Close My Eyes

Close My Eyes It s been eight years since Gen Loxley lost her daughter Beth Since that day Gen has been floundering While her husband Art builds his business reputation and their fortune she can t let go of Beth

  • Title: Close My Eyes
  • Author: Sophie McKenzie
  • ISBN: 9781471111723
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s been eight years since Gen Loxley lost her daughter, Beth.Since that day, Gen has been floundering While her husband Art builds his business reputation and their fortune, she can t let go of Beth.And then one day, everything changes A strange woman shows up on Gen s doorstep, saying the very thing she longs to hear that Beth is alive That she is out there somewherIt s been eight years since Gen Loxley lost her daughter, Beth.Since that day, Gen has been floundering While her husband Art builds his business reputation and their fortune, she can t let go of Beth.And then one day, everything changes A strange woman shows up on Gen s doorstep, saying the very thing she longs to hear that Beth is alive That she is out there somewhere, waiting for Gen to find herIt s insane Unthinkable But why would someone make up such a story Ignoring the warnings of her husband and friends, Gen begins to hope hope that quickly turns into fear and paranoia.With questions swirling around her head, Gen is determined to uncover the truth But who can she trust Why is Art so reluctant to get involved To save his wife from further hurt Or something much sinister Is Beth even really out there And, if so, who is responsible for taking her What is the truth about Beth Loxley

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    1. Sophie McKenzie

      Hey there Welcome to my page where you can keep up with all my stories both the ones that are already published and the works in progress I write mostly thrillers though I have done some teen romance stories too.I m really excited right now because ofClose My Eyes which is my first psychological thriller for adult readers pub May 2013, UK, July 2013, US Split Second my new teen thriller for Autumn 2013 UK The Flynn teen romance series which started with Falling Fast and Burning Bright and continues with Casting Shadows pub July 2013, UK For info on these and my other books, check out my website sophiemckenziebooks

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    1. This book deals with the most painful, intense type of grief which is "losing a child shortly after birth". Geniver Loxley lost her daughter eight years ago a profound sense of loss weighed on her, she was still grieving her daughter when a woman ( nurse from the hospital) shows up claiming that Gen's baby had been born alive and was taken away by the doctor and given to someone else, and her husband was well aware of the whole situation, Gen didn't trust the woman at first, but her hope for the [...]

    2. Rating: 4* of fiveThe Publisher Says: When Geniver Loxley lost her daughter at birth eight years ago, her world stopped… and never fully started again. Mothers with strollers still make her flinch; her love of writing has turned into a half-hearted teaching career; and she and her husband, Art, have slipped into the kind of rut that seems inescapable.But then a stranger shows up on their doorstep, telling Gen the very thing she’s always wanted to hear: that her daughter Beth was not stillbor [...]

    3. Sophie McKenzie hasn't strayed too far from the young adult style she's used to with this adult book that was an entertaining distraction but ultimately too ridiculous and unbelievable to deserve a higher rating. No one will see the twists coming because they are more than a little too "out there" to be believed. But it is entertaining. McKenzie knows how to create tension with every page and her cliffhanger chapter endings guarantee you won't be putting the book down any time soon. And the endi [...]

    4. It's not often I give a book 5 stars, but WOW! This was a completely compelling psychological mystery thriller. I had to read this over 4 days due to being busy with work, but this is one of the hardest books I've ever had to put down, and I found myself thinking about it throughout the day, even squeezing in a few pages while cooking. I was reading into the early hours every night, and found myself laid awake wondering what was going to happen next.This book had me feeling paranoid, trusting no [...]

    5. 1.5/5 but rounding up to 2 for the sake of generosityI received my ARC from St. Martin's Press via First Reads and though I'm grateful that I was chosen to preview the book early, this story about a wife who lost her stillborn baby, only to be told by a stranger that the baby was actually born alive and had been stolen from her, failed to truly grab my attention. The back cover of this book has quotes from readers who had something good to say about what they had read. One person in particular, [...]

    6. Geniver Loxley has been struggling through life since her baby, a daughter she named Beth, was stillborn eight years ago. While her husband Art has built a successful business and become something of a minor celebrity, Geniver has been unable to move on, devastated at the loss of Beth and the fact that she has been unable to get pregnant again. Her world is turned upside down when an unfamiliar woman knocks on her door and tells her that Beth is, in fact, alive. Art dismisses the claim as the li [...]

