Hoax Hunters, Book 1: Murder, Death, and the Devil

Hoax Hunters Book Murder Death and the Devil In this first collection of the critically acclaimed series the Hoax Hunters travel to Russia the Louisiana Bayou and New Jersey to seek out the truth behind supernatural events and cover them

  • Title: Hoax Hunters, Book 1: Murder, Death, and the Devil
  • Author: Michael Moreci Steve Seeley J.M. Ringuet
  • ISBN: 9781607066576
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this first collection of the critically acclaimed series, the Hoax Hunters travel to Russia, the Louisiana Bayou, and 1984 New Jersey to seek out the truth behind supernatural events and cover them up The Hoax Hunters demonstrate the truth isn t out there Collects Hoax Hunters 0 5.

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      414 Michael Moreci Steve Seeley J.M. Ringuet
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    1. Michael Moreci Steve Seeley J.M. Ringuet

      Hi, I m Michael Moreci Thanks for stopping by I m the author of a number of comics, some you might even recognize I ve written Roche Limit and Hoax Hunters for Image, Curse and Burning Fields for Boom , and a few other original titles I ve also written stories for characters like Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Conan the Barbarian.My debut novel, Black Star Renegades, will be released in January of 2018 It s been likened to Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy, but I like to think of it simply as a fun space adventure story about a group of outcasts learning to believe in themselves and trust each other so they can find the power to defeat the galaxy s evil So, that s the book As for me, I m a writer, reader, and dad in no particular order Stories are at the center of my universe they ve taken me to places than I can even imagine But that s what stories are to me journeys To other places, to new ideas, to seeing the world anew through a fresh set of eyes Now, I get to tell stories of my own, and I love every second of it Let s have some fun and go on some of these journeys together You can follow me on Twitter.

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    1. This book has so much potential! The over-all plotting is great: I like how the superstitions are commingled w cutting-edge science-fictive tech, but there's a lack of pace and tension in the execution that just makes the end product fall flat for me. I can't tell if it's a deficiency in the writing or the art, though I'm inclined to blame the latter (slightly) more. While the art in Issue 5 was most aesthetically pleasing to me, I found Axel Medellin's work best suited to the story-telling. Spe [...]

    2. Although the concept is pretty cool (Hellboy meets reality TV) this didn't really do anything for me. Not to say it's bad but I'm glad I rented this and didn't plunk down any of my own cash on it.

    3. It's hard for me to give a poor rating to a graphic novel, for the most part as long as I'm somewhat entertained, I really don't mind most things. Also, it might be because I stick with writers that I'm a fan of, so it's very rare that I'm disappointed by something. However I've been a bit more experimental and courageous lately when it comes to trying new stuff out; I saw this book featured in PREVIEWS (the comic distributors' catalog of sorts where comic fans get to see what's coming out and p [...]

    4. What the heck was that? I kept reading and thinking that this could not be the first volume, it seemed to start in the middle of the story. Nothing was explained, and it was written as if we already knew the back story of most of the characters. Still not sure what the powers of one character are. And what exactly is the astronaut anyway? Did I miss something? I felt like I missed something.

    5. I was pretty disappointed, though it's kind of my own fault. When I saw this in the library I thought I'd give it crack based solely on the title, because it reminded me of the following passage on how science is treated in film and television from Carl Sagan's The Demon-haunted World:A series called 'The X Files', which pays lip-service to sceptical examination of the paranormal, is skewed heavily towards the reality of alien abductions, strange powers and government complicity in covering up j [...]

    6. This, and other reviews can be found on Just a Lil' LostFollowing a team of debunkers who have their own TV show, they travel to Russia, Louisiana and New Jersey with the goal to disprove mysterious happenings. With a forward by Ben Hansen, one of the stars of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, this first volume is a collection of #0-5 of the comic book series.Being a huge fan of shows like Fact or Faked, Ghost Hunters, and Destination Truth, this comic series felt right up my alley. Unfortunate [...]

    7. A NetGalley first reads The author of this review received an advance copy for an honest reviewReading the description how could I resist? The premise is great, a reality show cover hunting down the supernatural. A mix of the show 'X-Files' and 'Supernatural' and the art particularly creepy. I noticed where most people got confused, around pg. 16 everyone is in danger and then suddenly they are safe and sound? Bwha? But the inconsistencies lessen as the volumes go on. The last issue was undoubte [...]

    8. Interesting concept: a group of 3 people with extraordinary gifts, (1 man of strength, a female witch, and a reanimated male corpse with telepathic abilities) are the team of Hoax Hunters. They run about, seeking the strange and weird, and debunk them, putting them on TV, for all to see. Thing is, the events they debunk are really in the supernatural realm!In this first volume, they gain a new team member -- "Murder", a walking telepathic 1960 astronaut suit, filled with crows.Russia, the Bayou, [...]

    9. The best part of this book was the sort of random 7-page story at the end about the mothman, which was cute and sad and entertaining. And completely unconnected to the actual story.I thought I would like this since I tend to like paranormal investigation types of stories (X-files, Fringe), and because there was promise in the quirky weirdness of Murder, the flock of intelligent crows inhabiting an astronaut suit. But overall, it feels like a mass of unmatched parts thrown together and never mesh [...]

