Jaguin's Love

Jaguin s Love Jaguin is one of the finest trackers on Valdier To date there is only one thing he has never been successful at finding his true mate That failure is eating away at him and his dragon Even his symbio

  • Title: Jaguin's Love
  • Author: S.E. Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jaguin is one of the finest trackers on Valdier To date, there is only one thing he has never been successful at finding his true mate That failure is eating away at him and his dragon Even his symbiot is feeling the drain as the centuries crawl by with no end to the emptiness gnawing away at them Hope flares with the discovery of a species that is compatible with thJaguin is one of the finest trackers on Valdier To date, there is only one thing he has never been successful at finding his true mate That failure is eating away at him and his dragon Even his symbiot is feeling the drain as the centuries crawl by with no end to the emptiness gnawing away at them Hope flares with the discovery of a species that is compatible with their own The Lords of Valdier have found their true mates on a distant planet bringing hope to the warriors of Valdier where females are few and true mates almost non existent.Jaguin is rewarded for his help in tracking one of the Lord s stubborn females with the promise of a chance to find his own true mate on the planet called Earth His search appears fruitless until the last mission before they are to leave.Sara Wilson is a botanist working with the Columbiana University Her love for plants and their potential for medicinal uses consume her life She feels confident she is on the verge of a break through when she is kidnapped by a cartel boss with only one thing on his mind to extract revenge A revenge that not only comes close to taking her life but will change it forever.After a fruitless search for his mate, Jaguin s accepts one last assignment to guard Lord Creon s mate, Carmen, during a mission to seek justice against the man who brutally murdered her husband back on Earth Instead, he finds his true mate in the man s cruel clutches, barely clinging to life His only thought is to spirit her away where he and his symbiot can heal her and his dragon can claim her.The scars left during her captivity run deep inside Sara as she struggles to come to terms with her new life She is no longer on Earth but the fear and terror still haunt her She needs time to discover who she is again and whether this is a life she can accept.Can Jaguin s love heal the scars on the inside or will his true mate believe she has traded one monster for another

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      S.E Smith is a New York Times Twin Dragons and Dagger s Hope and 14 time USA TODAY Bestselling author of Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance She brings action, adventure, and suspense filled romance stories to transport readers out of this world Sexy, funny, action packed Science fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Contemporary stories with a twist Discover stories with a heart at sesmithfl.

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    1. It's been a while since I read anything in this series. I had forgotten how perfect Smith's heroes were. On the flip side, I had forgotten how annoying her heroines are with their pushing away and denial.Is it wrong that I wanted Sara to just "hurry up and get over it" already? Now, I know, in real life after a trauma like that, I would NEVER expect her to heal quickly, but when reading I just don't have the patience for the push/pull especially when she had the perfect hero right in front of he [...]

    2. 5 Stars!I love S.E. Smith stories so much. It feels so good to come back to her wonderful dragon world. She is one of my favorite authors and I’m guaranteed a delightful trip to my comfort zone. This is not my favorite in the series, but delivers all the same. Wonderful ending and so impatience for the next one.

    3. Giving this 3 stars, feels as if I'm betraying all the other books I genuinely gave three stars.So, this was a 2.5 star read.Having read so many of the books in this series, this had nothing new to offer, the only saving grace were the moments when the dragons talked. So cute!Anyway, this will probably be the last book I ever read from this series even if more are released.

    4. ABSOLUTELY CAPTIVATING !!!Title: Jaguin's LoveSeries: Dragon Lords of ValdierAuthor: S.E. SmithDesignation: Book Eight of Series, Full-Length(181 Pages) Can Be Read As Standalone Sci-Fi/Paranormal Romance, NO CliffhangerReading Platform: Kindle EditionMy Rating: Five Delightfully Entertaining Stars*****I adore action/adventure, love science fiction, obsessed with anything paranormal, totally smitten with sexy aliens, and completely addicted to romance but give me the perfect combination of them [...]

