Fire at Will's

Fire at Will s The house next door explodes in a gasoline fueled blaze sending psychologist Estela Nogales and her neighbors racing to fight the flames It s October in California and the entire canyon is threatened

  • Title: Fire at Will's
  • Author: Cherie O'Boyle
  • ISBN: 9781941125069
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • The house next door explodes in a gasoline fueled blaze, sending psychologist Estela Nogales and her neighbors racing to fight the flames It s October in California and the entire canyon is threatened with fiery destruction Nestled in the oak studded coastal mountains, the village of Arroyo Loco is rife with quirky residents, endless bickering, and long simmering animosiThe house next door explodes in a gasoline fueled blaze, sending psychologist Estela Nogales and her neighbors racing to fight the flames It s October in California and the entire canyon is threatened with fiery destruction Nestled in the oak studded coastal mountains, the village of Arroyo Loco is rife with quirky residents, endless bickering, and long simmering animosities Arson is another matter Once the fire is quelled, the community learns the sheriff s detectives are spending the weekend at a sensitivity training workshop in Big Sur It falls to Estela and an eclectic collection of neighbors to conduct their own investigation and find the arsonist living among them What begins as speculation over coffee becomes a urgent and dangerous search when a body is discovered in the charred wreckage, another resident turns up missing, and a shocking secret is revealed Too often joined by Estela s irrepressible border collies, who regard any fence as a mere suggestion, the residents in Arroyo Loco must negotiate their own frailties and the rules of an officious and dysfunctional homeowners association aren t they all as they try to solve the mysteries before anyone else falls victim.

    Fire at Will s An Estela Nogales Mystery Cherie O Boyle Dec , Fire at Will s is a delightful cozy style mystery Estela, the main character, has a terrific, self deprecating sense of humor and she is surrounded by quirky, interesting neighbors The story is like a classic locked room mystery where there is a near closed set of suspects. Martin Hall Fire At Will YouTube Jan , Fire at will I am a cannonball Shooting through the air So come on, come on Be still and fire at will I keep a steady march and my heart beats like a drum Come on, be still and What Does a Fire at Will State Mean Chron In forty nine states Montana is the exception an employer has the legal right to fire an employee without cause An employee who thinks his job is secure could be called into the boss s office and told We don t need your services any, with no recourse Most fire at will Wiktionary Jul , fire at will military Fire when ready A command that allows troops to use weapons at their discretion and choose their own targets , allowing the individual soldier a greater freedom of timing the shot with target movement and similar. Fire at will phrase meaning and origin The idiom at will means just as and when one likes, so combining that with the verb to fire would seem within the bounds of normality Sorry, back to military history for this one it comes from the tactic of volley fire which is when a group of soldiers with projectile weapons fire Martin Hall Fire At Will Loserfruit Outro YouTube Mar , videos Play all Mix Martin Hall Fire At Will Loserfruit Outro YouTube Doing nothing all game Protect the Queen CHALLENGE Duration Loserfruit ,, views

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    1. Cherie O'Boyle

      Cherie O Boyle is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at California State University, San Marcos When not writing, she is playing with her border collies and taking them to exotic locations in California such as Gridley for flyball tournaments, Galt for sheepherding trials, and Lake Tahoe for dog summer camp.

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    1. Fire at Will's by Cherie O'Boyle is the first in the Estela Nogales mystery series and is set in a small community that is very diverse.Estela lives in Arroyo Loco where the HOA has some strange rules for their meetings (no eye rolling)and the HOA convenes for members to express their feelings after the fire. I liked Estela and found her to be the calm amidst the storm of her neighbors. Her neighbors are odd and often snarky with each other; but they pull together to solve the mystery of the fir [...]

    2. The book is set in a small California mountain village of Arroyo Loco, about a half-hour inland from the coast. The protagonist, Estrela Nogales, is a clinical psychologist at a university counselling center. She lives in the village of about 20-30 houses which have agreed to be governed by a homeowner's association (HOA). A fire breaks out at the home of Will and Janet Rosenblum one night and no one seems to know why. The next morning, a dead body is found in the burnt-out dwelling but it can't [...]

    3. Arroyo Loco is a small mountain village inCalifornia. The village has its own homeowners association.Estela Nogales lives in this village. Estela is aclinical psychologist employed at a near byuniversity’s counseling center. She lives withher two border collies, Shiner and Scout who are retired therapy dogs and herders. Both dogs add to the story. Upon walking toward home, Estela and some neighbors realize that Will and Janet Rosenblum’shouse is on fire. Later it is discovered that there is [...]

    4. This book is set in a neighborhood in California and all of the characters are the people that live there. They are a diverse group in terms of personalities. A house catches on fire in the neighborhood and when the firefighters go inside the house a body is found inside. Who is it? How did they die? The police start to investigate, but you don't see much of them in the book. The neighbors take it upon themselves to try to figure out how the fire started and who killed the person inside, who the [...]

