Im Stein

Im Stein Ein vielstimmiger Gesang der Nacht Prostituierte Engel und Gesch ftsm nner k mpfen um Geld und Macht und ihre Tr ume Eine junge Frau steht am Fenster schaut in den Abendhimmel im Januar laufen die

  • Title: Im Stein
  • Author: Clemens Meyer
  • ISBN: 9783100486028
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ein vielstimmiger Gesang der Nacht Prostituierte, Engel und Gesch ftsm nner k mpfen um Geld und Macht und ihre Tr ume Eine junge Frau steht am Fenster, schaut in den Abendhimmel, im Januar laufen die Gesch fte nicht, die Gedanken tanzen ihn ihrem Kopf Der Pferdemann , der alte Jockey, sucht seine Tochter Der Bielefelder rollt mit neuen Gesch ftskonzepten den Markt aEin vielstimmiger Gesang der Nacht Prostituierte, Engel und Gesch ftsm nner k mpfen um Geld und Macht und ihre Tr ume Eine junge Frau steht am Fenster, schaut in den Abendhimmel, im Januar laufen die Gesch fte nicht, die Gedanken tanzen ihn ihrem Kopf Der Pferdemann , der alte Jockey, sucht seine Tochter Der Bielefelder rollt mit neuen Gesch ftskonzepten den Markt auf, investiert in Clubs und Eroscenter AK 47 liegt angeschossen auf dem Asphalt Schonungslos und z rtlich schreibt Clemens Meyer in seinem gro en Roman von den Menschen, den Nachtgestalten, von ihrem Aufstieg und Fall, vom Schmutz der Stra e und dem Fluss des Geldes Mit gro er Kraft und Emotion erz hlt er die Geschichte einer Stadt, die zum Epochen Roman unserer Zeit wird.

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      116 Clemens Meyer
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    1. Clemens Meyer

      Meyer was born in 1977 in Halle an der Saale His studies at the German Literature Institute, Leipzig, were interrupted by a spell in a youth detention centre He has worked as a security guard, forklift driver and construction worker before he became a published novelist.Meyer won a number of prizes for his first novel Als wir tr umten As We Were Dreaming , published in 2006, 2 in which a group of friends grow up and go off the rails in East Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall He received the Rheingau Literatur Preis in 2006.His second book, Die Nacht, die Lichter All the Lights, 2008 , was translated by Katy Derbyshire and published by independent London publisher And Other Stories in 2011 3 It won the Leipzig Book Fair Prize in 2008.Since then he has published his third book, Gewalten Acts of Violence , a diary of 2009 in eleven stories, and a second novel called Im Stein In Stone in 2013 which was long listed for the German Book Prize.

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    1. This is a book about atmosphere more than plot. It is a series of interwoven stories with each story told non-linearly. Some chapters are relatively straightforward story-telling. Some are stream-of-consciousness. Sometimes the two mix in the same chapter. Sometimes a chapter relates two or three different events or has two or three different narrators without ever telling you that. At times, it can be difficult to keep track of who is talking or whose story is being told. As you would expect, t [...]

    2. German: "Im Stein" / English Translation: "Bricks and Mortar" (longlisted for the Man Booker International Prize)If you like Genet, Burroughs, and Fauser, you will love this. While the book deals with the sex trade as one of the capitalist industries conquering the former GDR after 1989, it is neither voyeuristic nor a moral tale. What makes Clemens Meyer’s writing so compelling is his immense empathy for his protagonists who are portrayed with great dignity. As outsiders in the midst of histo [...]

    3. The last for me of the 13 books from the 2017 Man Booker International shortlist. The markets and marketplaces are becoming more and more linked, steel and concrete town halls, the meat markets expanding, the bricks and mortar, sticks and stones, the rock growing, in a red-lit circle where everything’s linked, the rubbish truck, the fat woman, the Coke, the Viagras, the blockers, uppers and downers, lost cats, the right to sexual self-determination, scraps of memory like old police badges, the [...]

    4. From there to here, the present without a past, we’re wandering like the ancient philosophers.And time—present, past, future—is very much a part of Meyer’s project here, a project that seems to want to come to grips with contemporary unified Germany; the narrative is constantly at play with focus, time being one of the elements, but also perspective, mode and place. There is lucidity and there is dream, and both intertwine. There is almost every kind of telling possible, from shock jock [...]

    5. Books from category 'it's not you, it's me'. The story is primarily a portrait / social commentary of Germany after the fall of the wall. The author's focus is on prostitution (its legalization and regulation), human trafficking, corruption. migration all through the prism of money / capitalism. Chapters switch in point of view, between past and present and sometimes is difficult to follow who is the narrator (and where). I appreciate the ideas, but writing style doesn't quite suit me, although [...]

    6. Prostitution in Germany, East and West. Long, incomprehensible, and boring.The plot, though there is not much of it, is that prostitution is legal in Germany though it was not always like this, and also Germany was once two countries and it is now one. Some entirely predictable stories unfold around these premises. The main developments are in any event mentioned in passing as the characters pontificate on their destinies, so it is all very difficult to follow.I did not like this for two reasons [...]

