The First Alpha

The First Alpha Adam has waited an eternity for his mate After three thousand years of searching he s almost lost hope that he ll ever find her almost convinced himself that God has forsaken him Cassie is miserable A

  • Title: The First Alpha
  • Author: K.A.Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Adam has waited an eternity for his mate After three thousand years of searching he s almost lost hope that he ll ever find her almost convinced himself that God has forsaken him.Cassie is miserable At just 23 the buxom, beautiful werewolf has found herself caught up in her mother s Machiavellian power struggles, forced into an arranged marriage with the cruel, violenAdam has waited an eternity for his mate After three thousand years of searching he s almost lost hope that he ll ever find her almost convinced himself that God has forsaken him.Cassie is miserable At just 23 the buxom, beautiful werewolf has found herself caught up in her mother s Machiavellian power struggles, forced into an arranged marriage with the cruel, violent alpha of the Ironclaws, Lucius When the Long Night arrives Cassie will become his property, to do with as he will Imprisoned in Lucius summer home with Megan, a gutter minded 400 year old teenager, and Rutherford, a senile housekeeper who can t remember where he left his trousers, Cassie has resigned herself to her fate She d never dare go against her mother, and to reject Lucius would lead the weak Darkfangs into war against the mighty Ironclaws Cassie knows she has no choice but to sacrifice her happiness for her tribe And then she picks up a scent on the breeze The First Alpha is a tale of love against all odds of betrayal, scheming and intrigue, and of two souls linked together across time.

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      Multiple authors with same name, this author is entered with 2 spaces.K A Taylor is the pen name of the internationally bestselling erotic author Aya Fukunishi Her erotic stories can be found here author ayafukunishi.While Aya s stories are hot and heavy, K A writes romance novels and novellas with a broader appeal The camera may not pan away to a lace curtain wafting in the breeze, but the loves scenes are a lot less graphic than the raunchy content of Aya s books.Both K A and Aya can be found occupying the same body in the streets of Bangkok, snacking on Pad Thai and poor imitations of pizza, dreaming up the next story.

    171 thoughts on “The First Alpha”

    1. Well, the blurb sounded quirky and the price was right, but I had a hard time finishing it.I just felt disconnected from the story despite the fact that it seemed well written and had very few editing errors.There was a lot going on for such a short read. I felt the focus should have been on the interaction between the H/h.

    2. Amazing start but in the end a disappointing read.I downloaded this back in September 2013 but just never got round to reading it, while searching for another book I noticed this and thought I'd check out the first couple of pages and that was it I was gone I couldn't believe I hadn't read this earlier.Adam is the first alpha, he's three thousand years old, the things he's seen and done and he's spend three thousand years searching for his mateI mean really could this book start any better?I lit [...]

    3. OK - the premise (of Adam being the FIRST first alpha werewolf) was good, as was the arranged marriage between Cassie and Lucius - butThere was no real character development: Cassie comes across as a down-trodden female reluctant to stand up for herself before her mother and the (obnoxious) Lucius - but she does redeem herself eventually :) Adam should be more than he appears (IMHO), and the fact that he allows himself to be caught in (ridiculous) circumstances does not support his (supposed) al [...]

    4. I'm not really sure how to start on this review. I'd say its a solid 3.5 star read. Not great, but pretty good and worth the time for sure. I got this as an amazon freebie, and as most of us know, those can really be a hit or miss. This was a book I'm glad I actually took the time to read. The only thing I love more than smut is paranormal smut, and this book did have its share for such a quick/fast read. I think that this series does have some potential. It was a different sort of paranormal ro [...]

    5. This was a great concept but poorly executed. It's improbable to have a society of beings who are centuries old acting like scared petulant children. The villain was true to form and on keeping with an alpha predator but no one else was. The eldest came across as inexperienced and young which is a real problem because he's supposed to be older than Christ. His alpha mojo should be rolling off him in waves, but no it doesn't. Furthermore, the women in this story are caricatures, there is no true [...]

    6. The book was fast for me but exceptionally interesting. I would have liked to see more character interaction and a bit more of a fight. The positive, is that the characters are well developed, the story line is good and you want to keep reading. The problem is that is felt too rushed. It is a quick read but so well written it would have been great to have more. It develops quickly and ends quickly. With that said, I would seriously recommend it and would certainly look to read more from K.A. Tay [...]

