Never Forget Me

Never Forget Me AS WAR BLAZES ACROSS EUROPE THREE COUPLES FIND A LOVE THAT IS POWERFUL ENOUGH TO OVERCOME ALL THE ODDS A KISS GOODBYE As war looms genteel Flora yearns to be than just an observer She finds a r

  • Title: Never Forget Me
  • Author: Marguerite Kaye
  • ISBN: 9780373297986
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • AS WAR BLAZES ACROSS EUROPE, THREE COUPLES FIND A LOVE THAT IS POWERFUL ENOUGH TO OVERCOME ALL THE ODDS A KISS GOODBYE 1914 As war looms, genteel Flora yearns to be than just an observer She finds a revolutionary kindred spirit in soldier Geraint but will their fragile love be crushed before it can start to bloom DEAREST SYLVIE 1916 Soldier Robbie cannot forget hisAS WAR BLAZES ACROSS EUROPE, THREE COUPLES FIND A LOVE THAT IS POWERFUL ENOUGH TO OVERCOME ALL THE ODDS A KISS GOODBYE 1914 As war looms, genteel Flora yearns to be than just an observer She finds a revolutionary kindred spirit in soldier Geraint but will their fragile love be crushed before it can start to bloom DEAREST SYLVIE 1916 Soldier Robbie cannot forget his one hedonistic night in Paris with beautiful waitress Sylvie But as Europe burns, can these two star crossed lovers ever be reunited FOREVER WITH ME 1918 Nurse Sheila is horrified to discover her new boss is the French surgeon she woke beside after Armistice Day Fighting for their love will be the bravest thing she s ever had to do.

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      Marguerite Kaye is a prolific historical romance author hailing from Argyll s West Coast She is a voracious consumer of books, Scotland s world class larder, and the occasional cocktail.Find out on her website at margueritekaye Join her on Facebook page at facebook margueritekayepageChat with her on Twitter at twitter margueritekaye

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    1. I have to say thank you to my dear friend, Wendy Loveridge, for recommending not only this book but also talented author Marguerite Kaye. I now look forward to reading more of her books.The book contains three emotive and evocative love stories, each set against the backdrop of World War 1. The link to all them is the Carmichael family…Lord and Lady Carmichael, daughter Flora, sons Robbie and Alexand their ancestral home, Glen Massan in Argyle, Scotland. The war will have far-reaching effects [...]

    2. Fabulous Marguerite Kaye! Wonderful, moving, beautiful, sensual, romantic, poignant and real.This was a complete departure for me as I rarely read books of this period, and any I have were many years ago, so I really did start them (3 stories in one book) with a completely open mind and very little knowledge of the time. I have watched documentaries and been interested, as of course this was a terrible time for our ancestors, but have never truly considered the effect these dreadful times must h [...]

    3. I've been mulling over this review for days trying to figure out how to express what I want to say about this trilogy.The first story, about Scottish aristocrat Flora Carmichael and former Welsh miner and now soldier Corporal Geraint Cassell is the first hint as to how this set of stories is going to show the way WWI changed Britain and to some extent Europe, forever.A Kiss GoodbyeFlora is a classic Edwardian daughter of the house, marking time until her marriage to a 'suitable' person of her ow [...]

    4. 3 StarsThis was a fun little anthology that takes place during the First World War. The first story takes place at the beginning of the war as Flora's ancestral home is being used to train the soldiers. She was born and breed to be a lady but has decided to wants to assist in the war efforts in France. Her family doesn't like this idea, believing she isn't the kind of woman who could do that kind of work. She meets Geraint and falls in love, but is worried when he is sent to the front to fight.T [...]

    5. Never Forget Me by Marguerite Kaye is a novel of three intertwining stories set during the Great War. Our first story starts in Scotland, where our heroine Flora has had her home requisitioned by the army. Geraint our hero turns up with the Army invading Flora’s home.Flora has a big decision to make become a nurse of a VAD. Geraint needs to lay his past ghost behind him before he can move on with his future.Dearest Sylvie a story from France during 1916, Sylvie and Robbie meet in a bar unexpec [...]

