Heroes' Reward

Heroes Reward Shield Dunleavy Mallorough and Source Shintaro Karish have lived in Flown Raven for five years protecting its residents from natural disasters and enjoying the lack of interference from both the coun

  • Title: Heroes' Reward
  • Author: Moira J. Moore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 237
  • Format: ebook
  • Shield Dunleavy Mallorough and Source Shintaro Karish have lived in Flown Raven for five years, protecting its residents from natural disasters and enjoying the lack of interference from both the council of the Triple S and the Emperor When they are unexpectedly summoned to Shidonee s Gap by the council, Lee and Taro learn that while they have been living at their isolateShield Dunleavy Mallorough and Source Shintaro Karish have lived in Flown Raven for five years, protecting its residents from natural disasters and enjoying the lack of interference from both the council of the Triple S and the Emperor When they are unexpectedly summoned to Shidonee s Gap by the council, Lee and Taro learn that while they have been living at their isolated post, there have been a lot of changes in the world, changes that will drag them into unimaginable duties and unprecedented danger.

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    1. Moira J. Moore

      I started writing my first book when I was fourteen I was sitting in class, bored out of my mind, and I started writing a story about a girl sitting in class, bored out of her mind Except her class was in a school of wizardry That story turned into a book An awful book that I tried and failed to get published I m grateful the internet wasn t a thing back then, because I surely would have put it online and it would be out there forever.Since then I ve continued to write books and continued to put life experiences in them My frustration with alpha male characters, the extreme weather I experienced while living in Japan, and contract law have all shown up in my fantasy novels.The first six books in my Heroes series were published by ACE ACE didn t want to finish the series, so I did, by self publishing Heroes Reward I fell so in love with the self publishing experience that I have no inclination to seek a traditional publisher again My most recent book, The CEO Can Drop Dead, is a contemporary novel that portrays common romance tropes as the abusive behaviour that they are I mean no disrespect to the romance genre as a whole, I don t believe it s any less worthy than any other genre, but the prevalence of abusive behaviour disturbs me, so I wrote a book about it 25% of my royalties is donated to the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres.

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    1. The conflict between the Triple S and the crown is finally coming to a head. And naturally, despite five years of relative obscurity far from politics, Dunleavy and Karish wind up right in the middle of it. Recruited by both the Triple S and the king to help prepare for war, the country’s most notorious pair find themselves marching, literally, through the mud of national politics. And knowing both Dunleavy and Karish, they are quite likely to make things worse . . . if that is even possible.H [...]

    2. Originally reviewed on The Book SmugglersIt has been five years since the dramatic events of Heroes at Odds, and, for the most part, Source and Shield Pair Shintaro Karish and Dunleavy Mallorough have had a much-earned restful break at the Flown Raven estate. Here, Taro and Lee know peace and happiness; Lee continues to improve on her casting skills while Taro is comfortably at home with his cousin and friend Fiona (aka Lady Westsea, and the title holder of the estate). This hero's respite, howe [...]

    3. Heroes' Reward is the self-published final book in Moira Moore's Heroes series. As a reader of the series who had felt the quality was declining, I both appreciate (1) why the publisher chose not to renew the author's contract, and (2) that the author chose to finish the story anyway and put the final book online for free to give closure for her readers. The latter is an unusual move that should be applauded. (BTW, it's fairly clear from the progression of the cover art that the publisher may ne [...]

    4. More 4 than 5. 4.5 stars.I'm torn. I'd really like to throw a five star up there for Ms. Moore's conclusion to her Heroes' Series, but in the end it's a little more 4 leaning than 5 leaning- very good but not quite on edge of your seat, stay up all night reading, amazing. Covers well the first two in the series are horrible. The covers for books three through six while not bad artwork, also are not really representative of the world building or characters in the series. I'm not sure if this one [...]

    5. Unsatisfying conclusion to a overall solid fantasy series.I mainlined this series, reading all 7 books in a little over a month. For better or worse, it allowed me to easily see some of the weaknesses in this series, culminating in the final book.I wanted two important things to happen in this final book:1. More of Lee and Taro's relationship aside from the professional. They get married in the last book FFS, and not once (NOT ONE SINGLE TIME) is this mentioned in this book. Everyone else calls [...]

    6. I liked this book purely because it tied up some of the loose ends of story arcs that had been building in books 1-6. However, I can't say as it's my favorite in the series. I trust it won't be a spoiler to say that most of this book is dominated by intrigue and war? I felt that it took the focus off of being Shields and Sources, which the series was originally about. There's a part of me that wishes a return to the more episodic nature of the first half of the series, and a part of me that's co [...]

