Secret Society Girl

Secret Society Girl Fans of Beautiful Disaster will devour Diana Peterfreund s Ivy League novels Secret Society Girl Under the Rose Rites of Spring Break and Tap Gown At an elite university Amy Haskel has been initi

  • Title: Secret Society Girl
  • Author: Diana Peterfreund
  • ISBN: 9780440243892
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fans of Beautiful Disaster will devour Diana Peterfreund s Ivy League novels Secret Society Girl, Under the Rose, Rites of Spring Break , and Tap Gown At an elite university, Amy Haskel has been initiated into the country s most notorious secret society But in this power hungry world where new blood is at the mercy of old money, hooking up with the wrong people cFans of Beautiful Disaster will devour Diana Peterfreund s Ivy League novels Secret Society Girl, Under the Rose, Rites of Spring Break , and Tap Gown At an elite university, Amy Haskel has been initiated into the country s most notorious secret society But in this power hungry world where new blood is at the mercy of old money, hooking up with the wrong people could be fatal.Eli University junior Amy Haskel never expected to be tapped into Rose Grave She isn t rich, politically connected, or well, male So when Amy is one of the first female students to receive the distinctive black lined invitation with the Rose Grave seal, she s blown away Could they really mean her Whisked off into an elaborate initiation rite, Amy awakens the next day to a new reality and a whole new set of friends from the gorgeous son of a conservative governor to an Afrocentric lesbian activist whose society name is Thorndike And that s when Amy starts to discover the truth about getting what you wish for Because Rose Grave is quickly taking her away from her familiar world of classes and keggers, fueling a feud and undermining a very promising friendship with benefits And that s before Amy finds out that her first duty as a member of Rose Grave is to take on a conspiracy of money and power that could, quite possibly, ruin her whole life.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Diana Peterfreund

      Diana Peterfreund has been a costume designer, a cover model, and a food critic Her travels have taken her from the cloud forests of Costa Rica to the underground caverns of New Zealand and as far as she s concerned, she s just getting started Diana graduated from Yale University in 2001 with dual degrees in Literature and Geology, which her family claimed would only come in handy if she wrote books about rocks Now, this Florida girl lives with her husband and their puppy in Washington D.C and writes books that rockHer first novel, Secret Society Girl 2006 , was described as witty and endearing by The New York Observer and was placed on the New York Public LIbrary s 2007 Books for the Teen Age list The follow up, Under the Rose 2007 was deemed impossible to put down by Publisher s Weekly, and Booklist called the third book, Rites of Spring Break 2008 , an ideal summer read The final book in the series, Tap Gown, will be released in 2009 All titles are available from Bantam Dell.She also contributed to the non fiction anthologies, Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume, edited by Jennifer O Connell Pocket Books, 2007 , The World of the Golden Compass, edited by Scott Westerfeld BenBella Books, 2007 , and Through the Wardrobe, edited by Herbie Brennan BenBella Books, 2008.Her first young adult novel, Rampant, an adventure fantasy about killer unicorns and the virgin descendents of Alexander the Great who hunt them, will be released by Harper Collins in 2009 When she s not writing, Diana volunteers at the National Zoo, adds movies she has no intention of watching to her Netflix queue, and plays with her puppy, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Rio.

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    1. Biggest surprise of those past few months! (yes, "year" sounded a bit too much because I can't recall the 80 or so books I've read at the moment)This book probably deserves a 3 stars rating, but I enjoyed it so much that I give it a 4.I didn't expect to like it that much because I usually don't put a lot of faith in :a) contemporaryb) campus setting/elite crowdc) sorority/fraternity/secret society stuffd) a cover that doesn't make me think the book will be anymore than the epitome of contemporar [...]

    2. Estava procurando algo light para ler esses últimos dias e a Carol Andrade tinha me indicado essa série New Adult para ler. Resolvi ver qual era dela e não me arrependi nenhum um pouco!!Vou já avisando que esse livro não tem NADA A VER com os New Adults que estamos acostumados a ver por aí. Começando pelo fato que não tem romance (tem envolvimento romântico, mas é tão inexpressivo na estória geral que nem considero). O que mais me surpreendeu mesmo foi o quão forte ele é com temát [...]

    3. So I stayed up too late two nights in a row finishing this one. I found myself alternately morbidly fascinated by and completely frustrated with a world that (though "real") so utterly alien to the one I experienced at college. More to come on that further down.Amy Haskel is your average overachieving junior at Eli University. Editor of the school's lit magazine, she's up to her elbows in a reading ofWar and Peace, sorting writing submissions, and negotiating a very tenuous friends-with-benefits [...]

