Penumbra Agent Sam Ryan has had enough She wants out and she wants out now She s sick of putting up with Gabriel s crappy attitude sick of seeing nothing but paperwork and the inside off her small office But

  • Title: Penumbra
  • Author: Keri Arthur
  • ISBN: 9781933417783
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Agent Sam Ryan has had enough She wants out, and she wants out now She s sick of putting up with Gabriel s crappy attitude, sick of seeing nothing but paperwork and the inside off her small office But most of all, she is sick of feeling lonely It s time to take control and get a life outside of work But Stephan, the man in charge of the SIU, isn t about to let her goAgent Sam Ryan has had enough She wants out, and she wants out now She s sick of putting up with Gabriel s crappy attitude, sick of seeing nothing but paperwork and the inside off her small office But most of all, she is sick of feeling lonely It s time to take control and get a life outside of work But Stephan, the man in charge of the SIU, isn t about to let her go easily Offered the choice between guarding a clone and probable enemy of the country, or remaining stuck in her shoe box, Sam reluctantly accepts the former, even though she suspects Stephan is using her as bait to draw out the elusive and dangerous Sethanon Gabriel is relieved to discover he s finally shaken Sam as a partner, until he learns her new assignment is guarding Wetherton, the clone replacement of a government minister Both he and Stephan know Wetherton could only have come from one place Hopeworth The military base has been involved in DNA experiments for decades and was than likely the place where Sam was created But there is a growing likelihood that the military base is also the home of Sethanon himself Determined to protect her, Gabriel is quickly drawn into the mission All too soon he discovers the connection between he and Sam is far deeper than anyone could ever have imagined As the assignment begins to unravel around Sam and her past begins to reveal itself in her dreams, she fights to stay alive because the military wants their creation back And the only person standing between her and them might well be the enemy of all mankind.

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      Keri Arthur, author of the New York Times bestselling Riley Jenson, Guardian series, has now written than 25 books She s received several nominations in the Best Contemporary Paranormal category of the Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Awards, and recently won RT s Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy She lives in Melbourne with her daughter and two crazy dogs

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    1. Let me get out the positive out there: first of all, this series is action packed, there is never a dull moment and lots of authors need to take notes on how to set up a storyline and how to write clues and reveals. Secondly, there is no unnnecessary whining, pining, being stupid (well Gabriel can be dense at times) but really, there is not a lot of eye rolling at the characters' actions. Thidly, there is romance, just how I like it. It's there, it's not rushed and it's not overpowering the stor [...]

    2. Why in the name of all that is holy would a publisher re-release a book series that has no ending? It wasn't until after I read Memory Zero that I realized these books had been previously published. That wasn't a problem for me, but when I started reading other reviews, I found out that Keri Arthur had abandoned the series after book 3. Surely, it wouldn't be left unresolved would it? Yes. It would. I reached out to the author on Twitter and asked if what I heard was true. She told me she wrote [...]

    3. OMG!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! This is soooo good, the ending left me NEEDING AND WANTING more! The war hasn't even started yet, what is going to happen? Where is it all going to go? Are Gabriel and Sam actually going to be together? Are they mates? How will this resolve????? This is what I'm left feeling after finishing book 3! Arthur had plans to make this series a 4 book series, but Riley got in the way! DAMN YOU RILEY!!!! *shakes fist* this is such a great series and I'm salivating for mo [...]

    4. The publisher got Arthur to write a five page epilogue to append to the end of this book to try and make it seem like the re-issuing of the first three book of this unfinished series wasn't a terrible idea. It's a big load of It was a promising series that was never finished and ends abruptly. Adding a few pages that try to make it seem like there's suddenly a guaranteed happy ending in store for the couple that was refreshingly taking a slow path toward a relationship just doesn't solve the pro [...]

    5. Great series ended too soon by publisher I spent my birthday with a new series (for me) that I was really enjoying. The Spook Squad by Keri Arthur. The premise and story are fascinating, involving a close-to-us parallel world where nonhumans live alongside normal in an uneasy balance. They are policed by the SIU, a shadowy group set up to police nonhumans.The main character in the book is Sam Ryan, a State Police Officer. As far as Sam is concerned, she is fully human - but is she truly? With no [...]

    6. Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewI was very eager to get into this third novel after finishing the second. I must say that this is the last volume the author wrote for the series and I was very curious to know the answers to my questions, including about the Sam’s past.After the latest events and realizing that she is not happy and even more alone than ever, Sam decides to apply for a transfer. Yet it seems that Stephan does not agree with her, and offers her one last mission instead, sol [...]

    7. Sam has had enough of Gabriel pushing her away and not letting her get involved in any of their cases - she is sick of being stuck in her tiny office doing paperwork so demands a transfer from her boss Stephan. Stephan doesn't want her to leave so he offers to let her guard Wetherton, a politician who they know was replaced by a clone. Gabriel is relieved when he realises that Sam is no longer his partner - until he finds out her new assignment. He believes that she will be in danger and is dete [...]

    8. Agent Sam Ryan has had enough. She wants out, and she wants out now. She's sick of putting up with Gabriel's crappy attitude, sick of seeing nothing but paperwork and the inside off her small office. But most of all, she is sick of feeling lonely. It's time to take control and get a life outside of work. But Stephan, the man in charge of the SIU, isn't about to let her go easily. Offered the choice between guarding a clone and probable enemy of the country, or remaining stuck in her shoe box, Sa [...]

