アポカリプスの砦 1 [Apocalypse no Toride 1]

Apocalypse no Toride UTF Character Debug Tool I nQA

  • Title: アポカリプスの砦 1 [Apocalypse no Toride 1]
  • Author: Yuu Kuraishi Kazu Inabe
  • ISBN: 9784063802078
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
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    • [PDF] Download Ç アポカリプスの砦 1 [Apocalypse no Toride 1] | by Þ Yuu Kuraishi Kazu Inabe
      457 Yuu Kuraishi Kazu Inabe
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      Posted by:Yuu Kuraishi Kazu Inabe
      Published :2019-02-18T20:01:33+00:00

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    1. --- Fortress of Apocalypse 1-10 ---Plot: Zombie plot + nakama power + twist yang mudah diterawang ^^ Penokohan: Semuanya likeable kok.Gaya gambar: Ok!Baca sinopsisnya langsung ya^^.Baru-baru ini saya selesai menonton Shaun and the Dead (iya, saya tahu ini telat banget, tapi tak apa kan?). Saya benar-benar dilempar ke dunia yang gila dengan segala zombienya dan segala kelucuan dan pola pikirnya. Tapi saya tahu, kebanyakan cerita zombie tidak membawa pembaca ke ranah komedi seperti ini. Dan Zombie [...]

    2. This is a review for the first 5 volumes, which is 50% of this series. I will try to keep it as spoiler-free as I can, but I do want to discuss stuff that happened in this manga.So like with everything, the series starts off pretty normal. Well, as normal as you can get it when you are in a juvenile prison. :| But well, you get my drift. Then suddenly something happens, and poop really hits the fan. Our main group quickly finds out what happened and try to stop people from doing stupid things (l [...]

    3. 29 Jan 2016 :Sampai vol.7 yang sudah terbit di sini~ (dan kalo ga salah, di Jepang udah tamat di vol.10ay!^ ^)Gambar : 3 bintangbukannya mau membandingkan, tapi karena sama-sama zombie jadi dibandingkan jugaah, tapi lebih baik jangan deh ""( ><)Pokoknya, dari segi gambar bisa dibilang lumayan! ^-^)vCerita : 4 bintanguntuk keseruannya, dan model zombie yang beda, yang (view spoiler)[bisa bergabung jadi satu dan dikendalikan. Eh, tapi diI am a Hero juga muncul yang seperti itu yaa Duh, jadi [...]

    4. It is like your typical zombie apocalypse manga with a group of survivors against the undead, but then there is a naked man sitting on a mountain of zombies? well, that's kinda absurd.

    5. Not a massive fan of zombies, not a massive fan of prison stories, but I wondered whether this mix of the two - a juvenile detention centre weathers the zombie apocalypse - would spark my interest anyway. The problem is, the manga loses no time in getting its core cast OUT of the prison on various missions, because the creator doesn't really seem to have much of a take on how the two genres might blend either. So you have some zombie war stuff (with a couple of memorably freaky scenes) and some [...]

    6. مظلمة، مبشرة بالمزيد من المشاهد الدموية، وخمن ماذا! هنالك زومبي يتحدثون هنا :D

    7. Okay, it was good, but I stayed up mostly because I'm fatigue-drunk and desperately avoiding my homework as well as the rest of my life. And now I'm gonna have weird dreams, *great*

    8. Having the option of high walls and a defensible position certainly doesn't hurt. So, Fort of Apocalypse is a fantastically fun zombie apocalypse romp following four boys imprisoned in a Juvenille Correction Facility. The art is excellent though can get a bit muddled during action sequences, also you can tell the more central characters from the canon fodder based almost exclusively on how pretty they are, but that may change in later volumes. Currently it's more action than drama and there are [...]

    9. Zombie fans, this manga is for you. Honestly, the story may seem a little light and full of déjà vu but it's amazingly draw.The story begins with a young boy who witnesses a murder on his way home. Petrified, he remains on the scene and finds himself being charged for the crime. Assigned for life to a prison for young offenders, nobody wants to believe in his innocence. So he stops trying to convince the authorities and finds himself in cell 4 to share quarters with three other very strange pe [...]

    10. Maeda Yoshiaki yang masih berusia 16 tahun dimasukkan ke dalam Lembaga Permasyarakatan Remaja Akademi Shoran karena ditetapkan sebagai pelaku pembunuhan tetangga apartemennya. Maeda yang ditempatkan di dalam sel no. 4 bersikeras tidak melakukannya dan tidak bersalah, yang membuat orang lain kesal. Rekan-rekannya sesama penghuni sel no. 4 adalah orang-orang yang dibenci oleh banyak penghuni LP, sehingga mau tidak mau Yoshiaki pun ikut terlibat. Lalu suatu hari saat mereka berada di lapangan baske [...]

    11. You know how in most zombie movies there are the good, normal survivors who are just trying to find a place they can survive, and then there's the gang of sociopaths who get off on the chance to kill the undead and end up screwing everything up. Well, this is a story about the sociopaths.The inmates of Cell 4 are a bunch of low-down violent hoods -- well except for Maeda, our alleged protagonist, who claims he's innocent. They hate life in prison, but when the zombipocalypse breaks out, suddenly [...]

    12. I've recently finished volumes 1-5 of this series, and oh man, what a ride. The author doesn't give you a chance to catch your breath - there's zombies, misunderstood youths, supernatural confusion, crazy cultists, and more. With the most recent craziness concerning Maeda, I'm looking forward to where this series takes us!

    13. Well paced zombie manga, nothing too original, but amusing all the same. It has it's cliches, but so far they haven't been too excessive. The best thing so far are the characters, one looks like Shion from No. 6, the other looks like Mori's (OHSHC) younger delinquent brother, another looks like Death Note's Mello and the last looks like an evil Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory.

    14. A baffling entry into the, "It's not The Walking Dead," That might go somewhere - this book is essentially 176 pages of character introduction and setup for a truly peculiar not a cliff hanger, but a cliff confusion, perhaps.Enjoyed it, but probably won't nab the next-in-series.

    15. This first book was alright. It was a little hard to tell what was going on in some of the crazier fighting scenes.

    16. Me estoy enamorando de Yoshioka-kun Espero que no muera.Creo que mi parte favorita, hasta el momento, es cómo el mismo manga lleva la cuenta de los que siguen vivos adentro de la prisión.

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