Terreno Pericoloso

Terreno Pericoloso Terreno Pericoloso vol Da tre anni gli agenti speciali del Dipartimento di Sicurezza Diplomatica Taylor MacAllister e Will Brandt sono amici e compagni di squadra Ma dopo la notte in cui Taylor ha c

  • Title: Terreno Pericoloso
  • Author: Josh Lanyon Mariolina Sari
  • ISBN: 9781937909710
  • Page: 463
  • Format: ebook
  • Terreno Pericoloso vol 1 Da tre anni gli agenti speciali del Dipartimento di Sicurezza Diplomatica Taylor MacAllister e Will Brandt sono amici e compagni di squadra Ma dopo la notte in cui Taylor ha confessato i suoi sentimenti per Will, tutto si complicatoTaylor ha acconsentito ad andare in campeggio nell Alta Sierra nonostante detesti il campeggio perch Will Terreno Pericoloso vol 1 Da tre anni gli agenti speciali del Dipartimento di Sicurezza Diplomatica Taylor MacAllister e Will Brandt sono amici e compagni di squadra Ma dopo la notte in cui Taylor ha confessato i suoi sentimenti per Will, tutto si complicatoTaylor ha acconsentito ad andare in campeggio nell Alta Sierra nonostante detesti il campeggio perch Will vuole avere l opportunit di salvare la loro amicizia e la squadra La gita si rivela un disastro fin dall inizio, e le cose peggiorano rapidamente quando i due trovano un aereo precipitato e un paio di milioni di dollari di denaro rubato.Con tre assassini che li inseguono, Will e Taylor sono su un terreno pericoloso, in lotta per l amicizia, la passione e la vita.

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    1. REVIEW COMPLETED SEPTEMBER 2, 20123.5 starsBuddy read / my first but certainly not my last Josh Lanyon readTaylor MacAllister and Will Brandt, Special Agents for the Department of Diplomatic Security, have been partners for three years. When Taylor tells Will how he really feels about him a lot of things changed because Will refused to get romantically involved with his partner. Will liked stability, reliability and predictability and he thinks that the commitment-shy Taylor is a bad relationshi [...]

    2. This is a fun little read great shakes! 3.5 StarsThe novella starts with our two MC's stumbling on a crashed plane in the High Sierra's National Park. The plane had been hijacked 4 months previous by a gang that had ripped off a Casino for the tidy sum of 2.3 million, killing two deputies in the getaway!Oooh but they didn't just stumble on it by accident, no, they had been up in the Sierras camping most weekends, actively looking for the missing plane or some clues at least to it's whereabouts! [...]

    3. ***2.5 - 3 Stars*** This was confusing as hell at timesI listened to the audiobook and actually had to check if I really listen to the first book in this series or if my MP3 player developed a life of its own and fast-forwarded to the next one without me noticing. I was thrown right into the story -which is normally not a bad thing-, but somehow I had a feeling I missed out on some important background info and that left me scratching my head so hard I'm pretty sure I lost some hair. It got bett [...]

    4. Written September 8, 20143.7 Stars - A promising start at full speed for another good romantic crime seriesBook #1The first part in the audiobook Volume #1 - Armed and Dangerous: Four Dangerous Ground Novellas. ~ A three hours listening.I felt that good familiar feeling immiedetly. This was another gentle, slow lingering start to a wonderful intense love story from Josh Lanyon's skillful pen. ***********************************************From the book blurb:** Special Agents for the Department [...]

    5. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Very meh*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱This book was awfully meh. I felt like I didn't really connect with Taylor MacAllister (31) and Will Brandt (how old is he?), and I didn't really feel their relationship/friendship. The plot was interesting, but I had hope we had gotten something deeper, more meaningful, but what to expect with short stories? Overall, it was alright, but not something I'd recommend expect if you need something light and fast forward just to pass time. Don't know if I [...]

