Snow Falls

Snow Falls Jennifer Kincaid on her way to a writer s workshop in the Colorado mountain town of Lake City gets lost and is stranded by an avalanche Catherine Ryan Barrett running from the fame and fortune of h

  • Title: Snow Falls
  • Author: Gerri Hill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jennifer Kincaid, on her way to a writer s workshop in the Colorado mountain town of Lake City, gets lost and is stranded by an avalanche Catherine Ryan Barrett, running from the fame and fortune of her family name, wants nothing to spend the winter alone and sequestered in her high mountain cabin She is not prepared for a party crasher After spending two months toJennifer Kincaid, on her way to a writer s workshop in the Colorado mountain town of Lake City, gets lost and is stranded by an avalanche Catherine Ryan Barrett, running from the fame and fortune of her family name, wants nothing to spend the winter alone and sequestered in her high mountain cabin She is not prepared for a party crasher After spending two months together, they form an unlikely friendship that deepens even further But after the spring thaw, Jen returns to her life in Santa Fe and to the man who wants to marry her All she knows of the woman who rescued her is her name Ryan.

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    1. Gerri Hill

      Gerri began writing lesbian romance as a way to amuse herself while snowed in one winter in the mountains of Colorado, and hasn t looked back Her first published work came in 2000 with One Summer Night Many romances have followed, with the occasional murder mystery in the mix.Gerri s love of nature and of being outdoors usually makes its way into her stories as her characters often find themselves in beautiful natural settings When she isn t writing, Gerri and her longtime partner, Diane, can be found at their home in East Texas, where their vegetable garden, orchard, and five acres of woods keep them busy They share their lives with an ever changing cast of furry friends.Her favorite pastimes include camping, hiking, birdwatching though she insists she doesn t wear funny hats yet , photography, and cooking She collects things nature offers, like an unusual pinecone, colorful rocks, or an abandoned bird feather Dawn is her favorite time of day, the moment right before sunrise from the author s website

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    1. This is one of Gerri Hill's simple, beautiful romances. There's no "blood pumping" in the plot like her "Hunter" series or "The Killing Room," but this is the type of story that's built her solid reputation on as a top romance writer. Once again, she writes a beautiful setting, yet describes it with just the right amount of words so that you don't feel like it intrudes into the story. She writes characters that stick in your head and make you want to spend more time with them. "Snow Falls" made [...]

    2. I struggled with what rating I would give the book, but I eventually settled on one star because, according to the system, that means that I didn't like it. And I really didn't like it; by the end, I just wanted it to be over so I could move onto something else.At first glance, the book looked like a good choice. It's fall and the temperatures are starting to get colder in Colorado, especially at night, so I was feeling like a wintry read. And what could be more perfect than a lesbian romance s [...]

    3. Another enjoyable read from Gerri Hill. Reclusive Ryan rescues Jen from her snowed-in SUV moments before it's hit by an avalanche. Jen is trapped for six to eight weeks with a complete stranger who is reluctant to give out any personal information.Ryan is a fairly interesting character but Jen has a lot more depth to her. A slightly more unusual background with lots of quirks. I really enjoy books set in cold climates and even more so, books where the main characters are trapped in snow. Snow An [...]

    4. Enjoyable read. Nice characters.The mountain sets romantic panoramas and seclusion helps to get close.Some damsel in distress and saving heroine themes.An outwardly grouchy lady who really is a shy sweetheart.Tension is created by long, protracted lack of communication and fear to dare a little bit and to deserve to be happy.A very classical romance. Nothing really new, but enjoyable just the same.

    5. I went back and forth between 3 and 4 stars. I'm a sucker for most Gerri Hill romances and I did enjoy the narration so I went with four.**did a re-read today (7/20/16) and dropped it down to three stars because of the narration. I don't know why I liked it the last time but this time I had a hard time not being irritated by some of the inflections and pacing.**

    6. What's not to love about Snow Falls. A reclusive heiress and a guileless self help writer get stranded together in Ryan's cabin. Their relationship develops slowly enough for the reader to savour every moment.My kind of romance.

    7. I actually listened to the audio book again but because hasn't been able to figure out how to note re-reads without messing up dates and annual reading challenges, I'll have to do what they suggest and use another version for this readingI needed a light book that I didn't have to pay too much attention to while I worked so I didn't harm anyone on this terrible day at the office I do like the story - very typical Hill - nothing spectacular, just two damaged women who find love with each other. [...]

    8. I thought this was one of her best books yet. I loved that she revisited old characters. I never go into any romance novel thinking it will be the best book I have ever read, but it does satisfy that fun read that you just enjoy the hell out of. I have read many of Gerri Hills's books and she continues to get better. I like books that feel as if the author enjoyed writing it. I just listened to the audiobook. It too was great.

