Der Fuchs

Der Fuchs Eine Insel ist wie ein Schiff das den Elementen trotzt den St rmen der Meere und der bei enden K lte des Winters das aber auch Schiffbruch erleiden kann Seinen Bewohnern bleibt nichts anderes brig

  • Title: Der Fuchs
  • Author: Frédéric Brrémaud Federico Bertolucci
  • ISBN: 9783842007963
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eine Insel ist wie ein Schiff, das den Elementen trotzt, den St rmen der Meere und der bei enden K lte des Winters, das aber auch Schiffbruch erleiden kann Seinen Bewohnern bleibt nichts anderes brig, als sich dem Kampf ums berleben und f r den Schutz der ihren zu stellen, wenn das Schiff untergeht und sich das Chaos seinen Weg bahnt.

    • Unlimited [Humor and Comedy Book] ☆ Der Fuchs - by Frédéric Brrémaud Federico Bertolucci ↠
      389 Frédéric Brrémaud Federico Bertolucci
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    1. Frédéric Brrémaud Federico Bertolucci

      Brr maud, de son vrai nom Fr d ric Br maud, n le 11 mars 1973 S oul, est un sc nariste de bande dessin e fran ais Il signe galement sous les noms de Brr ou Fr d ric All lu a Br maud

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    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG!!!this is a stunning book of sequential art in which the only words are the epigraph and a quote from emerson at the end.i was a little concerned with the epigraph, initially, because it's one of those goopy new age-y sounding statements full of abstractions but signifying nothing:IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM, ANIMALS NEITHER LOVE NOR HATE EACH OTHER.LOVE AND HATE ARE PARTS OF A NATURAL WHOLE. A SUPREME BALANCE MANY CONSIDER TO BE UNIVERSAL, OR EVEN DIVINE. AN ELEMENTAL LOVE.A LOVE [...]

    2. Such a gorgeous, wordless, hardcover graphic novel.A fox is out hunting one day when a volcano erupts. Animals are rushing and running to get away from the lava and fires. She has one ruined, dead eye from a past fight. Can she escape the fires and lava (and other aggressive animals she meets along the way) with her life?The fox is the MC, but she engages with many other animals along the way - rabbits, squirrels, polar bear, bear, orca, etc. etc. etc. It's a brutal dog-eat-dog world out there, [...]

    3. I liked the first book in this series, the Tiger, very much, but the story in this one was even better. We get to follow a fox and several other animals during a volcano eruption. It's a game of survival; it doesn't matter if you are big and strong like a bear, there is always something bigger than you that want to eat you and the volcano itself consume everything in its way. It's an absolutely fantastic story, no dialog or any text except the short text before and after the story. And, the art [...]

    4. Circle of Life in the Kodiak archipelago.The illustrations are absolutely lovely, truly beautiful. The color and design are very evocative, a spectacle of animal life. It has a condensed nature documentary storyline. There are no words, only imagery. It is presented in a storyboard format. This is not happy go lucky; death comes to all, both young and old alike. The title alludes to what to expect in the end.The target audience due to the repeated implications of death, not graphic, clearly make [...]

    5. Yes, I bought all three books in one go and spent quite some money on them. Sometimes with art books I just can't help myself.In this second volume, we follow a fox through a day in its life. Again, no narration, no dialogue - just stunning panels full of vivid colours and strong images. However, there is a significant difference to the first: the titular fox is there throughout the book BUT there are quite a number of other places we get to see as well (such as underwater scenes)! Not sure why [...]

    6. On a frozen volcanic island, inhabited by numerous predators, some of which are battling for supremacy, there lives a one-eyed fox. When the volcano erupts, there is panic and chaos and create chaos for the animals and birds there. Facing catastrophe, there is competition and détente. The fox has its own agenda as it races around the deadly forces: lava and predators alike. Nice artwork, but you will have to use your imagination here because there are no words.

    7. The second in the series, this gorgeous YA graphic was my favorite. Beautiful rendering of life on the tundra with the added danger of an erupting volcano. I was swept away by this wordless graphic's stunning and vibrant artwork, blending scenes of danger and impending peril with nature's beauty. 5 stars.