    7. This story needs a themetune, so I pick The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy.This was a pretty short read and I can't say that I expected any more. It was pretty good, lots of drama, I won't say it was exceptional but it was a very enjoyable read. The editing was good, the writing was pretty good and the overall plot was interesting. It blended 2 pretty overused plots together and created a story that was somewhat unique.

    8. Free read but not one will be revisiting as all the characters felt like they were going through the motions and did not particularly care about any of them except Cassies' dad who should have gotten a better deal before his finally selfless act of love.

    9. This book through me for a bit of a loop. It is using some of the patriarchs from the bible as main characters and to explain the existence of werewolves. The first alpha is Adam (as in Adam and the Garden of Eden) and other werewolves in biblical history include Noah, Jacob, Benjamin and other long lived people talked about in the Old Testament. The author also references passages/verses from the Old Testament. Even though the other figures are mentioned there is very little done with them as c [...]

    10. For a short novel that had so much potential this was a disappointing read.Description:dam has waited an eternity for his mate. After three thousand years of searching he's almost lost hope that he'll ever find her almost convinced himself that God has forsaken him.Cassie is miserable. At just 23 the buxom, beautiful werewolf has found herself caught up in her mother's Machiavellian power struggles, forced into an arranged marriage with the cruel, violent alpha of the Ironclaws, Lucius. When the [...]

    11. The reading style was okay, and the synopsis was interesting but unfortunately the story didn't live up to my expectations. In this book, a werewolf becomes a mortal after they meet their soul mate and produce a child. In that sense, this is different from other werewolf books that I’ve read. Lycanthropy is considered a curse and finding their natural mate is the number one aspiration in every werewolf's life. Becoming mortal is considered to be their reward for reproducing.Cassie is a 23 year [...]

    12. I gave this 3 stars but I feel more like 2.5 stars. I can't really decide where I should go with this. I liked the premise of the story and it did move along at a nice pace, but still it was lacking in some ways. I would have liked if the characters were fleshed out more, particularly the character of Lucius. We are told he is a cruel and sadistic guy but we don't really get to see enough of him to get to explore that. Then there is Megan who is there one minute and gone the next but seems to ha [...]

    13. The premise sounded interesting and the first few pages were very well written and drew me in. The rest was predictable and felt rushed. The story was incredibly short and I lost my enthusiasm about halfway through it, although I did finish it.I thought the heroin was weak, gullible, indecisive, uninteresting and I could not believe that 1) she could not scent her own father (she's a wolfhello! and that was never explained) and 2) she did not even consider the possibility that the girl who follo [...]

    14. I was apprehensive to read The First Alpha, because I seldom read paranormal novels, but when I saw the super $0.99 deal, I couldn't resist. Plus, with a cover like that, how bad could it be? Cassie is miserable as Lucius' future bride. She has only her Lucius-approved friend, Megan, and Rutherford, a housekeeper who is somewhat comically losing his mind, for company. But things change when she meets lone wolf Adam. I felt for Adam, he has been looking for his true mate for thousands of year. He [...]

    15. Action adventure read featuring one of the first wolf shapeshifters ever in existance (Adam) who has yet to find his mate. Had moments of well written action adventure scenes but between my confusion with time periods and the premise that it's possible to claim any available female to mate with or waiting for one's "true" mate to come into your life (even if it takes centuries) things didn't work for me. Also, I had issues with the heroine. I feel it takes a certain quality to be the mate of an [...]

    16. This was OK. I probably would have bumped it up a star if it were a free book. But, it was just OK. I didn't really feel the connection between the two characters at all. *shrugs* I usually like stories about mates, but for some reason this one was lacking something, for me.My favorite character though was definitely Rutherford.An elderly man stood in the doorway, supporting himself on a steel framed walker, his shoulders hunched over with age. He wore a jaunty knitted sweater covered with pictu [...]

    17. 3 1/2 stars. This was a very quick, fast paced story. The storyline was very entertaining, had some twists I wasn't expecting, and lots of action. I'm not giving it more stars simply for the reason I wish the story was longer to develop. Because of its length, things happened fast. I did think the writing style was decent--it had good flowing dialogue. There was also a lot of jumping back and forth with the timeline for explanations--this I found a little confusing. I also enjoyed the characters [...]