    5. When a psychologist calls on her powers of observation to solve a murder, she uncovers a secret that some in her small eclectic Californian community would rather keep buried. Fire at Will’s by Cherie O’Boyle  introduces Estela Nogales as an amateur sleuth with a wry sense of humor,  a keen sense of observation, and two border collies  as sidekicks in this engaging new cozy mystery series.Estela prides herself on doing a good job of navigating the petty grievances and animosities of her A [...]

    6. I received a free paperback copy of Fire at Will's, An Estela Nogales Mystery Book One by Cherie O'Boyle in a promotion from the author in exchange for a fair review.I'm happy to have found Cherie O'Boyle's work. I gave this book five stars. I enjoyed this cozy mystery about a body discovered after a fire in the Village of Arroyo Loco. The cast of characters can only be described as quirky. Some of them are iracsible & contentious as well. The only even natured residents seem to be Estela & [...]

    7. Fire at Will’s by Cherie O’Boyle is an Estela Nogales mystery. In Fire at Will’s we catch up with Etela as she is walking her two dogs – Shiner and Scout. While out on her late evening walk heading back home she hears the distinctive sound of the fire alarm going off down the canyon. The fire was spotted and called in by a neighbor who just so happened to be at home. Alarm spreads through some of the residents at the fear of the fire spreading and destroying their own homes; so they band [...]

    8. This mystery about an arson and possible homicide in a small canyon community off the Northern California coast unwinds at a leisurely pace. Residents seem not too community-minded as they resent and suspect one another of random acts of sabotage. The author shines when she describes the area and the lovingly-rendered doggies owned by the main character, a psychologist who is also the possessor of a very dry sense of humor.

    9. Fire at Will's is an intriguing mystery, featuring the new character Estela Nogales. Estela lives in the aptly named Arroyo Loco, whose HOA consists of a motley bunch of cranks, kooks, cat fanatics, crabby people--and evidently, a killer! Estela observes and participates in the affairs of her neighbors with a fair bit of eye rolling and snarky attitude. often accompanied by her border collies, Scout and Shiner (who have much more pleasant attitudes than most of the humans they encounter). When W [...]

    10. This is a delightful start to a charming cozy mystery series. It's a funny and insightful poke into community life and the quirky personalities of those who are part of it. The main character, Estela Nogales, is a psychologist by profession and an amateur sleuth by curiosity. She is never far from her two border collies which are affectionate, playful and attentive to all sounds and interesting odors.Accompany Estela as she seeks out clues, uses her insight into human behavior and hopefully, sol [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this mystery with humor novel. I am not normally a mystery genre reader, but I have to say the two Border Collies on the front drew me in. And hey, who doesn't like a good fire? O'Boyle writes about an area in California with authority and has a great sense of humor about a not-so-funny topic. Psychologist Estela Nogales narrates the story and puts her two cents (or more) in about the personalities of all her neighbors who are possible suspects. As a suspect herself, [...]

    12. O'Boyle has a gift for describing the quirky characters of the small community of Arroyo Loco. The interactions of the community members and the self-deprecating humor of the protagonist make the investigation process both precarious and hilarious at times. Two border collies are always in the mix, sometimes to the surprise of their owner, the main character. Every reader will smile at the dogs' sometimes adorable, sometimes annoying, but always typical dog behaviors. You'll feel right at home i [...]

    13. Arson and murder in a small community makes for a fascinating read. Estela Nogales and her two border collies along with her quirky and often hostile neighbors try to solve the mystery while the sheriff's deputies are attending sensitivity training. It is entertaining, and a good read.

    14. This was my first book to read of the series. The characters are very interesting. They did not appeal to me. The main character does have two dogs and they are very important in her life. There's a fire and a dead body. This neighborhood is quite small in a canyon with one way in/out. It's like a 55+ Community with lots of rules and the neighbors are not very neighborly. They spy and talk about each other. They try to find out who started the fire and who killed Will. The ending of the book doe [...]

    15. The book is set in the small community of Arroyo Loco that has the world's craziest home owner's association. I got so sidetracked with their crazy rules (meetings where they all get to discuss their feelings? an actual HOA rule against rolling your eyes?) that I was distracted from the goings on in the community. The neighborhood felt so dysfunctional that I was a bit stressed, even though I don't live there. And while Estela Nogales was able to solve the murder and Ms. O'Boyle was able to brin [...]

    16. Very good book. I truly enjoyed itI am anxiously awaiting number 2 in this series. Many people cannot write good pet stories, but she seems to have captured the essence of the chore.

    17. I wanted to like this book a lot more than I did. But I liked it ok. Took forever to read it because I'd get easily distracted.

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