Sandcastle Kisses

Sandcastle Kisses When Isabel Baker agreed to moonlight as a bartender at a private party she never imagined she d get anything than tips However on this resort island nothing was ever that simple After tending bar

  • Title: Sandcastle Kisses
  • Author: Krista Lakes
  • ISBN: 9781497431379
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Isabel Baker agreed to moonlight as a bartender at a private party, she never imagined she d get anything than tips However, on this resort island, nothing was ever that simple.After tending bar with the deliciously handsome Noah who was flown in for the party, Izzy realized that she was about to break her number one rule never fall for a tourist But with hisWhen Isabel Baker agreed to moonlight as a bartender at a private party, she never imagined she d get anything than tips However, on this resort island, nothing was ever that simple.After tending bar with the deliciously handsome Noah who was flown in for the party, Izzy realized that she was about to break her number one rule never fall for a tourist But with his quick wit, charming smile and passion for marine life, Noah was the kind of guy that she couldn t resist At the end of the night, she barely managed to turn him away from coming home with her.Noah had only come to the island for one of Jack Saunders famous parties Yet once he met Izzy, he couldn t bring himself to leave After one steamy night together, he knew that he would do almost anything to keep her Theirs should have been an easy love story, complete with a happily ever after Except Noah was also moonlighting as a bartender that night and his true identity threatened Izzy s research When his billion dollar company and her marine research project collide, their entire relationship crumbles into the sand Will they be able to rebuild their beautiful sandcastle together, or will it be washed away by the rising tide, forever just a memory

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    1. Krista Lakes

      Krista Lakes is a newly turned 30 year old who recently rediscovered her passion for writing She loves aquatic life and running marathons She is living happily ever after with her Prince Charming and her bouncing baby boy.

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    1. As the author of this book, I really enjoyed writing this one and I would really like to thank the people that took the time to read it. I am always grateful to those that read.I hope everyone enjoys Noah and Izzy because they are going to make a cameo in the next book!

    2. Sandcastle Kisses is another sweet romance between marine biologist Izzy, and the mysterious Noah. They meet bartending for the incredibly wealthy and quickly form a bond. But Noah is hiding who he is and when Izzy does find out, it just might crumble the relationship they have been building together. This was another quick read which would make a perfect afternoon getaway. Light, well written and heartwarming. Definitely recommended for romance fans.

    3. Title: Sandcastle Kisses A Billionaire Love StoryAuthor: Krista LakesPublisher: Zirconia PublishingSeries: The Kisses Series #5Reviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 5Review:"Sandcastle Kisses" by Krista Lakes was the first of this author's reads for me that I found this sweet romance was well written and a beginning of a new author for me. I like how this author was able to keep you smiling as you are turning the pages reading this intriguing novel as she is able to create for the reader. There will e [...]

    4. I've read all of the kisses series and I absolutely love them! This book is no different, really enjoyed Noah and izzy and can't wait until the next book!

    5. I love Krista and I love this series, this is one series that I always make sure my a** gets the new bookie when it comes out. It seems at first that Noah and Izzy can't catch a break when trying to get to know each other, "I wanted to kiss him again, but as soon as his fingers touched my skin, the phone began to vibrate. "I think someone wants your attention as much as I do," I whispered. The spell of the kiss was broken." They have such great chemistry: "Stay the night," he whispered. It wasn' [...]

    6. I started this book warily as it was the 5th instalment in the series. However this book can definitely be read independently from the others, which I appreciated. I really liked the writing and the overall tone of the book. What I liked less was the very fast timeline of the book which once more made me strongly doubt the reality of leads' feelings for each other. Especially when the heroine acknowledges herself her past track record of always falling in love with tourists in a mere matter of d [...]

    7. Fun romantic read, seasoned with billionaires and marine biology facts about sharks and such. I enjoyed it because of the characters. Story was a bit fairytale-ish, but who doesn't like a good HAE with a sexy guy once in a while?!

    8. I've read all of the other Kisses books and I've absolutely loved them. They're written in a really interesting sort of family and friends saga way, which is a lot of fun. The side characters from one book become main characters in the next, and so on, so you get a fun sneak peek into the entire story of all of their lives.Sandcastle Kisses is one of my favorites so far, though. It starts right in the thick of things, and while you might not immediately know what's going on with everything, it's [...]