    9. Gerri Hill just knows how to write a good love story. (June, 2013)--- *Updated* ---Just as good as an audiobook. The narrator did a very good job. (March, 2014)

    10. 2 1/2 stars. While I'm a fan of Gerri Hill, this one didn't grab me like her others. A little too slow for my part. Once the story and characters started to heat up run, run, run away was the theme. So much turmoil could have been solved with a few words. When characters act stupid it can drive me nuts.Don't get me wrong the book wasn't bad. I wouldn't steer people away from reading it. However, don't have it be the first Gerri Hill book you read or you might not realize what a great writer she [...]

    11. I liked this one a whole lot, but I'm a huge sucker for a good recluse story. I could have done without anything to do with Ryan's brother, but everything else worked for me. It's my first Gerri Hill book, and I'm looking forward to checking out more. Full review here: thelesbianreview/snow-

    12. Ryan and Jen both have issues. What I think is cool is their ability to help each other and fall in love. Oh yes, romance!

    13. 4 1/2 starsThis is my first Gerri Hill book and I really enjoyed it. For me it was the perfect romance-- sweet, and it moved at a nice pace for me. Although I haven't read straight-up romance for a while, so it might have had more appeal to me due to that. The set-up is pretty typical for a stuck-in-the-cabin romance. Ryan, a wealthy reclusive writer, saves Jennifer who has gotten lost and stuck in the snow. Of course, due to the weather, these two are stuck in Ryan's cabin for a long while unti [...]

    14. A formulaic romance novel, Snow Falls promises an edgier and more involving character drama than it actually delivers. The story follows a writer on the way to a writer’s workshop in the Colorado mountains who is saved from an avalanche by a recluse and is forced to hold up at her cabin for several weeks until the roads are cleared; and while they wait out the snow the two form an intimate friendship. While it tries to be unconventional at first, it quickly turns into a rote romance with all t [...]

    15. Heard the audiobook version of this book and like it, although I was not crazy about the narrator.It is a pretty typical romance but the author has a wonderful way of describing nature allowing you to be transported to this beautiful landscape,if only for a few hours.The characters are likable and believable and the storyline is entertaining. Sex scenes are not over the top and well writtenI've read several of Ms. Hills novels and like her writing style very much.If you looking for a few hours o [...]

    16. Hooked from the first page on this one. I am new to the writings of Ms Hill and enjoy them a great deal. Lesbian romances the way they REALLY are rather than scripts for male written porn movies.Ryan, a woman, lives like a hermit on a mountain in Colorado with her two huskies. Content, happy and well, alone. But she likes it that way. In stumbles a stranded traveler who proceeds to change her life.You will be surprised it isn't the way you think! Just like baby bears bed this one is JUST RIGHT.

    17. Generally I enjoy the Gerri Hill books with thrillers installed, so as much as I enjoy reading this author's work, this is a little bit off my usual appetite. I was amazed actually how quickly time passes when I finish the whole book. Love the story and no wonder so many people are recommending this book!!

    18. No surprises, but being a ocean/coastal girl, I loved the mountain descriptions and the snow. Not sure I could handle being that isolated in the snow and cold for months at a time, but maybe with the right company it would be nice ;)

    19. I admit I was a little reluctant to pick this book up after "Keepers" but I have to say its nice to have a well written Gerri Hill romance. This is what Gerri does best, the outdoors and romance, it's her world and these books become favourites for a reason.

    20. I spend so much time reading nonfiction, that I wasn't even aware that there are lesbian romance novels. This was exactly what I was expecting, hence the three stars. :) I'll definitely buy more of Gerry Hill's books.

    21. 5/4/2015 Today I listened to the audible version and really enjoyed the narrator. I also picked up a couple of things that I missed in my 1st read.

    22. I read this mainly because it had "snow" in the title and I was in the mood for a wintry novel. Standard-issue romance plot, but at least I got my chilly kicks from the section set in the winter.

    23. Got this book from the library. Another book about a straight woman with relationship issues who just has to get away for awhile. So, off she goes. She gets caught in a snowstorm, her car slides of the road, always while going up a mountain, and a lesbian and her dog(s) rescue her. The lesbian is not happy that her solitude has been disturbed and the straight woman seems to have no clue that it was a lesbian that rescued her. They spend anywhere from 1 week to 10 weeks together or until the snow [...]

    24. Wonderful book. I love the drama of the pair being thrust together (unwillingly at first) as they are stranded by snow and an avalanche. I love the slow slow and steady building of the relationship between them.

    25. Such a fun buildup. I read it so fast and was so bummed when it was done. This seems to be a theme for me with Gerri Hill books

    26. This book by Gerri Hill was one that I couldn't put down. The characters were realistic and the dialogue was compelling. Nicely done. Most important to me is the plot. And, I'm happy to say that the plot of this book stayed true to the story. It was heart-breaking and heart-warming. This book made me cry and that's not easy. I wish that the author would do a sequel to 'Snow Falls.' I loved every inch of this novel. If you want a good love story, this is the novel for you.

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