    6. Yep.I think I love these boys. Please pour some vino and let's move onto the next one!*4 love-em-more-pleasestars*

    7. 3.5 StarsA bit slow off the mark, but once the action and romance kicked in (at around 40%) I found myself suddenly and excitedly engaged. You can't really go wrong when it's Lanyon writing about two alpha males working together in law enforcement! An abrupt ending, but I'm not at all surprised. I'm intrigued enough to read further with the series so that's always a good thing.

    8. This is a review of an audiobook.I think I'm in love. With this amazing narrator's voice. Listening to Adrian Bisson is such a wonderful experience. He can tell me stories every night and I will never get bored, just hearing that voice. I'm not sure I can review the book itself properly. The story could have been told in Latin and I'd still end up loving it. Having not listened to an audio book in years and definitely not an MM Romance, I suspect it's mostly the beauty of novelty for me, but bec [...]

    9. Dangerous Ground is book one in a series by Josh Lanyon revolving around Taylor MacAllister and Will Brandt, two agents for the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Partners on the job, best friends, and perhaps more.As much as my head appreciated the concept of kicking off a series with a couple under pressure, uncertain, and in turmoil—I just couldn’t talk my heart into the idea. The emotion and air felt too unclear and shaky between Taylor and Will, which was the point actually. They were on da [...]

    10. 2.5 StarsThis was just an ok start to Lanyon's Dangerous Ground series. Taylor and Will are openly gay federal agents who are both partners and friends. Taylor wants more, however Will doesn't want to ruin their friendship or work relationship by taking things any further.Lanyon has a great way of bringing everything alive around you. While Taylor and Will are camping, they stumble across a plane crash site along with a couple of million dollars. They find themselves in the middle of a chase whi [...]

    11. Audible3,8 stars!Adrian Bisson, you got the BEST out of this book. You're the reason WHY I was listening to it. You're the reason WHY I stopped to listen to the music during my running.You're the reason WHY I was not able to skip the first sex scene that lasted 3 km! (I'm not a sprinter, BTW) You're the reason WHY I forgot to roll my eyes.You're the reason WHY.Not the best of Josh Lanyon: too much ROMANCE, too much RELATIONSHIP, too much CLICHÉ for my test.Too much spoken and unspoken thoughts [...]

    12. This was my first book by Josh Lanyon and it was an enjoyable little read. Will and Taylor were a very cute couple, there was plenty of action and witty, snarky dialogue. My only complaint was it was too short! I'd like to read more from this writer, hopefully a full-length novel next time.Thanks ladies from the Corrupt Me group for reading this with me. It was fun!

    13. Dangerous Ground is the first book of the same-named series and No. 17 in my Josh Lanyon shelf.Guys, what an awesome read! Take two hot guys, suspense, crime and some breathtaking moments of danger, a not too long read. and fortunately four more follow ups and you see a happy Tina. :DFour stars for the introducing book. And now straightaway to book two 'Old Poison'.:)

    14. Taylor MacAllister and Will Brandt are partners in the Department of Diplomatic Security. The two are best friends, and also have feelings for each other. But when Taylor tried to take things further, Will rejected him. The two decide to go on a camping trip to repair their working relationship, but things go south when they come across a plane crash connected to a casino heist.If there's one thing Lanyon's known for, it's his awesome crime mysteries. The mystery in 'Dangerous Ground' was defini [...]

    15. AUDIOBOOK REVIEW - January 7, 20173.5 StarsThe narrator takes some warming up to, for sure. I kinda hated how he read Will's part at first. But, he started to grow on me, as did this story. I think I enjoyed it a lot more this 2nd time through.***********************ORIGINAL REVIEW - September 1, 20123 StarsGroup "Corrupt Me" - Buddy ReadThis book was nothing special. I did like the characters - being introduced to Will & Taylor made me like their chemistry enough to read on in the series.Bu [...]

    16. I adore the characters that Josh Lanyon creates, they are always unpredictable, always clever, they are capable of becoming tough and even sometimes awful, yet while it’s a foible it also is their charm. His strong characters always lure me to read more. On the other hand, there is good plot too, full of action and romantic drama. The fact that most of the emotional events had already happened when the story started didn’t bother me at all, on the contrary it piqued my curiosity. I also thin [...]

