The Crossover Year

The Crossover Year Meet Sri Anuprabha aka Anu a twenty nine year old banker who is terrified of entering her thirties She dreams of quitting her job at the bank sporting yoga pants and traipsing around the world Her

  • Title: The Crossover Year
  • Author: Bhargavi Balachandran
  • ISBN: 9788180460883
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet Sri Anuprabha, aka Anu, a twenty nine year old banker who is terrified of entering her thirties She dreams of quitting her job at the bank, sporting yoga pants and traipsing around the world Her world turns upside down when things go awry and she is faced with the prospect of spending her days watching Tamil serials She comes up with a five point plan for reclaiminMeet Sri Anuprabha, aka Anu, a twenty nine year old banker who is terrified of entering her thirties She dreams of quitting her job at the bank, sporting yoga pants and traipsing around the world Her world turns upside down when things go awry and she is faced with the prospect of spending her days watching Tamil serials She comes up with a five point plan for reclaiming her life back before she hits the big 30 But things are never as simple as drawing up a flowchart in real life, are they Especially with a ghastly recession rearing its ugly head Anu bumbles through the corridors of domesticity and travels on a funfilled roller coaster ride in a bid to discover her passion in life.Along the way, she meets new people, experiences crazy new things and learns some hard lessons in marriage, friendship, parenting and life The Crossover Year is a funny, yet heartwarming story of a woman in search of her identity, and a chronicle of her hilarious quest for discovering her inner mojo Bring out a platter of cookies and a steaming mug of chai, and join Anu on the ride of her lifetime.

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      Bhargavi Balachandran Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Crossover Year book, this is one of the most wanted Bhargavi Balachandran author readers around the world.

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    1. I picked up this book for a challenge for one of my groups. The challenge was to pick up a book with less than 500 ratings. I have a couple of books lying around which fit the bill but this seemed the most interesting and easy to breeze through, so I ended up picking it up.I am kind of embarrassed to say this but I have some problems reading an Indian-authored book unless it's a masterpiece by Rushdie, Lahiri etc. The reason being the English is just different from the ones I am used to reading [...]

    2. At the outset, let's get one thing out of the way. A love story and numerous scenes featuring physical intimacy have become the staple of the chick-lit genre. I guess one tends to expect them too. But herein lies the strength of the book - it doesn't have these. The protagonist Anu, is married (she loves the husband very much, so there's none of the predictable 'devilishly handsome ex-boyfriend showing up suddenly' plot point usually employed in such cases).The Crossover Year is a story about al [...]

    3. Disclaimer: this isn't a proper review - it is a presentation of jumbled thoughts that I had about the book in no specific order (though I tried to organize it somewhat). It might resemble a badly organized bullet point presentation.Overview: I've read "The Crossover Year" and enjoyed every bit of it.The story is about the life of Sri Anu Prabha at that point in time when a girl is heading towards discovering her life's purpose.The story, narrated in first person, describes the events and dilemm [...]

    4. An easily flowing narrative of Sri Anu Prabha, a Chennai-based married girl who is uncertain about what she is doing with her life and decides to do something about it and finally does it. After Indian writing in English came of age a few years back, South Indian writing in English is coming to the fore with the works of authors like Bhargavi. It is certainly interesting to read works with familiar locales, regional sentiments and local slang.A very insightful book in which the protagonist expre [...]

    5. Name of the Book : The Crossover YearAuthor :Bhargavi BalachandranPages: 250 PagesPublisher: Alchemy PublishersThe Story.As you can see I have not used my usual format of introducing the He and the She section in this review. For there are no other protags in this story other than Sri Anu Prabha. Written in first person, Anu takes us through the journey of her life - from being a working woman to a housewife. I could relate to Anu to a large extend. How many of us can say that as a woman being a [...]

