A Crucible of Souls

A Crucible of Souls When Caldan s parents are brutally slain he is raised by monks and taught the arcane mysteries of sorcery Vowing to discover for himself who his parents really were and what led to their violent end

  • Title: A Crucible of Souls
  • Author: Mitchell Hogan
  • ISBN: 9781490326252
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Caldan s parents are brutally slain, he is raised by monks and taught the arcane mysteries of sorcery.Vowing to discover for himself who his parents really were, and what led to their violent end, he is thrust into the unfamiliar chaos of city life With nothing to his name but a pair of mysterious heirlooms and a handful of coins, he must prove his talent to earn anWhen Caldan s parents are brutally slain, he is raised by monks and taught the arcane mysteries of sorcery.Vowing to discover for himself who his parents really were, and what led to their violent end, he is thrust into the unfamiliar chaos of city life With nothing to his name but a pair of mysterious heirlooms and a handful of coins, he must prove his talent to earn an apprenticeship with a guild of sorcerers.But he soon learns the world outside the monastery is a darker place than he ever imagined, and his treasured sorcery has disturbing depths.As a shadowed evil manipulates the unwary and forbidden powers are unleashed, Caldan is plunged into an age old conflict that brings the world to the edge of destruction

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      Signup to Mitchell s New Release mailing list to be the first to hear about new releases, and for bonus chapters of A Crucible of Souls When he was eleven, Mitchell Hogan was given the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings to read, and a love of fantasy novels was born He spent the next ten years reading, rolling dice, and playing computer games, with some school and university thrown in Along the way he accumulated numerous bookcases worth of fantasy and sci fi novels and doesn t look to stop anytime soon.His first attempt at writing fantasy was an abysmal failure and abandoned after only one page But ideas for characters and scenes continued to come to him and he kept detailed notes of his thoughts, on the off chance that one day he might have time to write a novel For a decade he put off his dream of writing until he couldn t stand it any He knew he would regret not having tried to write the novel percolating inside his head for the rest of his life Mitchell quit his job and lived off dwindling savings, and the support of his fianc , until he finished the first draft of A Crucible of Souls.He now writes full time and is eternally grateful to the readers who took a chance on an unknown author.A Crucible of Souls won the 2013 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel.Mitchell lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife, Angela, and daughters, Isabelle and Charlotte.

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    1. Having recently finished with Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy (grimdark with a little dose of grimdark, adding some grimdark on the top) i was looking for something lighter to read. I requested some recommendations on a fb group of Fantasy Readers, and they didn't fail to deliver. Among other works of famous authors (including books of Robin Hobb, Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan etc), A Crucible of Souls caught by eye (recommended by Kitvaria). Reading the blurb i decided this was what i was looki [...]

    2. Have I told you how much I HATE cliffhangers???? HAVE I?!?!?!?Well if I haven't, I HATE CLIFFHANGERS. Takes deep breath, swigs from Coca-Cola, takes another deep breath.hs out. Gets control of selfThere, that said this is an excellent, even exceptional book. Now I've seen some lower ratings. I've seen the "there's nothing new here" complaint. Okay, well I think there is at least a hint of "newness". While actual New plots and characters are almost impossible to come by after a few thousand years [...]

    3. What started as a typical coming-of-age story of a young talented boy learning to become a sorcerer quickly transformed into something else. Our hero's path changed its course and soon he found himself in the unknown surroundings of a big city with a couple of family heirlooms in his hands and a quest to find out more about his killed parents. The story really picked up the pace from there and became much darker and more exciting.In the main story line, we follow Caldan, a very well written char [...]

    4. I'm setting this one to the side. Right now it is just not working for me. Not that it is a bad book, because it is not, rather it isn't a good fit for my current mood . . . which is that I want something different, not another gifted orphan training at a sorcery school who seems to enchant everyone he comes into contact with.

    5. When young Caldan's parents are brutally slain, the boy is raised by monks who initiate him into the arcane mysteries of sorcery.Growing up plagued by questions about his past, Caldan vows to discover who his parents were, and why they were violently killed. The search will take him beyond the walls of the monastery, into the unfamiliar and dangerous chaos of city life. With nothing to his name but a pair of mysterious heirlooms and a handful of coins, he must prove his talent to become apprenti [...]

    6. Just okay. There are about ten fantasy series currently going right now that I would recommend over this one though. I felt like it never truly got moving and that I was constantly waiting for something big to happen that never came. This is a much-hyped book and series, unfortunately it just fell flat for me. Don't know if I want to venture on to the next book. Probably won't.

