Revenge, Volume 3

Revenge Volume Dylan says he needs to focus on his music but he can t stay away from Jess He s at her door for dinner with the roommates and climbing up to her window in the middle of the night When Jess is threat

  • Title: Revenge, Volume 3
  • Author: J.J.Knight
  • ISBN: 9781496194084
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dylan says he needs to focus on his music, but he can t stay away from Jess He s at her door for dinner with the roommates, and climbing up to her window in the middle of the night When Jess is threatened in a violent attack, Dylan becomes protective.

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      JJ Knight is the USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic comedy Duet Single Dad on TopSingle Dad Plus OneSeries The MMA Fighters Uncaged Love 1Uncaged Love 2Uncaged Love 3Uncaged Love 4Uncaged Love 5Uncaged Love 6Fight for Her 1Fight for Her 2Fight for Her 3Fight for Her 4Jess Dylan s Morris Music Rock Star Revenge 1Revenge 2Revenge 3Revenge 4Revenge 5Blue Shoes 1Blue Shoes 2Blue Shoes 3

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    1. Still scratching my head, I'm trying to think of something to liken this too but nothing comes to mind at this moment This girl Jess takes naive to a new level and Dylan is most definitely an "artist" type AKA: unstable!!!! On to the next

    2. ***I was given an ARC of Revenge #3 in exchange for an honest review from the author***Where do I even begin to start with this review? This has honestly been one of my very favorite book series I have ever been given the honor to review early. It is so "edge-of-your-seat" non-stop action that I could hardly put the book downy of the books in this series for that matter.As always, this installment picks right back up where we were left hanging with a jaw-dropping confession from Dylan Wolf. Lite [...]

    3. I love JJ Knight and once again she delivers a well written intricate romance/mystery.Once again readers will be thrust into the fast paced lives of Dylan & Jess. The big bad wolf Dylan continues to be an enigma and just when Jess begins to unravel the mysteries surrounding him, he pulls back and leaves her with new unanswered questions. Little Red Ridinghood Jess is now struggling with the return of a half-sister, the continued involvement of voyeur Nick and the unending twists & turn a [...]

    4. I was hoping a little more would have happened by now considering I'm three books in, but I'm still intrigued. Hoping the 4th part takes us into all the suspicion that's been going on

    5. I like the story, I do BUTThere is something so off about Dylan.And Jess needs to clue inWhat did I learn from this installment??? Nothing.

    6. Again, once I picked up the book, and I had a hard time putting it down! Read half the book the first night and finished it the next morning! Jess is still trying wrap her head around the shocking news that Dylan told her - "she thought Dylan was making her his girlfriend, not his mistress". Dylan explains more to Jess about his past life, which helps Jess understand more about Dylan and some of the things that took place in the meeting at Morris Records when Dylan stormed out.Jess gets a call f [...]

    7. Well, JJ Knight has done it once more! Jessica: the intern who is smitten with a “rock star” and whose judgment has been clouded by her feelings. There are a few problems that come to Jess in this story, Riley being one of them! I did not see that twist coming! The plot is thickening with Dylan, Nick, her roommates, Nan, and her job. What is a gal to do?Dylan: the “rock star” has some serious baggage as some guys in the music industry do. His strong desire for Jessica, his need to be aro [...]

    8. Revenge 3And here we go, with our protagonists having a heart to heart conversation just after a life altering moment for our heroine Jess. Revenge 3 is all about intrigue and how people lives’ unraveled. Jess has fallen in love with Dylan and in her eyes he can't do any wrong. Dylan who is older and more experienced, try his hardest to protect Jess from himself, but at the same time he moves more into her life: having dinner with friends, sending flowers at work, being the proverbial knight s [...]

    9. ARC ReviewI am still in shock and not sure where JJ Knight is going to take us next. As soon as I am starting to understand where she is wanting to take us on this journey with Jess and Dylan we get more curveballs and wrenches thrown in. Some things seem like they could just be a misdirection and others are just shocking. To say things are taking a turn would be putting it mildly. Once again JJ Knight has delivered another installment I couldn't put down and has again left me wondering where sh [...]

