Avengers: Endless Wartime

Avengers Endless Wartime The first in a series of all new comic stories published directly in book form An abomination long thought buried has resurfaced in a war torn land But now it wears an American flag Faced with anoth

  • Title: Avengers: Endless Wartime
  • Author: Warren Ellis Clark Gregg Mike McKone
  • ISBN: 9780785184676
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The first in a series of all new comic stories published directly in book form An abomination, long thought buried, has resurfaced in a war torn land But now it wears an American flag Faced with another nightmare reborn, Captain America will not stand for yet death at the hands of a ghost from his past Haunted by his greatest shame, Thor must renew the hunt for a fThe first in a series of all new comic stories published directly in book form An abomination, long thought buried, has resurfaced in a war torn land But now it wears an American flag Faced with another nightmare reborn, Captain America will not stand for yet death at the hands of a ghost from his past Haunted by his greatest shame, Thor must renew the hunt for a familiar beast At their side, an assemblage of allies united to end the threats no one of them could face alone They are soldiers Warriors Comrades in arms Mighty heroes led by a living legend, stronger together than apart They are the Avengers Also includes exclusive AR video content, a free digital download of the book, and an introduction written by Agent Coulson himself Clark Gregg

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      275 Warren Ellis Clark Gregg Mike McKone
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    1. Warren Ellis Clark Gregg Mike McKone

      Warren Ellis is the award winning writer of graphic novels like TRANSMETROPOLITAN, FELL, MINISTRY OF SPACE and PLANETARY, and the author of the NYT bestselling GUN MACHINE and the underground classic novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN The movie RED is based on his graphic novel of the same name, its sequel having been released in summer 2013 His graphic novel GLOBAL FREQUENCY is in development at Jerry Bruckheimer TV for the Fox network, and his GRAVEL books are in development for film at Legendary Pictures, with Tim Miller attached to direct IRON MAN 3 is based on his Marvel Comics graphic novel IRON MAN EXTREMIS He s also written extensively for VICE, WIRED UK and Reuters on technological and cultural matters, and is co writing a video project called WASTELANDERS with Joss Whedon that will appear some time before we both die He is serialising a new graphic novel, TREES, with artist Jason Howard, through Image Comics Warren Ellis is currently working on a non fiction book about the future of the city for Farrar Giroux Straus His newest publication is the digital short story single DEAD PIG COLLECTOR, from FSG Originals His next book will be the novella NORMAL, also from FSG.A documentary about his work, CAPTURED GHOSTS, was released in 2012.Recognitions include the NUIG Literary and Debating Society s President s Medal for service to freedom of speech, the EAGLE AWARDS Roll Of Honour for lifetime achievement in the field of comics graphic novels, the Grand Prix de l Imaginaire 2010, the Sidewise Award for Alternate History and the International Horror Guild Award for illustrated narrative He is a Patron of the British Humanist Association, an Associate of the Institute of Atemporal Studies, and the literary editor of EDICT magazine.Warren Ellis lives outside London, on the south east coast of England, in case he needs to make a quick getaway.

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    1. THEME!That’s one of those words that my college professor used to toss around a lot in my screenplay writing class. Like DRAMA. CONFLICT. ANTAGONIST. PROTAGONIST.“What’s the underlying message of what you are writing? It has to have a THEME. Good vs. Evil? Man’s inhumanity to man? When you submit your script ideas next week remember: I not only want to see a THEME, but I want you to be writing about something you can bring some experience into.”Imagine my surprise when my script treatm [...]

    2. I kinda thought it would be a little deeper, considering Ellis was writing it. Then again, at times it seemed a bit overly dramatic. Huh. How is that possible?Not sure.Anyway.Buckle in, 'cause this plot sounds really weirdBack before Cap was a popsicle, he went after a group that was building some kind of A.I. super-weapons. They blew up before he could get to their evil factory.Simultaneously, Thor was battling a mythological creature that escaped from under the World Tree. He blew it up.Fast f [...]

    3. The Midgard Serpent has been set loose and with Thor sort of leading it's up to the Avengers to stop it and something far worse. This turned out to be better than expected though that doesn't mean I felt it was perfect.Nice artwork especially of Captain Marvel. OVERALL GRADE: B to B plus.

    4. This was one of the most disappointing reads I've had in as long as I remember. I think because it was Warren Ellis, writing the Avengers, that I had high expectations. Sadly, this is not up to par when you know what Ellis is capable of. Add to that that the art is terrible, and it looks like the artist has never seen most of these characters before (I mean Thor looks ridiculous, and why does Wolverine wear black leather to suit up?, Tony's Iron Man suit is a very odd colour, almost orange).If t [...]

