Warrior Prince

Warrior Prince Paranormal Dragonshifting Romance Revised Expanded Anniversary Edition The Survivor Though no one could ever command her this warrior would try to conquer her heart Physically scarred in childhood in

  • Title: Warrior Prince
  • Author: Michelle M. Pillow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Paranormal Dragonshifting Romance Revised Expanded Anniversary Edition The Survivor Though no one could ever command her, this warrior would try to conquer her heart Physically scarred in childhood in an act of betrayal, Pia has never been considered an attractive woman One horrible mistake and she is on the run Desperate to hide her identity, she makes a deal withParanormal Dragonshifting Romance Revised Expanded Anniversary Edition The Survivor Though no one could ever command her, this warrior would try to conquer her heart Physically scarred in childhood in an act of betrayal, Pia has never been considered an attractive woman One horrible mistake and she is on the run Desperate to hide her identity, she makes a deal with Galaxy Brides in exchange for a new face, she ll marry anyone they put in front of her Never did she realize her future husband would be the most handsome warrior of the Draig The Warrior Though no man could thwart the brave Draig leader, a woman would be his undoing Zoran of Draig is a man who knows what he wants He has to Being a Prince and the Captain of the Draig Guard, he has to make swift decisions, be ready to battle at a moment s notice, and most of all, he always has to be in control When his wife, the one person who should obey him refuses to, Zoran discovers the battle for his heart s desire is fiercer than any he has ever waged before Could the conqueror become the conquered

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    1. Michelle M. Pillow

      New York Times USA Today Bestselling Author of Romances and Cozy MysteriesMichellePillowMichelle loves to travel and try new things, whether it s a paranormal investigation of an old Vaudeville Theatre or climbing Mayan temples in Belize She s addicted to movies and used to drive her mother crazy while quoting random scenes with her brother Though it has yet to happen, her dream is to be a zombie in a horror movie For the most part she can be found writing in her office with a cup of coffee while wearing pajama pants Michelle M Pillow is a multi published, National Bestselling Author writing in many fiction genres including the Bestselling Dragon Shifter series Dragon Lords and Captured by a Dragon Shifter, and the mischievously magical Warlocks MacGregor Works also include Lord of the Abyss and Lords of the Var and the National RT award winning historical Maiden and the Monster She loves to hear from readers They can contact her through her website.Sign up for Updates michellepillow newsletterFacebookfacebook AuthorMichel

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    1. Pia Korbin is an assasin whose body has been burned over 60 percent during an explosion. After killing a man for trying to rape her, her only alternative to get away is signing up as a Galaxy Bride. During her trip to Quilixen she has reconstructive surgery. Even though she no longer has scars and looks beautiful, she feels ugly. When Zoran claims her as his bride and tells her he desires her ,she is convinced he is making fun of her. Having been an assasin she knows how to fight and does not li [...]

    2. A story about the 4th prince of the Draig. This prince is also looking for love and finds it by forcing Pia, a girl who is running and thinks she is ugly and running from a murder, therefore has a body/face transformation that makes her yet more beautiful. The princes have a way about seducing and he definitely puts it to Pia. She resists thinking that he could not really find her irresistable. After many, many things happening on the planet, they both come to realize they were made for each oth [...]

    3. Warrior PrinceBy Michelle M Pillow⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I was given a copy to read and review. Michelle Pillow is one of my favorite aurthors to read. I adore her storyline they are fascinating, imaginative and lovable. Her characters are truly fantastic, sexy, individual yet keeps the series going. I couldn't stop reading until I finished. Sleep and food don't matter, just give me a comfortable seat and place. Then I open Michelle's book and I'm in a world I enjoy!This is my favorite co [...]

    4. I'm continuing my revisit of the Dragon Lord princes with these new extended additions and wow I'd forgotten just what fun they are. Four books that all interconnect but each time the reader is treated to a different point of view. This particular book brings us face to face with Zoran the commander and probably my favourite prince. He is loud, ruthless, always in charge and about to meet his match! Pia is on the run and needs to disappear but with her looks? Hmm maybe not that easy or is it? Wi [...]

    5. I'm not enjoying this series as much as I did the spinoff (Lords of the Var) and I think a lot of it has to do with the timeline of the books. So the series is written on a concurrent timeline which means that everything is really happening at the same time. For the story in each book this means that you'll see certain scenes again, have some plots overlap, and can see a scene from a few different points of view. I think that this is a good idea, and it can be interesting to see one scene from a [...]

    6. It's always hard to decide which of the books in this series is the best; especially when each installment seems to be better than the previous. in this book you finally get to see what Zoran is like behind the gruff and stoic demeanor he shows to the rest of the world. Pia, too, is far from one dimensional. I think her story is the saddest of the heroines in the series. The interaction between her and Zoran keeps both characters, along with a few others, on their toes. The storyline is differen [...]

    7. Amazing!!!!I’ve been anxiously awaiting this final Dragon Lords Anniversary Edition to be released because I’ve been DYING to leave a review for it! I received it as an ARC for my honest review and I have to tell ya, you do NOT want to miss this! If you are new to the series or have read them before it does NOT MATTER! You WILL want to read them all! The first ones were good but these new edited and expanded Anniversary editions? SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!Pia and Zoran have issues like any c [...]

    8. MY FAVORITE OF THE SERIES I LOVE THIS SERIES and I love this book and this warrior may be my favorite but oh my I just cannot choose they are all so yummy The auther does relive thru each book but it is a must with each bride since they do share many of the same issues but on different level and in differnt views so you will not be disappointed Zoran is my favorite and I love his animalistic character he is just etible I WISH THE AUTHOR would come up with a continuation book on the four princes [...]