    17. Yikes, this did nothing for me! I really did have high hopes, but I felt like story this started in the middle of the book and we were to assume a lot of things already. I actually went back and checked GoodReads and to make sure I had the book order correct because I was so lost. Maybe the chemistry between the MCs picks up later in the series, but I felt nothing for them in this book.I'm going to quit while I am ahead and shelf the rest of this series DNF. Cannot recommend. Maybe I'll have be [...]

    18. very short but pleasant enough action-packed read. Not really a mystery in this one, it was much more about the romantic relationship between the two guys. (view spoiler)[holy deus ex machina ending though (hide spoiler)]

    19. I read Dangerous Ground last night and really enjoyed it. I must say that its been awhile since I've read M/M written in 3rd person POV and had forgotten how confusing all the "he"s can be. Lol. But I liked getting both characters perspective, too. I really liked how it started right in the middle of Taylor and Willl's conflict and I was given only bits and pieces of their past at a time. I can't wait to see wear their next adventure takes them.

    20. This was a short story, so I really loved that it didn't waste time and just threw me into the events. It was interesting to get to watch the MCs figure out their changing dynamic and I must admit that the conflict between them was not what I thought it would be from the blurb and I found it refreshing. The plot was rather fast-paced and full of action and kept my attention up the whole time. I had a blast reading this book and can thoroughly recommend it ;)

    21. 3.5 I-love-you-guys-but-the-crime-scene-not-so-much starsThis review is posted on Way Too Hot Books."I know not everything I want is possible.""What do you want?" Will asked. His fingers brushed Taylor's cheek, feeling the softness of beard over the hard planes of jaw. "Besides getting out of here alive." Taylor didn't speak for a moment. "I want you," he said at last.Action-packed, suspenseful, emotional and fast-paced bffs-to-lovers mm romance.Here we have 2 smoking hot, bad-ass special agents [...]

    22. ~~~The aptly named Dangerous Ground is a story of two men who are trying to keep hold of a desirable relationship. The two are Special Agent partners who mesh well a a team. As the story moves forward we learn about their past and come to realize that there is, indeed, something to hold on to. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, if you like an element of instability in a story) the author keeps both men very precariously tip-toeing around their troubles.At first, I was really only interested in one [...]

    23. Like the Josh of the Damned or Darwin's Theory series, here's another series of novellas that I'm gonna read in a month - tops.I don't know why I waited so long to read this. I'm a huge Lanyon fan, but I had the misconception that most of the time in this novella the MCs were going to be apart, and while that could be an interesting concept, I'm usually interested in more "close-contact" romance ;PAnyway, obviously, this was great. Adrenalinic action and a marvelous romance - plus, that bath sce [...]

    24. 3.5 starsIt’s a very nice start for this series between Will and Taylor, 2 feds who have been partnered for 4 years and are developing strong feelings for each other. It’s a quick read, packed of action and with hot sex, the introduction of a story that looks promising. Fingers crossed !!

    25. Enjoyable if short m/m crime thriller. Loved the partnership of agents Will and Taylor.Taylor's lashes lifted. "Did you mean it? What you said before about taking it one day at a time?""Yeah I meant it. Of course I did. I'm not letting you go without a fight."

    26. I honestly didn't think I'd like this. There was too much cheesy dialogue, to much contrived internal conflict.But then bad guys showed up and dammit, I was sucked in!You had me at "Hands on the back of your head, son." and not even in a kinky way.

    27. I gave the original Dangerous Ground ebook 4 stars and I still stand by it, because the story itself deserves it. Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say this audiobook version didn't quite work for me. The narrator's rendition of Will's voice felt forced and I cringed a little every time I heard it.So, how should I rate this? 4 stars for the story and 2 stars for the narration = 3 stars for the whole experience? Okay, I can live with that. ;)

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