    5. Disappointing Marvel original graphic novel from the master, Warren Ellis. It's a dull story that never really takes off and, sorry but, Mike McKone's art is just not good. Read the full review here!

    6. I think I enjoyed new Warren Ellis project a little too much. It reads like an Ellis novel more than an Ellis comic. I do appreciate that he took the effort to make this as accessible as possible to comic readers and movie goers. This story works for either continuity quite well.Instead of revolving around the movie cast, Ellis adds Captain Marvel to the mix and it works great. A strong female character who can put Captain America in his place would be the breakout character in the next Marvel f [...]

    7. My friend reccomended this and dropped it off this morning raving about it. Im a huge Warren Ellis fan so I was quite excited. Severely disaapointed. I found the plot quite simple to the point of non existence. There didnt seem to be any point to the story. It completely felt disjointed. The artwork pretty average, Ive seen alot better. Being new to the graphic novel world I didnt have a great 1st experience with The Avengers.

    8. I tend to like most things Warren Ellis writes. So when I saw his Avengers I had to check it out. It's not bad, though not great.Endless War feels a lot like the Ultimates storyline. At least in how Warren Ellis chooses to portray the group dynamics of the Avengers. There is humor and an underlying tension that is evident amongst the team.In the made up country of Tblunka two terrorists shoot down what they think is a US drone. But it is the nature of the drone that alerts the Avengers, in parti [...]

    9. The first of Marvel's current run of OGNs (though not the first I read) has a superstar creative team of Warren Ellis and Mike McKone but unfortunately hits more around the 'solid but unremarkable' range in execution.The story is a decent length, so you could probably read it all in one sitting, but not too long that things get boring. The OGN format also allows for more copious use of splash pages, without feeling like you're being cheated out of dialogue pages It's the dialogue where things ge [...]

    10. I picked up this graphic novel at the library and was glad I didn't pay for it. It's well structured by writer Warren Ellis (who wrote Planetary, Vol. 1: All Over the World and Other Stories and Gun Machine, which I liked) but it feels like he cracked the formula for a standard super-team adventure and applied it to this story. It features the Avengers from the Joss Whedon movie and it's very reader friendly, introducing all of the Avengers gradually. Yet there's no real "passion" for the Avenge [...]

    11. Normal got me on a Warren Ellis reading binge (this is not unusual, as in the past I've done this with Pierce, Bujold and others). So my question about this story is would comic book readers want to read Ellis' take on their characters, but with a more Marvel cinematic continuity approach?I think the answer will be mixed. Ellis is spot on with Captain America and Logan, and in pointing out the differences between. The politics of the story are definitely Marvel CU and not MArvel mainstream (and [...]

    12. (originally posted at bairdduvessa/2013)I am not sure how to review this book, I normally do not review comics or graphic novels as a matter of principle. When I do, I usually just send a tweet, using my notorious short sentences.I forget when I first discovered Warren Ellis, it was probably when I was a teenager when he was writing other Marvel Super Hero books, but I learned to love him when he wrote Nextwave, and the various blogs he was appearing on that I had been subscribed to. His first n [...]

    13. This Warren Ellis one-shot outing with the Avengers reminds me a lot of Grant Morrison's run on the JLA, many moons ago: lots of big concepts, characters acting askew, sturm und drang,, and, in the end a lot of head scratching.First things first, it's clear the Avengers here are the cinematic version, rather than from any normal continuity. They're joined by Wolverine and Carol Danvers' Captain Marvel -- who, honestly, serve more to provide more bickering byplay than advance the story. Ellis' ch [...]

    14. A disappointing start to a possible new line of graphic novels from Marvel. Elements from Thor and Steve Roger's pasts come back to haunt them and it's up to the Avengers to stop them (including a reluctant Wolverine) and in the face of an obstructive SHIELD. The plot is very simplistic, and suffers both from a lack of a credible threat and the absence of an actual villain. Because of the isolated nature of the story there are seemingly no repercussions from the team's actions and no significant [...]

    15. Not sure what to say about this; there are good bits, but the ultimate impression is mediocre. Possibly it's because the fight scenes bored me. A monster made of monsters and artifacts that Cap and Thor left behind has appeared in not!Afghanistan, and the Avengers need to put it down before it kills more people. It's an unofficial mission, because the US is currently aiding the resistance to not!Afghanistan's government-by-coup. It seems at first like this is going to be a much bigger plotline t [...]

