The Miracle of Father Kapaun: Priest, Soldier, and Korean War Hero

The Miracle of Father Kapaun Priest Soldier and Korean War Hero Emil Kapaun priest soldier and Korean War hero is a rare man He is being considered by the White House for a Medal of Honor and by the Vatican for canonization as a saint As remarkable as this double

  • Title: The Miracle of Father Kapaun: Priest, Soldier, and Korean War Hero
  • Author: Roy Wenzl Travis Heying
  • ISBN: 9781586177799
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Emil Kapaun priest, soldier and Korean War hero is a rare man He is being considered by the White House for a Medal of Honor and by the Vatican for canonization as a saint As remarkable as this double honor are the non Catholic witnesses who attest to Father Kapaun s heroism the Protestants, Jews and Muslims who either served with the military chaplain in the thick oEmil Kapaun priest, soldier and Korean War hero is a rare man He is being considered by the White House for a Medal of Honor and by the Vatican for canonization as a saint As remarkable as this double honor are the non Catholic witnesses who attest to Father Kapaun s heroism the Protestants, Jews and Muslims who either served with the military chaplain in the thick of battle or endured with him the unbelievably brutal conditions of a prisoner of war camp As journalists Roy Wenzl and Travis Heying discovered, all of these Korean War veterans, no matter their religion, agree that Father Kapaun did to save lives and maintain morale than any other man they know.Then there are the alleged miracles the recent healings attributed to Father Kapaun s intercession that defy scientific explanation Under investigation by the Vatican as a necessary step in the process of canonization, these cures witnessed by non Catholic doctors are also covered in this book.In tracking down the story of Father Kapaun for the Wichita Eagle, Wenzl and Heying uncovered a paradox Kapaun s ordinary background as the son of Czech immigrant farmers in Kansas sowed the seeds of his greatness His faith, generosity and grit began with his family s humility, thrift and hard work.

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    1. Roy Wenzl Travis Heying

      Roy Wenzl is an award winning reporter for the Wichita Eagle He is the primary author of Bind, Torture, Kill The Inside Story of the Serial Killer Next Door Harper Collins, 2007 and a co producer of the documentary film The Miracle of Father Kapaun.

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    1. This is an excellent man with an excellent story. I only gave the book 3 stars, because I thought it was poorly written. The narrative jumped all over the place and back and forth in time. There were aspects that were repetitive. However, it was worth reading in order to get to know Father Emil Kapaun. He clearly touched the lives of countless people in a very real, moving, life-changing way, all for Christ. He lived exactly as we are called to live: in imitation of Jesus. He loved everyone he m [...]

    2. As a Catholic Kansan, I am very familiar with Venerable Fr. Emil Kapaun. I have viewed Fr. Emil Kapaun’s documentary film, visited his parish church and museum, heard homilies centered on his virtues, and have read both newspaper and online accounts of his life. Prior to reading The Miracle of Father Kapaun: Priest, Soldier, and Korean War Hero, I was not sure what else I could learn about the man whom I ask to intercede for me and my family daily.I knew that Fr. Kapaun was a military chaplain [...]

    3. At 140 pages, Wenzl and Heying's The Miracles of Father Kapaun is a slim book by any standard. What's more, the authors have managed to make it two books in one. The first, which occupies the book's first hundred or so pages, is the story of Father Emil Kapaun, a Kansas-born Catholic priest who volunteers for service in the Korean War, despite having served in World War II, and is captured by the Chinese military, along with hundreds of other American POWs. As he and the other men are slowly sta [...]

    4. This was the second book about Father Kapaun that I have read. It is very different from A Shepherd in Combat Boots: Chaplain Emil Kapaun of the 1st Cavalry Division by William Maher, that book went into a lot of details about his youth, his time in school, and the service. This book focuses on his time it Korea, his death, and the process of the cause of his canonization and the process of awarding him posthumously the Congressional Medal of Honor. The introduction states: "Emil Kapaun is a rar [...]

