Porculus No mud Small Pig loves to sit in good soft mud When the farmer s wife cleans his pigpen Small Pig runs away In the city he finds a new mud puddle but it is not full of mud at all And now Small Pig h

  • Title: Porculus
  • Author: Arnold Lobel
  • ISBN: 9782211072977
  • Page: 463
  • Format: None
  • No mud Small Pig loves to sit in good, soft mud When the farmer s wife cleans his pigpen, Small Pig runs away In the city he finds a new mud puddle but it is not full of mud at all And now Small Pig has one big problem

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    1. Arnold Lobel

      Arnold Stark Lobel was a popular American author of children s books Among his most popular books are those of the Frog and Toad series, and Mouse Soup, which won the Garden State Children s Book Award from the New Jersey Library Association.

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    1. I am in posession of a recording of my 4-year-old self "reading" this book. I don't share it with many people but it is truly hilarious. Just a great beginners book!

    2. This was a fun little book with many three-letter words my 4-year-old could read, which is a big bonus to me. The story was fun and the pictures helped the kids enjoy the story after I'd read it and they just wanted to look back through the book.

    3. This is a cute story written in 1969. The farmer's wife cleans the mud puddle in the pigpen since she thinks is the dirtiest spot in the whole farm. Small pig is angry with her and decides to run away. Looking for a new mud puddle he arrives to the city, and ends into trouble Thankfully those who care for him will beSmall pig learns that he is welcome in the farm, that is his home too. The farmer and his wife missed the pig they think is the best pig in the world. They promised to be more tolera [...]

    4. I liked that this book was about a pig that used to have a lot of soft mud to sink into. But when the farmer's wife cleaned up everything on the farm she even took the mud away. Then in the night time the pig ran away. First he went to a pond mud and then he went to a city and sank into concrete, which he thought was mud. That was hilarious.

    5. I'm filled with commiseration whenever I hear this story. He only wanted a nice mud puddle, and got stuck in cement instead. What a sad tale. I hope he never got into such a situation again.

    6. More fun from the author of the famous Frog and Toad series. I enjoyed how Lobel described Small Pig enjoying the mud. Almost makes you want to be a pig so you can enjoy mud like that as well.

    7. I remember this book from when I was a kid, so it must have made an impression on me. As an adult reading it to my 2.5-year-old, I was pretty bored. The illustrations are cute. The story is amusing. But there is nothing special about it. Checking it out of the library once was enough for us. It's not one I'll want to check out again or add to our personal library.

    8. Arnold Lobel's books are all excellent for reading aloud. They satisfy the most important criterion of successful pre-school book, namely that they are interesting for the adult reading as well as the child listening.

    9. This is a storybook that holds up through the test of time. I read it as a young child and it was one of my favorites. As I was reading it to my adult special needs son I could tell he enjoyed it as much as I did. Especially when Pig sinks down in the deep dark mud.

    10. In the story "Small Pig," the Small pig (Main Charicter) loves to sink into the mud. He does that every day until the farmer's wife goes on a cleaning spree! While cleaning, she decides to also clean up Small Pig's mud. Sall pig is so angry that he ventures away from his home at the farm to find more mud. Trouble awaits Small Pig. There is many many children's books that are based on running away. I think they teach a good lesson, though. This connects to our text from our book this week also. S [...]

    11. Small Pig lives on a farm with a farmer and his wife. One day the farmers wife decides to clean the house. She finally finished the house cleaning but realized the rest of the farm was still dirty. So she started cleaning, everything, including the small pigs pen and mud. The small pig was very angry and ran away. He ran everywhere trying to find mud; he reached one spot that looked quite nice. When the farmer and his wife found him, he was stuck in the sidewalk where everyone around town had se [...]

    12. Summary: The book is all about a small pig that enjoys his little mud hole at the farm. One day the Farmers’ wife decides to clean and she cleans up pig AND the mud hole. Pig is disappointed and leaves to look for another place that is like his mud hole. The problem is will he find a place that is good enough?Connections: This book reminds me of books I read when I was younger about running away from home and such. In the other books the characters may not have been a pig but they seemed to ha [...]

    13. Is there ever better mud than the mud in your very own barnyard? Big city mud is obviously the worst among various types of mud; you can get stuck in the big city, and forget what it was like to wallow in the good, soft mud you once knew and loved. Also, change is bad. All snark aside, Arnold Lobel is a writer of the utmost skill. If you think for a moment that on each page, he's only allowed so much text - maybe 20 words. And then considering his audience of six year old new readers, these twen [...]

