B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth, Vol. 8: Lake of Fire

B P R D Hell on Earth Vol Lake of Fire As Liz Sherman fights for her life in Utah the BPRD plans an assault into the no man s land that used to be New York City and the young psychic Fenix faces a monster worshiping cult at the Salton Se

  • Title: B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth, Vol. 8: Lake of Fire
  • Author: Mike Mignola John Arcudi Tyler Crook
  • ISBN: 9781616554026
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • As Liz Sherman fights for her life in Utah, the BPRD plans an assault into the no man s land that used to be New York City, and the young psychic Fenix faces a monster worshiping cult at the Salton Sea Collects B.P.R.D Hell on Earth 110 114.

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    • Best Read [Mike Mignola John Arcudi Tyler Crook] ☆ B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth, Vol. 8: Lake of Fire || [Horror Book] PDF ☆
      252 Mike Mignola John Arcudi Tyler Crook
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    1. Mike Mignola John Arcudi Tyler Crook

      Mike Mignola was born September 16, 1960 in Berkeley, California and grew up in nearby Oakland His fascination with ghosts and monsters began at an early age he doesn t remember why and reading Dracula at age 13 introduced him to Victorian literature and folklore from which he has never recovered.In 1982, hoping to find a way to draw monsters for a living, he moved to New York City and began working for Marvel Comics, first as a very terrible inker and then as an artist on comics like Rocket Raccoon, Alpha Flight and The Hulk By the late 80s he had begun to develop his signature style thin lines, clunky shapes and lots of black and moved onto higher profile commercial projects like Cosmic Odyssey 1988 and Gotham by Gaslight 1989 for DC Comics, and the not so commercial Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser 1990 for Marvel In 1992, he drew the comic book adaptation of the film Bram Stoker s Dracula for Topps Comics.In 1993, Mike moved to Dark Horse comics and created Hellboy, a half demon occult detective who may or may not be the Beast of the Apocalypse While the first story line Seed of Destruction, 1994 was co written by John Byrne, Mike has continued writing the series himself There are, at this moment, 13 Hellboy graphic novel collections with on the way , several spin off titles B.P.R.D Lobster Johnson, Abe Sapien and Witchfinder , three anthologies of prose stories, several novels, two animated films and two live action films staring Ron Perlman Hellboy has earned numerous comic industry awards and is published in a great many countries.Mike also created the award winning comic book The Amazing Screw on Head and has co written two novels Balti, or, the Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire and Joe Golem and the Drowning City with best selling author Christopher Golden.Mike worked very briefly with Francis Ford Coppola on his film Bram Stoker s Dracula 1992 , was a production designer on the Disney film Atlantis The Lost Empire 2001 and was visual consultant to director Guillermo del Toro on Blade II 2002 , Hellboy 2004 and Hellboy II The Golden Army 2008 He lives somewhere in Southern California with his wife, daughter, a lot of books and a cat.

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    1. Fuuuucking hell, this is such a needless volume! Liz is convalescing in hospital, a crazy doctor’s reanimating dead animals and Fenix camps out in the Salton Sea where dirty hippies are worshipping a Kaiju egg or something because they’re morons. Anything else? Nope! So basically a whole book full of, at best, sub-plots! It’s good to see Liz back at full pyro power and seeing her take down the mad doctor and his small army of warped creatures was fun (that’s not a spoiler, of course that [...]

    2. Heh well ok then. I see Lake of Fire is volume 8 in the BPRD series. THAT explains the weird setting I was thrust into. Ok so let's try a brief synopsis:In a fight against the Black Flame there was severe damage to the Earth. The BPRD was hurt severly. This BPRD is different than the one I am used too (Hellboy, Abe, etc). But I DO recognize Liz Sherman. Now apparently in the wake of the events, the BPRD and the Russian Special Science Service are working together to fix this unholy mess.Liz is i [...]

    3. All right! This was much better than the useless previous volume. Liz is back, Fenix is back, and both their stories, while not exactly big or important to the overall plot, still feel much more relevant than the stories about some nameless BPRD agents getting killed by monsters in random parts of the world. I'm also ready to say that I absolutely despise the storyline about director Nichayko and the Russian equivalent of BPRD. Those guys fucking suck, and I couldn't care less about them. This v [...]

    4. While I've said, truthfully, in reviews of previous volumes that I was happier than most BPRD fans to continue reading the book in the absence of any of the original 'big guns', I have to admit I'm very happy to have Liz Sherman not only back in the book but back in the field.This was the highlight of this volume, though, with the rest being largely involved with the events going on at the Salton Sea (which were covered much more interestingly in Abe Sapien's solo book) and a sub-par 'Re-Animato [...]

    5. Lazy and almost plotless writing. The story doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at all and god I hope Fenix does not become the focus of the series. She seems like such a lame character compared to the other BPRD members. What is the plot of Hell on Earth? Who’s the main villain? 8 volumes into the series and I honestly can’t really tell you. The world is ending as it’s being attacked by Kaiju! That’s pretty much the entirety of the plot thus far. The first 4 volumes were great and I rea [...]

    6. After a number of average to good B.P.R.D. volumes, this was a nice change of pace. Lake of Fire gets you excited for what is to come by focusing on Liz (who everyone likes) and Fenix (who very few probably did). This is the first volume where Fenix seems to have a place and there are details of her character that are revealed which finally make her more likable. It doesn't hurt that both of these stories are action-oriented and give these characters the space to shine. James Harren's art is fan [...]

    7. It was great to see Liz again and back in action, and it was nice to see Fenix finally getting some character development! One of the best volumes in the Hell on Earth cycle so far!

