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  • Title: Cursed
  • Author: T.L. Brown
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  • Page: 160
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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      T.L. Brown Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cursed book, this is one of the most wanted T.L. Brown author readers around the world.

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    1. I got this book free on and really wanted to like it. When I first started reading, I was enjoying it. After putting it down for the night, though, I started to actually think about it and subsequently couldn't read it the same way. I should say, although I discuss the negative more below, the book isn't horrible or anything and some of the problems I had may have been because at some point I sort of started skimming portions. I'm undecided if I will read the next book, but I'm not entirely the [...]

    2. Like with Hush, Hush, I did enjoy this book and the rest of the series, and it goes to show that even if something isn't written good, the plot and characters can really grab a hold of you. But that doesn't mean I'm going to give it anything above two stars, because it really (emphasis on really) needs work. I don't know if there was an editor for any books in this series, or if the editor was blind, butah. Editors. Find one. Or many.I guess the first sentence should've given me pause. I mean, s [...]

    3. Okay so I don't review books often but let me tell you a story of how bored I was last week. I was in a book slump surfing for something new to mix it up to because I have all these books in my to-read list that for some reason, I haven't been in the mood to get started on. I get bored easily and I am totally ADD but I read the excerpt to Tara Brown's Born book and I had to have me someLove LOVED both books she's put out in the trilogy so far and devoured the disgustingly wonderful dystopian ma [...]

    4. 'Cursed' is book one of 'The Devil's Roses' series. This book is YA and good for any age in my opinion. I liked reading this book due to the story line, which was well written. It is the first book I've read that involves the dark angels. Cursed will take you through an 18 year old's life as a senior in high school that had dealt with her mother's death, being drugged at a party that will end up changing her life, finding true love, falling in love with a gorgeous man whom she can never have to [...]

    5. Review for the series in total - rather than just this book. What a crazy mess of nonsense/madness/heartbreak/heart wrenching/drama/murder/action/adventure/awesomeness.

    6. I read all three books in two days, which is not healthy. I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed. Very impressed. It YA but with the steam we crave.

    7. I've been done with the book for about a week now, and have been letting it percolate. I read Tara Brown's first 2 books in the Born Trilogy, and really enjoyed them. This book, however, was a mixed bag for me. I liked the characters, and I think the concept for the book was a good one. However, there were many times when the story was choppy and I had to reread a passage thinking I had missed something. The characters were an interesting mix of very detailed and solid one moment, and then incon [...]

    8. This started ok, but the story took so many weird turns from the halfway point, I was confused.Aimee is a nerdy, bookish teen who is reeling from the sudden loss of her mum months earlier. After getting a humiliating brush off from her nerdy bff, Blake, she's drugged and has an out of body experience that enables her to see Alexsander, an immortal hottie. Meanwhile she's always been 'in love' with her sister's boyfriend, Shane forever, but she's also 'in love' with the immortal guy, her former b [...]

    9. Synopsis:It has been eight months since Aimee's mom died and she still lives in the shock, unable to move forward. Her life is a fog in which she barely functions for fear of leaving her mom's memory behind. Her twin sister, Alise, is her complete opposite. She is popular, social, and carries on as if nothing happened. She is also dating Shane, the only boy Aimee has ever had feelings for. One night, her sister convinces her to go to a party at Shane's house. Aimee reluctantly agrees. Little doe [...]

    10. "Cursed, Book One of the Devil's Roses" is one of the most unique reads I've read in a while. The book hooked me from the Prologue when the main character is hunting down her prey and stumbles upon someone from her past. After quickly leaving the scene, she begins to remember her former life. High School senior Aimee James is the stable good girl twin while her sister Alise is the party boy crazed one. Alise is dating Shane, the boy, Aimee has been crushing on for a long time. What kind of perso [...]

    11. For some reason I am always a bit hesitant when it comes to young adult fiction, but that is more to do with my believing that I should read more "grown up" stuff/books Which in and of itself is ridiculous, because I really should just read whatever I want. That being said I am usually not fully aware what genres or "boxes" books fall into, so Even now I don't know if Cursed is considered young adult or notBut I liked it, even though it took me forever to read That is in no way the book's fault [...]

    12. Cursed was a good novel with an okay plot (minus the teacher drugging teenagers at partieswhat?), but the characters didn't do it for me. Amiee, the main character, is a shy, depressed teenager (partially due to her mother's passing). Her sister Alise is opposite and one the most annoying person/characters I ever had the displeasure of "meeting" while reading a novel. I couldn't connect with any of the characters really.I enjoyed the idea of Aimee and her new found abilities, but the juvenile th [...]

    13. I ran across another book titled “Cursed” while I was reviewing Red Harvey’s “CURSED” on . CURSED by Tara Brown (New Adult Paranormal Romance) has over one-hundred reviews and 4+ stars AND it was free. I couldn’t resist, so I downloaded it and read it last night.What a fun read! 253 pages went fast and I thought the first half was fantastic! Usually the first half of the book the author struggles and then warms up the last half. Not the case with this story. Opposite actually. The fi [...]