    14. Small Pig is Arnold Lobel's first book and one that I grew up reading. When I found a copy on the library discard shelf, I was thrilled to add it to our Arnold Lobel collection.Small Pig has simple needs: good food, a place to run and play and most importantly, a some soft mud in which to sleep.Although he is well loved by the farmer and his wife, Small Pig finds himself without his mud puddle one day when the wife gets carried away with her spring cleaning. Upset about the missing mud, Small Pi [...]

    15. This childrens book is a small pig that is enjoying life on a farm, and a problem occurs when the farmers wife decides to clean. He decides to run away in hopes of finding his happiness. That’s when he gets stuck in a situation.Reading this story is a cute story that you could make it out into a life lesson. Even though the small pig had a perfect life, something came along and interrupted it. He is put in a situation and tries to make the best of it, but in the end family comes in and saves t [...]

    16. Reason for Reading: Ds read aloud to me as his reader.Even though labeled a Level 2 this reader is very easy to read. I find the "Levels" are very inconsistent with this series anyway. A really cute story of a small pig who lives on a farm where the farmer and his wife love him very much and think he is the best pig in the world. Pig loves to wallow in mud of course, but one day Mrs. Farmer is fed up with the mess of the farm and she cleans up the whole thing including small pig's mud puddle. He [...]

    17. Small pig is about a pig who lives on a farm with a farmer and his wife. One day, the farmer's wife decides that the farm is too dirty, so she cleans everything up including the mud in the pig pen. The unhappy pig runs away to find a new muddy spot, but he can't find a place quite as ice as his pig pen on the farm. The Small Pig reminded me of the book Runaway Bunny. In that book, the bunny runs away and the mother follows him and tells him that she will aways find him and bring him back. The pi [...]

    18. 1. This book was about a pig who lived on a farm with a farmer and his wife. He really enjoys laying in the soft mud, but one day the farmers wife cleans the farm and his pigpen is no longer muddy. He runs away and goes through different places looking for mud. He eventually gets stuck in a cement sidewalk which he thought was mud. A lot of people stop and watch him, leading the farmer and his wife to find their lost pig. 2. This book reminds me of basically and pig story because they enjoy maki [...]

    19. 1. A small pig lives with a farmer and his wife. He loves the mud! But one day the farmer's wife she's going to clean the house, and then the whole farm, even the pigs mud. This upsets the pig so much he decides to go find a new mud puddle. The only problem is that he can't quite find the right one.2. This book did remind me of Peter Rabbit because he also ran away because he was unhappy. It also makes me think of one of the Winnie The Pooh stories, where Tigger runs away. 3. I liked the way tha [...]

    20. A. This story is about a pig who decides to run away after the farmer's wife cleaned up his pig pen and all his mud. After finding a few different mud holes and getting stuck in cement he decides the only place for him is on his farm in his pig pen.B. I was able to relafe to this but because i believe that every kid at one point feels like their only option is to run away from your problems. Then in the end figuring that the only place that is good for yourself is home with your family.C. This s [...]

    21. My little boy is a big Arnold Lobel fan because he just loves that Frog and Toad. I was sure he would like Small Pig as well, but nope. This is a Level 2 and I would recommend it for the average 2nd grader. We read it in first grade. It has longer paragraphs of 1-2 sentences and pictures spaced out nicely to keep it all easy so the little ones don't get lost. It's an ideal last step before the first chapter book really. The story is sweet and the pig is cute, but my boy thought it was boring. NO [...]

    22. Small Pig is about a pig who went looking for a home after the farmer's wife cleaned up the mud puddle where he lived. The pig goes exploring several places before he finds a great home, or so he thinks! It is a good book for teachers trying to transition young students from general books into chapter books. It's format is set up with short paragraphs and illustrations that extend to the end of the book. The vocabulary is not too difficult for students to understand, so I would use this book mor [...]

    23. Small pigs is a cute book, like that it takes place at a farm. Its about a husband and wife and they have a farm, theres this cute little pig who loves his mud but one day the farmers wife decides to clean up the house and the yard. She cleans up the pigs mud so the pig runs aways and finds some new mud. turns out its not mud farmer and wife go looking for the pig and find a big crowd around an area on the sidewalk and then sees their pig. Well lets just say the wife learned her lesson that day! [...]

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