    8. Sometimes it is the small stories in a catastrophe that mean something. Here, Liz is recovering and weirdness follows.

    9. The writing is top notch and a new artist for the story "Lake of Fire". Well done. Creepy doctor who thinks he is sane. Liz Sherman regains her confidence.

    10. This volume is key in moving several characters into position for what appears to be a bigger story on the horizon.

    11. I didn't actually like this one much at all. In fact, if I'm honest I'd have to say Russia and Return Of The Master have been the only Hell On Earth volumes so far that I've really liked. Looking back, it's just been a constant decline. This one is held back from getting 2 stars, though, b/c it's just so good to see Liz in action again, even if she's been a little bit gutted as a character. Also, I love her new outfit.

    12. World building and reconnecting!World: The art is great, I'm really enjoying Crook now and I've grown accustomed to his character designs, I still honestly prefer Davis but Crook is very very good. The colors are Stewart so they are always good. The world building this time is just as good as any BPRD book, we get a hella lot of Fenix this time and not just past but present world building and it's wonderful and very tied in to character development which I love. Add to that we also get pieces of [...]

    13. It's been a bleak run for the B.P.R.D. crew--and much of humanity as giant creatures are erupting from the bowels of the earth, destroying entire cities and releasing strange gases that turn people into monsters. In this volume, though, we see the first signs of hope in a long time as two members return to the fold of the supernatural squad--one old, one new.The volume contains two parallel storylines. The first follows Liz Sherman, a human pyrotechnic who seemed to burn herself out--literally a [...]

    14. The story ramps up even more and it feels like it's heading towards a big event! The story is solid and the art is fantastic, this is another quality volume of BPRD.

    15. This is a really solid installment of BPRD, one that functions as a middle chapter that moves characters into place for the next story (a mission to the ruins of New York, which looks to be epic) while still being satisfying in and of itself. The main characters here are Fenix, the psychic girl who fled the BPRD in order to find herself or something, and Liz Sherman, who is still struggling to figure out whether she can function on her own, without her flame powers or her need to try to save eve [...]

    16. After what’s felt like a slight slackening of pace and direction, elements begin to coalesce, largely around the return and rehabilitation of fire-weilding Liz Sherman.Holed up in a hospital low on resources and power, she is attempting to regain her full health under the watchful eyes of her doctor, but after a couple of months he moves on and a more sinister individual with his own ideas about medicine in this post-armageddon world takes his place. Meanwhile Fenix revisits a childhood home a [...]

    17. While the last volume of the Hell on Earth saga of the B.P.R.D. didn't work as well for me, this one is back to firing on all cylinders, which is especially impressive given that it's primarily a Fenix/Liz Sherman issue, and Fenix hasn't really been doing it for me up 'til now.Where the last issue felt a lot like just moving pieces around on the board, this one feels much more like it's leading up to something big. And while leading up to something may still not quite be something itself, it's d [...]

    18. I think this might be a case of too little too late. It took way too long to reach this point in the story. It all just meandered in one place and went nowhere. Now things are getting interesting because we now see a character with an established personality coming back into the story. Also nice to have Tyler Crook back to illustrate this entire chapter. He is a good fit, but most other artists don't quite measure up when it comes to this series. I don't really want to read several more graphic [...]

    19. I don't know where my original review of this book went, but it was summed up as this-- I liked Volume 7 of this book more than I liked this one. This was probably because the previous trade was all about the damage and desolation that was created by the creature attacks across the globe. This trade focused a lot more on the smaller picture, on stories featuring Liz Sherman and Fenix. The liz stuff was pretty good, but I didn't care for the Fenix stuff.

    20. This is my favorite of the Hellboy collections from the recent past. The return of Liz Sherman, reanimated mutant creatures, a cult worshiping the egg of an abyssal horror, and large portions of the world being completely cut off from all communication with the rest of the world. A lot of cool plot lines all weaving together into a very exciting story, clearly leading to something more. I'm looking forward to the future of this world, and I hope it gets worse for everyone.

    21. Liz Sherman returns and Fenix is suddenly interesting. Part of my adjustment to getting back into this world is that the volumes are all so oddly paced when read in sequence. Once that trope of graphic novels is given up, the ride is a little easier. Destroying the world, the heroes losingMignola, et al, are killing tropes left and right. And that's why this series is as intriguing as it is.

    22. Like so many other people I became a fan of HB because of the way Mignola turned so many tropes on their head. The initial attraction was linked to my interest in gothic horror, Lovecraft, Stoker and so on. Now they've moved into the post-apocalyptic landscape that feels like equal parts The Stand and The Mouth of Madness. Fascinating, compelling, readable and above all else, SCARY.

    23. After drifting in the aftermath of King of Fear, Liz finally recovers her self-confidence (more than she was shown with originally, really) and returns to the fight against the forces of destruction. Good, though not the series' best.

    24. It's Hell On Earth, people!Let's take some s'mores down to the Lake Of Fireand watch things go from bad to worse!I don't know what I am saying, does anyone read these reviews?I am enjoying this series very much!

    25. Liz torna a l'AIDP, coneixem l'origen de les visions de Fenix i es prepara una incursió a Manhattan. Ja està. Això és tot el que hi passa. Sí, hi ha un mad doctor però és irrellevant. La sèrie està encallada i necessita urgentment d'una mica de marxa perquè no va enlloc.

    26. I really loved this arc. It feels like all the pieces have been put in place, like what comes next will be the culmination of everything Hell on Earth has been building toward. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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