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  • Title: Silkkipääsky
  • Author: Sally Grindley Terhi Kuusisto
  • ISBN: 9789511218104
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lu Si yan, t n n on suuri p iv T st p iv st l htien sinun on opittava huolehtimaan itsest si el m n sameissa kuohuissa itisi ja min olemme auttaneet sinut hyv n alkuun Nyt saat ohjat omiin k siisi N in sanoen set tarttuu 11 vuotiasta Silkkip sky k dest ja taluttaa h net torille myyt v ksi.Sin p iv n Lu Si yanin el m muuttuu h n saa katkerasti kokea, mi Lu Si yan, t n n on suuri p iv T st p iv st l htien sinun on opittava huolehtimaan itsest si el m n sameissa kuohuissa itisi ja min olemme auttaneet sinut hyv n alkuun Nyt saat ohjat omiin k siisi N in sanoen set tarttuu 11 vuotiasta Silkkip sky k dest ja taluttaa h net torille myyt v ksi.Sin p iv n Lu Si yanin el m muuttuu h n saa katkerasti kokea, mit on synty tytt lapseksi Kiinaan Mutta Silkkip sky on p tt nyt taistella kukaan ei saa turmella h nen sisint n.

    • ✓ Silkkipääsky || ↠ PDF Read by ✓ Sally Grindley Terhi Kuusisto
      458 Sally Grindley Terhi Kuusisto
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    1. Sally Grindley Terhi Kuusisto

      Sally Grindley Terhi Kuusisto Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Silkkipääsky book, this is one of the most wanted Sally Grindley Terhi Kuusisto author readers around the world.

    800 thoughts on “Silkkipääsky”

    1. Do not be fooled by the whimsical-looking cover and the “Children’s” genre. This book explores some very heavy themes: a girl’s place in society (that she is somehow “less” than a boy), betrayal, abuse, child labour, inhumane working conditions, and unscrupulous employers. It did not make me cry as I thought it would, but it still tugged at my emotions and made me feel for Si-Yan.After some rudimentary Googling, I came to the conclusion that the phrase “spilled water” means somet [...]

    2. Spilled Water by Sally Grindley is a story about a Chinese girl who beats all odds in her life to finding her way home to her family. To me, this book was very emotional and life changing and made me look at my life differently. This story is about an eleven year-old named Lu-Si Yan who lived with her mother, father, and brother. Until one day her father is killed in a tragic accident that leaves her and her family estranged. Since the father was the provider of the family, the mother didn't kno [...]

    3. As the blurb says it was heart-wrenching, I couldn't help but hope for Lu Si-yan completely and utterly and what was worse was that this situation happens, all the time and yet I don't even know them or think about it. Of course the concept of sweat shops everyone knows about, or if they don't they really should by now, it's a worldwide issue which HAS to be dealt with. The book is clever in that it filters this issue and yet leaves nothing important about the issue out such as the deductions in [...]

    4. Sold to a rich family, determined to get home, Lu Si-Yan never expected her life will turn out this way after her beloved father's death. In the rich family, Lu Si-Yan was told she would marry the son of the Chen's, when she get older, but she hardly ever seen him. She was sold to become a servant. When she finally get to meet him , while serving dinner, she thought he was pretty handsome ,but the way he act was kind of childish. It really creep her out.As Lu Si-Yan try to step out of one hole s [...]

    5. This book is a really sad one that makes us all realize the realities and hardships of life that children have to face today. Sally Grindley really captivated me and I felt like I was being transported into another country while sitting in my room. I absolutely love this book, and no matter how many times I read it it remains fresh and new

    6. Spilled Water is a great, heart-breaking tale. It's filled with hope, despair and the struggle to survival. Told through the eyes of a Chinese girl who was sold into slavery, this book will send you flipping through the pages.

    7. A harrowing read about child trafficking and slavery set in China. This one's for a younger age level so deals with domestic and factory forced labour. There is hope.

    8. Türkçe'ye Minik Çinli Kız adıyla çevrilen enfes roman. Çocuk romanı olarak değerlendirmemek de lazım. Yetişkinlikler kesinlikle okumalı!

    9. THIS IS MY ORAL RESPONSEI decided to read the book Spilled Water by Sally Grindley because the first time I read it, it was given to me by a teacher as a "Book Study Project" in Primary School and I absolutely loved it. I recently remembered the book and decided I wanted to locate it and read it again and see if I still love Spilled Water's amazing story, which I do. I really liked the main character Lu Si-yan. She is so brave, courageous and stubborn. I found her interesting because she grew up [...]

    10. This book follows a girl’s struggles after she is sold into slavery to repay her family’s debt after her father’s death. The author addresses topics such as classism, sexism, and ageism through the girl’s fight to return to her village. At times, it feels like the author is forcing unlikely sequences of events together just to add social commentary. Also, maybe for that same reason, the good characters are stereotypically good, to the point of being one-dimensional. But the author does d [...]

    11. When this was recently rediscovered during the post-Christmas clear out, I was overjoyed. This was one of my favourites as a child; it was a fascinating story about what was, for a ten year old, a completely different world. For me this story was more than a tragic tale of a Chinese girl sold practically into slavery. It was more of a story of human kindness and redemption; Lu Si-yan cannot find her family without the kindness of strangers. Such a beautifully written book; as it progress the wri [...]

    12. This story is well-written, and as someone who loved reading about culture and different societies as a child, this book was fascinating to me. The plot itself is heart-wrenching with some truly interesting characters and Grindley brings up some very important issues such as terrible conditions in sweatshops and the role of women. The main issue, however, that I have with this novel is that Sally Grindley is writing from a place of privilege (specifically white, middle-class, UK privilege) about [...]