    4. Okay, I think there may actually be a secret handshake to join the Diana Peterfreund fan club But no matter, I want in!When I was younger, I went from Baby-sitters Club to Sweet Valley High to shit, I'm actually going to have to do some school reading. I would've LOVED this book then. While I was doing all this work for college, it would've been nice to read something that showed that yeah, it's worth it. I loved the depiction of college life and the futility of reading War and Peace. I love tha [...]

    5. Blech. The plot of this sounded good - a girl joins a secret society on campus and gets in over her head - so I checked it out of the library. I am sooo glad I did not waste money on this! It is poorly written, for starters, and the pacing is absolutely horrible. I did not once feel excited about anything going on, just bored. Lots of characters are introduced briefly, and then the reader is supposed to remember them and care about them. Riiiight. The characters are really self-centered and are [...]

    6. I'm all for book recommendations, I mean, talking about books with other people who love books is kind of like talking about sex with a nymphomaniac. there is bound to be lots of exclamation points, plenty of sqeualing and "you should try this" or "you will love this" being thrown about. It's even better being recommended a book by a blogger who you not only admire but has nearly the exact same taste in books as you do. So, when the lovely Ari from Emily and Her Little Pink Notes recommended thi [...]

    7. This book - this series - was recommended to me by a blogger in reply to a comment of mine on how much i had loved the Jessica Darling series. She told me i would love this series just as much and not to stop at the first installment 'cause the other ones are better. I think she might be right. This book is not an unputdownable but the premises and potential to be a great series are there. I like Amy, she a strong, singleminded, witty character. She is the editor of a Lit Mag and has that tenden [...]

    8. Hard to get through this one. Writing was awkward; contained super long paragraphs and unrealistic dialogue. The main character wasn't fleshed out enough and I just didn't care for her--she's unlikable and unrelatable (not to mention the other characters, who were flat, stereotypical, and forgettable).I also didn't like how the author had to throw in every SAT word she ever learned as if to prove that she graduated from an ivy league school (which she did. Yale, apparently). It was very annoying [...]

    9. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooMeet Amy Maureen Haskel, a junior at prestigious Eli University. As editor-in-chief of the campus literary newspaper, Amy's a shoe-in to be tapped for Quill & Ink, the literary senior society, home to writers and scribblers of any and all degree. After all, it's a part of her master plan: get tapped into Quill & Ink, do her summer internship at Horton, make it through the Russian Novel class, decide what to do with her "friend with benefits," Brandon, and, [...]

    10. I read this book not only for Popsugar Challenge in the Book with a Female Author category but also for the Fibonacci Sequence Challenge.This book had it's ups and downs but over-all it was not a terrible book.My favorite part was the more pro-feminist narration. It was really refreshing. It wasn't perfect, but it's a start in the right direction.This book was pretty fluffy, which is not necessarily a bad thing.A lot of the male characters were problematic but they were mostly written to be show [...]

    11. 4.25 stars. Reread. This time around, I noticed more clunky passages, and the beginning is more drawn out than I remembered, but once I got into it, I was sucked in just like the first time. The feminist take is great, Amy is both frustrating and spirited, and I love the Diggirls like I loved them the first time. Well-worth the reread.

    12. Amy Haskel is a junior at the esteemed Eli University, editor of the college literary magazine…and not much else. Which is why she is utterly surprised when she is “tapped” by one of the famed Eli secret societies—in fact, by THE most notorious secret society of all, Rose & Grave, for which admittance promises eternal job security, prime networking, and lifelong happiness, more or less. Encouraged by her friend-with-benefits Brandon Weare to stop overthinking for once, Amy accepts Ro [...]

    13. Amy Haskell is a junior at elite Eli University. She is not a campus standout; rather, she is the flirty editor of the school’s literary magazine. What she lacks in family wealth and connections, she makes up for in hard work and pluck. And that’s why she is so surprised when she is tapped by the school’s most secret of secret societies, Rose & Grave. Why her? Why now? If this is, indeed, not a hoax, she will be one of the first women tapped by the society.The reasons for her inclusion [...]

    14. it was fun, and i must admit that if it was not pushed (!!) i would never have read it. i would love to avoid new series as trying to find the next and the next and . just is too stressful :) but this was good, as it also finished while left you wanting to read more of bugaboo's adventures. lovely just because of that and also it was fun, really fun, and you could like the people there. thanks, t, it was a good recommendation

    15. I am bumping this up to four stars on my current reread, because I'd forgotten how much good stuff there is in this one.

    16. I don't think I am the target audience for this book. While I occasionally liked the main character - she's snarky. I am well beyond reading about college students at Ivy league schools and their secret societies. What I did like - the bits of girl power What I didn't like - the way men used the women, lied to the women, degraded the women. One character is verbally abused, publicly by her father. During the initiation ritual they threaten another with rape. This is a book practically devoid of [...]