    7. Geniver Loxley felt she was moving under water, only partially connected to the world she was living in. Eight years ago she was so happy, her husband Art and her were expecting their first child. Her pregnancy had progressed well, at seven months along she was no longer experiencing morning sickness. When she went for a scan with Dr Rodrigez, her specialist, the shock and horror of Beth having died in utero was devastating. Her immediate C-section to have Beth, a stillborn daughter, plus the da [...]

    8. This novel burns like a New Mexico fire, slow and steady, tearing through trees and leaves once the winds change, licking at the tips, spreading rapidly and with reckless abandon before the firefighters and volunteers can snuff it out. And it crept up on me, unassuming, inconsequential even, like a kitten with rabies that lashed out at my pant leg once my back was turned. But unlike the fire and rabid kitten, I happened to enjoy the process, the slow and steady progress toward the climactic conc [...]

    9. If you were planning to catch up on some sleep in the near future, do NOT read this book. If you believe that truth is an immutable absolute, do NOT read this book. And, if you believe that the people in your life are the sum total of what you think you know about them, do NOT read this book. Howeverif you enjoy a book that grabs your attention in the first paragraph and never lets go of it, you should definitely read this book!This is a twisting, turning storyline which provokes a visceral reac [...]

    10. I won a copy of "Close My Eyes" by Sophie McKenzie through the Giveaway Contest. This was such a gripping psychological thriller that had you hooked right from the beginning, and wouldn't let you go until you reached the end. I was first intrigued with the cover, and then when the story startedI couldn't let go.Geniver Loxley, a writer and husband, Art, a online trader, lost their daughter, Beth who was stillborn. What followed was terrible years of pain and grief, after Beth and six failed IVF [...]

    11. I had heard good things about this author, and was excited when my copy of CLOSE MY EYES arrived. My expectations, I am happy to say, were far from being disappointed! CLOSE MY EYES is a cleverly constructed book, with a plot that gripped me from the first few pages and a protagonist I truly felt for. The book is written in first person present tense, which I use in my writing as well, so I obviously enjoyed it:-) McKenzie has a very fluid style of writing, and I zipped through this book far too [...]

    12. 2.5 starsI think this book has got such high marks as the story is pretty explosive and drags you along by the seat of your pants! Top marks for going somewhere I never expected and the ending was great.The reason I didn't really enjoy this one is because the characters are vapid and completely unbelievable. I realise Gen has been through a lot but she is so irritating and she just couldn't convince me that her situation would be plausible.I don't want to give anything away as the best part of t [...]

    13. Geniver Loxely has been left devastated by the loss of her daughter, and every day since, all she has thought about is Beth. Gen is married to her husband Art, who is very business-orientated and has a successful company, Loxley Benson. Art is also very driven and determined both in business and in life. Gen had a few novels published, and enjoyed writing, but has found it difficult to put her thoughts into words ever since Beth.One day whilst Art is away on a business trip, there is a knock at [...]

    14. Rating: 4.5 stars Eight years ago, Gen's baby daughter Beth was tragically stillborn and Gen has been treading water ever since. A writer by profession, her creativity has left her and she now works half-heartedly as a writing teacher. Her husband Art runs a thriving business and financially they want for nothing. He's been the driving force behind them trying for another baby, and after natural methods failed, they had several unsuccessful attempts at IVF. Art now wants to try one more time, bu [...]

    15. My View:A stunning read – once I started reading I did not put down till I finished! I had to know what going on, was Gen unstable, trapped in a spiraling web of grief or was there something more sinister and incredible happening? And what was the relevance of the seemingly random addition of the child like voice that punctuated the narrative so disturbingly? McKenzie writes a great psychological thriller, plenty of twists and turns, a few red herrings thrown in just to keep you guessing, and [...]

    16. It was a toss up between a two and a three star review for Close My eyes. The good points are very good: the story tackles a difficult subject with sensitivity and insight and it really is a gripping read - like many reviewers I found myself racing towards the end. There is also great skill in making what is actually quite a wildly implausible plot pretty convincingThe bad points: I'm afraid I clocked who the villain was almost as soon as they were introduced as a character which meant the big r [...]

    17. 3.5 stars!This book was a solid four stars up until the last 75%. The loss of the main character's baby eight years earlier seems pretty straightforward until a strange woman shows up at her door and tells her that her baby is still alive. Then her whole life unravels, with numerous secrets exposed.I found the final part of the book hard to believe and found myself getting annoyed with the main character and the numerous idiotic steps she takes. I won't go into them as they'd be spoilers, but I [...]