    7. This was original and very well delivered. No information dumping in sight, which is no mean feat when setting up a new magic system and delivering all the elements you need in a complex story to take it forward into the next book. There were a few things that niggledbut I don't feel I can mention them because I think some if not all of them could easily be resolved by the end of the trilogy. I will say the pacing seemed slightly off at timesThis book provokes more questions than it provides ans [...]

    8. I made a fuller review of the book here: aristeainwonderbooks. Please let me know what you think about it!- - - First and foremost, this was a surprise. I really did not know this book or the series and this was a buddy-read with some members of the Fantasy Buddy Reads. And I was blown away. The plot, the characters, the writing, the drama, the events - I think it is a great book. Most importantly, it has a spell: I was not able to put it down and I spent more of my Friday evening (and night) an [...]

    9. This was an exceptional book. It had been on my radar for the past few years after it won a bunch of awards but I wanted to wait until the entire series was published before starting to read it and I'm glad I did because now I can go get the 2nd book right away and not have to wait years for him to write it.At it's core it's a story we've all heard before that is ripe with tropes - orphaned kid, raised in monastery, exiled to the big city, apprenticed at a sorcerer's guild and then comes the Big [...]

    10. I'm not really sure how to rate this book, but I've decided to settle for a generous 4 stars. I loved Caldan's story from start to finish and it was quite a different take on a fantasy coming of age story. I thought we were going to be at the monastery for the whole book, watching Caldan learn (which I wouldn't have a problem with either), but the plot direction surprised me in a good way.On the other hand, I really didn't like any of the other perspectives and found myself struggling through th [...]

    11. Very goodThis is Avery good book. Not quite five star, but not too far away. Plenty of magic and mayhem. I am looking forward to the next book.

    12. I find many fantasy books to be rather unimpressive. Few push the genre and many tag along on the typical themes. If only this book suffered from an unimaginative and over-used content I could have given it one more star. The main character is an orphan who suddenly gains magic powers. He's able to get out of scrapes through ingenuity. Let me guess - you've heard this theme before? Okay, so most fantasy readers love the same 'ol story so I guess this is the reason for the high ratings.Characters [...]

    13. Being easy to read shouldn't be a book's primary virtue, but that's really what this one has going for it. I really wanted to like it but it reads more like upper-tier fanfic than something that should have seen print.The dialogue is the worst part. It's clunky, unbelievable and bland, just like the speakers of said dialogue. I don't expect every character to have a verbal tick but when none of them do at all, it's really hard to get past. A character has two methods for expressing personality: [...]

    14. This was a really good and entertaining read!I really clicked with the main character right away. The story was interesting, the characters well developed (though at times a bit stereotype with the male as the hero and the females often in need of being rescued, it gets better in the later books though!), the world believable and the magic was fun to read.Why I only give four stars? First of, due to said stereotypes and secondly, a lot of the ideas I've read before. In fact I noticed quite a few [...]

    15. As a fantasy author, I'm extremely critical of other fantasy works. Rarely do I find works outside of Sanderson, Rothfuss, Ryan or Martin in this genre that intrigue me on an author's level. The magic system here is well thought out and I look forward to its depth increasing in future books. The main character, Caldan, is very likeable as is Moranda (sp?). I wanted more development of the Protector master, Simmins (sp?) but that's a minor thing. One thing I give high praise to this story for is [...]

    16. I sort of expected this to be the traditional wizard school story like a Harry Potter or Name of the Wind but it was surprising (view spoiler)[Not one but two schools fail him and aren't the traditional all knowing wizards with all the answers (hide spoiler)] in not following the norm. It was also much darker than I expected a few times which for me is a good thing. A lot of loose ends left for the two books to come which I will be reading. Solid 4.5* effort.

    17. A Crucible of Souls by Mitchel Hogan.Okay, for those of you who don't read long reviews, here's the short of it4.5 stars. This is a return, for me as a reader, to the epic fantasy classics of old that I enjoyed so much as a child growing up. Tolkein, Brooks (yes, I'm one of the few and faithful here) Andre' Norton, Marion Zimmer Bradley and a lot of other names that I have read the books of but few seem to remember. It is a polished story without the gritty feel of steampunk, which is a plus for [...]

    18. Award winning. And with just cause. Reminiscent of another great novel. Just as exceptional in my opinion. Except this one didn't take ten years to complete.