    6. “Never Forget Me” - Marguerite KayeNovella One: “A Kiss Goodbye”Argyll Scotland, October 1914Glen Massan House sits in a promontory overlooking Loch Massan. It has been lived in by generations of Carmichaels. The current Lord Andrew and Lady Elizabeth Carmichael live in their huge home with their daughter, Flora, age 23. Their older son, Robbie, age 25, runs a wine import business and their younger son, Alex, age 17, is at school. The family fears that soon Robbie will be signing up to f [...]

    7. I was given an advance copy of this book in return for an honest review. My version has the UK cover with the heroine wearing a gorgeous red coat - in my head it's the characters Sheila and Luc!I always knew that this book would be an emotive read by its very subject it has to be. Marguerite Kaye has managed to do this and to show us the horrors of war without it being a history lesson or over dwelling on the horrors - oh they are there and they are done well - but these three stories are romanc [...]

    8. "To celebrate the centennial of the start of WW I, Marguerite Kaye has written three linked novellas sweeping from Scotland to France and home again. Each novella is a passionate love story in its own right; each a testament that love can survive everything — even war. All the settings and dialogue are authentic, the action immediate and the characters memorable. Historical readers will enjoy this charming anthology" (RT Book Reviews). 4 stars Such an interesting journey through WW1! I really [...]

    9. Me deja sentimientos encontrados este libro me gusto la idea pero encontre que a las historias les falto mas porque se centraron mucho en un aspecto de las relaciones y podrían haber sigo más extensas Pero bueno.

    10. Un libro que reúne tres historias, dos de ellas muy similares. Personales bien trazado y una historia sencilla. Para leer en una tarde. Perfectamente olvidable.

    11. My Review: 3.0 StarsDisclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for an honest and unbiased review.Never Forget Me is an omnibus. The three stories in this omnibus are A KISS GOODBYE, DEAREST SYLVIE and FOREVER WITH ME. All of these stories are based around the World War I era all the stories are connected through one of the main characters.Marguerite Kaye has a nice writing style. All three stories were nicely written and easy to follow. I love how each story was connected in an ea [...]

    12. Marguerite Kaye has long established herself as a writer of great scope and talent, but she has truly outdone herself with her latest release, Never Forget Me, a collection of three novellas set during the Great War.Never Forget Me opens in 1914 with A Kiss Goodbye, an enthralling tale of hope, healing, second chances and redemption.Flora Carmichael’s sheltered life at Glen Massan House in Argyll, Scotland, is about to be turned on its head by the arrival of the military. The house that has be [...]

    13. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the WWI. Compare to the Wars in Regency Era, it was much closer to us and somehow it feel much more relatable in a way. As photography had become much more widly used at the time, the war was able to be dutifully recorded in a much more vivid and memorable level. A picture says a thousand words. And the story behind each picture certainly stretched even further.The stories circled around the Carmichaels, a Scottish genteel family throughout the War. Flora [...]

    14. I know I'm going to get bashed on several different levels, but the first story seemed to me a bit of a rip-off from Sybil Crawley and Tom Branson's story in Downton Abbey.I don't know but that is just how it felt to me.

    15. Three unforgettable, connected stories with a WWI setting all in one book! Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies:The three stories in this book revolve around the Scottish ancestral home known as Glen Massan and its residents. The laird and his wife have three children, Robbie, Flora and Alex, who are all in France, doing their part in WWI as their lives change in unexpected ways.A KISS GOODBYEIt is 1914 and the middle sibling, Flora, yearns to be useful, to her aristocratic mother’s dismay. [...]

    16. It was between 3-4 stars for me, but because I am not fan of wartime novels, its 3. Yes it is not my thing unfortunately, but since these wartime novels are gifted to me, I just struggle through them, so 1st part of this book went so slow, I thought I will never finish1 star. When I got to 2nd part, it went quick, I actually loved "Dearest Sylvie" ! 5 stars for that. Such a lovely, nostalgic, sad, yet beautiful story through letters, loved it. "Forever with me" was good.I am not sure if I will e [...]

    17. Firstly, it was wonderful to read a book that was so meticulously researched and historically accurate without being dry and without the facts getting in the way of the story. It’s not an easy feat but Marguerite Kaye is a past master at it.There are three stories in this book; three different couples at different times and different stages of the war. Inevitably, there will be a favourite one and a not-so-favourite one amongst them. Although it means I look at them out of chronological order, [...]

