The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect When the TARDIS lands on Skaro the Seventh Doctor and Ace are shocked to discover the planet has become the universal centre of learning populated by a race of peace loving Daleks Ever suspicious of

  • Title: The Ripple Effect
  • Author: Malorie Blackman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When the TARDIS lands on Skaro, the Seventh Doctor and Ace are shocked to discover the planet has become the universal centre of learning, populated by a race of peace loving Daleks Ever suspicious of his archenemies motives, the Doctor learns of a threat that could literally tear the universe apart Eleven Doctors, eleven months, eleven stories a year long celebratioWhen the TARDIS lands on Skaro, the Seventh Doctor and Ace are shocked to discover the planet has become the universal centre of learning, populated by a race of peace loving Daleks Ever suspicious of his archenemies motives, the Doctor learns of a threat that could literally tear the universe apart Eleven Doctors, eleven months, eleven stories a year long celebration of Doctor Who The most exciting names in children s fiction each create their own unique adventure about the time travelling Time Lord.

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      An award winning children s author, Malorie Blackman was honoured with an OBE in 2008 Her work has been adapted for TV and stage.More information available at MyspaceBritish Council Contemporary AuthorsBritish Council Encompass CultureChannel 4 Learning Book Box

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    1. This is the seventh book of the 50th Anniversary event presenting 11 short stories featuring the 11 doctors with 11 different companions. The Seventh Doctor is presented with Dorothy Gale McShane a.k.a. "Ace".The GoodAn adventure with Daleks!!! What else can you ask? I thought to keep hidden this, but since it is clear in the book synopsis that the Daleks appear in the plot, I didn't see any reason of not mentioning it.The plot is simple but solid and full of strong drama where the Seventh Docto [...]

    2. I actually really liked this one!SPOILERS BELOWDaleks, being NICE?? Yeah, mental that was! Sorry, Ace. Even I was on the Doctor's side when he said all needed to be righted. Who knows what else had been messed up in the universe??

    3. Another good effort that falls down on its depiction of the characters (this time of McCoy's doctor and Ace).I'm really starting to wonder if, when the commissioning editor, or their lackey, 'phoned all these people up the following basic conversation ensued:EDITOR: Hi, this is xxxx from Puffin. I know this isn't really your thing, but I'm pulling together a series of short novels for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor WhoTHOR: OK. (hesitantly) And you called me because?EDITOR: Well, as you: 1) are [...]

    4. Hooray!The daleks’ first appearance in this series of tales! A bit surprising really, as we are seven stories in. I wonder what could have kept them. Here our favourite homicidal pepper-pots offer us a riff on the classic series ‘ “Genesis of the Daleks” and the modern series’ “Dalek”. – as well as taking in the supposedly friendly daleks of “The Evil of the Daleks” and “Victory of the Daleks”. Yet even though it's playing with the past it remains very much it's own thing [...]

    5. Another of the anniversary year short stories where I felt it the story could have used a whole lot more fleshing out. The Ripple Effect was certainly a perfectly fine little story, but for something that I got the feeling that should have had some effect on the reader, an emotional impact of some sort, it left me to shrug and feel rather indifferent.Also, and I can't really put my finger on the reasons, but somehow this story felt "younger" to me than the previous stories in this set - not in a [...]

    6. A short and pointless story, that attempts to hint at the darker, less trustworthy Seventh Doctor. The plot itself, in which an alternate timeline needs to be reset, is obvious from the start (including the resolution - of course it will be reset), and even the younger end of the reading spectrum will have no trouble anticipating it if they watch the show regularly. This would have been fine, if the author had held nerve with the central question of the story - should the Doctor reset a timeline [...]

    7. Really liked this one. I've never seen an episode from the Seventh Doctor's tenure, so I'm ill-equipped to judge Malorie Blackman's character portrayals, but the actual story itself was really interesting and even kind of moving. It was perhaps too big of a story to try to tell in a little e-short, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Definitely looking to check out some more of Blackman's other stuff now. Only four Doctors left now. I'm still suuuuper curious who's going to get Ten and Eleven.

