Balloon Trees

Balloon Trees Title Balloon Trees Binding Paperback Author DannaSmith Publisher SylvanDellPublishing

  • Title: Balloon Trees
  • Author: Danna Smith Laurie Allen Klein
  • ISBN: 9781607186243
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Title Balloon Trees Binding Paperback Author DannaSmith Publisher SylvanDellPublishing

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    1. Danna Smith Laurie Allen Klein

      I am a SCBWI member and award winning author of children s picture books.Born and raised in Utah, I now live in Northern California with my husband, two grown children, and our cocker spaniel Peanut.

    358 thoughts on “Balloon Trees”

    1. This rhyming book teaches how balloons are made. Includes several pages of activities in the back. Great for the new Common Core Standards. Will be trying to recommend this book and the others by this publisher Sylvan Dell Publishing.

    2. What a wonderful start-to-finish non-fiction picture book for young children! The rhyming text is a great way to get across the concepts. But, the bottom-line for this title is how simple, clean and easily understood it is. The child reader will understand how balloons are made when they finish this title.I can't remember the last time I saw a non-fiction book for young children that I could so readily recommend. I particularly recommend it for young boys because of the topic and the process thr [...]

    3. Loved this! I think science-minded kids will enjoy the fascinating tale of how a tree is the original source of rubber that makes balloons and teachers/parents will enjoy the simple text that explains the process. Links and notes at the end to further learning. Nicely done!

    4. Balloon Trees (Hardcover) by Danna Smith Read to a first grade class showing the process of creating rubber balloons from tree sap to balloon. Very detailed and with great picture illustrations.

    5. Balloon Trees” by Danna Smith is a wonderfully fun book to read aloud to young children. The poetic verse cadence lends itself to joyfully singing the text. Balloons are always fun and entertaining for children and so is reading about how they are made.They slice the bark then add a spout--white milky latex drip-drops out.The simple cup the tappers usecollects the natural, sappy ooze.Full color pictures accompany informative text about the making of rubber. I found this book to be just delight [...]

    6. My Review: This is a great book that would teach children about how balloons are made and where the rubber used to make them comes from. This book goes into details on how the tappers start at dawn to slice the bark and tie a container to the tree and then the white milky latex drips out and into the container. The containers are then loaded on a tanker and shipped to the factory where a special mix and color is added to the white latex. The balloons are shaped, colored and cleaned put in a box [...]

    7. Synopsis: Ever wonder how a balloon is made? Follow the journey of a balloon from its beginnings as gooey sap in a tree to its completion at a rubber factory. You'll be surprised to discover what a balloon started out as and how it becomes the bright, air-filled decoration that you enjoy today.Review: I was given a copy of Balloon Trees by Savannah Mae’s book blog for an honest review. I liked the rhyming in this book. It made it fun and an interesting. This book is about how balloons are made [...]

    8. A look at how balloons are made from tapping rubber trees to factory production. A bright green bird guides readers through each step of the process which is illustrated in colored pencils. Following the story are extension activities that give readers more information about rubber as a natural resource, a game that includes everyday items that contain rubber, a balloon sequencing activity that challenges readers to recall the steps in balloon manufacturing, and a true/false quiz.The way the pro [...]

    9. This kind of 'how things are made' book always reminds me of Picture-Picture on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Which made me immediately think that this book is probably already covered by youtube videos. It is, but you have to watch two separate videos to get both the harvesting of latex and the manufacture of balloons. I didn't get much value added out of the rhyming text and the illustrations. Duplicating discovery channel videos doesn't seem like a good use of a hard-copy four-color picturebook. [...]

    10. What child doesn't love balloons?But do they have any idea how balloons are made?This charming educational book shows through photos and lively text how balloons start from rubber trees to factory to a child's hand. It's easy to follow with a charming bird flying from page to page for a child's eye view of the balloon-making process. Colors swirls into bright balloons while facts are mingled with fun.EXCELLENT RESOURCE FOR TEACHERS, LIBRARIANS AND PARENTS.Don't just buy your own child a copy -- [...]

    11. Straight forward, simple nonfiction rhyming book of how a balloon is made. It's perfect for young readers. I love that author Danna Smith included back matter: More information on rubber, a fun game in which readers get to guess what item is made of rubber, an activity on the sequencing of balloon making, and a true or false quiz is included. Balloon Trees is aligned to state and core standards. A wonderful educational book that is fun to read. Lauri Allen Klein also did a fabulous job on the il [...]

    12. Before reading this book I never considered how balloons are made. Danna Smith did a wonderful job of making the information and process behind these simple party decorations entertaining and informative. Educators can easily add this book in with their science curriculum too. In the afterward there is addition information, a sequencing test, and true/false questions to test your memory on the balloon making steps.

    13. Told in rhyming text, this story of how a balloon begins as rubber in a tree that needs to be tapped is sure to interest curious young readers. The book includes all the steps in the balloon-making process, including being tested for quality. Few readers will have any idea of all the work that goes into producing the balloons that make a party festive. The colorful illustrations add to the book's interest, and make the subject even more interesting.

    14. In bright and colorful illustrations by Laurie Klein, Danna Smith tells how a balloon is made from 'balloon trees'. What an excellent book on learning about the Rubber Tree and how it is tapped to get the latex that is later used to make balloons. Much of this information I didn't even know! It was super fun for my little ones to learn something that was new to Mom also.

    15. Interesting topic, but keeping it in rhyme leads to some odd sentences and actually makes it harder to understand the information. It's really cool to learn how balloons are made - I wish the information had been presented in a simpler, straightforward manner. Actual photos would've been nice, too.

    16. It is a fun book for kids. Not only because of the outstanding illustrations with pleasant bright colors but also very educational that make kids want to turn the page and learn more.

    17. My toddler chose this at the library. I was pleasantly surprised to find it described in detail the process of making balloons, starting from tapping trees for raw latex.

    18. What a wonderful way to show little ones how balloons are made and adults will learn some news things too!

    19. My youngest wasn't interested but I thought it was great. I loved the activities at the end, it was informative. Great kids book, my son will probably enjoy it more once he starts getting older.

    20. This book left me feeling rather meh about the topic. Perhaps it was written with Common Core in mind? If I could give 1.75 stars, I would.

    21. This went over quite well in my Preschool story time. The kids were delighted that balloons are bathed, baked in an oven, tumbled in a washing machine, and then given a 'test'. They noticed that there was a little bird on every page and enjoyed the rhymes. An excellent example of a nonfiction picture book, and highly recommended!I brought in a cluster of balloons for this story time and we had fun tying a balloon to different objects to see which ones would float and which ones would sink.A fun [...]

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