    7. Not as good as I was hoping for in this finale. Still a fun romp with Taro and Lee but too much weird action happening in odd ways.

    8. So, after over a year, I've finally managed to finish this series. Instead of spreading my thoughts out by reviewing each book, I'm just going to dump all of my feelings about the series here. I usually don't write reviews, but I really need to share my feelings on this.(Spoilers/A couple of fs below!)(view spoiler)[I really liked the first four books of the series. Incredibly interesting premise with the Shield and Source system. Saving the world from natural disasters? That's kickass!I'm a suc [...]

    9. Taro is a source that channels the energy of natural disasters, Lee is his shield that protects him while channeling. This time Lee and Taro are in for a long battle, where they would have to reconsider whose side to take on, the Triple S whom they have been hiding information and going their own way for years or their emperor who have been acting erratically.I have said this before but here it goes this series has the more horrible covers out there and misrepresented the series as a whole, whic [...]

    10. Moira J. Moore is just brilliant for finishing a series and not leaving her fans hanging after her publisher declined to publish her last book.This is the the final book in the Heroes series ( which you can read at her livejournal or get it from Smashwordsm setting your own price). If your going to read this, likely you are a fan and know the story well, so be assurred that this is a great read, carrying the story to a satisfying conclusion. Ms. Moore doesn't skimp on the plot or the conclusion

    11. I struggled with this one. I wanted to like it, because I've loved the previous ones (though they have been steadily declining) and I was really fascinated by the concept of the First Landed and kept hoping the books would delve into that -- to no avail. I love the characters, but sigh. They just seemed more wooden than they ever have been. Having Lee and Taro stand around and WATCH events for the entire book just wasn't engaging.

    12. I wish Moore had a chance to publish this with a cover and everything. Such a shame the publishers overlooked such a decent piece of fiction. My only gripe on how she ended the series was that Taro and Dunleavy's marriage is never really discussed, just veiled allusions to sex and their bond. the marriage was such a big deal in the penultimate book; it seems kind of a shame to completely neglect it in the last one.

    13. Thank you Moira J Morre, for caring enough about your readers to finish up a beloved series even after your publisher says no. I loved the adventures of Taro and Lea and even though Heroes' Reward is a very fitting ending, I'm sad to see our heroes'tales come to an end.

    14. Hey, you are about to read the review to the seventh and last book in Moira J. Moore's awesome Hero's series. Better read book one till three first before going on.-------------------------------------------------"Heroes' Reward" is the seventh and last book in Moira J. Moore's Hero's series. It is this kind of book you wish every author would write after finishing their series. Mrs. Moore manages to answer the open questions left after book six without losing the magic and giving too much of an [...]

    15. The Heroes series includes seven titles (Resenting the Hero, The Hero Strikes Back, Heroes Adrift, Heroes at Risk, Heroes Return, Heroes at Odds and Heroes' Reward), the last of which was self-published as an e-book. Each novel is a complete story in itself and they do not have to be read in order, although later books may provide spoilers for some of the earlier titles.This is the conclusion of Dunleavy and Taro's adventures, and it's clearly time for the series to end. All the way through the [...]

    16. This book was clearly necessary to close off the loose ends in the series. It is mostly plot, rather than character or relationship development. Since I am not a fan of magic battles and such, this one felt ho-hum. Ok, ok, so they managed to wipe the floor with the bad guys, eventually, after almost losing. I didn't care as much about the details.Because the relational problems were largely ironed out by the end of the last book, that particularly charming aspect of the series was mostly missing [...]

    17. 15.5.2015 - 4*Je to po pěti zatracených letech po posledním dílu! A damn him! Taro už má skoro čtyřicet. Dammit! :D Byl to šok. Ale docela příjemný vzhledem k tomu, že si v posledních dílech Taro tolik stěžoval, že nemají ani chvíli klidu.Charaktery se lehce změnily. Musely, po takové době, dospěly více. Nebylo to dokonalé, možná kvůli povaze jejich "magie", ale znatelné. V jejich chování, interakci mezi sebou. Lee a Taro byli miláčci a jako děti, i když byli [...]