    6. 'The Crossover Year' is sweetness in simplicity no unnecessary twists or frills, but rather, a conglomeration of events that jot up the life of Anu, a twenty-nine year old banker who tries to regain her identity after quitting her job at the bank.Things can be tough when you get out of your normal routine. Anu portrays that feeling when she resigns from her job one fateful day. She realizes that she has had enough from her boss, and would no longer tolerate him or his evil schemes in the corpora [...]

    7. By Bhargavi Balachandran. Grade: B +Turning 30 is a big point in any woman’s life. And for Anu, it is no different! At 29, with an engineering and MBA degree at hand, one would have thought that Anu would be a Vice President at some hot-shot MNC. But she is just an ordinary banker at an average bank in Chennai. All she dreams of is to quit her JOB, don yoga pants and traipse around the world. She does resign from her job following a series of dirty office politics; but instead of traipsing aro [...]

    8. Some books promise to be great. You open them with an eager anticipation that it will somehow change your perspective on life and love. Then there are some books that are not widely publicised, and are not written by a popular author. These are the books that will surprise you out of your prejudice. Bhargavi Balachandran gave me a treat in this regard. The Crossover Year is one fun novel and it gives you life’s medicines in a sugar coated fashion. Anu is a banker in her late twenties, from a t [...]

    9. Aren't we all nothing but a bunch of memories and attitudes born out of our life experiences?- Bhargavi Balachandran, The Crossover YearConfusion and uncertainty can sometimes lead us onto our true, so-called 'destined' path.How exactly can one know where he/she is headed to? No matter how many coconuts one plans to break in temples(Oh yes, that's a common practice in India) or how much one wishes to just change the monotonous schedule and the emptiness in life that does tend to creep up at some [...]

    10. Detailed review at vaisakhimishra/201Pros:The book is a light and hilarious read. It can be picked anytime of the day and read just for enjoying leisure time. Instances like Pink Panther, Hitler and Birdie make you laugh.Relatable situations – Almost every other page of the book you will find yourself saying “this so happens.” The book is a string of relatable events. From an Engineer MBA working in a bank to irritating Boss; from know it all friends to partner in crime shopaholics, from I [...]

    11. The Crossover Year takes us on a roller coaster journey that is the life of a 29 year old modern lady. Anu, a banker by profession and she is dangerously close to hitting the dreaded thirty. We take a good look at her life as she struggles to handle various aspects of her life, namely – Work and Marriage. Like in the real world, Anu’s life isn’t perfect and as things start to go very wrong, Anu fights to get her life back on track.Anu is a very relatable character. As a thirty something wo [...]

    12. The Big Zeros are always intimidating as they mark the end of an entire decade. I still remember crying incessantly on my 20th birthday because not only had I exhausted the teenager title, but also was embarking on a decade that calls for "serious adult responsibilities". Commitment phobic as I was, I found the protagonist of this book, Anu, to be quite relatable . However, Anu was witnessing her quarter-life crisis at 29, with the pressure of juggling her career, marriage and everything that co [...]

    13. The crossover year is an apt title for a story about a young woman on the verge of entering the thirties and facing a whole new side of life. This is a quirky and fun story about Anu, a banker by profession and a married woman. The story focuses on her life and how she handles her marriage and work life. The dilemma faced by any woman is highlighted beautifully in this story. The story is well written and quite realistic with wonderful twists and turns. This is a story that we can easily relate [...]

    14. An easy to read narrative, a breezy story and a free flowing plot – totally a smoothy, leisure time read! A book that females will relish reading and males will relish unleashing the layers of being a female. This is because she has very artistically and creatively penned the emotions of a professional turned housewife that the male counter parts will easily catch hold of what’s going on in her top shelves (brain) and heart!The novel is not at all close to reality but I say, it is a pure and [...]

    15. An easy going, modern age book telling the story from the perspective of a 29 year old, married Chennai girl, this book will make you smile and agree at various junctures. The book actually ends up covering a lot of issues in a short span and you begin to wonder how the Author has woven all of them together. But must appreciate the author's efforts to keep the reader hooked on though honestly I skipped the whole serial story sequence. If you are reading the Kindle edition , you might end up gett [...]

