Die geheimen Talente des Piet Barol

Die geheimen Talente des Piet Barol Piet Barol kommt als Hauslehrer nach Amsterdam Mittellos aber gesegnet mit au ergew hnlich gutem Aussehen scharfem Verstand und unwiderstehlichem Charme erobert er die Familie des reichen Hotel

  • Title: Die geheimen Talente des Piet Barol
  • Author: Richard Mason Rainer Schmidt
  • ISBN: 9783570101360
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Piet Barol kommt 1907 als Hauslehrer nach Amsterdam Mittellos, aber gesegnet mit au ergew hnlich gutem Aussehen, scharfem Verstand und unwiderstehlichem Charme erobert er die Familie des reichen Hoteliers Vermeulen Sickerts im Sturm Vor allem Jacobina, die Frau des Hausherrn, entdeckt schon bald Piets Talente der besonderen Art Sein eigentliches Ziel aber ist es, in AmePiet Barol kommt 1907 als Hauslehrer nach Amsterdam Mittellos, aber gesegnet mit au ergew hnlich gutem Aussehen, scharfem Verstand und unwiderstehlichem Charme erobert er die Familie des reichen Hoteliers Vermeulen Sickerts im Sturm Vor allem Jacobina, die Frau des Hausherrn, entdeckt schon bald Piets Talente der besonderen Art Sein eigentliches Ziel aber ist es, in Amerika sein Gl ck zu machen und das stellt den ehrgeizigen jungen Mann vor manche unerwartete Herausforderung.

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      227 Richard Mason Rainer Schmidt
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    1. For the first 50 pages or so of this novel, I was wondering whether I'd accidentally purchased a bodice-ripping Harlequin novel for middle-aged ladies. Having finished the book in only two sittings (and enjoyed quite a lot of it), I now prefer to think of it as an "erotic picaresque novel" (a bodice-ripper by any other name :-)Smoothly written, with a keen eye for historical detail in its analysis of an upper-class family in 1907 Amsterdam, the story takes some odd twists and turns as the protag [...]

    2. A warning to readers: This book is hot, hot, HOT! Have a fan on the nightstand when you are reading this! Mason introduces us to Piet Barol, a man who attracts both women and men, and who is cunning enough to weave seamlessly through high society. In Part I, he is hired as a tutor for a young boy with OCD, and quickly becomes the one everyone in the house wants. Upon leaving the house, we enter Part II, where he aboard an oceanliner on its way to South Africa. I felt like something was missing i [...]

    3. I can explain.I'm in the library, and it's an urgent mission. There has been a dearth of good reads for far too long. My writing is suffering. I am suffering. I scan the scant 'new books' section and start yanking at anything that seems at all interesting. Obviously the title for this one had me raising an eyebrow, but a quick peek inside tells me institutions such as The New Yorker are behind this man, so, ok.Literary, they called it. Smutty and pretentious, I call it. The fact that I needed a [...]

    4. I was very excited to start this book, because the reviews made it sound very interesting with the talk of turn of the century Amsterdam and Cape Town. However, the book was a major disappointment mainly because there were so many great passages and relationships within the book that the author could have explored but did not. Throughout reading the book, I found myself enjoying many passages between the main character Piet Barol and a secondary character in the book only to be confronted with y [...]

    5. I actually wrote a review of this when I first read it and then GR ate it (why does this happen to me all the time) and I couldn't be bothered to re-write it.And, as ever, the book has subsequently faded into a blur.This is essentially the story of a hot bisexual social climber which, y'know, is just up my alley. So to speak. I've seen other reviews mention its eroticism because I guess I'm jaded by romance or something because it's honestly not that steamy. It has an air of incipient smuttines [...]

    6. This wasn't in my wheelhouse. It's well written erotica, with some interesting characters, but I expected more in terms of thematic depth. It was recommended as more of a literary novel than it turned out to be. I guess erotica can be literary, but this book didn't deliver what I was looking for. The title character, Piet Barol, is engaged as a tutor to a prosperous Dutch family's OCD son, and proceeds to become embroiled in an affair with the lady of the house. He is also pursued, to varying de [...]

    7. Forget "50 Shades of Grey," and pick up this beautifully written erotic novel. "History of a Pleasure Seeker" is lush, atmospheric and a delicious escape into belle epoque Amsterdam--such a treat! Readers will fall in love with Piet Barol, the novel's seductive twenty-four year old protagonist who embarks on sensual adventures in the upper class world (a world alien to him as the novel begins). Even though he at first appears to move through the novel like a destructive whirlwind of desire--libe [...]

