The Book

The Book This book is not The Book The Book is in this book And The Book in this book is both the goodie and the baddie Bonnie is five She wants to bury The Book because it is a demon that should go to hell Pe

  • Title: The Book
  • Author: Jessica Bell
  • ISBN: 9781481179300
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book is not The Book The Book is in this book And The Book in this book is both the goodie and the baddie.Bonnie is five She wants to bury The Book because it is a demon that should go to hell Penny, Bonnie s mother, does bury The Book, but every day she digs it up and writes in it John, Bonnie s father, doesn t live with them any But he still likes to writeThis book is not The Book The Book is in this book And The Book in this book is both the goodie and the baddie.Bonnie is five She wants to bury The Book because it is a demon that should go to hell Penny, Bonnie s mother, does bury The Book, but every day she digs it up and writes in it John, Bonnie s father, doesn t live with them any But he still likes to write in it from time to time Ted, Bonnie s stepfather, would like to write in The Book, but Penny won t allow it.To Bonnie, The Book is sadness To Penny, The Book is liberation To John, The Book is forgiveness To Ted, The Book is envy.But The Book in this book isn t what it seems at all.If there was one thing in this world you wished you could hold in your hand, what would it be The world bets it would be The Book.

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      154 Jessica Bell
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    About "Jessica Bell"

    1. Jessica Bell

      If Jessica Bell could choose only one creative mentor, she d give the role to Euterpe, the Greek muse of music and lyrics This is not only because she currently resides in Athens, Greece, but because of her life as a 30 something Australian native contemporary fiction author, award winning poet and singer songwriter guitarist, whose literary inspiration often stems from songs she s written.Being the daughter of a semi famous rock n roll duo from Melbourne, she grew up surrounded by song For a while it seemed logical to travel the musician s path, especially when her first band, spAnk, hit it off in the Melbourne indie music scene back in the late 90s Although she spent her years writing and recording dozens of songs she decided she also had a love for the written word, and began to pursue a career as a writer.She started as a poet, drawing from her musical background and etching her thoughts and feelings into verse Those stanzas soon turned into sentences and paragraphs, and eventually into published books Her literary voice is said to overflow with lyrical descriptions, unique metaphors, tight dialogue, and an abundance of sensory detail She has also been told she has the ability to take a seemingly ordinary three chord type story and turn it into a main stage event.In addition to her novels, her poetry collections including FABRIC, which was nominated for the Choice Awards in 2012 , and her pocket writing guides WRITING IN A NUTSHELL SERIES , she has published a variety of works in online and print literary journals and anthologies, including Australia s Cordite Review, and the anthologies 100 STORIES FOR QUEENSLAND and SHADOWS AT THE STAGE DOOR, both released through Australia s, eMergent Publishing Additionally, she is the Publishing Editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal, the Coordinator of the Writing Day Workshops which take place throughout the United States, and makes a living as an editor writer for English Language Teaching publishers worldwide, such as Pearson Education, HarperCollins, Macmillan Education, Education First and Cengage Learning.

    702 thoughts on “The Book”

    1. I had no idea what to expect from this book, but from the very first sentence it hooked me and drew me into Bonnie's world. The author's simple prose perfectly nailed the thoughts and feelings of a young child and the way she perceives the world around her. I wasn't prepared for the ending, though - so it hit me with the full force of emotion. Wonderfully written, and definitely a novella to reread.

    2. When a book has such an interesting synopsis that I can't stop thinking about it - I have to read it. I read The Book in a couple of hours last night, barely noticing the time slipping by. The story is told through snippets written in the book by Penny and John, but mostly through the eyes of their five year old daughter, Bonnie. What really fascinated me was just how perfect the perspective of Bonnie was. There is a belief among adults that young children just don't understand what is happening [...]

    3. The first time I read the synopsis, I was hooked. It captured my imagination and I kept on wondering about the story.This contemporary novella is unusual, refreshing, gripping a raw personal tale.It is multi-layered, the kind of story that allows for lots of reflective moments. The story is told from the POV of a precocious 5 year old child who is trying to make sense of adult relationships, and she sees The Book as the object which causes all the problems in her life.Most of the story is writte [...]

    4. LOVE this story! I love journal-style stories, because they're like mysteries, and this one does not disappoint!John starts The Book as a way to share his feelings on being a new father with his daughter Bonnie.I love John's voice, but then after two entries, it's gone!Penny, the mother takes over, and we start to understand what happened, what's happening, and why. But it's clear we're not getting the whole story. Bonnie eventually joins the entries, and it just gets even betterThe Book is gorg [...]

    5. ‘The Book’, by Jessica Bell, gets the honour of being the first book I’ve read by an indie author. And a good first impression it has made; if this is the sort of quality work the independents are putting out then I look forward to reading more.‘The Book’ is a raw, personal tale about a new family: Penny, John and their premature-born daughter, Bonnie. It is comprised mostly of diary entries, though there are also recorded interviews and a few first-person sections told from five-year- [...]

