Hurricane Fever

Hurricane Fever A storm is coming Introducing a pulse pounding technothriller by the New York Times bestselling author of Arctic RisingPrudence Roo Jones never thought he d have a family to look after until suddenly

  • Title: Hurricane Fever
  • Author: Tobias S. Buckell
  • ISBN: 9780765319227
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A storm is coming Introducing a pulse pounding technothriller by the New York Times bestselling author of Arctic RisingPrudence Roo Jones never thought he d have a family to look after until suddenly he found himself taking care of his orphaned teenage nephew Roo, a former Caribbean Intelligence operative, spends his downtime on his catamaran dodging the punishing hurA storm is coming Introducing a pulse pounding technothriller by the New York Times bestselling author of Arctic RisingPrudence Roo Jones never thought he d have a family to look after until suddenly he found himself taking care of his orphaned teenage nephew Roo, a former Caribbean Intelligence operative, spends his downtime on his catamaran dodging the punishing hurricanes that are the new norm in the Caribbean Roo enjoys the simple calm of his new life until an unexpected package from a murdered fellow spy shows up Suddenly Roo is thrown into the center of the biggest storm of all.Using his wits and some of the violent tricks of his former trade Roo begins to unravel the mystery that got his friend killed When a polished and cunning woman claiming to be murdered spy s sister appears, the two find themselves caught up in a global conspiracy with a weapon that could change the face of the world forever.In Hurricane Fever, New York Times bestselling author Tobias Buckell Arctic Rising, Halo The Cole Protocol has crafted a kinetic technothriller perfect for fans of action packed espionage within a smartly drawn geo political landscape Roo is an anti James Bond for a new generation.

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    • ✓ Hurricane Fever || ☆ PDF Read by ↠ Tobias S. Buckell
      424 Tobias S. Buckell
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    About "Tobias S. Buckell"

    1. Tobias S. Buckell

      Born in the Caribbean, Tobias S Buckell is a New York Times Bestselling author His novels and over 50 short stories have been translated into 17 languages and he has been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, Prometheus and John W Campbell Award for Best New Science Fiction Author He currently lives in Ohio.

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    1. Note: this review is spoiler-free.Tobias Buckell writes very smart people-centric speculative fiction. When I was reading the ARC of his latest novel Hurricane Fever, I realized he has quietly become one of my five favorite authors.One of the reasons is how he writes in a style I’ll just have to call “Flow” for lack of a more precise term. From the non-typical (and welcome) way Buckell deals with writing dialect to his pacing, his stories move smoothly from introduction to crises to resolu [...]

    2. I very much enjoyed Tobias Buckell’s 2012 SF novel Arctic Rising, which was set on a near-future Earth dramatically affected by global warming. As much as I loved that novel’s main character Anika, I mentioned in my review that I wouldn’t mind reading a novel set in the same world but featuring one of its two excellent supporting characters, Vy or Roo.Lo and behold, just about two years later, Buckell delivers Hurricane Fever, starring former Caribbean Intelligence Group operative Prudence [...]

    3. Hurricane Fever by Tobias S. Buckell is a very highly recommended, fast paced thriller that will leave you feeling like you have been through a hurricane of action.Dreadlocked Prudence “Roo” Jones, a retired operative from the Caribbean Intelligence Group, is trying to live a quiet, retiring life on his catamaran, Spitfire II, while caring for his teenage nephew and watching out for hurricanes. Roo is tracking an approaching hurricane and preparing to sail to a safe harbor when he gets a mes [...]

    4. This was like a fun, summer action movie in book form. It reminded me of Red. It is set at some vague time in the near future, which allows for fun tech and lot's of hurricanes.The protagonist, Roo, is a retired operative for the Caribbean Intelligence Group, who suddenly ends up in the middle of a crazy plot. It was fun, full of action, and inventive action (there is a memorable scene involving a spear gun).The author does a reasonable job representing women in the book, most notably with Kit, [...]