    8. E per fortuna che stiamo al 28 di DicembrePerché a me di finire l’anno con un libro così così, non mi va proprio.Cioè: già quest’anno non è stato brillante, già il mio Capodanno si prospetta piatto come il Natale, forse di più; e per quanto io abbia una certa attitudine al masochismo, non vedo perché debba infierire a oltranza anche sul mio curriculum di brava e onesta lettrice.Questa volta Mason mi ha fregato.E so anche perché. Probabilmente ha letto il mio diario segreto in cui d [...]

    9. Richard Mason's HISTORY OF A PLEASURE SEEKER is a lush, sensuous and finely-wrought story of how, through charisma and seduction, one man is able to change an entire family and free them from their stuffy, well-made cages. In return, Piet is able to leave behind his poverty-stricken youth and seek all the pleasures to which he feels entitled as a self-made man.I was initially attracted to this book because of a line drawn between it and F. Scott Fitzgerald's THE GREAT GATSBY, one of my favorite [...]

    10. Twenty-three-year-old Piet Barol is a hedonist with a purpose. He's turned pleasure into an art, and made an art of pleasure. In 1907, he leaves behind his austere beginnings in South Holland for the splendor of the rich and modern, via employment in a powerful family in Amsterdam. Although raised in lower-middle-class surroundings, his Parisienne mother imparted gentility and musical refinement to Piet before her premature death. His sensuous lips, striking physique, keen blue eyes and cultivat [...]

    11. History of a Pleasure Seeker is a fun, frothy, sex romp. It's a book about class but there is nothing new to be learned here about "the haves" and "the have nots". Mason creates an appealing setting - a 1907 upper class household in Amsterdam where Piet Barol comes to tutor the young, agoraphobic son Egbert and ingratiates himself into the family along the way. It's fun to read about the flirting, the messages conveyed through the cut of a dress, the looks given across the grand piano as Piet pl [...]

    12. An utterly charming, witty, and engrossing sex romp done up in the trappings of a Henry James or Edith Wharton novel. At times it seems nearly impossible that this book was written in this century: Mason nails James's and Wharton's exhilariting milieu of belle epoque glamour and Gilded Age intrigue, while keeping the tone light and leaving out the more depressing aspects of literature of that era, be it James's paralyzing emotional density or Wharton's undertow of stultifying classism and woe. T [...]

    13. This book had a lot of potential, but I think it only partially lived up to it. I liked the first half of the book, where Piet is in Amsterdam and working as the tutor to a wealthy family, the best. In this portion of the book the author took care to develop Piet's relationships with the other characters, and since this is a novel that's primarily about character relationships (as opposed to some action-packed, twists-and-turns plot) it worked well. Of course, there are plot developments as well [...]

    14. The description of the book enchanted me! I put it on my queue at the library and couldn't wait to dive ind then, I started reading. First chapter, okay, I thought, but not great. I remonstrated myself, thinking my lack of enthusiasm was due to the fact that I'd just finished a book I consider one of the best I've ever read--Out Stealing Horses. Give it a chance, I thought.Honestly, the premise of the book is delicious, but it failed me on several counts.1) I found it simply unbelievable that cl [...]

    15. 3.5 StarsPiet Barol is a classic, seductive, golden boy who comes from modest means, but rises with the help of good looks and some common-sense charm that carries him a long way. The book is divided into two parts, with Piet Barol the focal character that pulls it together. The first half is intriguing and builds as the imperfections, phobias, morals and obstacles of the characters are revealed. Based on this, I would have rated the book higher, but then disappointment occurs when the period wi [...]

    16. This is a very amusing, wilfully preposterous, insightful and atmospheric novel. Every creature who meets the hero seems to want to bed him, which is bare-faced fantasy and all the more fun for it. The serious and likeably literary aspects are the telling details of history and picaresque set-pieces, but this novel scores in another, more individual way; a literary effort that's not half bad at sex scenes. Somehow it tends to be trashy writers who, paradoxically, pull off sex scenes the best, bu [...]

    17. Oh Piet! I love the way this character takes you along on a sensual journey through Amsterdam in the early 1900s; fine dining, sumptuous clothes, exquisite love affairs - they are all accounted for in this book. If you are looking for a light read which simply reminds you to enjoy the delights that life has to offer, then look no further than "History of a Pleasure Seeker". I can't wait for the sequel to this book due to come out in January 2017; the title is "Who Killed Piet Barol?". Apparently [...]