    17. Real rating : 4.5Oh my Godwell,I haven't had this much fun reading a book in a long while.Secret societies,awesome main character and girl power? What else can I ask for? The main character Amy is so funny and smart but the supporting characters are entertaining as well.Once I started reading this book I just couldn't stop,I wanted to find out will Bugaboo and her sisters fight for their rights and show those idiots that they deserve to be in Rose & Grave as much as themor even more.Overall, [...]

    18. Secret Society Girlby Diana PeterfreundDeltacore Press 2006,291pp $10.00ISBN:978-0-440-24389-2When I first picked up the book, I thought from the cover and the title that it would be something like the series of cliques and the life of a rich girl in an Ivy League school, with the money and the beauty, glamorous and rich. As I open the book to chapter 1, it was different from what I anticipated. I knew that there will be something more to the book than what is expected. In the story, Amy Haskel, [...]

    19. The unpretentious editor of the school's lit magazine, Amy Haskel is an overachieving junior at Eli University. She spends her time drowning in War and Peace (she calls it WAP - not an acronym, but onomatopoeia - for the sound it makes when she drops it on her desk,) finalizing her plans for a summer internship, and working out a sophisticated friends-with-benefits relationship with her assistant editor. When she's "tapped" by the most elite and mysterious society on campus, Rose & Grave, Am [...]

    20. Yess yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.This is basically my guilty pleasure daydream come alive in bookform, ugh SO MUCH YES!(Also, there are numerous mentions of the word "ugh" in this novel, which makes it just so much better.)-> Secret societies: YES PLEASE. GIVE ME ALL THE SECRET SOCIETY BOOKS!-> College life, especially studying and bookish courses etc.: I'm not so secretly a studyblr fanALLLL THE MOTIVATION!(For all of you uninformed barbarians (hint: read the book if y [...]

    21. This is a classic case of "don't judge a book by its cover". Yes, the head/eyes cropped off thing is a little reminiscent of Gossip Girl and has gotten a little old.But read it and your doubts will be vanquished of a whir of wit, intrigue, snarky humor and allusions.This is one of those rare books that belongs on two (debatably) opposite shelves: Academia( A Separate Peace, Erich Segal, etc.) and chicklit(Charmed Thirds, Fourth Comings, Perfect Fifths etc.). Not one to miss for a smart girl that [...]

    22. Wow, what a great novel. That's all I can really think of to say about this book. It was just phenomenal.Diana Peterfreund has woven a creative story that incorporates secret societies, college life, brotherhood, and the importance of sticking up for your friends.This novel is narrated by Amy Haskel (a.k.a. Bugaboo), an insider in the Rose & Grave secret society. As she is introduced into this society, you learn about her love life as well as her studies. I have to say that Amy's exploits ar [...]

    23. Secret Society Girl takes us into the heart of the Ivy League’s ultra exclusive secret societies when a young woman is invited to join as one of their first female members. Elite Eli University junior Amy Haskel never expected to be tapped into Rose & Grave, the country’s most powerful—and notorious—secret society. She isn’t rich, politically connected, or…well, male.Eli University, of course, is really Yale, home to both major-party 2004 presidential candidates as well as their [...]

    24. Surprisingly intelligent and nonromantic, for a teenage chick novel. I opened it when I was shelving at the BN where I worked, and ended up devouring it on my breaks for the rest of the day. The main character is perky, but smart enough to not fill me with annoyance, and the side-characters are well thought out and interesting. A good way to spend a couple of rainy hours, but don't go hunting for any extreme depth out of it.

    25. Can't say much, but I enjoyed this a lot. And I'm so glad it's not over yet, three more books to go plus little side stories, super. Hope this is not a spoiler: The NY showdown scene reminded me of a similar one in Joy N. Hensley's "Rites of Passage", which I also loved.

    26. I love reading YA romances but this one really didn't held my attention.It was awkward to read and I somehow did not feel the connection between the main characters.

    27. LOVED IT - Couldn't wait to get started on the sequel. It's been a few years since I was in college - and I didn't go to a University - so I missed out on a lot of the "society" life.

    28. This is why I never ever DNF books-you never know until the very end how a book will turn out and this one is a great example of that. Very dull until more than halfway in, but it really picks up in the last 1/4.However, not enough to make me read the second one, at least not at the moment. Good effort, though.

    29. É bem provável que todo mundo tenha conhecido essa série através da Pam Gonçalves, que espalhou para os quatro ventos o quão maravilhosa era. E por meio desta, eu confesso: é tudo verdade!Primeiro volume de uma série de 4 livros, em “Rosa e Túmulo” vamos ver como Amy Haskell, nossa divertida protagonista, lida quando entra para uma das mais prestigiosas e poderosas sociedades secretas e como isso vai afetar sua vida amorosa e suas amizades, assim como mostrar os novos laços que cri [...]

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