    16. Originally reviewed here as part of Blogtour by Alchemy Publishers & b00k r3vi3w:t/tRj7cjBf1vAn easy comfort read about the travails of a working woman striving to find her inner mojo? sounds like something you have read before? is what works. Watch out for a detailed reveal on the workings of an idle mind in pursuit of her inner mojo - published on 12th on my blog as part of the blogtour!

    17. I am a very very biased reviewer (sorry). Bhargavi, the author, is almost an older sibling and I just thought it was very cool to be reading her book. My wife and I read it over 2 weeks as our shared bed time read. It was fun PS: The Kindle edition has it's issues. A few typos and what seems like bad editing - But, as I understand, this is a publisher issue since the paperback doesn't have these issues. So, you'll have to look past this. :)

    18. The book starts off a wee bit slowly. It seemed the life of any other twenty something person stuck in a job that they do not like. Considerable pages are spent describing the murky office politics! But then recession happens and before we know it the protagonist finds herself wit no job. SHe then goes around searching(a bit aimlessly) for her true calling It's somewhere midway the book picks up pace and it is then a coming-of-age of the young lady

    19. I picked this book up with some apprehension as I am not a fan of chiclit. I related to this book a lot with quite a few of the episodes - the office politics,(sometimes was a little exaggerated but it is fiction). I must say I skipped the part where Bhargavi goes into relating a soap opera/TV serial - just not my cup of tea. I did feel that sometimes the story was dragged on a little. I would say it is a good read considering it is the author's first book. Easy, light read.

    20. It is still a mystery if Anu found her way to do what she loved to, was becoming an entrepreneur her discovery into life or her passion for books? The book started off with a storyline where in Anu would find her inner calling or what she is passionate about doing, but I felt the end was not powerful enough or resonate what she actually wanted to do. Expected a little more fire in the book !.

    21. A breezy version of the insecurities of a woman entering thirtiesnturous,easy to relate tp and whenever you feel low,can read and feel peppyLots would relate to the character of Anu who's confused about what to do with life,job etc

    22. The Crossover Year is a humorous, fun and funny, light read! It is an ideal companion for a journey or a lazy afternoon replete with smiles and giggles.Detailed review on the blog : shilpaagarg/2014/03/the-cr

    23. The book has been written in first person and that makes it all the more relatable. I loved the gift voucher she receives from her husband, actually a very novel idea. Her checklist for a Tam-Brahm wedding was very fascinating and important. read more at wp/p3cEWT-eV

    24. Enjoyed this book especially because I could relate to the Crossover Year. Well written with the right amount of humour.

    25. I got the book for a review when I was a bit short for time especially for my reading. Never the less the book made time for itself. It is a straight forward story of a lady, a professional who is trying to make sense of her life. Something we all can easily identify with. Either before or after turning 30 we all do start to think about what we want to achieve form our life and the goals we had set for ourselves.I liked the premise of the book and how she illustrated the mundane things of office [...]

    26. One of those random chick-lit that turned out to be a surprisingly good read. Chennai based Sri Anuprabha aka Anu is facing a quarter life crisis at 29. Stuck in a office-politics riddled banking job, Anu finally decides to call it quits. Jobless and goal-less she flits between trying out poetry to joining a gym and even trying out a job selling cosmetics at a mall. During this time she finds herself drifting away from old friends as well as from her supportive husband. The book is deceptively h [...]

    27. This one is not another chic-lit with full of love and sex, but it’s so light-humorous and full of fun. Author didn’t develop many characters and concluded all in last chapter but still it’s enjoyable. Most enjoyable parts of book are mail communication between Anu and her friend Jimmy. This is a perfect travel novel or novel-over-coffee.More On

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