Texas Jack

Texas Jack Meet Jack Leonard Jack was destined to be an alcoholic His father Billy is a happy go lucky drunk from East Texas whose behavior varies from outdated to outrageous He isn t a bad person but he tend

  • Title: Texas Jack
  • Author: Bart Hopkins
  • ISBN: 9781482373110
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet Jack Leonard Jack was destined to be an alcoholic His father, Billy, is a happy go lucky drunk from East Texas whose behavior varies from outdated to outrageous He isn t a bad person, but he tends to make bad decisions Billy drives his life like he drives his truck under the influence Against all odds, Jack escapes his fifty percent alcohol by volume fate How Meet Jack Leonard Jack was destined to be an alcoholic His father, Billy, is a happy go lucky drunk from East Texas whose behavior varies from outdated to outrageous He isn t a bad person, but he tends to make bad decisions Billy drives his life like he drives his truck under the influence Against all odds, Jack escapes his fifty percent alcohol by volume fate How He meets a girl, of course Samantha rescues Jack from his path of self destruction Fast forward twenty years, and Jack s life is nearly perfect he has the job, the house, a wonderful marriage, and a 10 year old son he loves than anything But life is never perfect it Texas Jack is a compelling story about family relationships, forgiveness, and finding harmony with those you love From lighthearted and humorous to achingly painful, it captures real people, at their best and worst, and chronicles the choices they must make along the way Reading Texas Jack is a beautiful experienceThe story itself will keep you on the edge of your seat, rushing through pages to make sure everything turns out ok The San Francisco Book Review

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      Bart Hopkins is originally from Galveston, Texas, but has lived all over the world during his 22 years in the Air Force.He was born in the middle of the 1970s, owned an Atari, and loves 80s music He can use a card catalog like nobody s business.Bart likes to travel, enjoys pretending he s a photographer, and shares as much time as possible with his beautiful wife and three awesome children They own a Westie Yorkie named Lulu or maybe Lulu owns them.Subscribe to Bart s newsletter for updates on new releases and giveaways For a limited time, you can download a copy of DEAD ENDS free when you subscribe barthopkins blog newsBart has written four novels, a novella, and a book of short stories with on the way

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    1. This story moves easily between scenes of Jack Leonard from when he was a little boy, a teenager, and adult. Snapshots of his life, as it were, as he learns life's lessons and becomes the man he is today. It is a feel-good tale of family values and forgiveness. For me, the characters were almost too good to be true, with the only fly in the ointment being Jack's hard drinking father. I wasn't crazy about the myriad product mentions, either. All in all, it was too saccharin for my taste, tending [...]

    2. After reading "Fluke" by Bart Hopkins and David Elliott, I had high expectations for "Texas Jack" and it does not disappoint!Jack's father, Billy, is an alcoholic and has been since Jack was a kid. The story moves back and forth from the present to the past and gives you insight into Jack and Billy's (often strained) relationship. Billy has amazingly found a way to still be a functional drunk and miraculously hasn't been killed in a car accident, even though he always drives with a beer between [...]

    3. I was given this book by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. When Bart gave me the book, he cautioned me that this might not be my kind of book. Honestly? This was exactly the kind of book I needed! From the very first page, this story grabbed my interest and my heart and didn't let go. In fact, I read this book in one sitting over a weekend. The story starts out with Jack as a young boy in the 80's being the lookout for his father on a back road in Texas while his father Bil [...]

    4. You just don't get enough good guys in books (says the shallow professed lover all "bad boy books!") these days. And you certainly don't get the male POV for an entire well written book. Bart Hopkins hooked me with Fluke and I knew I would always read whatever he wrote. This book was a departure from my typical genre but I have to say it's one of the best books I've read in quite some time. I can never get enough of Hopkins' writing style. He does a two paragraph description of a teenage boy's c [...]

    5. !!!!!!!!! Bestseller !!!!!!!!!!!TEXAS JACK is a rare find in this modern world. The perfect brew of humor and drama, of joy and sadness, but mostly a feel-good novel all around. It's about fathers and sons, parenting, friendships, and even football! Yes, just about everyone will be able to identify with Jack and his world.The author blends literary savvy with modern topics, yielding beautiful prose that swirls around people who are dealing with internal and external problems and pressures. Witho [...]

    6. Bart Hopkin’s ‘Texas Jack’ was a tale of family, heartbreak, betrayal, and forgiveness. I will admit that it hit really close to home as Jack’s father reminded me of how mine used to be. The story switched back in forth from past to present and told the tale of Jack’s life from childhood to adulthood. I always love books that do that. It gives you more of a sense of who the character is. Jack is a man with a family, a wife that he loves and a son that he adores. His family life is happ [...]

    7. There’s a great line in “Texas Jack” that reads: “Families start out, most of the time, with unconditional acceptance of one another.” In this novel, Jack Leonard – the protagonist – has to deal with the reality and conflicted emotions that emerge in that tenuous space “between childhood and adulthood” when “the ability to distinguish right versus wrong is born.”Throughout his formative years Jack Leonard has witnessed time and again the mistakes and poor choices made by hi [...]

    8. I was kindly given a copy of this by the author in exchange for a review, warts 'n' all. I got the better deal as it's a terrific story.I loved his previous book, Fluke, so was more than happy to give this one a go.It's about Jack, a lad brought up by a father who is a drinkera big drinker, and how this impacts on those around him, namely his closest family. It's not all doom and gloom, though. There were some laugh-out-loud moments in it despite the subject matter.I share Jack's hope in the sto [...]