    9. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyPENUMBRA continues the quick pacing and action of the previous two books in this series. I liked figuring out just exactly what Sam is and how she fits into the vast network of government clones running amok around the world. I loved discovering Sam's powers along with her and how she learns about them was fascinating. This series storyline with an almost never ending rabbit hole of discoveries about just what the government has been doing in regards to [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book a lot and I went into it understanding that although there were more books planned, the author doesn't plan to write any of them. As the percentage crept up towards 100% it became all too clear that there was not going to be a proper resolution to the series. The ending of the book is not really satisfying enough for a stand-alone let alone the last book of the collection. It is a shame, as other reviewers have mentioned, (and I have discussed in my other reviews of the first [...]

    11. I am sad too see this series end. especially seeing as it ended on such a cliffhanger and on the whole I am not happy with how the series was finished. The whole point of the books was to find out the truth about Sam, this is achieved, right at the end of the book. However, it is not resolved, there is no real sense of closure. The way this book ends, makes it feel like there will be another book in the series, when as far as I know, this is not the case.The big relationship problems between Gab [...]

    12. This is the final book in the unfinished Spook Squad series by Keri Arthur. Although the series is excellent, the characters and storyline are well developed and fast moving, the final book finishes only with an epilogue which *kind of* answers the question "What next?"Most of our questions in previous books are answered, Sam gets together with Gabriel (sort of), but as some of the other readers have said, it was the perfect penultimate book for the unfinished series. I'd recommend the series, w [...]

    13. I am really torn in trying to rate this book. I enjoyed it - a lot. Enough that I'd like to go back and read the first books in the series, except for the fact that the ending SUCKS. I have one criteria for anything I read: the book must have a good ending. This doesn't. As for what hooked me on the book, Keri Arthur wrote an action-filled, fun book to read. The characters seem real and the reader will like them. Really - it's the ending that kills this book. So how do I rate this? ARGH. I give [...]

    14. I actually don't mind the unfinished bigger story arc. In a sense, the confrontation in the last chapter makes for all kinds of possibilities with Josh/Joe.The epilogue also gave a hint to Sam & Gabriel's future, probably not as romantic as I would have liked but still pretty ok. I'd highly recommend this series to anyone who wants to read an urban fantasy series that doesn't have too many books.

    15. I liked it, but the ending was really annoying. One ought to be able to expect more closure from the third book in a trilogy. I assume that further books will follow, which I shall likely read if they are as good as this, but I hope not to be teased by false endings any more.

    16. Well, dang. I was decently happy with this series. Urban fantasy with somewhat unique creatures, very little emphasis on romance, many interesting side characters, and not a series of 18,000 books (I didn't want a huge commitment). First book was good, second book seemed to be heading in a different direction but still good, and then this happened. Apparently I should have done my research on this series. I would have learned the author lost interest in it and, despite planning a 4-book series, [...]

    17. It was a really good read, but it definitely left a lot of things hanging. What is Sethanon's goal? How can Samantha stop him? I originally thought this was a trilogy and was going to bring everything to a conclusion. It did for some things, but it's definitely open-ended.Then I read the note from the author that there was going to be a fourth book concluding all this, but she got busy with another series. That sucks. We'll never know what happensd I kind of liked this series more than her Riley [...]

    18. Man I really love this author and I wanted to be satisfied with the last book but I was not! The action is great, the storyline is wonderful. Great writing and foreshadowing and set up throughout the entire book. With that being said I really needed a better epilogue at the very least. It really needs a fourth book which is never coming. I will continue to read her books and really enjoyed this series but the end really bummed me out.

    19. Content note: medical experimentationThe third of the Spook Squad series left me with mixed feelings. The ending to me didn't feel satisfying: true, the arc of self-discovery has been met, but huge battles and conflict are yet to come. A bit more romance / sexual tension than previous but still fairly tame.

    20. Why would you do this to us Keri? As book 3 of 4 or 5 this would be a good book. As the final book in a series it's a 1 star. Everything is in the open, the players are at the table, the war is about to begine end. grrrrrr

    21. I really did enjoy this series and the characters but I will say it didn’t feel done. The story was a bit short changed. This author is better than that. But that being said she is an exceptional story teller.

    22. Good read! #3 in the series. Looking forward to the next book. Usually check books out of the library and ask them to order them if they don't have them, but couldn't wait so bought used on for #2 & #3. Worth the bucks LOL ($1.99 book w/$2.00 shipping each)

    23. Wasn't as thrilled with this trilogy as some of her other books - but still good, entertaining reads.

    24. Great book!Keri Arthur has done it again! Great third book in the Spook Squad series. I really enjoyed this book and this series. Well worth your time and money!

    25. Wonderful!Okay! Now I want more!! Please Please write more books about these characters. I want to know what happens next.

    26. I liked the series but the ending (non-ending?) was balls. So many things left to happen still!. DOUBLE YOU TEE EFF?

    27. This is one of the best series that I have read recently. The Spook Squad world sucked me in. If the book had continued and finished as it began, I would have given it five stars. However, I wouldn't recommend this series for anyone who likes a series with finality. This is one of the most disappointing readings I've read in a while. It's not just that the ending was upsetting or anything like that, but it was absolutely atrocious. I was so ready for a perfect ending: Sam and Gabriel together (w [...]

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