Come Out of the Kitchen!

Come Out of the Kitchen Come out of the kitchen A romance This book Come out of the kitchen by Alice Duer Miller is a replication of a book originally published before It has been restored by human beings page

  • Title: Come Out of the Kitchen!
  • Author: Alice Duer Miller
  • ISBN: 9785518484733
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • Come out of the kitchen A romance 1916 This book, Come out of the kitchen , by Alice Duer Miller, is a replication of a book originally published before 1916 It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as close to the original as possible.

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    1. Alice Duer Miller

      Alice Duer Miller July 28, 1874 August 22, 1942 was an American writer whose poetry actively influenced political opinion Her feminist verses impacted on the suffrage issue, while her verse play The White Cliffs encouraged US entry into World War II She also wrote novels and screenplays from

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    1. This was another intriguing title ending in an exclamation mark, uncovered when I was perusing a list of books from 1917 for My Century of Books led me to a lovely little romantic comedy.The story begins in the offices of Mr Randolph Reed, whose business was real estate. He had a mansion available for the summer that had never been let before. It was rather dilapidated - as his prospective client pointed out - but it was a house of such quality, and it offered a unique opportunity.Mr Burton was [...]

    2. This book was a hoot to read and I couldn't wait to finish it. It was one of those old world romance classics Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany etc. It starts with a guy renting a house in the country which belongs to some aristocrat. Burton Crane has however insisted that the house come equipped with servants. He is introduced to the servants, one in particular, the cook catches his fancy and thinking not fit to judge he enlists the help of Mrs. Faulkner. Immediately the cook is rejected for she [...]

    3. Ah, such a silly, light-hearted hilarious book! I laugh aloud reading books all the time, and I was certainly doing it with this one. It's the kind of plot where everything is ordinary and yet at the same time not quite--and it's one thing after another the whole book through. The dialogue was quite amusing at parts and the slight mystery (though easily solvable) added a little extra interest. There were a few bad words here and there, though not a whole lot. Overall it *almost* had a "Right Ho, [...]

    4. A dear, calming, old fashioned story, the kind you want to read after too many thrilling bestsellers, too many exhausting self-helps, and too many lame kindle freebies. I guessed The Big Secret in probably the first chapter, but that's okay, you don't read calming, old fashioned stories for the secrets.

    5. A novel about a man who rents a house for the season and keeps having problems with the servants, especially the particularly pretty cook. 1916.Full review (and recommendations!) at Another look bookI have no idea how I stumbled across this book. But I DO know it's a fantastic, short read (one of those old books with very big margins), one I’d recommend if you like upstairs/downstairs kinds of stories and plots that spiral hilariously out of control. Reminded me in many ways of an Oscar Wilde [...]

    6. 3* An old-fashioned story with old-fashioned charm. Thankfully it wasn't very long or I would have gotten bored.

    7. Mr. Burton Crane (the book says he is under 30) rents a house from "one of the most aristocratic families south of the Mason and Dixon's", with the understanding that it comes complete with four servants. The butler seems young for his job but looks like he will function very well. The cook is beautiful and cooks like a dream. The maid is rather sullen and ungracious. And the 'Useful Boy' is inclined to be impertinent. Within a few days Burton moves into his leased home with his lawyer, his almo [...]

    8. Pretty cute comedic fluff. Reminded me vaguely of Jeeves and Wooster. Burton Crane (awful name for a nice guy!) has just rented a house, and he insists on staff being provided. A cook, butler, housemaid, and boy of all work are engaged, but they are not what they seem. The mystery is easily solvable, but that doesn't make it any less fun."Just run up and give this note to the people you'll find in the garret, there's a good fellow," said Crane.Lefferts sat up, rubbing his eyes. "The people I'll [...]

    9. Come out of the kitchen? I never wanted to leave it! I was having too much fun. It was better than any modern day romance novel or movie (does Hollywood even make romantic comedies?). When you read three books a month like I do, you think you'll never run across something you don't know. But lately by looking for free Kindle books and searching for the books on which 1930's movies were based, I've found treasures like this, as well as books by Temple Bailey and D.E. Stevenson (which aren't free [...]

    10. I could almost see the Grant-Hepburn slapstick playing out as I read it. Very "Bringing Up Baby." A fun read.

    11. Interesting clean romance. This would be great for a teen novel. This book is free from guthenberg since it is out-of copyright.

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