Empire under siege

Empire under siege The Adarnan Empire has endured for a thousand years a beacon of civilisation shining out to the world Its glory is undimmed but of late there are rumours A horde of savage warriors has overrun the s

  • Title: Empire under siege
  • Author: Jason K. Lewis
  • ISBN: 9781499739381
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Adarnan Empire has endured for a thousand years, a beacon of civilisation shining out to the world Its glory is undimmed, but of late there are rumours A horde of savage warriors has overrun the south, destroying legions with ease, leaving the very heartlands of the empire under threat In the capital there are whispers in the bars and taverns Republic they urge, aThe Adarnan Empire has endured for a thousand years, a beacon of civilisation shining out to the world Its glory is undimmed, but of late there are rumours A horde of savage warriors has overrun the south, destroying legions with ease, leaving the very heartlands of the empire under threat In the capital there are whispers in the bars and taverns Republic they urge, and the name that is whispered is always the same Martius General Felix Martius has been charged with ending the threat from the horde, but the emperor s orders came late and there has been little time to gather an army The legions are outnumbered ten to one The fate of the empire stands on a knife edge Empire under siege is the first book in the Adarna chronicles Set in a world of epic grandeur and political intrigue, it follows the fate of the empire through the eyes of those who could ultimately save it, or doom it to destruction.

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      139 Jason K. Lewis
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    1. Jason K. Lewis

      Jason K Lewis lives in Britain with his wife and young son He spent his childhood glued to books by authors such as David Gemmell, Stephen Donaldson, Julian May, Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, C.S Lewis, George R.R Martin and J.R.R.Tolkien He is the author of several novels and short stories in the fantasy and science fiction genres, including the science fiction Novelette Paradise and the fantasy Empire under siege which is the first book in the epic Adarna chronicles.

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    1. 2.5 zvezda.E ovo se zove kratko stivo. Odlican pocetak sa fino opisanom velikom bitkom gde se stvarno dobija osecaj da jedan vojnik samo zrnce peska u celoj masini. Za ovo malo vremena likovi fino opisani kao i prikazan odlican nacin nekoga ko pati od post-traumatic stress disorder-a.Jedino sto je kraj skoro u po recenice.Videcemo kako ide dalje posto volim rimljane i njihovo drustvo a ovo za sada fino emulira sa par promena.

    2. I REALLY LIKED IT What a pleasant little surprise. The book was extremely short, and in my experience those usually cram too much in or not enough. This had a decent amount of a teaser, the start of some good character development, story questions, a good foundation of the world, and a promise of some interesting things to come in the next book.We follow mainly two characters, General Martius and a soldier Conlan. I found both PoV’s interesting and I didn’t skim a single sentence, which shou [...]

    3. *slight spoiling ahead*In the first couple of chapters, I wasn't quite sure what to make of the book. Right from the start, it drops us into a large battle. There was so much action happening so fast that I felt like I couldn't get my bearings. I stuck with the book because the writing was good and I liked the characters. I'm glad I did.Once the action slows a bit, and I was given a chance to see the characters a bit more, I actually came to think that starting in the midst of the battle was per [...]

    4. Combined review over at Fantasy Book Critic .OVERVIEW/ANALYSIS: The Adarna Chronicles consists of two novellas so far: Empire Under Siege and Phoenix Rising. What drew me to this series was the subject matter of a “Roman-like empire in chaos” fantasy storyline and also the covers, which are simply striking and drew my eye instantly. The author mentioned what his influences were in writing this historical-ish fantasy series in his guest post previously & it bears a read to see the wide va [...]

    5. When I started to read this book I thought I was in Imperial Rome, with the legions fighting the barbarian hordes. Then I realised it could not be. Small things were different such as the colour of the legionaries' cloaks. It was as if history had been jolted out of focus in this new unknown world, like our own but different. The powerful writing of the battle scenes was wonderful. I am envious. The action in the battle, for the moment, was distracting. So many characters acting so fast and forc [...]

    6. This was an intense and moving read that kept me hooked and caring all along. I loved the writing style, the emotions, and the high-stakes battle against the horde, and after that, the chance to get to know each main character in this epic story world. A wonderful blend of epic scale and intimate character destinies. Through the story and details, you get a good feel how long this empire has been around, at least 1000 years, and in one scene, you can sense just how huge the Adarna public square [...]

    7. Nice short book set in an alternate Roman Empire, the story opens in the middle of a battle between the legions of the Adarnan Empire and a overwhelming horde of barbarians; the main characters are primus general Felix Martius and centre branch leader Conlan Danson (of the ninth cohort of the third legion), and the story develops mostly around both their point of views, with more emphasis on Conlan's as the reader follows the battle through his actions and emotions until the puzzling climax. Bot [...]

    8. Devo ammetterlo: mi sono sforzata veramente tanto per finire i primi capitoli. All'inizio non capivo una beata fava: voglio dire, la storia inizia nel bel mezzo di una battaglia e tutto accade così in fretta che non è facile farsi coinvolgere. Comunque sia, ho continuato a leggere e, ben presto, il tutto ha iniziato a farsi più interessante.Le vicende sono raccontatate attraverso i punti di vista dei diversi personaggi ed è stato impossibile non innamorarsi di Conlan, soprattutto. La parte i [...]

    9. This book raises a lot of questions, but does not give all the answers. Personally I don't like a book which does not give me a satisfying ending. I understand why authors do it, indeed Dickens's books were serialised in a magazine when they were first published, and with the advent of e-readers and instant downloads you can always download the next book immediately. Perhaps I'm just throwing my toys out of the pram (I'm a little old for that), and I just need to accept this is the modern way.Th [...]

    10. I think this book rocked. Read on a layover, made that time pass superquick, which is what you want in a layover. Only complaint -- too short! Looking fwd to the next bookS grabs you right off with a great in-the-phalanx description of a Roman legion-style battle. For those of you into D&D or the old Avalon Hill games where you could be Alexander or Caesar, this is great stuff. Solid, hard hitting, gritty description of infantry combat. Lewis mixes it up with multiple POV to give the reader [...]

    11. I must admit to being pleasantly surprised by this book. It begins by 'throwing' you right into a massive battle scene right at the start and I did feel a little confused by what was going on but you have to stick with this little gem of a novel as it explains more the deeper you get into it.The Empire is very much like the Roman Empire in its set up and culture and war like attitude. I liked the characters and the setting and I can see this series becoming a hit. Just when I was thoroughly enjo [...]

    12. A great story, though I found it lacked the essential fantasy elements that I expect in such literature (and which is the main reason I read fantasy to begin with). So far I find it to be more accurately described as historically-based fiction, though I do hope to be found in error on this particular point. I've already purchased Phoenix Rising and look forward to seeing what comes next in the saga of Adarna and its heroes.

    13. Read this on my tablet. It felt like, maybe, 80 pages. I had flipped what seemed like 20 pages, looked down and my tablet says that I am 25 percent finished. I get to the end and feel like two-thirds of the book is missing, especially with the cliffhanger. :/

    14. really enjoyed this. starts in the middle of an intense battle not unlike Gladiator. set in a roman empire style universe. very entertaining start to the franchise.

    15. Loved it, great mix of Ancient Rome and gods and the invading hordes Have second book Phoenix Rising ready to go.

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