    8. Ace and the Seventh Doctor are portrayed very generically here, and the plot is both lacking in surprise and overly ambitious for the word count. Ace's developing friendship with one of the locals magically develops in about a sentence, in one of the worst examples of tell-instead-of-show that I've come across in ages. Also, this author must generally write for a much younger audience than the other writers chosen for this series, because the overall tone is much simpler in a kind of condescendi [...]

    9. Again I am not that familiar with the series featuring the Seventh Doctor and street-savvy companion Ace. However, I felt that Malorie Blackman did a great job with the characters and tackled an ambitious storyline that proved very compelling. It could easily have been the basis of a novel if expanded.I felt it was one of the best in the series to date.

    10. Doctor Who - The Ripple Effect is part the of Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 12 Doctors 12 Books series of mini-books. The Ripple Effect features the Seventh Doctor as played on the BBC television series by Sylvester McCoy and his companion Ace (Dorothy McShane). The mini-book opens with the Doctor and Ace in the TARDIS and they are stuck. They are in the space/time equivalent of the Sargasso Sea - becalmed and utterly unable to move. Other ships are also stranded. While the Doctor works on the TAR [...]

    11. It's quite interesting because looking at some of the other reviews here some people really didn't like this one. Once again, I haven't seen the seventh doctor or Ace and this era is probably the one I know least about. Hence, I only had the perspective of someone who doesn't really know who they are but I must say this one felt most familiar to me. I actually think this story is the best one out of the seven. Why? Because this story touches on Doctor Who subjects, such as the complications of b [...]

    12. Another good quick read in this series of Dr Who stories released in 2013 for the 50th anniversary.In terms of characterisation, I have to be honest and say that I can't recall seeing the seventh Doctor portrayed by Sylvester McCoy so when I tried to visualise this story, I couldn't say if they had got his mannerisms down well or not.Having said that this was a good story with an interesting moral dilemma - without wanting to reveal too much, the Dr finds himself in a massively different timelin [...]

    13. As a Doctor Who fan, I was really excited when it was announced that short fiction was going to be released by various authors in celebration of the 590th Anniversary though I have no idea why I've waited to so long to read them. This short story is from diverse author, Malorie Blackman who has done such a fabulous job with a time travel adventure that will captivate you from the very beginning.I found The Ripple Effect to be humorous and the emotional resonance to be just as chilling as it is o [...]

    14. Ten Second Synopsis:After barely saving themselves from a brief interlude in the quicksand of time, the Doctor and Ace stumble across Skarobut not as we know it.This is another in the 50th anniversary series of novellas, this one featuring the seventh Doctor and Ace. With the intriguing premise of kind, philosophy-loving daleks spreading learning throughout the universe, this quickie gives one a lot to ponder. The situation gives the Doctor and Ace a chance to chew over their own prejudices and [...]

    15. I never read anything by Malorie Blackman, but if her other stuff is like this one, I really should!!! I enjoyed it a lot!Our story starts with The Doctor and Ace trapped in a Temporal Plexus, which is basically a "time and space quicksand", as they mentioned it in the story. To get out of it, The Doctor decides to hit a star and turn it into a supernova, but by doing so, they end up going to an AU version of Skaro, the planet of the Daleks.The Daleks were the first DW villains I met. Well, the [...]

    16. Malorie Blackman, “THE RIPPLE EFFECT” (published July 23rd 2013), starring Seven (Sylvester McCoy).This was really good. Intriguing story in which the characters are suspicious of each other. Interesting timey-wimey double-up narrative that can only happen in the Doctor Who universe. ****“' The Temporal Plexus is like cosmic quicksand. '”“'My dear Ace, not all TARDISes look like police boxes. Only this one does – ever since the old girl's chameleon circuit got a bit stuck.'”“The [...]

    17. This series of short stories has been a mixed bag, all of them more or less enjoyable. This one I quite liked, but then I always like the 7th Doctor & Ace as characters, even if their televised stories occasionally fell short.The Ripple Effect bridges the gap in tone between classic and new Dr. Who in ways that make much more sense here. Some of the earlier shorts suffered from a slightly off tone that was more suited to modern day than the classic era. Not so here. We have classic elements [...]