    10. I received an ARC from the author for a fair and honest review. Well I don't have a clue what is going on in this series. This is the third book of five and I am surprised that four new characters, Riley, Mr. Morris, Q and the patron, were introduced at this point. And what role do they play in all this. I'm starting to dislike their relationship. He's so hot and cold. And she is just so naive. How horrible is it that she doesn't tell him that there are cameras in his place. And why isn't that a [...]

    11. Revenge 3 by JJ Knight:I am really enjoying this series, but JJ you are killing me w/these endings!! LOL. Ms Knight has a knack for ending the story in such a way that you REALLY want the next book right then & there. The story picks up right where book 2 left off. Our hero & heroine Dylan & Jesse grow closer. The mystery surrounding Dylan gets deeper, even as he opens up to Jesse about himself. This story really does pull you in & doesn't let you go until that last page. There i [...]

    12. JJ Knight has done it again , Jess finds out who Susan is to Dylan and he tells her alittle more about himself. Dylan still is a hugh Mystery to Jess. She is starting to have very emotional feelings for him but will not admit it yet even to herself. Nick, boy oh boy what is he up to and what does he know that he isnt telling Jess. We finally meet her 3rd room mate Riley and come to find out Jess knows her really well. This story thats twists and turns and keeps you on your toes. Of course we are [...]

    13. This series is so much fun to read! I have no idea where the next edition is going, but I want to be along for the ride. I don't know if Dylan is bi-polar or what, but his mood swings are hard to keep up with. Poor Jess seems as gullible as she is clueless but she makes me laugh out loud! NICK, what ARE you up too? Whatever's going on, I'm excited to find out!!!

    14. I m still a bit al over the place with these book I m likin them but I just want 2 now what's happenin the only really excitin bit it the cliffhangers at the end I m still luvin the characters I just want more hopefully the next book will give me that xxx

    15. ARC provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.The Revenge serial by JJ Knight has had me hooked from the very first release. It is a serial that is fresh, unique, and has all the elements readers are craving these days. Everyone loves a rock star! JJ Knight gives us a super sexy soon to be rock star that has secrets. His former life is full of mystery and intrigue. Possibly danger.Revenge Vol. 3 is the middle of the series. Like most books, the middle is the turning point. Question [...]

    16. ~Arc Review~ So I'm a little late reviewing my arc on Revenge because I've been super busy with school work. So hear it is. Okay so the end of Revenge2 left me with a freaking cliffhanger. That cliffhanger being Dylan was married. What! Are you kidding me! He's freaking married! WTF!!!! So as you can see I didn't take that news well. This is where Revenge3 comes in. Jess was just about to leave him again, but luckily he explains to her that his wife is dead and that he is a widower. I know this [...]

    17. Of course things get more and more mysterious and eyebrow raising in this third installment. After leaving us with a jaw-dropping confession in the previous book, Dylan has an honest conversation with Jess about his admission. At this point I honestly think Dylan is a tad bi-polar. He's always having such wild mood swings. He wants things to continue with Jess, but he also cares for her too much to actually be with her. He goes on and on about how bad he is for and how hurt she'll get if she sta [...]

    18. Once again J.J. Knight has done it again with the third installment of her revenge series. We pick up right where we left off in the second installment. We learn more about the elusive Susan, Dylan's wife. His confession is surprising and intense just like him. We learn a little more about Dylan in this third installment, but not to much. His relationship with Jess is getting even hotter, hard to believe I know. You get the sense that he is really falling hard for Jess, but he still doesn't beli [...]

    19. 4.5 out of 5 StarsWhen the second book ended it left me wondering, how in the world is Dylan going to talk his way out of this? Well let’s just say book 3 answers this, and it is not the explanation that I had expected at all…. This book gives us a little more insight in to Dylan, but not everything. There are times in the book I think either the characters are bipolar or maybe I am losing my grip with reality.  For instance when Dylan is revealing parts of his past to Jess it makes a ver [...]