    13. Oh you cheeky book!Here is a book, barely three pages in, and you know it was written more for the author hoping to get an award for a touching subject, rather then for actual content.Oh, It's not a horrid read, and I loved the tiny chapter about her dad, but truth being the story felt half hearted, weak and a large chunk of meh. Every happening felt rushed, like we weren't allowed to get too invested in the situation. There were happenings yes, but let's move along, move along, get to the happ [...]

    14. I enjoyed the beginning of the book but as the story progressed I felt it was becoming a bit contrived, trying too hard to use a narrative to get across some very important issues about the treatment of girls. The character of the uncle which was so central to the story was very one dimensional and then I found it hard to believe his change in attitude. And most of the characters were either very very good or very very bad. Towards the end I found it hard going to finish the story.

    15. I really found this book fascinating and shocking in equal measure. The fact that people trafficking goes on is scary and makes me contemplate human nature and the motivation for a person to treat another person in this way. This was a great book to introduce this topic to a young teen.

    16. As a mother of an daughter adopted from China, I learned a lot about expectations Chinese society has placed on girls. The vulnerability of children is often something others take advantage of in all cultures. This is a story that will also touches the hearts of anyone who is interested to know more about the plight of factory workers in China. I am glad that the story had a happy ending but my thought is that it is unlikely that a child forced to work at an early age and for unkind employers wo [...]

    17. Another thought-provoking novel. A young girl's life is thrown into misery with the death of her father and her uncle selling her as a servant. The book touches on many tough issues such as child labor, exploitations through scrupulous factory owners, arranged/forced marriages, the low status of girls in some societies and poverty, making especially women and girls vulnerable. The author does an amazing job, letting the reader travel with Lu-Si Yan, feeling her anger, fear, frustrations, and she [...]

    18. What I really hate in stories (and in real life) are retarded parents that become useless, snivelling wrecks when one of them dies or divorces. They sit around all misty-eyed, remembering the good old days and neglecting their children, who consequently suffer horribly. I'm not a motherly person, yet it makes my blood boil when I hear about such people. What's worse is when they try to act all picturesque and responsible while the going's good, but crumble into a pile of worthless dust as soon a [...]

    19. I read this book for the first time when I was 8 years old, and it is the one book that really made me fall in love with literature. Nothing ever touched me quite like this ever again, I will forever remember it, and it will never leave my shelf. It's not just a book for kids, it is for everyone and I didn't feel like a kid reading it. Just thinking about it makes me smile again, it's heartbreaking, heartwarming, and above all for me, life changing Something personally I will never leave behind

    20. This beautiful book is about young Lu Si Yan's struggles as her family sells her to market. Extremely thought provoking and amazing. I felt actual sympathy to poor Lu Si Yan, one of those books that make you feel a connection to the character. I praise Sally Grindley, and this is definitely a favorite. And this is something big coming from a grumpy person like me! I would recommend this to everyone. It is a real eye opener.Final verdict: I would read again, and again, and again. A lovely and hea [...]

    21. This book is very different to the sort of books I normally read but it was still good. It is a powerful book for a childrens that makes you think as it is set in a different country and about a girl who is sold in to slavery. It talks about her struggles and her wanting to be back with her mum and brother. The letters are quite big compared to the books I read now and this is short as it is a childrens book. A good childrens read.

    22. This book is amazin I first read it when i was maybe 10 or 11, i'm 14 now and would still re-read it! I cry everytime too! This book was a real eye-opener for me and I'm soo thankful for it! Honestly i don't think this book was exagerated conditions like this DO excist and not just 50 years ago! I would seriously recomend this book and ask everyone to pray for the people China and the hardships listed in this book and other hardships they go through.

    23. I remember reading this one when I was younger, along with Chinese Cinderella but it's coming back to it as an adult that the full scale of it hits you.This book, while it may appear like a light hearted children's book, is anything but.It explores some horrific practices such as selling young girls as brides, to the potentially horrific working practices.And yet this book is still a really interesting and thought provoking read.

    24. I learned a lot from this story about the life of a young girl in China and how difficult it becomes after her father dies. She is sold by her family to become a domestic servant to a rich family, then she runs away and works in even harsher conditions in a factory. Great characters and a happy ending make it a good story amidst the hard times.

    25. I throught the book was fantastic I chose to read this perticular book for english, it was an easier read than the others we had to choose from such as "Mao's last dancer", "Dragon keeper" and "chinese cinderella".Spilled water was great and i recomend it for ages such as year 5,6,7 and onwardsanks Meg

    26. A children's book that deals with some heavy things (poverty, abandonment, child labor, and death of family members) but does so with a deft touch and through a narrator that imbues the story with hope, optimism, and resilience. As a result it feels like a proper but gentle treatment of these topics which kids will benefit from.

    27. Set in contemporary China, when Lu Si-yan’s father dies, Uncle sells her into domestic slavery. She escapes, has her $ stolen, works for peanuts in a toy factory, meets good and bad people, and is rescued by a repentant uncle in the end. it was pretty interesting. Uncle’s miraculous transformation was heart-warming, but

    28. We read this book in our 6th grade classroom basically every day. The kids in my class (including me) would always beg our teacher to keep reading. The story was so inspirational, and it made me want to read more of Sally Grindley's stories. Most of the time I was mad at a character or almost crying, but to lighten the story up a bit, there was also a bit of humour that was much appreciated.

    29. Pre-viewed this for my daughter (adopted from China). Totally heart wrenching with a stroke of luck and a happy twist! I wonder how true this story is to many Chinese girls? Although it's fine for her reading level (9 years old @ 5th+ grade level), I'm going to wait until 5th or 6th grade before I let her read it due to the heart wrenching content.

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