Las Falanges del Orden Negro

Las Falanges del Orden Negro Cuarenta a os despu s del fin de la Guerra Civil Espa ola se re nen en Pamplona los miembros supervivientes de la XV Brigada Internacional para atajar los recientes acontecimientos que les han hecho

  • Title: Las Falanges del Orden Negro
  • Author: Pierre Christin Enki Bilal
  • ISBN: 8496415155
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cuarenta a os despu s del fin de la Guerra Civil Espa ola, se re nen en Pamplona los miembros supervivientes de la XV Brigada Internacional para atajar los recientes acontecimientos que les han hecho revivir el pasado y de nuevo enfrentarse a las Falanges del Orden Negro.

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      379 Pierre Christin Enki Bilal
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    999 thoughts on “Las Falanges del Orden Negro”

    1. ‘The Black Order Brigade’, translated from the original French work ‘Les Phalanges de l'Ordre Noir’ is a chilling graphic novel with a political-thriller angle written by Pierre Christin. The highlight of the book is the brilliant illustrations by Enki Bilal, which sets the tone perfectly for a macabre political tale soaked in bloodshed and violence. The first thing I noticed while reading ‘The Black Order Brigade’ was the hazy dream-like feel of the sketches that is amazing and haun [...]

    2. At this time Bilal n was not a fashionable star who wind his drawings 100000 euros. Christin and Bilal. A political comic strip. A brigade of the Spanish civil war reunite after many years. They are old, sometimes sick. The danger : a fascist organisation, the black order brigade. But it is not so simple, settling of scores between Stalinist and Trotskyist of the POUP. Everybody will go at the end of his history with his failures and his disappointments A melancholic graphic novel.

    3. Relectura más de veinte años después de una obra que he disfrutado mucho más aunque me ha dejado el mismo poso de amargura que en su momento. Quizá más porque aún estando en el siglo XXI la lucha contra el fascismo sigue, por desgracia, todavía viva. Y vamos perdiendo.

    4. "One last mission" type of story with a bunch of old soldiers hunting down other old soldiers they fought 40 years ago. Unlike most stories of this type, it focuses more on the growing old part (and not just in a comedic way). Characters are mostly flat. Art is pretty solid.

    5. A bunch of old people hunt down a bunch of other old people who pissed them off during the Spanish Civil War. Reading in French is much easier when there are pictures.

    6. Fumetto di nicchia che si apprezza senza sconti con un bagaglio storico della guerra civile di Spagna. Disegni tratteggiati con cura maniacale accompagnano un'impietosa caccia al nemico bandita da un gruppo di ex-partigiani che si erge come ultimo baluardo della lotta contro l'ideologia fascista. Il ritmo serrato degli avvenimenti non impedisce a ciascuna personalità di emergere sopra le teste dei compagni, ed è forse questa eterogeneità fra amici, più che il fine ultimo di vendetta, ad alza [...]

    7. Una especie de reescritura en clave socialdemócrata, o mejor dicho, de extremo centro reformista, de la ya de por sí reaccionaria "El hombre que fue jueves", de Chesterton. Una parábola con forma de thriller político para contarnos que los extremeños ideológicos se tocan, que los rojos y los pardos son la misma cara de una caduca moneda fuera de circulación. Un tebeo, en definitiva, que leído ahora refleja perfectamente los esfuerzos de la izquierda ilustrada europea de finales de los se [...]

    8. Ostarjeli ljudi iz raznih dijelova svijeta, danas bankari, profesori, ministri, pisci i još štošta, nekad su bili uvjereni ljevičari i borili se protiv Franca u Španjolskom građanskom ratu. Ponovnim stupanjem na scenu, također međunarodne, skupine terorista s druge strane spektra sačinjene od njihovih starih neprijatelja, oni napuštaju svoje zemlje i pozicije te kreću u lov na pripadnike Crnog reda, u svoju posljednju avanturu.Ni Christin ni Bilal ovdje ne oduševljavaju. Priča je do [...]

    9. Good historical fiction, great attention to details. I like also the fact old people are the main characters.Pity for the massacre of the Italian language during the speech of the Italian member of Parliament. On top of all the other mistakes, a communist manages to address the people with the word the fascists use (''camerati''). This deserves to be quoted in the list of the Top 5 embarrassing misprints as number 6 ;-).

    10. Another historical fiction from Christin & Bilal, this time reuniting an old band of militants to combat a reunited old band of terrorists. As happens to me with Christin's writing, the politics of it all are a mystery. It is, however, a decent story even though the characters are (perhaps necessarily considering the cast and the length of the book) a bit one-dimensional. Bilal's art is, as ever, superb, though with this book he reins in the stony look he often utilises in his science-fictio [...]

    11. I only read this book because I wanted to see something drawn by Bilal and my library happen to have this book. I'm really glad I picked it up, though.It's not exactly a spy/thriller, but that's the closest I can describe it. Cool story and Bilal's art is fantastic.

    12. The typical 'get the ol' gang together for one more go of it' plot slapped my expectations out of their chair once i became aware of it. By ten pages in, however, i was enjoying it enough to not care - though i wouldn't say my expectations ever reclaimed an upright position.

    13. Oli tämä huomattavasti parempi kuin muistin. Komeita kuvia, hahmoja joiden kohtalo kiinnosti sekä juoni joka kuljetti kyseisiä hahmoja kohti surkeaa kohtaloa.

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