    18. Isn't this the exact same cover as this but with a different font:.0Come on! Compare them!

    19. Available now from Simon and Schuster.Source: Purchased copy.It’s been eight years since Gen Loxley lost her daughter, Beth: eight years of grief in which nothing’s really moved forward, for all that her husband, Art, wills it to. Gen, once a writer of novels, has settled in to a life of half-hearted teaching, while Art makes his name and their fortune – and pressures her into trying IVF once again. For Gen, it seems a cruel act of replacement; life without Beth is unthinkable, unbearable [...]

    20. This was such a gripping psychological thriller that had you hooked right from the beginning, and wouldn't let you go until you reached the end.Geniver Loxley and her prominent husband Art had long been trying to have a second child after the stillbirth of their daughter Beth some 8 years earlier. In a strange twist of fate, somebody shows up on Loxleys' doorstep with the following message: Beth was not really stillborn, but taken by the doctor who delivered her.Naturally, the stranger's claims [...]

    21. This book was just fantastic! I loved every moment and the ending was superb! It's because of books like this that I am reminded about why I love to read.

    22. I received an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book through First Read program, so I thought I would share my thoughts (which were not required as a condition of receiving the book).This book is drawing numerous comparisons to Gone Girl, which I absolutely loved, but the biggest problem with such a comparison is that the reader is undoubtedly meant to sympathize, relate and even root for Geniver, the main character, whereas the characters in Gone Girl were never (at least imho) meant to be charac [...]

    23. Okay, seriously. What da heck did I just read?? MY BRAIN HAS EXPLODED. THAT ENDING.When you first read Close My Eyes, it's a bit too slow at the start. Nothing really seems to be happening, you're lulled into a false sense of security (read: boredom), when suddenly BAM a stranger turns up on the doorstep (in the book, not in real life. Because that would be creepy). The pace suddenly quickens, and everything begins building up to this MASSIVE climax. Man, those scenes were intense!To be honest, [...]

    24. I almost don't even know what to say about Close My Eyes other than be prepared to drop everything else once you start reading. In the interest of not giving away the plot, I've kept that part vague here. McKenzie opens with the sad story from the point of view of Geniver Loxley, who's basically been moping through life for the last eight years since the stillbirth of her daughter, Beth. When a stranger visits her and tells her there were unusual circumstances surrounding the birth, she at first [...]

    25. This book was absolutely brilliant, the best thriller I've read in a long time, waaaay better than Gone Girl which I just couldn't get into. This book is so gripping and a prime cause of sleep deprivation. The novel is about a woman, Geniver who believed that her daughter was stillborn, but 8 years later a woman comes to her door and tells her that her baby is alive. This book kept me on my toes the whole time and I felt the surge of adrenaline whilst reading it. Many people say that they found [...]

    26. Two stars because I was able to finish it. Lots of plot holes, silly melodrama, and a narrator who failed to arouse any respect or sympathy. Characters who allow their particular tragedy to define them are tedious. Geniver can barely pull herself together, eight years after the stillbirth of her baby. Eight. Years. That's a hella long time to feel sorry for oneself, isn't it? I would be utterly bored with myself, I think. I am another who does not get the comparison to Gone Girl, a book which I [...]

    27. I won this in a Good Reads Giveaway. I am flabbergasted at the high ratings this book has pulled in so far. I am trying to figure out what it was about the story line and characters that drew people in? You could tell fromThe get go that all was not well in Art and Gen's marriage. It wasn't hard to figure out that Morgan was off as well. I just found this book to be slow, and not surprising. It played out like a Lifetime movie. Predictable. I am very disappointed with it. I would not recommend i [...]

    28. A hugely enjoyable, compelling mystery that I couldn't put down. For the first third of the book I was clueless about the fate of Beth Luxley but guessed what had happened around halfway through (hence 4 stars rather than 5). Correctly guessing the ending didn't reduce my enjoyment in the slightest, this book was so well-written, so well paced it was a real joy to read. Highly recommended to fans of the psychological suspense genre. I look forward to reading more from Sophie McKensie.

    29. I read this book after receiving a recommendation from a friend and thoroughly enjoyed it. The book is full of suspense, twists and turns and I couldn't put the book down. The style of the novel reminded me of SJ Watson's 'Before I go to sleep' which I read earlier in the year and also enjoyed.

    30. I won a free copy from St. Martin's Press via First Reads.I started reading this one a few months ago and got about four chapters in and just couldn't go any further. The MC is weak and whiny, and the story just didn't hold strong for me. I tried again and again to read farther and I just couldn't get into it. It may just be me, but this one was a no go.

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