Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse

Not Marked Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse Are you suffering the effects of sexual abuse There is a way out In Not Marked Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse Mary DeMuth illuminates the way to go from shame filled to joy filled from

  • Title: Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse
  • Author: Mary E. DeMuth
  • ISBN: 9780983436775
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Are you suffering the effects of sexual abuse There is a way out.In Not Marked Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse, Mary DeMuth illuminates the way to go from shame filled to joy filled, from traumatized to finding enduring peace This isn t theory Mary has lived it She s traveled this path and offers a uniquely qualified, insider s view of the healing procesAre you suffering the effects of sexual abuse There is a way out.In Not Marked Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse, Mary DeMuth illuminates the way to go from shame filled to joy filled, from traumatized to finding enduring peace This isn t theory Mary has lived it She s traveled this path and offers a uniquely qualified, insider s view of the healing process.Then, Mary goes deeper because often you re not the only one who has suffered Her husband, Patrick, comes alongside her and offers insights into how spouses can love a sexual abuse victim toward wholeness, and how this will bring your relationship a whole new level of strength.Not Marked will help you Find the courage to share your story maybe for the first time Stop comparing your brokenness to others wholeness Understand the specific way God designed you to heal Identify safe people to entrust your healing journey to Embrace utter honestly about your abuse, even if that means anger toward God Discover how prayer helps you move from angst to alleluia Find the powerful antidote to bitterness Let go of accusatory thought patterns and grasp God s affection for you Uncover an ancient pathway to healing Live the effervescent life you ve longed for but could never quite grasp You do not have to be forever marked by sexual abuse.You are resilient even if you believe all your strength is gone You are worthy of being made whole even if you can t believe it s possible And you are a stunning work of amazingness even though your heart can t even start to grasp that Yet.This is your time The moment to start the journey of the unmarked life For information on this book, please visit the website marydemuth not marked

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    1. Mary E. DeMuth

      Mary E DeMuth loves to help readers turn their trials into triumphs Her books include Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God Harvest House, 2005 , Building the Christian Family You Never Had WaterBrook, 2006 , Watching the Tree Limbs, Wishing on Dandelions NavPress, 2006 , and Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture Harvest House 2007 A mother of three, Mary lives with her husband Patrick and their three children in Texas She ll have three novels and one memoir releasing through Harper Collins in the next two years Look for Daisy Chain in December 2008 and Thin Places summer of 2009 You can learn at marydemuth

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    1. Seriously, Not Marked. I really did not know what I would gain by reading this book. I have read others before, to try and heal and become free, and found them lacking. I have started and not finished others before because they just didn't say nor "do" what I thought they should. From the first paragraph, I was hooked, the first two chapters I read in one sitting (which I have never been able to do with a book like this). Then, came the hard stuff, the part where I needed to analyse my life and [...]

    2. This book put everything into focus for me as a survivor. Pieces that I didn't understand about my last made sense because of Not Marked. It is written from a survivor about sexual abuse, so you will never get a better understanding of what victims feel unless you ask them directly. Highly recommended.

    3. Free to Live Unmarked These closing words of Mary DeMuth’s extraordinary new book, Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing After Sexual Abuse, aptly summarize the journey of hope and healing through which she has traveled and into which she invites fellow survivors of sexual abuse and those who love them. However, Mary’s book is much more than a book about surviving the trauma of abuse. It is mostly about hope and healing—the hope and healing that can only come from the Great Physician, our C [...]

    4. It would be easy to categorize Mary DeMuth’s new book, Not Marked as an offering to victims of sexual abuse–but it’s so much more. Not Marked details what happens when men abuse the creative power God has given them and how Jesus steps in to redeem us. It’s a universal story and one that men and women across the globe can relate to.Sexual abuse is not part of my history. However, because of the pastoral work I’ve done for the past 20 years, I have listened to many heart-breaking storie [...]

    5. Maybe you have been sexually abused, or are the spouse of someone who was sexually abused. You might be the “safe person”, privileged to hear and participate in the life of a person who was sexually abused. You may not yet be aware of it, but chances are you are at least a family member, friend, or co-worker or even teacher of someone, even a child, who needs the healing that only Jesus can bring to someone whose story includes sexual abuse. The open, honest, vulnerable story of Mary DeMuth [...]

    6. I received this book in audible format from the author in exchange for my honest review.If you, or someone you know, has ever suffered abuse – especially sexual abuse – Not Marked: Finding Hope & Healing After Sexual Abuse should be next on your/their TBR (to be read) list. Mary DeMuth tells all in this book. She suffered horrible abuse, including repeated sexual abuse, as a young girl. In this book she bravely tells her story, not for sympathy, not to glamourize anything, not to shock a [...]

    7. NOT MARKED: FINDING HOPE AND HEALING AFTER SEXUAL ABUSE by Mary DeMuth is a Sexual Abuse/ Emotional Healing/ Personal Growth/ Marriage/ Christian Life, true to life story. A heart wrenching, raw, but honest account of this author's struggles with sexual abuse, her struggle for healing, inner peace and the courage she faced to write this book. Her husband, Patrick, also gives the reader insight into the turmoil and struggles as a loved one, he and the family face daily. What a powerful story that [...]