    9. If there is one thing Bart Hopkins does well as an author, it is making his characters relatable. Everyone can find a little bit of themselves in his books, and because of that, they pull you in and allow you to lose yourself in his fictional world for a few hours. It is hard to put his books down. Texas Jack is no different. Very simply, Texas Jack is about… well… a man named Jack from Texas. Obviously, though, Jack is much deeper than that. Growing up with an alcoholic father isn’t easy [...]

    10. ** 4.5 Stars Texas Jack opens on a Texas road where a young Jack keeps watch while his drunk father pees beside his truck. The rest of the book goes back and forth between the present (2012) and the past, telling an intricate tale of forgiveness and love.This book falls outside of my typical genres, but I read a short story by Hopkins and I absolutely loved his writing style. Hopkins beautiful style translates well into this genre. A little slow to start, but once the story got going, I absolute [...]

    11. This book grabbed my attention from the beginning. I could not put it down. The setting was in Texas where I have lived all my life. The story encompassed so many familiar events such as Texas high school football and the role that played in Jack's life. It was a story which touched many lives but focused on the joys and sorrows that happened in one family's life. Jack's father made many mistakes and many poor choices. But he also taught Jack how to love and respect and treat family, and to also [...]

    12. Best book I read this year! All family pride aside. Texas Jack has all the elements. Moving and real with characters you care about. Hats off to the author. Very important issues presented with humor and compassion. Suspense and drama. What else could you ask for? They say that fiction is the truth that is buried inside the lie, and the truths shine through in Texas Jack.

    13. What a great book! I highly recommend it for anyone with alcoholism in the family--the author's portrayal is incredibly authentic.

    14. Well writtentear jerker.Very well written.emotional storygood story line but changed times often . . . . .

    15. Excellent readI liked this book so much, I ordered a copy to send to a friend. Very interesting story and well written. It is well worth reading.

    16. This is a pleasant, easy read, but I found it predictable and pollyanna-ish. One thing really puzzles me: how could such intelligent and responsible parents have left their child with an iresponsible drunk?

    17. Meet Jack Leonard he may not have come from much, but his story will win your heart!Texas Jack is the story of growing up in an imperfect family - downright dysfunctional at times - and still finding happiness in life in spite, or because, of it. Alcoholism plays a major role in the story of the Leonard family, and the author's depiction is real and riveting. If you've experienced alcoholism in your family, this will strike a chord with you again and again and leave you with a familiar whirlwind [...]

    18. I didn't really have any expectations for this book when I downloaded it, outside of having something new to read on the beach this summer. Given that, it hooked me pretty quickly, in large part because the story is set in familiar terrain for me as a native Texan, and I happened to start reading it on a weekend trip to Galveston which is featured heavily in the book.I thought the opening sections where he's remembering his childhood with his father were particularly well written, and aside from [...]

    19. So this book really dragged on for a long time. I liked the flash-backs to when Jack was a kid, but the rest of it was drivel.I really hated Jack in the end the way her blathered on about how perfect his life was and how beautiful his wife was and how happy he was to have her and how nice his life and his house and his things and his job was. OMG dude, we get it, you won life.Also the constant name dropping was really REALLY off-putting. By the 48% mark I counted 73 (maybe more). Some were relev [...]

    20. Thanks for reading Texas Jack!If you've already read it, I truly hope you enjoyed it.If you haven't, and you're wondering, is this book for me? then let me try and help youIt's literary fiction.It's about alcoholism and family relationships.And, while it's humorous in parts, it isn't meant to be purely comedy. It is, after all, the story of a boy with an alcoholic father and how that affects various parts of his life.If you like John Irving or Nicholas Sparks, then I think there's a good chance [...]

    21. Why is there no zero star rating for books such as this? Ugh! Jack lives the perfect life. There is no depth to the characters or the storyline. Perfect is boring and unrealistic. The only conflict in the story comes at the halfway point. Exactly. (Perfect. you know.) Because the only thing not perfect in this story is the main character's father who is and always has been a drunk. But he's a nice, friendly drunk, so it's okay. Until he lets his grandson drown. But don't worry, in this perfect w [...]

    22. This is one of those books that was really hard for me to write a review of. The storyline and writing is well done, but the author seemed to get lost a few times. At least a third of the book could have been cut and the story would have been just fine. It was a bit overly-written in many parts and could have used a good editor to slice it up and flesh out a few places that needed.Overall, I found the story itself to be compelling and I liked the flashbacks and how the author pulled the two stor [...]

    23. Like so many books I've been reading lately this one jumps around in time and place mid various generations of the same family. We see Jack as a 10-year-old, as a teenage jock, and as a parent with a son of his own. No one would accuse this of being great literature but the book is well-edited and although at times pedestrian has a certain familial appeal. It gives one an insiders view of a family's life. At times the shifting point of view leaves one wondering who's doing the narrating. The boo [...]

    24. A heartwarming story, and a short read. But it was not convincing as being "true-to-life". The characters are likable, but with the exception of the alcoholic father, much too perfect to relate to. With all the dysfunction going on in the family, the negative consequences would have been far more frequent and violent than just the one climactic incident. I would have liked to see the main character (Jack) more flawed and less idyllic.

    25. I don't understand all the rave reviews - this book dragged on and on, to the point I gave up half way through it.

    26. Sickly sweet morality tale about three generations of boys / men, in which everyone, except perhaps the alcoholic grandpa is simply wonderful in every way !

    27. This was a light read. Cute story about a family, but that's about it. I enjoyed it, but didn't get much out of it.

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