    18. Very pleasurable read. I liked how well-rounded our hero was and how his actions affected--mostly beneficially-- those around him. From the book blurb I'd been expecting more of a Casanova figure but the author created him with an interesting depth which is rare for erotic writing. I'm looking forward to the sequel, WHO KILLED PIET BAROL, which has just been released (Feb 2017).

    19. Nav 5 zvaigznes tikai tāpēc, ka grāmatai vajadzēja būt vismaz divreiz biezākai. Tik daudz ko vēl varēja pastāstīt. Ne visiem patiks stāstījuma mierīgais plūdums. Mazliet Dikenss, mazliet Feibera "Ziedlapiņas tumši sārtās un baltās"

    20. Piet Barol è solo il figlio di un impiegatuccio universitario, ma la madre, un'insegnante di canto morta prematuramente, gli ha insegnato ad apprezzare i piaceri più esclusivi della vita. All'età di ventiquattro anni Piet abbandona la casa paterna e il lavoro a fianco del padre per diventare il tutore del piccolo Egbert. I Vermeulen-Sickerts sono una famiglia molto ricca e molto in vista nel bel mondo della Amsterdam di inizio Novecento, e Piet spera che siano anche il suo trampolino di lanci [...]

    21. The story is set in 1907 Amsterdam and begins when Piet Barol lands a job as a tutor for a very disturbed young boy in a very wealthy family. Piet is an heroically handsome and likable character and it is such fun to watch him work his charm on all the members of this family, as he attempts to better his position in life. The story has some of the elements of "Upstairs/Downstairs" and "Downton Abby", because it takes a bird's eye view of each member of the domestic staff as well as each member o [...]

    22. I only wish that I had written the brief review blurb on the back cover: "Like Henry James on Viagra".This is a well written period piece about an especially good looking man in Amsterdam right after the turn of the century, and how he uses his charms and looks to rise out of an impoverished life. He is hired to tutor a boy who has OCD (undiagnosed of course in this time period) who is part of a very wealthy family. So that would have been memorable enough, but there is an unusual amount of grap [...]

    23. My first five star book of the year. Not because it's particularly profound or enlightening. But it's so damn enjoyable. It reminded me of Patrick Susskind's PERFUME, which I loved, as well as Robert Goolrick's A RELIABLE WIFE (Algonquin, 2009) which I did not.The opening was perfect for a fan of Downton Abbey, like me: upstairs/downstairs intrigue in a wealthy household; the year is 1909. To make it a little different, the house is in town, not in the country; and the town is Amsterdam, not Lon [...]

    24. My first 5-star adult fiction of the year! This book is incredibly humbling, thoughtful and a masterpiece of manners. One reviewer summed it up perfectly: "Henry James on Viagra." Truly as good as James. I wish I had a bookclub to discuss the complexity of this novel. Piet Barol in 1907 is a recent university grade from modest Dutch background ambitious and driven to leave behind a lower class existence for one with modern amenities and experience the life to which his Parisian mother gave him g [...]

    25. What a treat: delicious melodrama after the fashion of 'Downton Abbey' with a continental twist. Young Piet Barol is handsome and charming and ambitious, but thoroughly likeable for all that. He enjoys himself in all manner of ways in Amsterdam shortly after the turn of the last century, insinuating himself into higher society and escaping any number of close calls. I confess that the novel's final line -- 'To be continued' -- was quite cheering. There is to be more in future! One particularly p [...]

    26. A very "light". Not sure why the back says "my favourite book of the year". Pretty much just a "bodice ripper" with a nice cover. Nice writing but nothing major ever happens.Disappointing as I choose it for my book club and I'll have to own up that I didn't really enjoy it and it didn't stretch me to read it.

    27. Rollicking good fun. The main protagonist is irressistible to women and men and uses his power to good effect whilst always being a good guy. Easy and alluring.

    28. This review may contain some minor spoilers.I'm usually wary of books by young authors who typically do not have enough life experience to make for interesting writing. The gimmicky marketing of young writers doesn't help. But Richard Mason's success is well-deserved. His masterful historical novel of the Gilded Age is a compelling read. Mason has a rare gift for narration, easily switching point-of-view from one character to the next, without confusing the reader. His narrator is subtle and uno [...]

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