    7. Each chapter is a different voice telling a different version of the same desperate story: sex trade in a former East German city from 1989 to the present. It makes you ache at the loneliness and despair, while at the same time feeling horror at the choices these people have made with their lives. For surely becoming a prostitute, or a pimp, or a “guest” (a word preferable to the women than “customer”) is a choice, is it not?How adept Clemens Meyer is at assuming the point of view of eac [...]

    8. Das Buch wird in den meisten Medien gelobt, was mich auch zum Kauf veranlasste. Leider entsprach das nicht meinem Eindruck. Das Buch lebt von unzähligen Wiederholungen, unsinnigen Sprachmitteln und leider auch unglaubwürdigen Charakteren. Es ist eine Last sich durch das Buch zu quälen.

    9. German Fairy Tales (or Märchen) take on various forms, we’ve all heard of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and ‘Snow White’, probably less so ‘Mother Trudy’, but Clemens Meyer’s “Bricks and Mortar” picks the threads of these classic tales, mentioning a few by name, and then represents them in the reality of modern Germany, from the period just prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall to (possibly) the current day. But the tale of a developing, changing Germany i [...]

    10. A choir of voices of those involved in the burgeoning GDR sex industry once the Berlin Wall came down. I found the stories of the women more involving than those of their pimps/ organised crime lords, who unfortunately were the recurrent voices rather than the women. The details of the changes wrought on the former Communist half of Germany were interesting, but overall not as much as I hoped for as a novel. It was 3.5 stars really, but that isn't an option

    11. Ein Roman wie eine Tretmine. Du schlägst das Buch auf und stehst plötzlich mitten drin in tausend Puzzleteilen, die du dir selbst zusammensetzen musst. Das soll keine Kritik sein. Ich liebe die Abkehr vom linearen Schreiben. Das offeriert mir die Gelegenheit, mir mein eigenes Lesen zu kreieren und das finde ich gut. Hin und wieder tut sich ein Riss auf 'Im Stein' und dann blitzt da doch der berühmte rote Faden auf, dann scheint Meyers Welt stärker verwoben, als auf dem ersten Blick angenomme [...]

    12. Viel zu viel Geplapper. Es ging mir zu oft der rote Faden verloren. Als ich dann alle Puzzleteile zusammen hatte war ich von dem Ergebnis nicht so begeistert, dass es die Qualen des Lesens wert war.

    13. It took me several weeks to ultimately finish this ‘brick-sized’ 653 page novel. The book is about the practice of the world’s oldest profession in post-communist Germany. It recounts the lives and experiences of several people somehow involved in the prostitution trade; everyone from pimps to prostitutes to policemen. Each chapter in the novel is told from the perspective of one, or even several players.What makes the book complicated to follow is the fact that the story is told in an ext [...]

    14. I wanted to like this book a bit more than I did, however I must give 3-stars for undeniable literary merit and for the fact I stayed the course for over 400 pages though it's far from an easy read; but I wanted to follow the characters to the end. If you can deal with a non-linear narrative told from multiple perspectives, often mixed on the same page and at different points in the timeline, and don't need a proper story with a beginning, middle and end, with relatable or sympathetic characters [...]

    15. A big read in many ways, tackling modern life post-German-unification through a non-judgemental focus on the sex industry, in many pages with many viewpoints and many voices. I'm writing this a couple of months after finishing the book, but I still have a strong impression of letting the language wash over me and being swept through the book.The subject may be queasy for some (and in my innocence I learnt a few bits of interesting terminology) but there is lots of energy and life in all its ups [...]

    16. Das Buch ist stimmungsvoll und eindringlich. Aber leider auch ganz fürchterlich zu lesen, man muss arbeiten. Viele Stilmittel verstehe ich nicht und öfter dachte ich mir, da hat Meyer einfach nur runtergeschrieben, was ihm gerade durch den Kopf ging. Ein Buch ohne Linie. Ich kann es nicht empfehlen.

    17. Immer wieder dachte ich mir: Das ist schon gut gemacht, das ist schon gut geschrieben. Aber es war einfach nicht meines. Und davon war es zu viel. Musste mich da wirklich durchkämpfen, wäre das nur halb so lang, hätte das für mich wahrscheinlich viel besser funktioniert. Und ich hab auch so wenig behalten davon! Wobei das auch wiederum die Absicht des Buches sein kann, also man wird ja selbst so wirr.

    18. Clemens Meyer schreibt genau so, wie ich als 14jährige Tagebuch führte. Bedeutet das, dass ich weiterhin seine Trivial-Literatur verachten kann oder etwa, dass ich meine alten Tagebücher verlegen lassen sollte? Die Sätze sind sehr kurz, Plot oder Bilder gibt es nicht, auch nichts zwischen den end- und bedeutungslosen Zeilen. Reine Gedankenkotze und keine Literatur.

    19. Interessant bog, men fortællerformen ødelagde læseoplevelsen, som blev meget forvirrende og svær at finde hoved og hale i.

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