    5. Hurricane Fever is an enjoyable companion volume to Arctic Rising, but not a direct sequel. It's a near-future novel detailing the perils of the changing climate, with interesting speculations into the economic, sociological, and technological ramifications. I didn't find the science as rigorous as the earlier work, but the spy/thriller/action is non-stop. Buckell's characters are always interesting and intelligent, and the setting is especially fascinating. This one would be a perfect beach rea [...]

    6. I don't think I've ever given a book one star before.The plot here could have been run by the worst supervillain in a James Bond movie. No, Austin Powers. I actually like Roo, the protagonist, although there are some aspects to his handling of events that are . highly questionable. And I like the world building (more on that later).SPOILERS. If you care.1. Why give the data to Roo? Why not someone else at CIG? Other than the "we were buddies years ago" connection, it's made very plain that Roo d [...]

    7. I spent quite some time in my high school years reading all the James Bond novels I could get my hands on, and Buckell has brought me back to that love I used to have for the genre. In fact, if there are books out there like this, new spy novels of this caliber, then I need to reacquaint myself with this old flame. I admit I did have a little bit of culture shock or maybe geography shock from this being set wholly in the Caribbean, but it was so easy to sink into the characters that I got over t [...]

    8. This is quite a fast paced thriller and action packed too. It's a thriller that moves about various Caribbean islands as Roo pursues the person responsible for deaths of those close to him. Clearly, Buckell is one smart writer. He managed to make me envision a World where hurricanes were ever increasing, and all the talk of weather patterns, and biotech espionage wasn't overdone. What might have been a tad too much, was all the information about sailing, but I enjoyed hearing about the various C [...]

    9. Hollywood is missing a great but if they don't turn this book into a Blockbuster movie.Semi-retired Caribbean Intelligence agent "Roo" Jones lives on a catamaran sailboat in the Lesser Antillies. When he gets an email and voice message from a recently deceased colleague, he's reluctantly drawn back into the business. But when he gets targeted by the same neo-Nazis who killed his friend, he's out for revenge. Can Jones follow the clues his dead friend left scattered throughout the Carribean, whil [...]

    10. The worldbuilding is excellent, the setting and its contingent issues handled well, the action sequences thrilling. Loved Roo as a character. Some side-character sketches done well. Unfortunately, there was a general lack of character development--many times we're told, rather than shown, the evolution of character relationships and ideas. Kit was the worst offender: next to nonexistent, for all that she was there for most of the novel. Several plot points fell flat or felt perfunctory. A certai [...]

    11. There was a lot to like in this book. The characters were fun, the setting was full and lush and obviously well-loved by the author. The story was intriguing and fast-paced, and while containing Sci Fi elements, lent itself very well to the spy genre. I have not, as of yet, read ARCTIC RISING, which is a precursor to this book, but I will. I would also read a follow up novel, especially one that focused on a young Roo.That said, I'd have liked to see some more in-depth character growth. I wanted [...]

    12. Hurricane Fever is a sharp thriller set in the near future, where the seas have risen and extreme weather patterns batter the Caribbean all summer. It was a quick read, fast paced and enjoyable with a definitely unique sensibility. An ex-Caribbean Intelligence officer gets caught back up in biotech espionage when an old comrade sends him a posthumous message asking to be avenged. There are boats, there are hurricanes, there are many many people of color (what with it being set in the Caribbean a [...]

    13. A good thriller set in the Caribbean where we all think only vacations happen. Prudence Jones, known as "Roo", must thwart a maniacal industrialist who on the surface appears to be promoting vertical farming to provide more food for the masses, but in his labs,which are free from government's prying eyes , he is growing something far more sinister. "Roo" must fight through hurricanes and Neo-Nazi bodyguards to stop him from spreading a deadly virus.The characters are not steriotypical and the st [...]