    5. During my undergraduate studies I took a course in British and Irish history to 1200 AD that included the reading of various kinds of hagiographies like those of Saint Patrick and Saint Brigit.  I must admit that I thought of such books as being relics of the Middle Ages, but lo and behold, this book is a contemporary example of the literary material that Catholics generate in order to support the process by which people move through being recognized as saints.  I was not aware of Father Kapau [...]

    6. This is book is a short account of Father Emil Kapaun’s service in Korea. It begins with covering his actions during the Battle of Unsan (fought between October 25th – November 4th 1950) where he continuously ran under heavy fire bringing back wounded GIs to the ever diminishing American lines and preformed numerous last rites for many dying soldiers. The book continues with his capture on November 2nd 1950, where he and other soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment were forced m [...]

    7. Amazing story about an amazing man, medal of honor recipient, and (hopefully) a future Saint. The provides a simply written account of Father Kapaun's life, remarkable courage in battle, and undeniable heroism and grace ministering to the injured, sick, and hopeless in the POW camps of North Korea. The book also tells about his fellow Soldiers' and Catholic believers quest for his sainthood. The "minor miracles" attributed to him while he was alive were followed up with other important miracle h [...]

    8. I loved reading about Fr. Kapaun (that would be kahPAWN) and the way he lived his life. He truly demonstrated how to lead by becoming a servant first. I was brought to tears many times because of his heroism on the field and in the POW camps. This is definitely a man to know, whether the Church ultimately canonizes him as a saint or not. Absolutely the only reason I gave this book four stars was because of inconsistent writing. It was as if they had written a much longer, more detailed version, [...]

    9. InspiringVery few who have walked this earth has the moral strength as Fr Kaplan, but certainly an example to follow.

    10. Wonderful story that deserves to be shared but this account lacks detail and is not particularly well written

    11. Had to stop after Chapter Eight. An inspiring narrative about a great Chaplain and a true follower of Jesus Christ began to bounce around into incoherent local news pieces supporting the push to make Father Kapaun a Saint in the Roman Catholic church. I have shared the book with military friends interested in a man we are truly proud of back in Kansas and, being an advocate of the Chaplain Corps, I think the first part of this book is a story that needs to be told again and again. The periodic u [...]

    12. Story about hero, saint, witness of faith, who fulfilled his vocation far above and beyond of duty (both as a soldier and a priest) and martyr. Father Kapaun was recently awarded, after decades of effort U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor, US highest military decoration. This little book presents crucial story of last year or so of his life on battlefields of Korean War and later in POW camps, where he died after long mistreatment, but not before he helped, in many both practical and spiritual wa [...]

    13. I actually gave this book to my husband for Christmas, and he read it quickly and was quite moved by this story. It is a slim volume, but packs tremendous emotion in its pages. Father Emil Kapaun was a military chaplain who was recently awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroics during the Korean War. He started out just a regular parish priest, nothing noteworthy, but his bravery and selflessness when under fire, and, as a POW, left such an impression on all the men he came in contact with, whe [...]

    14. Good man, no, make that a really great man, an outstanding man, and even after his death, his legacy is making this world a better place. Father Kapaun is one of those rare individuals that not only has a positive effect on all those who are near him, but gets those near him to do what they originally thought was impossible. People like him are the glue that keeps society from tearing apart at the seams, allowing the rest of us to follow his example and get the impossible done. Hero?--definitely [...]

    15. Here is my review of The Miracle of Father Kapaun: readingcatholic/ideas-for-I recommend this book very highly (from my review):"Reading about Father Kapaun’s very natural, masculine and heroic Christian faith will make wonder why he hasn’t been canonized already. There’s already a growing awareness of his heroism—earlier this year he was posthumously award the Medal of Honor, the U.S. military’s highest honor.The Korean War is often called “The Forgotten War,” and I appreciate the [...]

    16. A decent book. The subject matter was interesting but I felt like it was too short and too pointed. Yes, it's good to laud war heroes and prospective saints but it felt like the view given of Father Kapaun was terribly one sided and not very detailed. In addition, it would have been more interesting to read if it acknowledged that it's not really a book about Kapaun-It's a book about Kapaun and also everyone his life touched and the quest to preserve his legacy and have him honored. Basically, i [...]