    5. Sara Smith is abucted (rescued) during a climatic scene from Cornering Carmen. This book features Sara's story.Sara had been a victim suffering repeated horror and abuse at the hands of Cuello. She was as close to death as a person could be until the Valdier warriors, with Carmen at the forefront, show up. Carmen has returned to Earth with the intent to exact justice on the man who had killed her human husband and unborn child. To finally put closure to her past and move on with her future with [...]

    6. 3.5 stars (I guess I will round it up to 4 why not?) Wavering between marking it 3 or 4 stars.Pretty good story but not close to a favorite of mine in this series. Sweet, but not much action considering how this series began and a little too much angst going on too long for this poor sociopath to take. There was a part where there was an important meeting as if something big was going to happen, but it was just dropped why even do that at all?I did like the ending, even though it's a CLIFFHANGER [...]

    7. It quickly became clear that this book didn't have much in the way of plot. It was mostly just vignettes of two people learning to trust and love each other. I was okay with that - the characters were likable, I was totally fascinated by the male lead with his 2 alternate personality/creatures and the relationship was sweet.But the the dragon sex was just too much for me. It included way too much description of dragon penis, dragon orgasm and a whole bunch of things I never wanted to know about [...]

    8. Another dragon wonder !I don't know how she does this book after book. I'm just as hooked now as I was on book one. Each dragon, and each female have different strengths and weaknesses. But the love of a man and a dragon and of course we won't forget honey. Wow. This is another hit, a constant page turner. Keep them coming Love them.

    9. This book didnt have the action and the humor was left towards the end. Not quite as good as the others in the series but still worth the read. It was more of a falling in love story. There is a good setup for the next in the series and I will be buying the next.

    10. Awesome book, strength overcomes all.This series is honestly my favorite. In each book, there is a strong heroine, and a strong male who loves her. In each book each couple have something to overcome, to battle usually each other at first. Then a common enemy or problem. I love the world's, the characters, you grow to truly care about each one, eagerly awaiting the next book to catch up on the other couples life's. The world and characters become almost as real to you as our own world. Fabulous [...]

    11. Sarah's saviourSara is captured and tortured by a drug lord while working in South America. She is saved when the alien dragon lords come to avenge Carmen, wife to their prince. Among them is Jaguin who recognises Sara as his lifemate. But Sara is so badly damaged, both physically and mentally, from the torture that she has been subjected to that it is not even certain that she will live. Even if she does Jaguin will not survive unless she accepts him as her mate.Another first class story from S [...]

    12. This is Jaguin and Sara's story . Jaguin has decided that he will never find his mate and takes on last assignment to help Lord Creon to guard his mate Carmen while she seeks justice for the past . Once there he then finds his mate being beaten and just about loses his mind ! Sara has scars inside due to all that she suffered and is not reading to accept that she now has an alien mate . This story will make you feel every emotion there is !! Sara finally decides that she will give Jaguin a chanc [...]

    13. I wasn’t sure if to rate it 3 stars. There isn’t half’s. Then again, the narrator’s performance is exemplary and was very enjoyable. Made for the feeling of “missing something” in certain rushed parts. Still, it was enjoyable and made me want to know more of new characters introduced 🐉 ^_^ Really, on to the next! 💪🏼

    14. The 8th book in the series about the intermingling of humans and tri-creatures from Valdier. This time Jaguin finds his female when helping Carmen; one of the original 5; eliminate the man on Earth who killed her unborn child and husband.

    15. Jaguin's LoveSmith really knows how to create a story and draw you into it. Abounding love, Super Hot and sensual, couldn't get any better. Wish I could be as creative as Smith. She makes you see and feel what her characters do. AMAZING!!!!

    16. no true conflict. romance took longer then it needed to, to get started only because of the woman's issues. same old lame story just on a different planet.