    8. Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this series? Seriously, isn’t that why we get on those book websites like and Booklikes? You’ll are letting me down. Because no one told me about volume one. Because this is friggin awesome! I can’t figure out if this is supposed to simply be a graphic novel about a fox or a children’s picture book about a fox. It doesn’t really matter. There is no text for the most part, just opening and closing quotes. The action invo [...]

    9. (Received from Netgalley for review.)Like the previous The Tiger, this is really just about the gorgeous art. It's a wordless book, basically a day in the wild. There's a bit more going on here than in The Tiger, including a volcano. Still, not really much to summarize. But it's just so incredibly beautiful. A pleasure simply to look at, even if it is incredibly quick to read. But I've gone through it more than once, enjoying the incredible detail of the art. So, so pretty.

    10. Gorgeous art!!What first drew me in was the stunning depiction of wildlife. This story has no words so as I was going along, what I thought was a beautiful meditation on the circle-of-life, food chain of the wild, became a story of survival and the dramatic impact of natural world phenomena.A very quick and beautiful read!Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy to review.I had initially received the first volume of this series but it expired before I had the chance to read it, so I was [...]

    11. Not only just 80 pages long, this graphic novel also contains no words. So it seemed like a quick read, and it was.ratively, but there was nothing quick about the way I moved from page to page. I had to pour over each one, because the art was gorgeous. If you're a nature lover this one will probably appeal to you. A fox and other creatures fight and run for survival when there's volcanic activity in their home. It definitely had close calls and it's touching moments too. The story was completed [...]

    12. Reading this book is a bit like watching a nature video in cartoon form with no narration and a narrative through-line—a very dramatic day in the life of an arctic red fox. It's part of a series, all quite similar experientially and yet, each has its unique setting and set of protagonists. They're a bit gory (in the tradition of many nature videos). I think my 6 year old neighbor would like them, but I also know some kids (and adults) who might find the extended nature-is-violent motif a bit m [...]

    13. I didn't know what this was about when I started so I didn't really have any expectations but The Fox really surprised me. This graphic novel follows a fox on an island how she tries to survive. There's no dialogue so I read though this really quickly. The art is amazing. It's so beautiful. I'm definitely going to be checking out the others in this series because I enjoyed The Fox so much.

    14. Esto está increíblemente bien dibujado, y, para no tener ni una palabra escrita, crea bastante tensión. Algo que ya he sentido con los buenos documentales de animales, pero estas ilustraciones secuenciadas no se quedan atrás. A veces no puedes evitar tener la sensación de que estás ante actos de crueldad, pero, ¿acaso puede un animal ser cruel? ¿Pueden odiar? ¿Pueden amar? ¿O todo lo que pueden hacer es intentar vivir sus vidas basadas en el precario equilibro de un ciclo sin fin? > [...]

    15. I started this with no expectations whatsoever, since I didn't know anything about it. I kept seeing its release advertised, so I decided to check out the NetGalley advanced reader copy.What I found was a surprise. This is a wordless comic that captures the creator's awe and respect for nature, as well as nature's beauty. The "story" roughly chronicles the eruption of a volcano on an artic island, and the animals' responses to the event, the fox in particular. The art is beautiful, and Brremaud [...]

    16. This is probably the most beautifully done graphic novel I've ever come across. It's magical. The story of little fox and her pups is actually told in form of sequential art–without words– and the artwork, oh the artwork is simply breathtaking. Absolutely stunning. Reading LOVE: The Fox feels like taking a dive into another world.It's beautiful. It's heartbreaking. It's hopeful? I'm reminded of an animated movie I watched when I was young, very young, too young to understand: Watership Down. [...]

    17. This was GORGEOUS! Even better than the first one! I loved the Fox's story, and the dynamic images that accompanied this wordless tale. As always, the illustrations are superb, and the transitions from one action to the next SOOOO insanely smooth and crisp. I couldn't have asked for anything better. NO complaints from me whatsoever!I'll most definitely be recommending this series (but specifically THIS BOOK) to everyone I know! What a fantastic "read".