    10. This is a new series that shows some potential. Not the best one out there, but interesting enough and with a few refreshing elements.An important note for the new readers. The art in issue #0 is terrible -just a personal opinion and nothing more- and it almost stopped me from reading further. Do not let that stop you, if you also share the same opinion about the drawing style. Keep reading, finish issue #0 and proceed to the rest. It becomes so much better, story wise and art wise.The main conc [...]

    11. I almost wasn’t able to download Hoax Hunters from NetGalley. Fortunately for me it finally fixed itself. Hoax Hunters Vol. 1 is awesome! Seriously tons of fun. Both the artwork and the story are fast paced.The artwork isn’t always perfectly detailed. Some frames seem to even have a blurred quality to them. But it is consistent and there are some really nice full page pieces. It’s not generally my favorite style, but it worked well with the story itself and I liked it.The story is great. E [...]

    12. I thought this was a solid graphic novel. The premise is fun - the cast of a TV show that busts myths (or old folk tales and crypto-myths like Big Foot) are actually agents from some mysterious agency that protect mythical creatures and keep the truth under wraps. There was a nice mixture of "real" stories (like the obligatory Big Foot appearance) and fake, but actually pretty believable stories. (There's a great story arc that follows the terrible results of an early space accident.) The only t [...]

    13. Government supernatural investigators including a psychic woman and a reanimated scientist led by a gruff and tough leader use their TV show Hoax Hunters as a cover for their investigations. It wasn't horrible but it just felt a bit ungrounded. The characters have little back story so when the story jumps around it can be disconcerting. The character I want to like the most, Murder is a half dead/ghost of an astronaut using his spacesuit full of crows for his physical form. Unfortunately he can' [...]

    14. When I first started it, this came off as a bad pastiche of BPRD and Planetary. I gradually warmed to it; it's better than it seemed at first, but still nothing overly memorable. A 'reality' TV show goes out and exposes hoaxes while in fact hiding real paranormal activities. There's your usual assortment of outcasts (Murder - a sentient spacesuit that controls crows is the most unique) and conspiracies. The dialogue is weak, but the plot works at a moderate level. Not enough to make me track dow [...]

    15. This is a bit like X Files meets Hellboy. You've got your paranormal team of heroes trying to disprove paranormal situations to the average person through a TV show called Hoax Hunters. Great ideas, just a bit of a poor execution. I want to know the origins of my team, it's a bit unexplained as to where they are from our what they are. It took 50 pages to find out one character is a reanimated corpsebut Murder, a possessed Russian cosmonaut outfit filled with demon crows was awesome. keen for mo [...]

    16. I really love the idea of a group of metahumanscovering up deadly myths as a government conspiracy team, unfortunately this series lacks any character depth, which also effects the interaction between each member of the team, making it a little stiff in places. This would have been lovely as a darker series, with flashbacks giving more intrigue into the HH teammates. And I'd like to see some really grim artwork, Ben Templesmith would ace this series!Plenty of potential for growth, I hold hope fo [...]

    17. Actual rating: 3.5 stars. There's a lot of well-worn tropes here. Some have a freshness to them that the others don't. That's the reason for the not quite 4 star rating. Hopefully, the second volume will see the series stretching its legs. The characters, on the other hand, were fantastic. Each had their own distinct (and original) thing going on and the team was well-balanced. They make me excited to read the next volume.

    18. Very interesting premise, started a bit slow but was really good by the end. Great characters and monsters - Murder is very cool. I first heard about this comic from a Reddit thread about the "Tag" issue, and I still think that is my favorite part. Well worth a read, I am intrigued enough to buy part 2 :-)

    19. Opening this book I can only describe with one sound, “ahhhhhhhhh”. You know that sound when something awesome happens and it's shining in all its glory; yeah that sound. The art between the covers is vibrant and brings each page to life as well as adding a nice element to the story line read more here musingwithcrayolakym/3

    20. I REALLY enjoyed the first volume of Hoax Hunters and will be sure to pick up the other two. It was a great mix of the TV shows Ghost Hunters/X Files/Fact or Fiction. Great graphics and an interesting sub story following Jack's past. If all things paranormal and reality TV are your thing than you'll love this.

    21. I've read plenty of urban fantasy that is basically this, and there are tv shows out there that are the same. Team of supernatural people hunting the supernatural and encountering the supernatural. You have to have great characters or really interesting mysteries to stand out from the crowd and this doesn't have either. I checked out shortly after issue one, it's not that good.

    22. Oh my. I was picking this book up, because I liked the general idea of a "reverse X-Files". BUT:a poor plotpoor dialoguesand poor art (except the last issue)made me turn away in disgust, never to return no more.

    23. It is a great, weird concept, but there are way too many open ended stories in this first volume. I am certain the plot lines will play out in later issues, but for now it was too random and difficult to fully enjoy.

    24. The trade certainly has potential, but there are a number of threads set up, but there isn't a lot of pay-off in the end, and there are no MAJOR character developments or discoveries.

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