    9. Sandcastle Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story is book 5 in the Kisses Series, but can be read as a stand alone.Sandcastle Kisses is the book you go to after a long, hectic day and just need to relax and escape, emerging yourself in a heart-warming romance that leads to a happily ever after. From the opening paragraph I was instantly drawn into this amazing story. It had just the right combination of drama, dream-worthy romance and steamy love scenes.Krista Lakes has done an exceptional job of crea [...]

    10. It's not that I didn't like this because I did, but there were a few glaring things that bugged me. For one, this was book 5 in the series, but we've already had stories about all of the major characters. Jack and Emma were book 1, but they had just met in this book. Also, Noah never tells Izzy his last name, and she only learns it after his betrayal.The other things that just felt off were the fact that this couple barely knew each other and were only together about a week when they started say [...]

    11. A truly sweet quick read that made me smile throughout.Isabel meets a group of rowdy chaps at a billionaires party where she is bar tending. One of the men, Noah, captures her attention. Their mutual attraction is undeniable but will Noah reveal his secrets before it is too late?Delightful descriptions of the island and the grove had me bewitched, perfect escapism for a cold wet Sunday! The characters were great. I'll look forward to reading more in this series.

    12. I'm torn between giving this book 2 or 3 stars. It's not really a 3 star book. I skimmed through it, just to find out what all went on. The characters are moderately interesting, and the setting is okay; but it's on the story where it really falls down. How they meet, at the beginning, is the most interesting part of the book. But later on, where he claims he had no idea about her interest in the grove, that just doesn't work. I mean, they walked by it all the time, she showed it to him, talked [...]

    13. I LOVEDIT!!! It was a Really Good story ! I LOVED Noah and Isabel there story was nice although they really needed to communicate more especially after they said they loved each other of not the whole him buying the Grove that means so much to her could have been avoid but the did not really talk about what they did especially what he did, but it all workout. :D

    14. Great romantic readI loved this book. The main characters seem so oposite at first glance, but under the surface I also can't resist adults who aren't afraid to let the kid inside out from time to time. And lets not forget the ecological friendliness of the book! Keep the books coming! I'm hooked! A new favorite author

    15. Quick readQuick read. Starts strong then looses the storyline for bedroom activity. Which I don't normally mind but when the true heart of the story is lost I think they should have left it out. It does have a HEA. Just not a great story.

    16. Fast read of what I categorize as "garbage books" - not for you if you are looking for anything beyond mindless entertainment

    17. Sweet surpriseVery good read! I enjoyed learning about the groves and the sharks. It's a story about thinking you know what you want and realizing what is really important.

    18. books to read on the beachit is a kind of romantic story but if you're looking for learning something new, it is not for you

    19. Sweet, fast & turbulentThis is an instalove story that starts off sweet, then turns turbulent and then sweet again. All the makings of a good, quick romance read.

    20. Good bookReally cute love story. Really enjoyed reading this. Good series with enjoyable characters. Looking forward to more. . Definitely recommending it.

    21. 4 Beguiling and Romantic StarsOut of all of the book series I have from the time when we had to travel to a store to purchase an actual physical book to the current digital age of downloading directly to a Kindle, iPad or Nook to have the written pages in our hands within seconds, Krista Lakes’ Kisses series has become one of my all-time favorites. With each story she writes, they always contain characters (both main and support) who are not only extremely likable but also draw me into their l [...]

    22. Sandcastle Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story is book four in the Kisses series by Krista Lakes. The book is great and catches your imagination in a heartbeat. You can see the island through Krista Lakes’ words and interact with the sharks. Her words make everything real. Izzy Baker is a research marine biologist who works with baby sharks. She lives on this Caribbean Island and does her research there. She is planning a research project on The Grove as a nursery for sharks. She and the others a [...]

    23. Stars: 4.5Overall: This was a beautiful story that I couldn't get enough of. My one and only compliant was the timeline because in my opinion it was a little too fast. Other than that I highly recommend this book and hopefully this series. The story starts when Izzy drives up to a millionaires mansion on the island because she was hired to be the bartender for the night. When she gets there, there is a flurry of activity going on and she is told to head down to the "man cave". Once there she hea [...]

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