    18. Read this one grossly out of order (between #4 and #5). There are references to some things I know must be in #5 and #6, but overall still very readable without that knowledge.Lee has gone on such a circle with Triple S. When she graduated she 100% lived and breathed Triple S. She didn't even question them. Then, things started not matching what she'd been told and she started distrusting them. She most definitely didn't tell them everything. She empathized with the "regulars" about having to su [...]

    19. This is the seventh and final volume of Moira J. Moore’s charming and overall very entertaining series, self-published by the author when her regular publisher dropped her after Heroes at Odds. I’m not sure whether the series was supposed to have seven volumes from the start or whether the author sped things up to arrive at an ending with this installment - there do seem to be some unresolved minor threads, but everything major gets resolved nicely.With all the enthusiastic genre-mixing this [...]

    20. First, Moira J. Moore is AWESOME for still writing this final (*sniff*) book in the Heroes series after her publisher dropped her (*grrrr*). You can read it at her livejournal or get it from Smashwords. (Set your own price.)The writing is just the same as the traditionally published books. Great editing! (This is important to me since I've read self-published that suffer from bad or no editing.)And ohhhhh Lee and Taro. Don't leave me! I kind of wish some of the plot had been clearer ((view spoil [...]

    21. I read this just to finish the series, and while it wasn't bad, it still wasn't as enjoyable a read as the first three books. Taro and Lee are like an old married couple, and the amount of snark between them is sadly lacking. Have I mentioned that those was my favorite part of this whole series? It was nice to read about the evolution/acceptance of casting, but Green and Gifford seemed to be only plot moving characters, and hollow/2D at that. Even Aryne wasn't as rich of a character as she was b [...]

    22. I am so annoyed that Ace decided not to finish the Heroes series and so glad the Author did! Seriously, the sixth book had a ending of a sort, but Heroes Reward results in the plot development i had been waiting for as well as the perfect ending. All the ends from the previous books get tied and a resolution to the fate of the world Lee and Taro live in (does it have a name? i cant actually remember) is finally sorted to my satisfatcion. I was also a bit smug that it mostly went the way I though [...]

    23. I am so glad this was finally released. I've been a fan of this series for awhile and the author's short stories have been getting me hyped for the finale. Overall the ending is very satisfactory. The political turmoil of the past few books comes to a head, resulting in a large-scale dramatic plot. Lee and Taro's relationship is now very solid, which unfortunately seems to mean that they have less interaction with each other, which is somewhat less interesting. However, there are a few good new [...]

    24. I really really loved this series and was really happy to read that Moira J Moore decided to continue it after it was dropped. I have pretty much read it in an afternoon as I didn't want to put it down. While there were a few little niggles I had over weird sentence choices,overall it was excellent. It was nice to see the series tied up properly and that there was closure.I also really really liked how the battle scenes were handled, rather than being clean, I felt that the emotional reactions o [...]

    25. Overall I liked it, but there were a few things that bugged me. The pacing of the book was kind of funny - there was a great buildup for what I thought would be a climax, but instead was a series of tests that would last for three days and a few chapters. I enjoyed the buildup and I enjoyed the series of tests, but as a reader I felt lead on and let down. I was also very confused by the main character's loyalties. For several previous books and the first part of this one they lied to and hid thi [...]

    26. 2.5 StarsThe grand finale was a let down. The way people died was so inconsequential and casual. The writing was only okay. The best part of the series is Leavy and Taro's banter and relationship and those were lacking in this book. While it was nice that loose ends were tied up, especially the side-story with Aryne, the book was boring to get through and my only reason for continue to read it is was that I wanted to finish the series.

    27. What is wrong with #Ace Books? Who was so dumb to discontinue this awesome series?I am glad I was able to finish the series on my ebook reader. Everyone who loves medieval fantasy/ scifi to fantasy should read this series.Moore is so good at showing a future where your sex does not decide your fate or your future. I love it and it is not at all "in your face".Lovely, I will recommend this forever!

    28. The author wrote this book to finish up the series despite the fact that her publisher didn't publish it. SHE WROTE IT FOR US! I love her :) You can go to her website and then to her blog where it is offered for free or you can visit -smashwords/books/viewJust as a reminder, both of these options are FREE, but I'm sure she would welcome paymentY HER!

    29. Barely 3 stars. I struggled to get through this. The first 3-4 books in the series are a lot funnier than the last. And I had to buy the last 3 books to finish the series, because they aren't available at Danish libraries :-(

    30. Nice conclusion to the whole series. I enjoyed the parts that were not set in the capitol city much more than the parts that were. I felt relief that the overarching plot line was resolved in a satisfying way.

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