    16. Ellis a escrever aventuras dos Vingadores. Nada de anormal por aqui, apenas deixa cair a pretensão de profundidade e transforma as personagens em caricaturas de si próprias com aquele estilo tão próprio deste autor em verbalizações emocionais robóticas. É divertido ler personagens estereotipadas a comportar-se como estereótipos absolutos. Mas Ellis deixou-nos mais do que um simples caricaturar dos icónicos Vingadores.O mistério que origina a aventura prende-se com dragões semi-inteli [...]

    17. I'm not a big Marvel reader, but I do enjoy the Marvel movies, and I love Warren Ellis, so I decided to try this out. It's okay; the writing itself is wonderful, and the dialog especially in the earlier portions is great and I heard much of it in the movie actors' voices. The plot isn't as strong - incomplete actions in Captain America's and Thor's histories lead to armored alien Nazi drones run by a Haliburton security force It doesn't really feel like it fits in the world. And the action itsel [...]

    18. this was some seriously convoluted writing. There was no real depth to any of the characters. Conflicts between allies, when not feeling completely forced, were just half-baked.It seems as if Warren Ellis just phoned it in and cashed out. The art was so cartoonish, and at some points I could not even tell what I was supposed to be seeing.The ending was anti-climactic, there seemed to be no consequences of anyone's actions. I am not even sure what actually happened at the conclusion, and I read i [...]

    19. Movie cash grab; did this need to be hardcover? That used to mean something. Here, it means an overly-designed package with a Contrived plot. There really was no need for all of the coincidental connections, or to use the name of the book in the dialogue. The same joke is made about Hawkeye umpteen times. When did he become the Johnny Storm of the Avengers?I give this two stars because I do appreciate the real world questions raised about use of force and cultural invasion. Also, McKone's artwor [...]

    20. Marvel launch a new line of original graphic novels - but the format, the clear yet characterless art, and the simple story with its loose relationship to continuity all remind me of the old UK format annuals. Drop the occasional mild swearing, throw in a wordsearch, and it'd be ideal for a mid-eighties child's Christmas present.

    21. Me encanta la idea de lanzamiento simultáneo mundial como si fuera el nuevo blockbuster llevado a la historieta. La historia me terminó resultando bastante aburrida y el dibujo más bien basicón no ayuda. Aun así me gustó la iniciativa y la edición argentina quedó relativamente bien. Quizás la próxima haya mejor suerte.

    22. I liken this book to 2013’s Man of Steel movie; Avengers: Endless Wartime is billed as the first in a line of original graphic novels published by Marvel Comics, much like the aforementioned film was the start of a DC Cinematic Universe. Also much like said film, this book fails to accomplish anything other than waste time and look pretty while doing it, and even then the latter accomplishment is more of a participation prize. Kind of fitting that both of these stories were released in the sa [...]

    23. A random ex-library sale book I picked up last year. Warren Ellis is always good for interesting ideas, if not perfect execution. But this was honestly one of the worst books I've read by him. It was just so pedestrian, so boring. It obviously came out around the time of the first Avengers film, and seems to exist primarily as a corporate mandated "make a comic that people who've seen the movies will like". It has incredibly clunky captions explaining the backstory of characters, and pretty much [...]

    24. Playing with these well-known Marvel characters, Ellis takes a pretty tongue-in-cheek approach and the result is pretty solid. One of the best aspects of this series is how Ellis (often through female character's dialog) makes the male Avengers look so dumb and hawkish. I don't love the connection between that time of Captain America and Thor syncing up and don't think that plot line makes a lot of sense, but overall it's really fun read and everyone gets a few good jobs in on Hawkeye.3.75

    25. Suoraviivainen tarina, hyvännäköistä sarjakuvaa, suosikkisankarit vauhdissa ja pystyn antamaan tarinalle vain kaksi tähteä viidestä. Syy tähän löytyy alla;Spoilers!Kostajat taistelevat koneiden ja lohikäärmeiden fuusioita vastaan. Voiko mitään kahjompaa enää olla; vaikkakin puhutaan nyt sarjakuvien maailmasta ja Marvel Universumista. Uskottavuus katosi kyllä kokonaan puolivälissä sarjakuvaa.

    26. The art was okay, but not really my taste and a few impossible poses from the ladies, and the plot wasn't the best. It was also clearly aimed at newcomers to comics from the movies. BUT there was a wonderful pile of sass and banter. Clint Barton (Hawkeye) gets some especially good lines and I am here for that.

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