    18. I really liked this book. I was glad to read a book where it had elements of the war in the story line but that wasn't all the book was about I was also nicely surprised by the fact that it was 3 books in 1 Which I wasn't expecting.The first story is A Kiss Goodbye, this book is set in Scotland and is set in 1914. Here we meet Flora and Geraint. Although he isn't fond of the upper class he is attracted to Flora. They meet because the Army has requisitioned Floras family home, Flora decides to st [...]

    19. It is the beginning of The Great War, The War to End All Wars or WWI, and change is coming to Glen Massan House in Scotland in a big way. In a series of three stories, author Marguerite Kaye tells the stories of members of the family from Glen Massan House in Argyll, Scotland as they deal with this life-changing war and how the way of life they knew will be gone forever.In "A Kiss Goodbye," the Glen Massan House has been requisitioned by the army for training and hospital purposes. Corporal Gera [...]

    20. Life is difficult for lovers in these sort of romances. What should be a relatively easy affair meets all kinds of complications but then we get to what makes life good for lovers in these sort of romances – they always have a happy ending. These three stories are set during, and immediately after, the First World War. There's been an avalanche of books as (for a reason I still find it difficult to accept) some parts of Europe celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the START of the conflict. B [...]

    21. Never Forget Me by Marguerite KayeAs WWI enters the lives of those in Glen Massan, The Charmichael family home, love also enters. Can it survive in such conditions? Three stories of people on different sides, different opinions, and those who are just empty and waiting for the war to take their life. The author has weaved together these romances within the walls of the war to keep them romantic and yet the reader glimpses the realities of the war. The sexual encounters are often a desperation to [...]

    22. I received this book for free through First Reads.For the beginning of the first story in this book, I was definitely interested. I liked the characters well enough but my interest in them was completely lost after around forty pages. I found their story quite predictable which made it slightly boring. The reveal of the reason behind Geraint's odd behaviour was drawn-out and underwhelming.I enjoyed the second story more and consider it the best of the three. A lot of it was in letter format whi [...]

    23. I have to admire the author for writing this trio of romances as the researching and writing around the Great War must have been extremely challenging. Her story is emotional and bittersweet as the characters face the dread trenches, see all they have known turned upside down or work with an endless line of wounded men.How hard was it for the people at the time to get on with their lives? How did they fall in love and preserve relationships when the continent was on the move and turmoil affected [...]

    24. Never Forget Me is a set of three intertwining short stories that involve finding love during 1916-1918 while the battles of World War I are taking the lives of so many people. In each story the couples are not only dealing with their lives changing so drastically and all the losses due to the war, but their own roller coaster of emotions as love comes into their lives when they feel they should not be enjoying their own happiness. I have enjoyed all the stories that I have read by Ms. Kaye. The [...]

    25. A stunning read, and as we remember the centenary of WW1 this year, absolutely spot on. Marguerite has written a trio of gems, with each one as thought provoking as the next. She captures the mood of the country in total clarity, and the uncertainty of a country thrust into conflict and change. This is the first WW1 book I have actually read and I am now hoping that M&B will have more of these books published. I particularly enjoyed the way the author touches on sensitive subjects with compa [...]

    26. As war blazes across Europe, three couples find love that is powerful enough to overcome all the oddsI haven't read a Mills & Boon book since I was a teenager and must say that this book is unlike any I have read before. If it didn't have the logo on the side then I would never have thought it could possibly be one. It wasn't the usual fluffy romance and sex of a M&B, it had meat to it. I am a huge fan of historical novels and really loved the historical background to these stories. I th [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this anthology of three short novellas. I liked how the author took three different years during World War I and illustrated how everything shifted in just four short years. This was a darker read, taking place during war time after all!, and all the characters are affected by the horrors that the first "modern" war brought about. The strongest story of the bunch (for me) was probably the first story, which I thought juxtaposed the idea of an "old world" and "new world" quite ni [...]

    28. Loved this book - OR all 3 of the stories contained within this one book. It is a fantastic concept to do three separate stories within the one book. Three separate love stories taking place during the years of WWI - 1914, 1915 and 1916. I loved each of the separate stories - and would hate to pick one to be my favorite. Well done, Ms. Kaye. I loved everything about each of the stories!!!

    29. I was sent an e-copy of the book from Marguerite for my honest review. An amazing story of love and World War I. It brings to life what it was really like back during the war. I do not usually read this type of book but this time I was glad I did. A hard book to put down because I had to see how it would end.

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