Bunny Bus

Bunny Bus From Publisher s Weekly In the story the Bunny Bus seems to have room for one and all but what happens if there is one passenger too many

  • Title: Bunny Bus
  • Author: Ammi-Joan Paquette Lesley Breen Withrow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 233
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  • From Publisher s Weekly In the story, the Bunny Bus seems to have room for one and all, but what happens if there is one passenger too many

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      233 Ammi-Joan Paquette Lesley Breen Withrow
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    1. Ammi-Joan Paquette Lesley Breen Withrow

      Ammi Joan Paquette has never met a ghost, mummy, monster, skeleton, or witch as far as she knows This book, she says, was inspired by a game she used to play with her sister Most of the details have been lost to time, but I still remember the shivery thrill I got when we played it So, I drew on that same energy to write a spooky picture book, which eventually became A Ghost in the House In addition to writing, Joan is also a literary agent representing authors of children s books She lives outside Boston with her family.

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    1. imagescmillan/folio-assThis book is dim, boring, and without substance. It is about a huge living bus that looks like a bunny which apparently picks up all the town's residents - which are animals who wear clothes and live in houses - for Easteragescmillan/folio-assWe see everyone get on the bus with Easter eggs and stuffed animalsagescmillan/folio-assBut when too many animals get on the bus, it breaks down and can't go anymoreagescmillan/folio-assOh, no, Bunny Bus!Tumble out! Come, one and all: [...]

    2. Colorful pictures. Lack of plot.Story: The story starts out exciting, with a bus with a funny face and tail and jumping smiling animal villagers excited to get on the bus. There are hop, stop rhymes throughout which add great simple narrative for children. But then the bus becomes sad and frowning and it's never explained why. Are there too many people on the bus? Easter eggs and decorations then explode out of its exhaust for no apparent reason. The story has a happily ever and the illustration [...]

    3. Bunny Bus hops from stop to stop, picking up animal friends along the way. But soon Bunny Bus is so full that he explodes making a huge mess. Bunny Bus is sad, but everyone works together to shine him up and they all join the parade.

    4. Climb aboard for a hopping good time aboard the Bunny Bus. Colorful illustrations and a variety of animals make this a fun bunny/Easter book for young ones.

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    6. The Bunny Bus goes around town picking up all kinds of animal friends until it is so full it goes "BOOM." The reading of the book would be great for a read aloud setting, especially with the repeated "hop, hop, stop" mantra. However, the connection to the Easter Parade at the end would limit its ability to be read year round and especially where readers may not recognize Easter.

    7. A simple, fun rhyming bunny book that toddlers are sure to love. The illustrations are colorful and will keep toddlers engaged in the story. Sweet!

    8. This book illustration were made in color separations by Embassy graphics. The book is about a bunny bus that with the help of all the animals help decorate the bus for Easter parade. This would be a good book to teach students about Easter holiday also to appreciate the things that they are able to use as transportation.

    9. This book is for toddlers and younger children. I think it will especially appeal to kids who love buses. It's fun and joyful, written in rhyme and it's got bright, cheery illustrations.This book is also good for holiday Easter reading.

    10. Bright illustrations, but they lack any sort of emotional resonance or depth. This will work for very young readers who are bus-obsessed, or for the Easter crowd (I guess?), but there's nothing earth-shattering here.

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