    6. I knew nothing at all about The Book going in – hadn’t even read the synopsis. So imagine my eyebrows arching when I opened it to find it begins with the syrupy –sweet, tired awe of new parents writing to their infant daughter in a diary. “It is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me—to see you being born…” the father rhapsodizes in the first entry. Later, Mummy confides, “Being your mother is the most rewarding occupation. When I feel those tears coming on, I just [...]

    7. When the chance came to review another of Jessica Bell's books, I jumped at it. I loved her writing exercise and instruction book: Show & Tell in a Nutshell! This novella, The Book, caught my attention immediately--mostly because of the different formats--journal entries, doctor/patient transcripts, and narrative in a child's voice. It doesn’t take a tome of 500 pages to tell a powerful, gripping and captivating story. Jessica has managed to do this in less than 150 pages in The Book. Jess [...]

    8. For more book reviews, check out I Read, Ergo I WriteThe Book is written in three parts - Love is The Beginning, Love is A Weapon, & Love is Tangible, and from three points of view - John's, Penny's, Bonnie's and there are also transcripts of Bonnie's sessions with her doctor. With so many points of view, we get a well rounded picture of the story. My favourites were Bonnie's voice, and the transcripts of her sessions with Dr. Wright.Bonnie is a premature child, and as a consequence, is a sl [...]

    9. Source: I received a copy on read-to-review basis.The Book is the book. It's a touching, heartwarming and truthful story about a little girl and her family, about love and how Bonnie sees the people around her. The Book is an actual diary that Bonnie's parents started writing in when she was in Peggie's tummy. But in this book there's also Bonnie's point of view and her conversations with Dr. Wright. I have never read a book from a kid's POV before and I must admit it's an interesting experience [...]

    10. Amazing, stunning, bewildering, extraordinary, impressive, wonderful, marvelous, spectacular, wondrous, staggering, startling, breathtaking, striking, miraculous, astounding, stupefying, stupendous!!!!!!!!!!!!!How many more words do I have to say to get you to read this book?? Because I can come up with more, trust me.WOW!! Just wow. I think I need a moment……………………………………….ok, I’m good!Oh, wait I forgot another word: CAPTIVATING! If we’re ever going to be awardin [...]

    11. 3.5 Stars'The Book' is a contemporary adult novella that tells the story of Bonnie, a girl born prematurely in the late 1970s. The book alternates between journal entries addressed to Bonnie from her mom and dad and to pieces of the story told from Bonnie's point of view as a young child. There are also some doctor sessions between Bonnie and Dr. Wright thrown in. The story tells the tale of a book created while Penny, Bonnie's mother, is still pregnant. Bonnie's parents write her letters in the [...]

    12. Bell takes the reader on a journey of parenting, marriage, and childhood that warms the heart and tantalizes the mind with brilliance!When I first began to read I had no idea what to expect. I'd read the blurb, like most of you do before you begin a book, so I knew the basics. But I couldn't figure out how Bell was going to present and move the story forward.Structure is how she did it. The delivery was superb, and I don't say that lightly. There are so many positives to say about this story. Th [...]

    13. There’s not much of a story to The Book. This is not a criticism, merely an observation. The focus of the book is Bonnie’s trying to understand adult relationships, specifically those between her mother (Penny), her father (John) who has moved out to care for his teenage daughter (Mary) following his ex-girlfriend’s breakdown and Penny’s new husband whom Bonnie refers to as “my Ted”. The only other significant adult in Bonnie’s life is Dr Wright, her psychotherapist. My only real g [...]

    14. By Momma on June 15, 2013TweetPin ItThe-Book I can honestly say that I have never read a book like The Book. The approach was fresh and very risky. I think you have to be something of a risk taker to write from the point of view of missives to one another as well as the point of view of Bonnie, a 5 year old girl.The story is touching and humbling in many ways. Having been through a divorce with children myself there were certainly some things that hit very close to home. As a parent you try to s [...]

    15. The Book by Jessica Bell is an account of life through the eyes of a diary. A little girl is born and her parents decide to share their thoughts in a journal. As she ages, the reader sees how the parents grow apart and then the reader hears the girl’s voice. The reader experiences through the child’s voice, and it is very authentic.Oh my goodness. You should feel the chills creeping down my back. That book, wow. Such distinct and lovable voices. The mother is definitely a mother but is somew [...]

    16. “The book has demons and has to go to the devil.”Bonnie is determined to bury the book. Penny ensures her young daughter that it’s a token of love and affection and that one day she will understand. However, Bonnie is convinced it does nothing but inflict pain on the people she loves. She wonders how grownups can be so stupid and not see what she sees. Then again, she know she’s just a child and does not understand most things about life. Grownups “smile when they’re sad and they cry [...]