    14. Two stars means, "It was OK," and that's what I felt about this formulaic thriller. All the standard elements were there--independently minded secret agent up against a rich super-villain and his Nazi henchmen, who benefits from alliances with shady characters and a mysterious woman, with car chases and gunplay. What distinguished the story from the paint-by-numbers plotting was its near-future Caribbean setting and its indigenous West Indies hero. If only he were balanced by an equally interes [...]

    15. I wish I could give this book two different ratings: one for the writing and one for the story. I LOVED the character of Roo, the setting and the overall story. I would give it four stars for that. I thought the pace was great and I enjoyed the thriller and science fiction elements.The writing kept throwing me out of the story, though. I don't know if this is because I'm learning more about writing and craft, but there were little things that made the experience bumpy. Perhaps these would not be [...]

    16. When I finished the first book in this series (Arctic Rising) I thought it was a mistake to listen to instead of read. It was so well paced I figured any sequel would be one of those books you read in an evening or two instead of trying to find the right bit of genre TV. Spoiler: I was right.This is in the same near future, post-global warming, resource constrained world, but it follows a supporting character (Roo) back to the Caribbean where weekly hurricanes and not melting ice are the backdro [...]

    17. Set in the near future, former spy Roo gets dragged back into his old life when an old spy friend dies and leaves him a mysterious package.Took me awhile to figure out that it was in the near future vs the present. (Which just goes to show you how terribly ignorant I am of world affairs as well as how well written and plausible Buckell's world creation is. Bonus points for POC protagonists. It's always nice to see us in the future, too.

    18. This is a very entertaining but also thought provoking near future eco-thriller set in the Caribbean. The world is suffering the effects of climate change with regular and frequent hurricanes. Throw in a James Bond style villain, some interesting future technology and very engaging characters and you have a terrific book.

    19. “Hurricane Fever” walks a thin line between action thriller and vacation read. The tropical setting makes this book almost serene (if you listen to the audio book the narrator helps), while the characters rush headlong into a conspiracy they didn’t wish for. With a good balance of character development, plot progression and action this well written thriller is a fun and interesting read.

    20. Buckell's second book set in a near future of global warming, features Prudence "Roo" Jones. An old friend sends Roo a plea and the information that got him killed. Non-stop action ensues as hurricane after hurricane sweeps through the Caribbean.

    21. Good writer and very good reader. The author cares deeply about global warning and the clash between the rich and the third world, and skillfully integrates his political beliefs in the the fast paced narrative.

    22. An ok read, pretty simplistic, more like a teen read. Read as a first effort or an entry for a college class, not what I'd expect from a New York Times best selling author. Needed more editing, lots of spelling errors, poor grammar, poorly constructed sentence structure, etc.

    23. Fun, fast-paced and very clever. I loved Roo as a character and the near future world building was fantastic, especially the Caribbean setting and the consideration of the political and technological effects of global warming, not the just the ecological fallout. More please!

    24. It's kind of fun to read a James Bond type action story where the secret agent is a Caribbean guy.I like Buckell's outer space science fiction more, but I'll read the next story about Roo Jones.Even though small talking animals aren't even a possibility.

    25. Read this for a class. It was our last book for the semester and our professor chose it to let us close on something easy. Pretty much for that reason, I didn't enjoy it, as it just seemed really shallow compared to the other things we had read.

    26. Decent futuristic action thriller with a unique Caribbean slant. A little bloody at times but fast paced action held my attention enough that I read it in one sitting. I just started Arctic Rising, Mr.Buckell's first novel and await more from Prudence "Roo" Jones.

    27. Really enjoyed this - a short, snappy and exciting technothriller. I just wish it had been longer. Couldn't put it down.

    28. Step 1: Transplant Carl Hiassen from Florida to the CaribbeanStep 2: Add some finely chopped soft science fictionStep 3: Season with a gripping plot and believable charactersStep 4: Enjoy!

    29. Very clever and intelligent, non-stop action, near future, eco-terrorism thriller, with an exotic bend. Should have been more compelling.

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