B Sides Country music singer J R Hall sacrificed his love and any on going shot at personal happiness in exchange for his country music career all because he bought into the unspoken custom in Music City tha

  • Title: B-Sides
  • Author: Cheryl Nitely
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: ebook
  • Country music singer J.R Hall sacrificed his love and any on going shot at personal happiness in exchange for his country music career, all because he bought into the unspoken custom in Music City that there s no gay in country music Apparently, no one told Wyatt Ford about that rule He moved to Nashville to host a syndicated morning radio show with his old college budCountry music singer J.R Hall sacrificed his love and any on going shot at personal happiness in exchange for his country music career, all because he bought into the unspoken custom in Music City that there s no gay in country music Apparently, no one told Wyatt Ford about that rule He moved to Nashville to host a syndicated morning radio show with his old college buddy But when life doesn t work out like Wyatt planned, he finds himself, for all practicality, back in the closet.When J.R and Wyatt meet, they find something in each other they didn t expect another shot at happiness Having both lost their A side loves can two B sides make a hit This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love Has No Boundaries event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

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    1. This short in the LHNB event really confused me. It feels more like the first 1/3 of a story with how it ended. Call me a simple m/m reader, but I need a couple to root for in getting their HFN or HEA. I was confused in this story. Should I be rooting for Wyatt and J.R. or Hite and J.R.??? By the prompt, it felt like I should have been cheering for Hite and J.R. Yet, I couldn't help but not love Wyatt and want him happy with J.R. and that's the direction I went. As someone who is NOT a fan of lo [...]

    2. Offered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group's Love Has No Boundaries event. Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated!2.5 stars This was OK. I liked the first half and where it was going and figured it would be a solid 3 star, but it sorta lost me in that last sex scene and Epilogue. The sex scene just didn't evoke an emotional response, at all. Something was missing, and maybe that's the point since this was definitely a HFN, but it doesn't make for the warm fuzzies when reading. T [...]

    3. LHNB Story released 14.7.13This is a well written story of a country music star and a radio DJ host, both of whom are closeted, getting together over a short period of time. Unfortunately, this one didn't work for me.

    4. (view spoiler)[I really like the heart of the story, but the ending was a little abrupt for me. Because of that, I took off one star. I couldn't help thinking we needed to see how J.R. handled his decision, rather than getting Hi's POV and assessment on J.R.'s behavior. (hide spoiler)]

    5. J.R. Hall is a successful country singer, but to get there he had to sacrifice his love life, since he's gay, and you can't be out in country. He's miserable trying to hide who he really is.Then he meets country radio DJ Wyatt Ford. (view spoiler)[Wyatt comes on to J.R who at first turns him down. But when he finds out that his old boyfriend and only love has moved on and met someone else, J.R. takes a chance on Wyatt. But of course they have to be careful to not get found out, or it could mean [...]

    6. OK, so part of me is all "yay JR and Wyatt!" And another part is all "JR needs to go get Hi back!!" So I don't know which way I'm supposed to feel haha. I guess because since Hi was mentioned so often, I thought that JR was going to go back to win him back. Anyway, I'm glad JR got a guy as fun and good as Wyatt. If there is more I hope it'd work out so everyone gets some sort of a HEA. Thank you for a great story!

    7. Nice relationship building and treatment of the mains' lost loves. I would have liked to have seen a happier ending for these two. I really finished with the feeling that both had settled rather than finding new loves. Then again, it really suited the tone of the title and the rest of the story.[NOTE: I rate most writing event stories (free reads) 4 or 5 stars because of my appreciation of the author's participation.]

    8. A well written short story about a closeted country singer and a DJ at a local radio station. Both guys have loved and lost before, for differing reasons, both are tired of being lonely. I enjoyed the tale, although I wish it had carried on for a little longer as I would have liked to see a bit more about how the relationship affected their careers. Also I wasn't quite convinced the relationship would last given their different views about coming out.

    9. I got caught up in J.R's developing relationship with Wyatt and although I got the hint that Hi was still in the picture due to the number of times, J.R. thought about him, I was surprised by the epilogue. Not many short stories leave readers up in the air like this one. So a brave conclusion, but maybe not very satisfactory. I suspect many will be howling for more.

    10. 3.5 - I really enjoyed this story, the characters and the romance. Nice interpretation of the photo and the story letter. Thank you Cheryl Nitely for donating your story, your time and your talent.

    11. This MUST have more story coming. Another book? A couple more books? How can I get an update automatically, to let me know there's more to this story out there?It's a must.

    12. 3.5 stars rounded up.I really enjoyed this and was quite disappointed when it ended. I also found myself attached to Wyatt and really pulling for him.

    13. Nice introduction to this author for me. I'm guessing by the dates which things occurred this is a prequel to another story. I would like to read it.

    14. OK. This is a great beginning to a story, but there is clearly more story to tell. Cheryl, I really hope you keep writing so we can find out what happens to everyone.

    15. Tugged at my heart the whole time. Great story. Some of the sex scenes were kind of bland though. They were kind of clinical instead of passionate or steamy like they could have been.

    16. Since there wasn't a DRITC event this year (ultimate SAD face) I decided to reread past stories. This one was a fave, till I reread it last night. How I failed to see all the problems the first go around I'll never know. I agree with previous posts about this seeming like a small part in a much bigger story. And am I the only one who wants Wyatt and JR to stick together like glue? The epilogue with Hi and his S.O. came out of nowhere. I sincerely wish the author would give us a much needed expan [...]

    17. JR gives it all up to be a star but now he's re-evaluating his life. It seems his first love has moved on but maybe he can give it try with Wyatt. I really liked most of the story. According to JR's Dad his first love has moved on and his happy. JR is really to open up a bit and finds a wonderful friend and partner in Wyatt. But the end of the story sort of threw the whole thing off for me. It suddenly seems so up in the air and uncertain with the potential for lots of huge hurting. Wonder if we [...]

    18. 3,5*This story definitely needs a sequel. The way it ended made me feel like either J.R.'s as well as Hi's current relationships serve for both of them to grow and get back together or love in the current relationship needs time to slowly built and overcome the big first love.Also I found J.R.s decision to not hide any longer a bit sudden

    19. Definitely more of a promising HFN and this would have been four stars if not for (view spoiler)[the confusing epilogue that made it feel like the beginning of a triangle solved in a different book. (hide spoiler)]Wyatt was cute in his forwardness and I liked how he got JR to take a chance. The sex was hot and the banter enjoyable.

    20. This shorty is good enough, but somehow tragic too, at least at the end from Hite's side. Sure Hite was happy in his new love with Brad, but the fact remained his first true love with John would always stay special and would hurt no matter what.

    21. LHNB-19,3244 star read for me. What in the heck was that epilogue for??This would of been a great full length book. It had all the elements. I liked JR and Wyatt. They had some good chemistry!

    22. 3.5 starsGah! I really enjoyed this story written by a fellow LHNB event team member, and it would have easily gained 4 stars--until the end I wanted more!

    23. Is their going to be another book? Just curious really got into this one and only gave 3.5 stars because if the ending. I need closure people.

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