    18. The story was great. Felt like a great start to a series. However, it was rushed and just as the drama was heated it was over and so was the story. Perhaps there is a series that will continue to build upon the details we were introduced to in this book.As in:Adam and his new found mate The other tribes and how Adam's take over effects the pack and surrounding tribesWhy her and how does her story line buildAdam takes her without a typical customary ceremony or as a gentlemen. He just simply take [...]

    19. Urgh I kept at it but at 60% I pulled the plug when I came across this horror:(view spoiler)[Cassie chewed her lower lip and clutched handfuls of hay between her fingers as Adam slid slowly forward, spreading her tightness with his enormous member. She gasped with surprise as her dripping wet lips spread smoothly open to allow him to enter, shocked at how hard and hot he felt inside her. (hide spoiler)] I was sitting on a commuter train when I read that - the shame!Adam changes his name to Rober [...]

    20. This is a very interesting book I found it to be a fast pace read. The story line is great easy to follow and quite enjoyable the different pov what made this book even better for me. Evelyn is a college student that is promise to an evil alpha by her mother. Her friend Megan is always around to make sure she is safe from danger. She follows her to college and also to Lucius house to keep her company so she would know a least one person in the Ironclaw pack. There's so much she does not know abo [...]

    21. I enjoyed Thw First Alpha, but it took me a little while to get really absorbed into it.I enjoyed the back story of Cassie's mother offering her as a virgin bride to the alpha to keep peace. And there was some unexpected twists in regards to Megan and how she ended up involved in the debacle. Also her real father being revealed was a nice one. I can't say that I didn't enjoy the story, because I did. I felt it was cliche in places, for example - love after sleeping together one time. I get they' [...]

    22. I bought this because of the rave reviews on Kindle. I had to force myself to finish it. Large parts of the story was told to us. The hopping around of time lines did this book no favors. Every time some suspense built up it was explained immediately by a flashback - only they weren't true flashbacks being from a different POV sometimes. Adam needed to be more alpha, Cassie needed to be less slow in picking up what was going on and Evelyn and Megan needed to have the reasons for their actions ex [...]

    23. This story revolves around Cassie who is pledged to marry an Alpha of one of the Five Tribes. She dreads this mating and longs for her true mate. Adam is the First Alpha. He has waited thousands of years to find his mate. Suddenly, he comes upon Cassie and finds her. What follows is their journey to become mates. It's a fair read and at only 140 pages, it can be read in an hour or two. I liked the story, but felt it was rushed and there was more that could have been told. The ending was also abr [...]

    24. First one for me by K.A. Taylor. Love the scripts but missed feeling in the characters and the tension, feeling between the main characters. Also the end battle was more a script for a movie action scene than a book. To much detail and hard to imagine while reading. It is hard to enjoy a book if you have to picture the scene before you. I would have cancelled the iron spike part and battle who should rule the pack. Can't they not just end happy or with a hind to a second book (if there is going [...]

    25. This shows promise for a new series.I enjoy shifter books so gave this one a try.There were several plot holes that just didn't add up for me. BUT, it was still an interesting premise. I'd certainly read another one in the series.(view spoiler)[ Of course, that stuff with her on her knees servicing the jackass of an Alpha? Yeah, that dangler would have been harmed. Badly. Just no.I did enjoy it when she got her SPINE installed. That was a great fight! (hide spoiler)]I'll be keeping an eye out fo [...]

    26. I picked this up for free on my kindle and I'm pleased I didn't pay anything for it. The story wasn't too bad but Cassie grated on me a bit at the start and it felt a bit patchy at times. It was a decent quick read and while I wouldn't say no to reading another of Taylor's novels, I certainly won't be rushing out to read it. The concept of the novel was actually pretty interesting, I just found the writing a bit weak. A mediocre novel to pass the time away with.

    27. He Was Here Before ChristWhat can you do when your mother gives you to a monster. This story has some interesting concepts and situations. You've been looking for her for thousands of year and finally your fated mate and you can't have hern't think so. Thankfully something in her can't resist you. But you will have to fight for both of your lives. This is an exciting entertaining read. Enjoy I did.

    28. This was a okay read, I mean I really liked it, but Adam was kind of lame. I understood, he is one of the first alpha and is over three thousand years old. Shouldn't he be more powerful. He was a wimp and not a bad ass. I imagined him to be more powerful, for God's sake, he knew Jacob, Rachel and Benjamin(from the Bibel). The rest of the story was fantastic and I enjoyed the main character Cassie.I would recommend this book on a rainy day, enjoy.

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