    20. Got an ARC for an honest review. This picks up right where the other book left off. I'm so glad Dylan talked to Jess and cleared up the little bomb he dropped on her in the last book. He cleared that up but there's still so much more mystery to him. It's like he just lets her know things on a need to know basis. Jess is in love with Dylan and she trust him too quickly. At this point they've known each other for a little while but she's in so deep that he can break her heart in the worst way poss [...]

    21. Okay, now that I've been able to read the entire 5 "volumes", I still think this could have been broken into two books, maybe three. Five is a little much, and these are not "volumes". They are barely novellas by themselves. Regardless, I ended up liking these as a whole.Revenge, Volume 3Between Dylan and his mood swings and the naive Jess, you can't help but continue reading this volume to see what kind of a train wreck this book is. Throw Riley into the picture for Jess and her life unravels a [...]

    22. Thanks to the author, I was allowed to read an ARC of this book for an honest review. This book picked up at the cliffhanger that #2 left us with. This installment also ends in a cliffhanger and as a reminder is part #3 of a five part series. As in my previous reviews on #1 & #2, if you just can’t handle cliffhangers, you may want to wait just a few weeks and get all five parts at one time.This book jumps right back to the cliffhanger that left our mouths open. We get the answers we needed [...]

    23. I want to like Jess, I really do. I've read so many books with heroine as a V. But Jess irritate me somehow. First of all, she's a freaking country girl who claims she done worst and she's a Tomboy. What kind of tomboy country girl is she that she's afraid of a freaking spider or insects? Like seriously? I also feels like she's very selfish. Everything is about her. Yes the author try to make her as a loving and caring person but I don't see that. All I see is Her doing things for her. I am begi [...]

    24. I love JJ Knight and I'm in love with Revenge. I'm hooked on this story and I love the serial romance because it leaves you wanting more and anticipating it's release. You get just enough time to miss Jess and Dylan and then you have a new installment! This one picks up exactly where #2 left off. We get to learn a little more about Dylan and his past. We also learn more about Jess and her past. Dylan is under the impression that Jess is working for someone else and he really needs to stay away f [...]

    25. Hold on to your virgin panties, ladies, this is not just another romance! Don't get me wrong, there is romance right down to the flowers, sexy phone calls, and late night window wake-ups. But this book is so much more! This is a fast-paced, plot twisting, toe curling, heart pounding joy ride! I love it! This was the best book of the series so far. We get to know more about Dylan's and Jess' past in this book. I've fallen even more in love with these characters. Amanda, and her no-filter conversa [...]

    26. Now I am totally clueless on what is going on. Nick is making comments that falling for Dylan was not part of the plan but what do you expect when a "V" country bumpkin is being woo'ed and that de "v" 'ed by Dylan. Of course she is going to fall for him. The plot thickens with more space out's by Dylan, vague information yet subtle warnings from Nick, the arrival of the music company's owner, secret meetings with the old couple that Dylan supposedly didn't know and the list goes on. I really hav [...]

    27. I was so glad that we found out about Dylan's wife right away in this book. We find out a bit more about Dylan's past and I I sure didn't expect it to be like it that. It's much better than I imagined which is why J.J. Knight is the writer and I am the reader. Jess has strong feelings for Dylan but Dylan thinks she would be better off if she stayed away from him. Their relationship is strange in that Dylan thinks Jess is only with him because Morris Music paid her to be there and Jess doesn't fo [...]

    28. I swear these cliffhangers are going to kill me. Nick (Jess’s coworker) knows a lot more that what he is telling. Do not know what that is, but he is acting very funny in this volume. Almost wondering if Nick does not have something to do with Q (Dylan’s music sponsor) and is working as Q to get Dylan to sign with Morris Music…Jess and Dylan’s relationship continues to progress, even though they both have many secrets that they are not sharing. Dylan did share that his wife passed away f [...]

    29. In this third installment of "Revenge", we get the answers to one or two questions (if Dylan was being honest) and also several more questions to be answered. I'm starting to think that Jess might be too naive for her own good, though. Dylan has told her that he thinks she's working for the mysterious "Q", and after he tells her about his late wife, he goes on to tell her to make sure that's the story that gets back to the record company. At that point, I would have thought, okay this is the pub [...]

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