    8. Mary DeMuth’s book, Not Marked, is a gift to anyone who has experienced sexual abuse, especially those who’ve suffered alone, silenced by fear or shame. It’s an invitation to hear and be heard. A doorway to real change. Mary’s openness about her own relentless, ongoing pursuit of healing encourages others to bravely face their past, to give and receive forgiveness, and to press on toward a hopeful and beautiful future. Boldly practical, gut-wrenchingly honest, and drenched with soul-refr [...]

    9. Although I have not personally experienced such traumatic events as those described within the pages of this book, its content nonetheless resonated deeply with me. While I in no way wish to diminish the author's primary message, I believe it would be a great disservice to any potential reader to limit its range, which encompasses such themes as control, fear and forgiveness. The author so thoroughly explores these and many more issues applicable to any type of relationship with a great candor y [...]

    10. Not Marked by Mary DeMuth is an invaluable resource, not only for those who have experienced sexual abuse, but also for those who know and love a victim. No pat answers here – just uncompromising, raw honesty framed by real hope. Mary tackles this tough topic with just enough self-disclosure. In so doing, she offers readers the courage to begin their own daring journey out of shame into wholeness.Not Marked gives readers specific, practical steps for healing, including finding safe people to s [...]

    11. I so related to the pain and the story Mary shared in her memoir Thin Places. I was priviledged to be on the launch team for Not Marked. I have been majorly impacted by this book. I am a 3 time survivor of rape and childhood sexual abuse. My Godly purpose for my life is to work with other abused women and children using art to help aid the healing process. I know that all the flashbacks and the healing I am again experiencing while reading this book is going to further equip me for helping other [...]

    12. While as a society we find it easier to talk about the fact that sexual abuse happens than we did twenty years ago, it doesn't seem as if we do enough educating on the long-term effects of how sexual abuse marks its victims and causes life-long issues. Enter Mary DeMuth, a victim of childhood sexual abuse, and her husband Patrick. Mary doesn't dwell on the past, but she does explain how it affected her future. Through the love of God, prayer, wise counsel, therapy and the unfailing love of her h [...]

    13. Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing After Sexual Abuse is a powerful, heart-wrenching book that dares to tell a truth that needs to be talked about and heard. What DeMuth has done in this book is nothing short of courageous. She presents a survivor's story with such clarity and authenticity, sharing hope and communicating grace to those still searching for understanding, deliverance, and unconditional love. This book is so uniquely done that it is hard to describe and yet it speaks in such a wa [...]

    14. Not Marked is a book for everyone. Based on statistics, we all know someone who has been effected by sexual abuse. DeMuth shares her story of childhood sexual abuse and her path of healing. You finish the book with a sense of hope that healing is available for all who pursue it.Perhaps the most unique aspect of the book is the contributions of her husband, Patrick. At the end of each chapter Patrick shares his personal trials and triumphs with wisdom and encouragement for anyone who loves a surv [...]

    15. A topic that is hard to cover yet Mary's voice is so open and honest that this book was very therapeutic from the first page and on. A great reference for anyone who has been sexually assaulted or has a friend or family member who is a victim. Opening up and talking about the pain is the first step in healing and this is a process that continues through life. Mary explains this process so well and gives her own first hand account at going through a life feeling marked. Mary quotes write Anne Lam [...]

    16. Ok, I will say that the only reason I'm giving this a lower rating is because I did not realize it was going to be from a Christian perspective. That said, I'll try to give it a fair review anyway. I do think that healing from sexual abuse from an evangelical Christian perspective should be talked about, as these women have been taught that sex outside of marriage is wrong and yet they were forced to do this. Then, when they begin to have marital problems in bed, it is hard to talk about with an [...]

    17. Few writers require profound courage to put words on paper. Not Marked reveals such courage. So many need these words. So many believe the lies that there's no hope or healing after sexual abuse. Free of platitudes, Mary DeMuth walks readers through the raw story of her struggles and the way Jesus works to mend and restore. There's likely tenfold the number of people that need this book than you'd think. Her husband Patrick's words show us that many spouses need it as well.

    18. This is a must read for sexual abuse survivors and those who love them. Mary shares from her own perspective as a sexual abuse survivor how, though what happened to her has impacted her, she is NOT MARKED and can have healing and fullness of life.Here's an interview I did with Mary: velvetashes/?s=not+marked

    19. Honest. Challenging. Helpful. If you or someone you know has been sexually abused, this book offers insight, understanding and encouragement. It is a tough subject approached with intense honesty here. It took me a number of months to read only because I digested it a bit at a time. But healing is like that. Well worth the time and money.

    20. Unshakable truth, grace-soaked words, and unending love and compassion and support and understanding flowing through the pages. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the book seemed to be more directed at adult/married women instead of women as a whole. I am neither married nor an adult, so those specific things regarding sex in marriage, etc didn't really apply to me.

    21. Wow! An amazing heartfelt book. It was a book with extremes, filled with unbelievable devastation and a wild and untamed hope and courage. I loved that the author does not diminish the pain but accepts it as part of her story. She never says "love Jesus and you will be healed of all pain and hurt. You will forget your past and get over it"

    22. Honest and raw. Mary shares the story of her abuse and her steps toward healing, her husband interjects with additional helpful insights. A harbinger of hope for those who have been sexually abused and those who love them.

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