    19. UPDATE as at June 2015:Unfortunately A Crucible of Souls is only available for pre-order at the moment, as I signed my series with Harper Voyager earlier this year. The new HV version comes out in September 2015. I wrote a blog post about it here: mitchellhogan/sorcery-asceIf you would like to pre-order, here are some links: ebook: amazon/dp/B00RLVDGFC paperback: amazon/dp/0062407244B&N: barnesandnoble/w/a-cru2nd April 2014: Better late than never! As the author of this book I'm not going to [...]

    20. This was a reread in preparation for the release of the third book in this series however it seems that my original review had been deleted.It's just as well because after this rereading I now believe my original review to be absolute rubbish. I still believe this book was well written but now I believe it to also be dreadfully boring. I almost couldn't finish it. I don't know if I was bored because I already knew what was going to happen or if I was a complete moron the first time I read this. [...]

    21. Stopped at 14% This book reads like a children's novel, like Enid Blyton kinda children's book Not what i signed up for

    22. 4/2 - When I saw this on the 'new books and recent returns' shelf my first thought was that it would be good, really good. But at the same time I knew from experience that books that look good can often turn out to be pretty average, or worse, and so was a little nervous of coming to the GR page because a number of times I've typed in the ISBN for my new book only to find it has an average rating of below 3.5. When I see such a low average rating it sometimes colours my opinion and I go into the [...]

    23. I really wanted to like this book. The opening was strong and promised an equally inventive and yet classic feeling epic fantasy. . . . But then you get to the middle. The long long middle where you realize the main character is bland and the supporting characters poorly drawn. Where you meet random cliches to serve as proverbial redcoats to show us how awesome the main character is supposed to be. The saddest thing is that by the end it started to get good again. All this goes to make me feel t [...]

    24. Got bored about at the 75%markMC is not the sharpest tool in the shed and his characterization is moving very slowly. Random POV's from minor characters was distracting, and though I'm sure the author is setting up the story with these odd chapter interruptions, I just didn't care anymore.

    25. I randomly downloaded this ebook and started reading it due to the attractiveness of its name and cover. But once I started, it wouldn't let go. It's been really long since a finished a book in less than four sittings. I finished this one in three. The writing is superb. It's fast paced. Doesn't dwell too much on minute details. Plus the language is 'urban', making reading it easy and fun unlike such extreme epic fantasy writers such as David Eddings. The book is a mixture of The Kingkiller Chro [...]

    26. No spoilers here.I am amazed that this is a debut novel that was self published. This was a 4.5 star book. Another new voice in epic fantasy. We have been truly lucky in the past few years we have had some very talented authors arise, to name a few, Ryan, Staveley, Wexler, Sullivan, McClellan, in this genre. Hogan is another. He has created several interesting characters, both villains and the good, including our likeable hero Caldan, with an interesting magic system, that reminded me a bit of S [...]

    27. What a great book, it starts out as a coming of age story, then it changes. The book can be described as a coming of age story, pirate adventure, fantasy novel, and maybe even thriller. This book has so many elements that make it fresh and bring a new take on fantasy. Overall I truly enjoyed the book, word of warning the book is addicting and it leaves off in a cliffhanger.

    28. Raised by monks after the death of his family in a suspicious fire, Caldan receives an excellent education and magical training. Upon reaching adulthood he leaves the monastery to make his own way, and try and find out who his family was, and who he really is. Life in Anasoma is nothing that Caldan's sheltered upbringing prepared him for, and he soon finds himself homeless and penniless. In desperation he seeks and gains an apprenticeship with the Sorcerer's Guild, despite being several years ol [...]

    29. In a “Crucible of Souls,” book one of the Sorcery Ascendant Sequence written by Mitchell Hogan, Caldan is a young sorcerer in the making. He has lived most his life with the monks at the monastery on his island because of a tragic incident when he was a child. Caldan is trained in the art of sorcery with the children of Nobles that have paid to go there to learn. Having no income, Caldan does manual labor around the monastery and helps out the monks as a way of earning his keep. Caldan is lo [...]

    30. I struggled a bit with the rating for this book but settled on the four star rating. I don't believe in fractions of stars. A book either deserves a full star or it doesn't.Although I am a bit sick of Wizard schools, this book was a good read. The main character, an exiled, highly talented boy-monk-wizard named Calden , is very compelling and I found it interesting to follow him on his journey to find his place in a new world. There were a few other POVs which were confusing. I still don't under [...]

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