    17. 3,5Relying on the acknowledgements, I would say this book has something of autobiographic, if only in its essence. Therefore, it probably has an immense meaning for the author and her family.This is a really easy read. You’ll find yourself wanting to turn one more page, again and again, until you reach the end of the book. However, the story itself is very meaningful and invokes a lot of emotion.Don’t expect a great work of literature. Expect a good moment of reading and you’ll definitely [...]

    18. Jessica Bell loves the written word and it is obvious when you read her work.In her latest novella she plays with words and fonts in a way I haven't seen to often.This novella takes you inside the world of Bonnie. A cute little girl who is faced with the harsh reality of her parents divorce. It is an emotional roller coaster as Bonnie moves between her Mom, Dad and boyfriend.Jessica's creative mind paints a story of confusion, love and grief. A poet at heart she weaves this story together with a [...]

    19. Awwwww! I dont often get teary eyed when I read, being a hard and jaded old nut. But little Bonnie got to me. This wonderful novella follows a series of diary entries from various members of a typical dysfunctional family, the most unique being five year old Bonnie. This author has captured the voice and perception of a very young child which leaves the reader wanting more. It reminds me of "The Room", and "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time", where the young character is precocio [...]

    20. The Book is a compilation of journal entries, therapy sessions, and the POV of a young child. It's gripping, strikingly emotional, brutally honest, and breathtakingly genuine. I read it in one sitting and am still thinking about it. Its multilayered construction begs for multiple readings, pondering, and mulling over. I've only ever read a handful of books like that. Well done, Jessica! I look forward to reading more of your work.

    21. This is a great short story by Bell. 'The Book' is created by John and Penny who are Bonnie's parents. The novel takes the form of diary entries in the book along with Bonnie's thoughts and excerpts from discussions with a doctor. I didn't see the ending coming. Absolutely worth reading.

    22. Very quick and easy read. Interesting way of writing thru different characters. Very quick ending though. All in all a good read for the afternoon.

    23. The Book is a book created by Penny and John, Bonnie's parents, who want to capture Bonnie's early years, so their daughter can read it in the future. As an epistolary novella, most sections are journal entries (started by John, then Penny writes most of it), Bonnie's POV (as a 5 year old with child sentence structure and vocab), and transcripts from Bonnie's therapy sessions with Dr. Wright. It makes for a quick, but poignant read exploring the complex relationships between Bonnie's family. Bon [...]

    24. Wow! Just wow! This is fast-paced, powerful story that grabs you at the first page and carries you to the very last page. Half pages of a journal (The Book) written by Bonnie's mother and father, and half Bonnie's own story in her own words it leads you through her conception, birth, and life. It is also interspliced with transcriptions from her meetings with her psychiatristWe never discover exactly what Bonnie's condition is, but I suspect that she has Aspergers or otherwise on the autism spec [...]

    25. A couple decide to start a book to note down the special moments of their new daughter's life. Bonnie was born prematurely and this chronicles the issues she deals with. In so many ways I understand exactly how Bonnie feels, why don't people say what they mean? Full of feelings from both parents' and Bonnie's point of view, and the end is heartbreaking.

    26. (This review can be found on my blog The (Mis)Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year Old Girl towards the end of December).The Book by Jessica Bell is a book that I've been wanting to read for awhile. The synopsis really intrigued me. I was thrilled when I won a copy of The Book. Luckily, this book didn't disappoint.Bonnie is a 5 year old girl. While her mother Penny is pregnant with Bonnie, John, Bonnie's dad, starts a journal (referred to as the book) where he writes his thoughts and wishes for [...]

    27. An excellent take on a child's POV and children noticing and knowing much more than adults think they can. I didn't expect it to end the way it did and I was rather shocked (and devastated). Still, The Book was a fascinating, even if short, story.

    28. Bonnie is a precocious five year old that we come to know through a variety of lenses. The first is in the pages of a journal that her parents start to keep for her while she is still in the womb. Bonnie’s mother and father write in separate passages of sad, confused and always loving explanations of their lives, actions, and feelings, designed to be a gift for Bonnie when she’s old enough to understand. There are also a series of taped interviews of Bonnie talking to her psychiatrist Dr Wri [...]

    29. The description, while intriguing, had me a little hesitant to dig in, because I thought this story would be very, very dark. I was pleasantly surprised from the first page by how intensely John and Penny express their love and hopes for their daughter in journal entries, meant to become a gift to Bonnie in the future. I connected with that immediately. Bonnie's voice was a delight of child malapropisms and keen, un-jaded insights. Her perceptions and misperceptions of the relationship issues am [...]

    30. The Book by Jessica Bell is an account of life through the eyes of a diary. A little girl is born and her parents decide to share their thoughts in a journal. As she ages, the reader sees how the parents grow apart and then the reader hears the girl's voice. The reader experiences through the child's voice, and it is very authentic.Oh my goodness. You should feel the chills creeping down my back. That book, wow. Such distinct and lovable voices. The mother is definitely a mother but is somewhat [...]

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