    18. Mi son ritrovata con una copia fallata, sigh: è stata rilegata sottosopra. Mi sono innamorata dei disegni di Federico Bertolucci, lo ammetto. Come disegna lui gli animali, non li disegna nessuno.Tra lui e Brrémaud, però, sono un po' sanguinari: son pochissimi gli animali che si salvano dalla fame degli altri animali e dalla catastrofe che segna questo libro.Le mie scene preferite sono quelle sottomarine, con i capodogli e le orche. Ma anche la scena nella tana delle lepri è piuttosto toccant [...]

    19. The best disaster book I've ever read my heart was pounding with excitement, fear, and downright dread as this fox and so many others fought for survival.

    20. Another great story in the series. The artwork was top notch once again and the story was intense with a lot going on. This series is great for anyone who enjoys animals and/or nature.

    21. Find this review and more fantastical things at The Leaning Tower of Tomes.Source: I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Magnetic Press and Diamond Book Distributors!The review:In August I received an email from NetGalley spotlighting some new graphic novels available for request. Love, Volume 2: The Fox was the featured book in the email blast, and listed as “Read Now”. I ran over to NetGalley like my life depended on it, dow [...]

    22. Love volume 2 - The Fox is one of the most beautiful comics I've ever seen. There's no dialogue or text - which is kind of obvious if you think that all the characters are animals and they're not anthropomorphic. The comic tells the story of this small island and in winter time the island's volcano erupts and all the animals try to flee. They fight for their survival killing one another and then we have the fox, who just wants to save its cub. "In the animal kingdom, animals neither love nor hat [...]

    23. 'The Fox (Love #2)' continues this beautiful wordless graphic novel series. I'm still confused why they've called it Love.A one-eyed fox living on a frozen volcanic island is on the run from all kinds of predators and larger animals living around it. To complicate matters, the volcano decides to erupt and create chaos with the animals. Suddenly animals are thrown together, sometimes violently. Not far offshore a pod of orca whales waits to see what food might be available. Meanwhile fox just wan [...]

    24. My only complaint as that it was only 80 pages. It was so good, and then it just ends, leaving me wanting moooorrrrreeee!!!!!This was such a cute little story. It just shows a bunch of different animals, and what they're up to when something bad happens It was so suspenseful, and it made me gasp, and I was showing my dad like "Omg look! The polar bear!!!" that's how into it I was. It was basically like watching a movie or documentary but there was never any words or commentary. Also, the art. Lo [...]

    25. In the animal kingdom, animals neither love nor hate each other.Love and hate are parts of a natural whole. a supreme balance many consider to be universal, or even divine. an elemental love.A love that mankind could never experience. This graphic novel tells a story with no words, only stunning drawings (the only words are the epigraph at the beginning and the final quote).However, the artwork speaks perfectly, powerfully for itself, composing a lovely hymn to the beauty and might of Nature. ~I [...]

    26. *I received this book as an eARC from Diamond Book Distributors via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*The cool thing about this series of graphic novels is the lack of dialogue. The story in each volume is told with beautiful artwork. In this second volume, a fox is followed during a volcanic eruption. There are many other animals featured trying to escape from the aftermath. The elements are shown at odds in beautiful panels. The nature is exquisite throughout the graphic novel. I give [...]

    27. Wow! Simply stunning. I was mesmerised watching this little fox as seemly the world was ending around it. A volcano is irrupting and all the animals are going berserk. Most of the animals are trying to escape the volcano, while some use the fleeing herds to their advantage for an easy meal. The little fox is all the time battling its way towards the volcano. And I was thinking, what is he doing? Well the little fox I assumed was male, is female and she was on a mission to save her pup, aw She ma [...]

    28. Ugh. And I thought Love, the Tiger was amazing. This one is, if possibly, even better. It brings in a more humanizing element, something else to strive for other than food. I'll be honest, I cried. I like these comics because they are VERY important. Animals in the wild are falling like flies. I'm going to make a prediction and say African elephants will be extinct before the end of the decade. These comics help to illustrate (heh) the plight of animals as well as how meaningful their lives are. [...]

    29. Magnetic Press continues to impress with The Fox, second in the Love series. Beautifully scripted and illustrated, the wordless book gives the reader the opportunity to become enmeshed into a story of survival in the face of one of nature's occurrences. Many questions came to mind while reading The Fox. Do you fight or flight, and what is the cost of that decision? When are you in control and when are you not? And, what is most important when facing adversity? I'm looking forward to the next boo [...]

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