    14. "She gulped, pushing down her feelings. She felt frozen in panic, but also desperate to see him. Just one glance of him would fill her for the next hundred years."Cursed is one of the few paranormal books that caught my attention from the very beginning. There’s often a period where I feel like the book is slow where they explain the otherworldly aspect, but I thought Cursed started with a bang and kept my attention until the very end. Aimee is what people in her school call a nerd. She is sma [...]

    15. This book is about a high school senior that is dealing with a tragedy in her family. To make things worse, she’s always being overshadowed by her prettier, preppie twin sister. Aimee James is just an uber nerd that loves the chess club, and has never been kissed. Her world gets turned upside down when she goes to her first party, and almost dies because of it. Upon recovery, she faces tough decisions, tough losses, and through it all finds the man she will love for the rest of her life (howev [...]

    16. Book needs more editing with the run-on sentences and floating commas. I loved the story, but the problem is that this was a better STORY than a PUBLISHED BOOK, and that's a problem if you're charging. This one's free, but the series isn't.I won't spoil, but I felt the character to be a bit of a hypocrite who judged, blamed and complained. The beginning hooked me in but afterwards, I didn't like being in her head. I actually stopped halfway and continued weeks later when I forgot about whatever [...]

    17. I just don't even know where to begin with this one. I downloaded this book as it was free on the kindle store and I was far from disappointed. I found Tara Brown's writing absolutely superb. She kept a few things a mystery until towards the end and actually remembered to come back to it and reveal, unlike some authors I have read recently. I loved Aimee and Shane, and especially Aimee's dad. I was gripped from the start right until the very end (Or rather beginning ;) ).I did, however, feel a l [...]

    18. I really didn't like it. I felt like it didn't mesh. The story hopped around making me feel like I had pages missing. There were weird/wrong details, the characters weren't developed enough, the love triangle was ridiculous with no basis and ultimately there was no resolution of anything from beginning to end. It made zero sense. That being said, I did enjoy most of the characters individually and thought the ideas for the book were great. It just wasn't executed well at all. I always read throu [...]

    19. I wanted to like this book but by the end I just didn't. I didn't like how flighty Aimee was, nor did I like what a shallow character Alise was. Moments of this book were very unoriginal. Everybody except Shane and the Dad were pretty much awful people/characters. Shane was the best thing about this book. He was a great romantic lead; he really needed to be surrounded by better more developed characters. The plot was also pretty dull olin parts. It could have been great minus a little she is sic [...]

    20. Wow Hhaavnt reaad a book llike thhis . was a ggoodd read have more questions thhen ansswerd thhat i khope the second book will have ihhate that hher bff was a ffraud.hane was llike a kknigght. wonddering hhow aaleks curse was broken other thenthhe fact that hhe lloved heriwonder what happen to everyonr as wellll her dadd and ssid etcc affter she lleft cant wait gfor book two

    21. I actually liked this book. It seemed to slow down a bit close to the middle but it picked up and kept a good pace. This would be my first book reading about someone becoming a reaper. This is definitely something I would like to read more about. This was a good story line with drugs, immortals, rape, and a love triangle being some of the subject matter. I will definitely be following this series

    22. I LOVED Cursed!! It was unique, intense, hot, heartbreakingIt pulled you right in with the prologue!! Nothing is revealed to you upfront and it keeps you hooked wanting to know what is going on and what will happen next I have not looked yet to see if Bane is available but I so hope it is!! I need to know what is going on with the Roses!!

    23. I really enjoyed this and was impressed since I have not yet read anything by this author. I found it to be a very interesting YA story. I didn't care for the love triangle much, since I OD'ed myself with Twilight. But, I enjoyed it enough to continue the series!

    24. 0/5MALO , MALISIMO, LO ODIO.No se porque carajos lo leí. Dios, no pudo haber sido tan malo, es frustrante.

    25. I really enjoyed this book. Very unique and extremely well thought out. I was even more excited to see it's a series. The characters are funny and the plot is complicated, for Paranormal YA Romance.

    26. this book ruined my childhood's not the author's fault, but i first read this when i was around 8ish years old (i think my mum got it for free on kindle and didn't check it before letting me read it). it was not the best way to find out what sex is. the thing is, the author was very vague while also being weeeeirdly specific. i was looking through books on our old shared family kindle account and i remembered this half-fondly, so i decided to try and reread it to see what my new perspective on i [...]

    27. I think I admire the creativity in this series more than anything. It isn't poorly written and it is an interesting story. Sometimes the dialogue can be irritating but I think that's because I might be growing out of YA reads. Anyway I am still reading the entire series because I want to know how it ends. So she has me hooked!

    28. This book was good but very confusing. I didn't care for the last part or the ending. Not sure if I want to read more, it's a 9 book series. Will see. Didn't mention anything about the Roses till the last chapter and still was not very clear.

    29. Confusing plotThis book is intriguing if you can hold on until the end. The plot rambles, causing confusion and irritation. Nothing is explained well, though the characters have a great deal of potential. I won’t be reading further in the series.

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