    17. 2.5 starsI'm not sure what's happening here, but much like book nine, I just did not get into this story. Which kind of sucks because I really liked Jaquin in Trisha's book. Perhaps it's because Sara is understandably traumatized and therefore Jaquin has to be careful with what he does that it restricts what can happen. Because nothing does. He tries hard to woo her without scaring her away and that's sweet at times to be sure. But the focus is on Sara's healing and trying to move forward and no [...]

    18. two become fiveSara never thought herself strong. She just knew she wasn't going to allow a bunch of bullying cartel men take her down, no matter what they did to her! She also didn't believe in dragons either! That is until she is saved by none other than Dragon Warrior Jaguin!!!Together they start a life that takes Sara to a new planet, a new home and a new task asked if then by Aikaterina the Goddess of Jaguin's people.This book rocks!!! a must read for all S. E. Smith fans

    19. Jaquin's Love:DRAGON LORDS OF VALDIER BOOK 8By S.EITH ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SERIES BY S.E SMITH AND SO DEFINITELY WILL YOU!! This Series has fantastic storyline with amazing detailed information about the characters and their entire journey through the horrific events to the happiness together as mates. You DEFINITELY DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS SERIES OF -THE DRAGON LORDS OF VALDIER!! So if you haven't already picked them up I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO!!!

    20. Jaguin’s Love (Dragon Lords of Valdier, Book 8)S E Smith We have seen glimpses of Jaguin before in a few of S E Smith Dragon Lords of Valdier books. He was with Creon and Carmen on Earth, helped Kelan track Trisha, went with Kelan & Trisha to Earth to bring back her father Paul, and was part of Emma’s recovery with Ha’ven, now Jaguin gets his story told. Well it’s about time! We first met Jaguin in “Tracking Trisha” when he was introduced as Creon’s best tracker. Jaguin was ama [...]

    21. GENERAL INFO: Jaguin's LoveYear Pub/Re Pub: 6/21/16Indie/Publisher: Montana Publishing LLCPage Length: 180Genre: Sci fi romanceSub-Genre/Age:18+Book's Price: 3.99Price I'd Value:3.99Standalone/Cliffhanger: standaloneStandalone /Part of a Series/Installment: Bk 8 Dragon Lords of ValdierEpilogue Included:​no=======================================Character(s)POV Spoken: Jaguin and Sara=======================================​M/F-M/M-M/M/F-etc: M/FHEA/HFN/etc Ending: HEAContains Cheating:noContai [...]

    22. Nothing beats a bit of tail Or a lot.She's done it again, another brilliant story to add to her Dragons of Valdier series. I've been waiting for each new book to release with about the same amount of patience as a newly mated dragon. The humour and emotion that S.E. Smith weaves into her stories make them a must read and Jaguin's Love is a story that incorporates both of these and so much more. You literally feel the sadness, anger, hopelessness and despair faced by our couple as you delve into [...]

    23. Love the Dragon Lord booksI like all the book in this series. This one was good also, like the characters and the family connection of Jaguin. Waiting on the origin twin dragon book now. Would recommend.

    24. Another fantastic read in this series. Finally, we get Jaguin and Sara's story which has been interspersed throughout this wonderful world of Ms Smiths since Cornering Carmen. Poor Jaguin has taken forever to get his mate to trust him.Sara has had to come to grips with the awful torture she had inflicted on her. This does not mean she has forgotten but she has had to take the time to deal with it on her own terms. She is a very courageous woman and I loved how Jaguin’s mum helped her call fort [...]

    25. I recently re-read Jaguin's Love because I couldn't remember my impressions of the first time I read it. That in itself should have sent alarm bells that something was seriously wrong with the latest in my beloved Dragon Lords of Valdier series.The story picks up after Carmen's story and we're introduced to Sara, who has been captured by the douche in Carmen's back story. Sara and another character, Emma, have been held captive at a remote compound where they have been tortured over a period of [...]

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