    18. This installment features the 7th Doctor, played on tv by Sylvester McCoy from Sept 1987 to Dec 1989. It also featured Ace as his companion. Although there are several reincarnations of the Doctor that I haven't watched myself, I appreciate when authors include in these e-shorts descriptions that draw attention to the little details that make each Doctor unique. Here I didn't pick up on many but a few I did notice were; his paisley scarf, his lack of an instrument called a sonic screwdriver, and [...]

    19. Well, this Doctor was "my Doctor", Sylvester McCoy, accompanied by the best of all companions, Ace.This story is ok, though I do not think it really shows off those characters particularly strongly. There are attempts at getting them right, but, for me, it doesn't quite pull it off.The storyline put me in mind of a Star Trek TNG episode called Booby Trap, where the Enterprise becomes trapped alongside an old dead ship in a trap it cannot break out. Just here the story starts with the TARDIS trap [...]

    20. The Butterfly Effect explained via the medium of the Seventh Doctor and Ace. The TARDIS finds itself stuck in a misty timey-wimey-spacey-wacey quagmire and while the Doctor has a plan to get out of it, what if he's there in another TARDIS to stop himself doing just that? But still getting out of it in a completely unexplained way.If you've ever wondered what a universe filled with friendly Daleks would be like then this is the book for you. They're amongst the cleverest, most peaceful races in t [...]

    21. I loved this one. Again, although I’m not familiar with the seventh Doctor and his companion Ace, it wasn’t hard for me to imagine this story with the newer Doctors and companions I do know. Say like 10 and Rose.The concept of this story about Skaro being a peace loving planet and the Daleks not evil any more is a brilliant idea and one I hope they turn into an episode if possible.It has all the good components of a brilliant Doctor Who story, Daleks, Skaro, Time-Lords, paradox, the Tardis. [...]

    22. Although the Seventh Doctor's characterization fails at certain points, it's still a brilliant yarn that totally fits the Seventh! Those unfamiliar with the Seventh Doctor might miss the little slips in the Doctor's personality but to be fair, it doesn't detract from the overall story. I felt that Ace was written fairly well (shame she didn't get to blow anything up) and generally the reactions of both her and the Doctor at the situations they find themselves in fit perfectly with how I've alway [...]

    23. When reviewing previous volumes in this series, I have frequently complained that the short story format doesn't really work for 'Doctor Who'; it's all too rushed.'The Ripple Effect' manages to come very close to overcoming this complaint. A lot happens, it's a large and consequential plot, it doesn't feel rushed and the stakes are high. It's also very well written and features some very unusual Daleks. (The best way to use old foes is always to find a new angle on them, and this book certainly [...]

    24. A top children's author writing about one of my favourite Doctors? Excellent. There's an interesting moral dilemma when the seventh Doctor finds himself in a rebooted universe. Here, Skaro is a centre of culture and learning and the Daleks a force for good, but the Doctor is convinced something must be terribly wrong. Is he showing himself up as an intergalactic racist?Blackman writes the Doctor and Ace very nicely, and they are undoubtedly the right Doctor and Companion for the story. The writi [...]

    25. The Ripple Effect is a story featuring the seventh Doctor and Ace and a bunch of Daleks who are not bloodthirsty or evil, but creatures of science and peace and harmony. The Doctor has to work out what went wrong as these are not the Daleks that we know and that bothers him. It is the depiction of the Daleks in this story that makes it an interesting story as they are so different to what we are used to and it is nice to see then portrayed in such a favourable light but it is also just not right [...]

    26. This had a lot more potential than it showed. All the ingredients were there - reasonable facsimiles of the Doctor and Ace, an old foe, a time paradox - but somehow the cake failed to rise. The Doctor, true to his seventh incarnation, was dark and mysterious. Ace though was completely wasted, and became too sentimental too quickly. From the first few pages you knew what the resolution would have to be, and so despite repeated attempts to tug at the heart strings the telegraphing of everything le [...]

    27. The 7th Doctor and Ace are trapped in time and space. When they break free they find themselves in a very different universe. The seventh Doctor was so short lived that I really never made up my mind about him. Not my least favorite Doctor, but there are only a few episodes I truly enjoyed from his run. Also, I never really liked Ace. I just didn't connect with her. That being said, I really liked this story. It's the first of this series with Daleks in it. It pursues an interesting plot and I w [...]

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