Taken Dark clouds gatherA storm is breakingWith the sanctuary built there is a respite from the nightly night runner assaults Jack Walker and the group of survivors have bought themselves a little breathin

  • Title: Taken
  • Author: John O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9781475110401
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dark clouds gatherA storm is breakingWith the sanctuary built, there is a respite from the nightly night runner assaults Jack Walker and the group of survivors have bought themselves a little breathing room Or have they A peaceful daytime outing turns into yet another nightmare sweeping Robert and Bri up with it The world has changed Another danger has emerged FeroDark clouds gatherA storm is breakingWith the sanctuary built, there is a respite from the nightly night runner assaults Jack Walker and the group of survivors have bought themselves a little breathing room Or have they A peaceful daytime outing turns into yet another nightmare sweeping Robert and Bri up with it The world has changed Another danger has emerged Ferocious packs of night runners still prowl at night and Jack must now locate and rescue his kids With vengeance on his mind, he heads into the heart of an armed camp Night runners own the night and encircle the encampment Jack must thread his way through this ring of fire to bring his kids to safety Will his actions bring safety or invite harm With Night runners behind and armed men in front, Jack s skills are pushed to the limit.Mistakes were made.Payment is coming.Book I A New World Chaos Book II A New World Return Book III A New World SanctuaryBook IV A New World Taken

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      470 John O'Brien
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    1. John O'Brien

      John O Brien is a former Air Force fighter instructor pilot who transitioned to Special Operations for the latter part of his career gathering his campaign ribbon for Desert Storm Immediately following his military service, John became a firefighter EMT with a local department Along with becoming a firefighter, he fell into the Information Technology industry in corporate management Currently, John is writing full time.As a former marathon runner, John lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and can now be found kayaking out in the waters of Puget Sound, mountain biking in the Capital Forest, hiking in the Olympic Peninsula, or pedaling his road bike along the many scenic roads.

    680 thoughts on “Taken”

    1. Not the best one in the series, but still a good series all-around. The characters are top notch, the "New World" O'Brien has created is interesting, and the overall story lines are entertaining. O'Brien himself is a very talented writer, even if some of his characters' introspection and anxiety get to be a bit much sometimes. This one just seemed to be lacking the usual big events that make the series great. I'll continue the series as I do want to find out what happens to everyone next. I just [...]

    2. My original Taken audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Taken picks up after little bit of time has passed since Sanctuary. Their fortress is now secure, yet far from complete, and the night walkers have seemed to have moved on to easier prey.As the title of this story suggests, somebody is taken. As it always seems, in true zombie apocalypse style, those you need to be worried the most about are the other human survivors. On a routine patrol Jack’s kids are taken [...]

    3. I'm really enjoying the story itself - especially Jack's increasing headaches and acute hearing, and the evolution of some of the night runners. But the writing style is still wearing on my nerves, and I found myself skimming sections throughout the book.

    4. "Holy Cow" Fantastic series!!!!Just finished book 3 and 4. I can not put this book down. It has kept me reading for hours. This the best series I have ever read. I'm not exaggerating this at all. You seem to take a new look at a story line that has been done before but I have never been so excited to get my book and read before. Can't wait to read more. Have to stop for now because I want to get to reading the next book. Thank you so much, Sincerely, Debora Seifert

    5. This is a pretty good read. It could have done with a little more editing and proof reading but still a fun read.

    6. OMG, I’m riveted, the story line has not faltered, I can’t put he book down. Can’t wait to find out how everything pans out for them

    7. This series is quickly going to become one of those that sticks with me for life. I've been measuring zombie books against Mira Grant's Feed series. And this series very much measures up for me. John O'Brien has managed to turn his personal military experiences into an amazing piece of fiction, and I am so happy he decided to do so. All of Jack's thoughts/movements/ailments feel realistic, which makes the tension in combat scenarios realistic as well. Major characters have already been taken out [...]

    8. First half of book four details the abduction of Jack's two children Robert & Brie, Robert's girlfriend, and babysitter Corporal Gonzales by a renegade group of slavers. And of course the corresponding rescue recon, plan, and mission. The slavers were capturing and holding survivors to work the fields of crops and any other required tasks. No sexual atrocities were reported, so that was a pleasant surprise. The captives actually appeared to be well treated, which unfortunately did not seem t [...]

    9. I almost quit this series after book 2, but the reviews convinced me to continued I am glad I did, because I am now starting book 5.These books get progressively better as they go on.e characters are getting very well developed and fleshed out now, and there is a bit of mystery going on here I am super intrigued.In this one, Jacks kids and a member of red team get kidnapped and it is a search and destroy mission to get them back the process the kids find their mom, who seemingly has recovered fr [...]

    10. Good book Short, but to the point Only question I had was: (view spoiler)[How the hell did a pickup truck take out a HMMWV ? I am a Veteran from the Operation Desert Shield/Storm era, and I was a 63E (M1 Tank Mechanic) and 62B (Construction Equipment Mechanic), and we worked on a lot of HMMWV and drove a lot of them and know the capabilities of them. We use to take them on the 4x4 course after repairing them just to make sure nothing else was a miss I understand it's just a book but it had me sc [...]

    11. Interesting read only if you have the required skill of skimming. The first person narrative doesn't change through the books. Slow, repetitive, overly detailed and overly descriptive. For example, reading the gun shot descriptions becomes tedious, as it sometimes takes half a page to describe the trajectory of the bullet, taking out the eye and pulverising the cheekbbone, making its way through the cranial vault and exiting the brain stem in an explosion of grey matter. That was a precis. The o [...]

    12. Super Epic, couldn't put down!I know it is repetitive to say the same thing, but I really just enjoy these! Keep it comming! On the edge here!I love this series! Normal people, okay maybe they are far more witty than I am, but I wish I had thier smarmy come-backs!Anyways, way fun, emotional, sorta zombie infected / omega man type ragers who make life hell for our heros!I reccomend this series for anyone who likes witty, well written post apocalypse, zombie, or adventure stories!

    13. I read this book months ago, but realized I never left a review. Taken is the fourth book in O'Brien's A New World series. As with most books written in a series, it would be most beneficial to read the others (in order) before reading this one. In this book, a new threat is introduced and it doesn't come from the Night Runners. Jack must take on this threat and save those he loves the most-- his kids. Taken is exciting, fast-paced, and well-written.

    14. Thriller, action, suspense and night runners!what creeps me out the midst is how these night runners are quickly evolving and thinking. by far their ways of communication is bizarre and expanding. I really hope when the real z day happens they are not like these but with fear of the daylight is a plus

    15. I love this series my only problem was too much useless detail like I dnt need to kno the name of each gun or the name of everything inside the airplane I skip those part but beside that super good book

    16. These stories are great, I don't want them to end. I'm starting book 5 and there is so much story to flesh out I have a hard time believing it can end with book 5, hopefully there will be more coming soon.

    17. Another good book in this series. The authors experience with military actions really shines through.

    18. While none of the books in this series has been overly great, I find myself unable to put them down. Guilty pleasure reading.

    19. I started book 1 not knowing it was a 6 book series. I just finished book 4 and downloaded 5 and 6. Yes these are addicting lol.

    20. The author's style is getting smoother as compared to other books. I'm looking forward to finding out how the different storylines progress

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