    17. I hadn't heard of Father Emil Kapaun until running across this book. Highly recommended both as an interesting history and as an often moving devotional story. He must have been a great man: he was recently posthumously awarded the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor and his cause for sainthood has achieved the first step, being declared a "Servant of God". The cause for sainthood has taken six decades so far and could easily take more. (It is pointed out in the book that it took 500 years for Joa [...]

    18. Don't let the brief number of pages fool you this is a very inspirational work. The story of Father Kapaun is one of inspiration and heroism that transcends religions, faith, nationality. It is very moving and combines the prefect balance of faith and heroism. In an era where we foolishly call entertainers and athletes role models this is what a true role model should be. His humility, faith, determination and care for his fellow prisoners irregardless of their own backgrounds makes him a true r [...]

    19. Interesting Story. The book was fairly short. At the same time, it seemed that they were stretching to find a full story on Father Kapaun as if they just did not have enough information on him. I would have enjoyed a little more back story on him, the other guys in the prison, and perhaps more on the Korean War since that war is not as glamorized as WWII or Vietnam, so people may be unfamiliar with it and the are in which these men were imprisoned.

    20. What an incredible book. I lived on Kapaun Air Station for two years from 1991 - 1993 and had no idea the impact Father Kapaun had or, that he was a prisoner of war during the Korean conflict. Although the book has a 2013 publishing date, it is a bit out-of-date already as it discusses the movement to present Father Kapaun with the Congressional Medal of Honor, an award that was posthumously presented to his family on April 11, 2013. It's a rather short book and I highly recommend it.

    21. The Medal of Honor was awarded to Fr. Emil Kapaun last week. This book provides a good view of the extraordinary manner in which this priest served his flock during the Korean Conflict. Fr. Kapaun's quiet, determined commitment to live his life in service to God's people stands as a challenge to all of us to do the same. I am mindful that Fr. Kapaun is a great example of the many priests and religious who have dedicated their lives to quietly leading people to God.

    22. A short but amazing story of an incredible & inspirational person. I had never heard of Father Kapaun before receiving this book as a gift from my foremost book guru who knows my tastes well!! The story did not disappoint. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to take the time to learn more about this very impressive Catholic Priest, who chose to live like Jesus did, and made a real difference in his life, and in fact, still does today.

    23. This book is chill-evoking, rarely do I read a book in which the sense of a person pours out of it to the degree it does here. I was in tears through chapter 6 but tears of aweFather Kapaun is a beautiful example of Christianity. I'm so grateful the men, who he chose to stay with as a POW, had him. Father Kapaun is surely on his way to canonization.

    24. The book finishes just prior to Father Kapaun being awarded the Medal of Honor so maybe they will add that in the 2nd edition. I found it truly inspiring and definitely a book for everyone to read, whether you are Catholic, a war history buff, a graduate of Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School or would just like to learn more about the miracle of faith. Miracles happen every day.

    25. Wow. Will be encouraging my boys to read this. Fr. Kapaun is an example in courage, leadership, and Christian love. Read the book all in one sitting. My only quibble is that the authors continually talk about "praying to" saints, and as Catholics, we don't pray *to* saints; we ask for them to pray *for* us, to give us their help. Otherwise -- terrific book.

    26. Finished in a few hours. Good read about a good man, leading an ordinary, authentic life, creating extraordinary strength, compassion, benevolence, charity, faith, and love and miraculous healing. Say what you will about "crimes" created in the name of Christianity, when it comes communism and barbarism, they outweigh, out kill, and out torture Christians, hands down!!!!

    27. The story of a modern day saint who, as a soldier in the army, brought the peace and love of Christ to young men when they needed it the most. One of the most altruistic war heroes I have heard\read of during recent war history. A true life example of altruism everyone should make an attempt to emulate.

    28. Author is obviously not Catholic based on his description of Eucharistic Adoration!Father displayed heroic virtue as a Chaplain and then POW in Korea and will most certainly be Cannonized a Saint one day. What an inspiration!

    29. I bought this one hot off the press and was not disappointed that I did. I was moved and inspired by this wonderful man of God, the inspirational story of care and love of for his fellow man and above all our Lord Jesus. A saint to be recognised.

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