and people who all have some relationship with each other. I enjoy these type of books, never have enough of them. They always show that, no matter what happened in the past, and no matter how much people suffered through a set of bad circumstances, present is here to bring us a better future and [...]

    19. This is a hard book to rate. I really enjoyed the beginning & reading about Julia's story (as well as her sister Alicia & Kit). I felt like this book was a bit too long (50 pages or so) & the end kind of threw me, very random plot twist that felt strange. Olivia's story - break my heart why don't you? :'''''( And Harry.Dude! Really? Really!!? There is alot going on in this book.

    20. Die Story war wirklich sehr toll, wenn nur nicht dieser merkwürdige Schreibstil in der Erzählung der Gegenwart gewesen wäre. So unterhält sich dich heutzutage einfach kein Mensch mehr Ich werde Lucinda Riley aber auf jeden Fall noch eine Chance geben, da die Geschichte an sich sehr gut war.

    21. "Cover und Titel sind gelungen.Die Autorin schaffte es nicht die Emotionen glaubhaft darzustellen.Protagonisten waren ständig müde und müssten"Schläfchen" halten."Fazit: "Ein Buch völlig überflüssig und ohne Tiefgang."

    22. 3,5 - 4 SterneAuch wenn es mich anfangs nicht wirklich überzeugen konnte, hat mir das letzte drittel und vorallem das Ende total gut gefallen.

    23. Moze li crna orhideja uspjevati u vlaznoj Engleskoj,da li je vaznija ljubav ili obaveza,Hariju je bilo vaznije odrzati naslijedjeno imanje,a izgubiti Lidiju,s druge strane Lidijinoj unuci Juliji bila je vaznija ljubav jednog muskarca,a staklenik pun orhideja ih uvjek prati

    24. I ended up liking the characters and plot of this book more than I expected when I started reading. The book jumps back and forth between the present and recollections from two generations back and deftly spins a story that reveals hidden connections, secrets, and parallels between many of the characters. There are repeated themes of dealing with the grief of losing loved ones, the conflict between love and duty, and the strong bond of family. The settings are lovely, featuring an English countr [...]

    25. "ΤΟ ΛΟΥΛΟΥΔΙ ΤΟΥ ΘΕΡΜΟΚΗΠΙΟΥ" Λ.ΡΑΪΛΙ Μεθυστικές μυρωδιές,σαγηνευτικά χρώματα,συναισθήματα με έντασηαυτά θα συναντήσετε όταν διαβάσετε "το λουλούδι του θερμοκηπιου".Είναι από τα μυθιστορήματα που μου κέντρισαν το ενδιαφέρον από την πρώτη σελίδα&καταφέρε να το κρατήσει [...]

    26. After reading a book that opened up parts of my emotions I had closed off, I now find myself yearning for more. I couldn´t go back to books were sensible to read. My emotions needed to be heard, the full spectrum of them. Standing in the bookstore, scanning the shelves for something to inspire me, I finally gave up, and asked the salesperson for something similar that I´d read, when my eyes noticed the cover of "The Orchid House", and the excerpt that they gave away for free. I started reading [...]

    27. Complete utter bullshit.I was hesitant to read this book. The first five reviews of this book on gave it very low ratings. But due to my book club loyalty, this book was chosen for our visit to "Thailand." I thought I would give this book a chance, because I love Thai food and I have some Thai friends.However, this book was a complete waste of time. Don't read this.Unless you like reading melodramatic, predictable stories with stereotypical characters (the gay-not-so-gay husband; the docile Asi [...]

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