    9. Another Prince bites the dust! Prince Zoran, Commander of the Guard may be a hard a**, but he is about to meet his match.Pia is a very scarred girl, full of hatred for herself, now she finds herself with this husband who keeps telling her she is beautiful , but she knows better. No man that handsome and sexy could want her, but she will not let him pity her.So the battle for dominance begins, who will give in to the will of the other?Prince Zoran may be the big bad Draig, but he has the softest [...]

    10. This is the last book in the Dragon Lords series that revolves around the princes. I did enjoy all the stories. One of the things that drove me crazy in every story was the repetition. Since all four books include the same days for the princes and their chosen brides, when all came together (princes/brides) you had the same verbiage through every book. It wasn't even altered a little bit to, for exampleow the decorations of the coronation ceremony through each brides eyes. I also had some eye ro [...]

    11. I like the world that is created in this book and the brothers in this story. But I found the heroine a bit whiny and grating at times.

    12. Zoran and Pia are made for each other, everybody can see that - everybody but them. The Draig mating crystal proves it, but Pia isn't Draig and she's not buying Zoran's vows of love. Zoran's position as heir to the Draig throne and captain of the guard have ingrained in him the need to dominate and control, which Pia can't accept. Pia is scarred and damaged from her assassin's past, and despite the new face Galaxy Brides has given her, she still believes she's ugly. Zoran's genuine admiration is [...]

    13. Ahhh, Prince Zoran of Draig, how you've messed up my dreams for a monthBut I loved Pia too, my favorite female character from the Dragon Lords.This is the best book of the series, in my opinion. It gave me everything I needed. Two strong warriors: Pia and Zoran, characters that seemed very real to me and not cliche, hot hot scenes, funny moments and funny side characters (see the scene where Pia is throwing knives at a dummy with an audience).This is the only book from the series that I would re [...]

    14. Great StorySuch a great story. I love how each story intertwines with the previous ones, giving us different points of view from all. The feisty ladies don't take any mess from their Dragon princes and that makes for lots of funny interactions between the couple's. It also leads to miscommunication galore. I am so enjoying this series and am anxious to see the direction the story takes.

    15. Pia Korbin is an assassin that was in an accident that caused most of her body to be burnt. In hopes of hiding from people that were looking for her, she signs a contract with Galaxy Brides; she had to marry and in exchange they were to fix her body to look like what she would have looked like without the burns. Prince Zoran joins the Breeding Festival in his planet of Qurilixen in hopes of finding a bride and he finds himself the most beautiful of them all, however she hated being called beauti [...]

    16. HilariousShe's done it again!! This author's work is truely a treat. :)What happens when the commander and a feirce female battle for dominance? Many hilarious fights and arguments. And then some bedroom fun ;)

    17. Great seriesJust getting to these in my TBR pile. I enjoyed the plot but wished the female had not been so difficult. The author also made her ignorant of so many basic things she just seemed obstinate.

    18. This book was zoran and Pia’s story. I liked her the best she seemed like she was very much of a military mentality but had no belief in her new look. I enjoyed this book the most out of the other 3.

    19. It's an interesting concept within this story with the different galaxies and races throughout them that give it and out of world feeling. The relationship between Pia and her warrior was intense at times but it showed that every relationship has it's rocky places and that if they're willing, they can be worked out. Anyone who likes anything to do with shifters or other worlds would enjoy this story.

    20. She had to command the commander, conquer the conqueror. Maybe Pia didn’t need to be conquered, but commanded. He was just the commander to do it. WOW!! I hate to admit this but I had just finished reading the first three books in this series and wasn't sure I wanted to read this one right away. I loved those books and didn’t want to lose the magic spell that it had caught me in!! I AM SO GLAD I DID NOT WAIT!!! This is my favorite story of the four! I absolutely adored Pia, although it did g [...]

    21. Pia is a woman with a rather shady past. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time puts her on a wanted list. Because much of her body was burned in a terrifying incident years before, it is difficult to hide her identity. With no medical insurance or money, she can't afford an operation to fix her scars so no one can recognize her. This means only one choice, put her fate in the hands of Galaxy Brides who will restore her skin to the healthy state it had once been. As no one knows what she loo [...]

    22. Pia the assassin, is in trouble. She needs to disappear after she finds out that the man she just killed is the mayor's son. That is very difficult for her since she is scarred over 60% of her body. The only way she knows to get a new face when she can't afford one is to contract with Galaxy Brides. They agree that they can help her but she must sign an exclusive contract with them until she is married. After two weeks of endless surgeries, she is on her way to Qurilixen with a ship load of othe [...]

    23. Review forthcoming on a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveI received a copy of Warrior Prince, book 4 of Dragon Lords, in exchange for my review.When a job doesn't quite go to plan, Pia Korbin knows that she has to change the way she looks and fast, the scars on her face and body give her away too easily. Signing up to Galaxy Brides is the only way that she can afford the corrective surgery, even if it means that she signs a contract meaning that she will have to get married no matter what. On meeting [...]

    24. The cookie scene is my favorite.This one is probably my favorite in the series. I loved that Zoran, the intense captain of the guard, was so easy and loving with Pia. they were so great for each other. He doesn't discourage her when she joins in a fight, but is proud that she can fight and wants to. HEr reaction to the kids knives comment- hilarious. I loved Pia's internal struggle and that they didn't run laps around the track when it came to their arguments. The reason I loved this one so much [...]

    25. This was the last story of the Princes and it was just as good as the previous stories except a lot of what we already read in the previous stories was in this but Prince Zoran's story with Pia Korbin (aka number seven) was good it was such a heart breaking story of Pia's life and what she was trained to do from childhood and what she had to do as a government assassin but she had no idea of what it meant to be a woman because no one treated her like she was one because of what happened when she [...]

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